VRG Turkey Bowl XIV by dfgh4bnmu


									                                                                                                                                         photo by Bill Stoler
#34 Jere Stahl, Volvo P-1800; #63 Dave Smith, Sprite MkI.

VRG Turkey Bowl XIV
Summit Point Raceway, WV
November 28-30, 2010
                                                                                                             driven by Dick Leehr and Christian Moricci in
-story by Cal Trumbo                                                                                         his Lotus 69. Rounding out the group was the
                                                                                                             father and son team of Dave and Scott Fairchild
   Turkey Bowl XIV closed out the VRG racing           had a stock street legal Mini Cooper S make a lap     both driving Formula Fords.
schedule again this year with over one hundred         until our astute safety team identified a number of     For Groups 4 and 5 this year we had a great
cars in the field. The weather was cool but the        concerns in the first couple of corners! Group 5      volunteer step forward in Dave Parker. Dave has
track was dry which allowed for three full days        is made up of purpose built, motorcycle powered       several years of racing experience racing SCCA
of racing. Each driver could have easily gotten        Legend and Baby Grand race cars. Roger Austin         in both Improved Touring B and H production
an hour and half of track time a day.                  and his group have been supporting Turkey             classes with a Volkswagen Golf GTI and a
   Turkey Bowl is a little bit of an unusual           Bowl for many years and it continues to grow          Scirocco. Dave managed these groups from
event for VRG and probably the only event we           in numbers with great drivers and great races for     registration through tech inspection all to the
encourage non-vintage car participants. Of the         the spectators. With a broad spectrum of cars in      grid. The following is Dave’s perspective on
106 participants in this year’s event 65 of the cars   each group most every driver was able to find         group 4 and 5:
were vintage. What made this event so successful       cars to dice with.                                      The “Modern/GT” cars Group 4 showed up for
were the two groups of non-vintage cars, many             The Vintage Small Bore Cars ranged from a          the Turkey Bowl weekend ready to have some
vintage events that include contemporary cars          Ginetta G4 driven by a very fast Tom Grudovich        fun with their toys one last time in 2010. The
are finding some of those participants become          to a Peerless GT1 driven by Mark Rosenberg            group was subdivided into Group 4 “moderns”
vintage racers. Group 4 Modern/GT Class and            to Formula Vees driven by Hary Sroka, Keith           and Group 5 “Legend Cars and Baby Grands”.
Group 5 Baby Grand and Legends totaling over           Lawrence and Bob Houston. Bob’s Formula Vee,          The “moderns” is any race car that is not a
40 cars. Each year the non-vintage groups              a Zink Z-5 has a storied history and was once         vintage car. Legends Cars and Baby Grands
continue to grow and the 15th annual Turkey            owned and raced by the late great Bill Scott.         are purpose built motorcycle engine powered
Bowl is certain to be the biggest yet. Each of the        In the Vintage Big Bore we saw the return of       race cars.
5 race groups was on-track several times each          Gary Barnes and his 1970 Ford Mustang which
of the three days.                                     had been fully restored after a wildlife encounter
   The vintage groups for Turkey Bowl are              two years before. This group had a great range
broken into three groups, Vintage Small Bore           of unique cars to include a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger
Under 1.5 Liter, Vintage Big Bore and open             driven by Geoffrey Byrd, Dave Easinger’s 1966
wheel. It is not uncommon to adjust the groups         Yenko Stinger, a TVR Vixen driven by Rich
based on actual car performance and driver as          Rock and rounded out by a beautiful 1955 Chevy
it our goal for everyone to be comfortable and         Corvette convertible raced by Bill Schwacke.
have a great experience on the track. Group 4             In order to get enough cars to have a separate
is for all modern race prepared cars newer than        race group for Vintage Open Wheel cars, this
1972. We are emphasizing race prepared as we           group tends to be a hybrid of vintage and more
                                                       modern open wheel and sports racers. The cars
                                                       ranged from Tom Grudovich in his 1960 Lola                                         photo by Bill Stoler
                                                       MKI Sports Racer to Graham Long driving a             #55 Gary Barnes, Mustang;
                                                       Royale RP16 to Nate Scigliano driving a Formula       #272 Jim Karamanis, Ford Pinto.
                                                       Mazda Star Race Car. The Formula Mazda was              The Group 4 field was very diverse, three Late
                                                       in a league of it’s own but Nate’s experience as      Model Stock cars, a Speed World Challenge
                                                       a vintage driver showed his ability to run in a       Corvette, and a Speed World Challenge 911.
                                                       mixed group of cars. Tom Grudovich’s superior         These machines were followed by four mid
                                                       driving skills gave most of the more modern cars      eighties 911’s, a couple of 944 turbos, a normally
                              photo by Bill Stoler     a run for their money finishing a head of many        aspirated 944, some Spec Miatas, a few Honda
                                                       of the formula cars. We had two beautiful Lotus       race cars, three Alfa Romeo Milanos and two
#69 Christian Moricci,                                 Formula Fords in the group and both painted in        very quick Ford GT500 Mustang Challenge
Lotus 69.                                              traditional Lotus colors. The Lotus 51C was           cars.
24       February 2011         • Victory Lane
   There were eleven Legends Cars, there would
have been more participation on the part of these
guys but, these cars use a special gear set in the
rear end to run at Summit Point and they were
only able to source eleven of the gears. Roger
Austin of Austin Legends commented that there
were at least four more Legends Cars that wanted
to run and could not. Their group was rounded
out by three Baby Grand stock cars.
   Sunday dawned with clear skies and cooler
temperatures as the Group 4 and 5 drivers
meeting was held at 8:30 AM. Mr. Parker, the
group chief, spoke with the drivers and awarded
several “capricious and arbitrary” trophies based
on what he found exciting about the previous
days racing. Roger Austin was awarded the                                                                                                photo by Bill Stoler
Turkey Bowl “Broken Piston Cup” for the most          #77 Ted Anderson, Mini Cooper S; #948 Jeff Graham, Sprite;
spectacular save of the certain to be expensive       #76 Robert Schoeplein, MGA.
crash. Mr. Parker advised that the “Broken             race Jason Neal took the green flag and ran very     “Tom” had been abducted or just needed some
Piston Cup’ will be a recurring award that will        hard to a commanding lead way out in front of        time out of the spot light. After an exhaustive
be given at all future Turkey Bowls that he is the     the two other Baby Grand cars. Mr. Parker and        search “Tom” was located and returned to Turkey
group chief for. Three trophies were awarded           the Chief Steward conspired to have Mr. Neal         Bowl. Fortunately this year no one accomplished
to the Group 4 drivers. A silver plate, marked         shown a black flag in order to create a “NASCAR      anything worthy of winning the award and
first place was awarded to Scott Bresnahan             black flag” stop and go penalty to bring the Baby    with ‘Tom’s” potentially traumatic absence we
(1988 Porsche 911) for the best “race within                   Grand race back to even competition. Mr.     decided to send him back home to where it all
                                                                   Neal saw the black flag, and came to     began, Sam Smith. Sam has promised to give
                                                                   the pits, took the stop and go penalty   “Tom” a good home and nurture him back to
                                                                   which left him one half of a lap down    health as he was looking a little rough..
                                                                   to the other Baby Grand cars. He            Worker Tribute: of course no Turkey Bowl
                                                                   charged out of the pits, caught and      event or any other race event would be possible
                                                                   re-passed both the other Baby Grand      without the many volunteers. Many of them
                                                                   cars in less than four laps to win the   stood for hours in the cold at each corner. We
                                                                   race overall. He was quoted later        would especially like to thank Steve Hyatt and his
                                                                   saying “I saw the black flag and knew    wife Tracy who helped to organize the workers
                                                                   exactly what was going on. I used the    and manage race control. With their leadership
                                                                   stop and go “penalty” to inspire me      the schedule went like clockwork with little
                                                                   and turned three of the fastest laps I   to no down time for broken cars or incidents,
                                                                   have ever turned at Summit to retake     maximizing the track time for everyone. Thanks
                                                                   the lead. What a blast!”                 to Dave Parker for managing the modern cars. A
                                                                     The Annual Turkey Bowl Dinner          big thank you to Summit Point Motorsports Park
                                          photo by Bill Stoler     was again held at the George             for supporting our event, and the countless others
#09 Scott Bresnahan, Porsche 911.                                  Washington Hotel in downtown             who contributed to the success of the event.
                                                                  Winchester, VA. on Saturday night.        Also we would like to thank all those drivers
the race”. A wooden plaque marked second We had over 75 guests in attendance, the food                      who brought their cars out for the worker rides
place was awarded to George Winkler (GT 500 was excellent, the service was great, and the                   at lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
Mustang) for “perseverance under fire”, George company even better. During the dinner the                      In 2011 Turkey Bowl will be fifteen years old
gave the much faster then his car a hard run for Worker’s Choice Awards were handed out,                    and we plan to celebrate the anniversary in a
the entire race on Saturday afternoon. A wooden one for each race group. The Worker’s Choice                grand fashion and we hope you will include this
plaque marked third place was awarded to Darrin Awards are voted on by the Turkey Bowl corner               event on your 2011 race calendar.
Treakle for “hard luck” as Darrin was doing very workers and safety volunteers and often select a
well in the Saturday afternoon race and had to car and driver based on appearance, how well it
retire early because of a punctured tire.              is driven, uniqueness and so on. Once again the
   Sunday’s Group 4 racing was guaranteed to worker’s chose four great cars and drivers.
be exciting. Mr. Parker advised the grid workers          Group 1: Peter Carroll, #55, 1963 Austin
to grid the Group 4 race cars for “maximum Healey Sprite.
viewing enjoyment” which meant putting the                Group 2: Peter Bauer, #51, 1970 Datsun 510.
faster cars at the back of the grid and the slower        Group 3: Ralph Manaker, #23, 1969 Chevron
cars towards the front. The racers took this in B16.
stride and did not disappoint. Hard racing, clean,        Group 4: Scott Mohr, #33, 2007 Chevy
careful passing and good competition were the Corvette.
words for the day with Group 4. There were no             Group 5: Roger Austin, #8, 2005 Legend.
incidents in either of the Group 4 races that day,        Each year we wrap up with the annual “Tom
and at one point during the Group 4 afternoon the Talking Turkey” award. This award is often
race Mr. Parker left his spectator seat and went voted on by a select few and most drivers cross
to the control tower to check that his radio was their fingers and hope they are not selected for                                       photo by Cal Trumbo
operating properly as he had heard no radio this prestigious award. Usually the award is
traffic for the bulk of the race.                                                                           Sam Smith and Tom the Talking
                                                       given for something unique and often at the
   The Legends Car and Baby Grand, Group drivers’ expense. Last year we were unable to                      Turkey, if you look closely you
5, races were also quite exciting. In the morning present “Tom”. At the time we did not know if             can see the smile on Tom’s face.
   www.victorylane.com                                                                                      Victory Lane      •   February 2011            25
                                        1 M.Oritt/1958 Elva MK IV
                                        1 S.Oritt/1958 Elva Courier
                                        1 A.Patterson Sr/1958 Elva MK IV
                                        1 C.Pitt/1968 Austin Healey Sprite
                                        1 M.Rosenberg/1959 Peerless GT 1
                                        1 R.Schoeplein/1960 MG MGA
                                        1 J.Sevier/1959 Austin Healey Sprite
                                        1 J.Shields/1964 MG MGB
                                        1 D.Smith/1959 Austin Healey Sprite
                 photo by Bill Stoler     MKI
                                        1 S.Smith/1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
#68 Tim Rooney,                           Spider Veloce
Datsun 510.                             1 H.Sroka/1967 Autodynamics MKIV
ENTRy LIST                              1 J.Stahl/1964 Volvo P-1800
VINTAGE SmALL BORE                      1 D.Tomasso/1958 MG MGA
GROuP DRIVER/CAR                        VINTAGE BIG BORE                                                                         photo by Cal Trumbo
1 T.Andersson/1965 Mini Cooper S        GROuP DRIVER/CAR
1 J.Arnett/1962 Austin Mini Cooper      2 P.Avery/73 Porsche 914/6             #14 Todd Wetzel, Porsche 914/6.
1 T.Baumgardner/1957 MG MGA             2 G.Barnes/1970 Ford Mustang
1 N.Berke/1959 Elva Courier             2 P.Bauer/1970 Datsun 510              3 D.Berry/1986 Lola 644              4 D.Walter/1984 Chevy Corvette
1 J.Byers/1968 MG Midget                2 S.Buriak/1971 Porsche 911            3 L.Cramer/2004 Star Race Car        4 S.Wilson/1989 Porsche 944
                                        2 G.Byrd/1965-Sunbeam Tiger              Formula Mazda                        Turbo
                                        2 R.Canfield/1960 AH Sprite            3 S.Fairchild/1978 Zink Z-10         4 G.Winkler/2008 Ford FR500S
                                        2 D.Coleman/1970 Porsche/914-6         3 D.Fairchild/1969 Merlyn 11A          Mustang
                                        2 J.Dockman/1960 Daimler / SP250       3 T.Grudovich/1960 Lola MK1 Sports   GROuP 5: LEGEND/BABy GRAND
                                        2 D.Easinger/1966 Yenko Stinger          Racer                              GROuP DRIVER/CAR
                                        2 H.Giffin/1959 Morgan +4              3 J.Hanna/1987 Tiga SC87             5 P.Ackley/2006 Baby Grand Monte
                                        2 N.Grossnnickle/1966 Ford Mustang     3 W.Hannum/1982 FV Caracal D           Carlo
                                        2 J.Hamilton/1962 Vovlo Pv 544         3 D.Leehr/1967 Lotus 51C             5 K.Aubrey/2008 Legend Ford
                                        2 S.Janzen/1968 Triumph GT6            3 R.Manaker/1969 Chevron B-16        5 R.Austin/2005 Legend Ford
                                        2 J.Karamanis/1972 Ford Pinto          3 C.Moricci/1971 Lotus 69 FF
                                        2 S.Limbert/1970 Porsche 914/6 GT-2    3 N.Scigliano/1982 Star Race Car
                                        2 J. William Miller/1973 Porsche         Formula Mazda
                                          911T                                 3 C.Trumbo/1972 Royale RP16
                                        2 P.Patterson/1957 Jaguar XK 140       3 J.Walko/1984 Apache 84
                 photo by Bill Stoler   2 F.Pfeiffer/1974 Porsche 914/6        mODERN SPORTS/GT
                                        2 T.Reid/1991 Lotus Super Seven        GROuP DRIVER/CAR
#63 Dave Smith, Sprite                  2 R.Rock/1970 TVR Vixen                4 J.Benton/1999 Mazda Miata
Mk1.                                    2 T.Rooney/1971-Datsun 510             4 K.Berzins/1987 BMW 325is
                                        2 B.Schwacke/1955 Chevy Corvette       4 S.Bresnahan/1988 Porsche 911
1 P.Carroll/1963 Austin Healey Sprite   2 J.Wentz/1967 Ford Mustang            4 C.Bucher/1985 Toyota MR2
1 S.C.S.Childers/1959 Elva Courier      2 T.Wetzel/1970 Porsche 914/6 GT       4 D.Curry/1990 Mazda Miata
1 T.Chisholm/1962 Morris Cooper S                                              4 N.Hall/1987 Porsche 944
1 M.Clifford/1965 Lotus Cortina                                                4 C.Humphrey/1991 Mazda Miata
1 T.Dick/1962 MG/MGA 1622                                                      4 R.Korzen/2008 Ford Mustang                         photo by Etechphoto
1 J.Graham/1958 Austin Healey Sprite                                             FR500S
1 T.Grudovich/1966 Ginetta G4                                                  4 A.Mitchell/1971 Datsun/240Z        #18 Dave Easinger,
1 S.Hirschtritt/1965 Austin Healey                                             4 M.Mitchell/1986 Alfa Romeo
                                                                                                                    Yenko Stinger.
1 B.Houston/1968 Zink Z-5 FV                                                   4 S.Mohr/2007 Chevy /Corvette        5 R.Austin Jr./N/A Legend Ford
1 R.Kellett/1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta                                          4 R.Mohr/1999 Porsche/996 Carrera    5 J.Cogliano/ N/A Legends Car Ford
  Spider Veloce                                        photo by Etechphoto     Cup GT3 R                            5 M.Collier/ N/A Legends Car Ford
1 T.Knorr/1961 MG/Midget                #248 G.Long, 1972                      4 J.Orzechowski/2000 Chevy Monte     5 T.Collins/2005 Legend Ford
1 K.Lawrence/1964 Autodynamics                                                 Carlo                                5 M.Conner/ N/A Legends Car Ford
  Mark I FV                             Royale RP16.                           4 G.Savill/1995 Porsche 968          5 B.Conner/1934 Legends Car
1 M.McCormack/1966 Morris Mini                                                   Firehawk                             Ford
  Cooper S                              VINTAGE OPEN WhEEL AND                 4 E.Stahlman/1982 Alfa Romeo         5 A.Crisp/1934 Legend Ford
1 D.Mumford/1960 Austin Healey          SPORTS RACERS                            GTV6                               5 M.Diaz/ N/A Legends Car Ford
  Sprite MKI                            GROuP DRIVER/CAR                       4 D.Treakle/1994 Acura Integra GSR   5 B.Kramer/ N/A Legends Car Ford
1 J.Netterstrom/1961 Lotus Super 7      3 R.Andersson/1971 Royale Vitesse      4 R.Troxell/1986 Honda CRX           5 J.Neal/2005 Baby Grand
1 R.Novrit/1967 MG Midget                 RP4                                                                         Monte Carlo

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