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					   A volunteer program, that allows pre-vet students to work in the
    foal ICU at the vet school.
   You may be allowed to perform treatments including:
       milking mares
       feeding foals
       giving medications
       monitoring vitals

     You will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with.

   There will always be a vet med student in the ICU with you.
   No large animal experience is required.
   This is a great learning experience and a great chance to get
   The spring semester when foals are being born!
   Shifts:
     • Monday - Friday
        5pm-10pm
        10pm-3am
        3am-7am
     • Saturday & Sunday
        7:30am-1pm
        1pm-5pm
   You will usually be scheduled once every 3-4 weeks
    depending on the number of volunteers.
   You will NOT go unless you are called in before your
   WHEN you are called in, you MUST go for your shift!
 ONLY   if you are called.

 We  will NOT call you after 9pm, even if
  foals arrive in the ICU later.
 Until 9pm the day of your shift you are on-
  call that day.
 On weekends:
  • Saturday volunteers will be called on Friday
  • Sunday volunteers will be called Saturday
    morning or afternoon.
   We send the entire semester schedule out as soon as everyone is signed up.
    Please be sure to check your schedule frequently and arrange for someone to
    switch with, if you have a conflict.
   Do NOT go for your shift if you are sick.
      Switch your scheduled shift ahead of time if possible or if you haven’t switched
       and are called in, let us know ASAP!

   Switch shifts with another person (you won’t lose a shift this way)
   Find an alternate to cover your shift (there is an alternate list)
   You can e-mail all of the NICU volunteers at or look at the list of
    volunteers to find a specific contact.
   When you find someone to cover your shift, you must email Emily AND Lindsey
    know (so we can call in the right person).
      ( and

   We won’t handle finding someone to cover your shift.
   If you don’t show up to your shift when you are expected, you will be removed from
    the volunteer program immediately.
   Contact your scheduled partner to arrange transportation to
    the vet school.
   Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!
   Get there on time!
    If you have a shift from 7am-10pm, go to the Equine front
      desk and they will guide you to the NICU.

    If you have a shift from 10pm-7am, call 515-294-6207 or go
      to the Small Animal Door and ring the ICU bell. A student
      will come to let you in.

    Ask the vet students questions. Be respectful and
     listen carefully to them. Don’t do anything you’re
     not comfortable doing.
 CyRide  will not run during all of the shifts,
  so you will need to have a ride.
 Ifyou don’t have a car, note that when you
  sign up and we will pair you with someone
  who does!
 Directions:
  • Going south on University Blvd., take a left onto
    16th St. and take a right into the second driveway
    to the vet school.
  • Park in the lot by the entrance to the large animal
    hospital in the client parking
 Do   NOT go to your shift if you are sick.
 Wear  clothes and shoes you don’t mind
  getting dirty.
 Ifyou fail to show up for a shift that you have
  been called in for, you will be removed from
  the volunteer list.
 Ifyou cannot make it to your shift you MUST
  contact someone to cover your shift, then
  you must contact Emily AND Lindsey AND
  your partner to let them know that you have
Thanks for being patient & listening!!
                   It’s all for them..

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