Form #             F
                                                                                                                                                                     A L B U M S
 COFFEE TABLE BOOKS/FLUSH ALBUM                                                                               Hand Crafted Since 1952                                & B O O K S

ALL SHAdEd ArEAS MUST BE COMpLETEd in OrdEr TO STArT prOdUCTiOn                                                     718.388.2818                            718.871.4848
                                                                                                                         343 Lorimer Street - Brooklyn, NY 11206
1 Account #                               2 Date           /         /______                                           1 . 8 0 0 . 7 7 9 . 1 9 3 1 - Fax: 718.388.0214
3       Studio Name ________________________________________ 4
    Contact _______________________________________________
                                                                            Studio Reference# (your customer name or #)
    Address _______________________________________________
                                                               5         Studio Sample         6              2 week Rush
    City __________________________ State ____ Zip ___________
                                                                                                                50% Extra
    Tel ________________________ Fax ________________________
    E-mail ________________________________________________      Credit Card Authorization    Visa        M/C         Amex

7                                                                                                 Name on Card
      Shipping Instructions:                Ship when ready                      Pick-up
     Hold, & ship w/ order form #'s: #                    #                  #                    Acct. #            -              -                -                Exp. Date        /          /

     Drop Ship (Indicate address in special instructions)                                         Signature

9 Special Instructions

                                                                                                                     Inkjet Print #’s                                       Metalic Prints
                                            COMPLETE EITHER ITEM #10 OR ITEM #11
10                      COFFEE TABLE BOOKS (HIngELESS FLuSH)                                                   11          FLuSH ALBuM (WITH HIngE TAPE)
     dESIGN, PRINT, ANd BINd                PRINT ANd BINd                   BINd ONLY                          ALBUM SIZE                                      LAST PRINT____________

 ALBUM SIZE                          LAST PRINT                              Vertically Bound (default)             Vertically Bound (default)                     Horizontally Bound
                                                                              Horizontally Bound
 CORE          Scored Prints (default)          Slit Prints                                                     QTY OF PANORAMAS                                       Side #s________
 OPTIONS:              Thin Page (with scored prints only)           Round Corners / Round Spine
                                                                                                                    Full Panoramas (default)                        Split Panoramas
                       CLASSIC MINI'S                                           LOOK BOOK
     Design, Print, And Bind (Incl. 4 Minis) copies:____                 Size________                           HINGE TAPE COLOR                         Black (default)       White              Grey
     Print And Bind (Incl. 2 Mini's)         copies:____                 Amt. of Spreads_________
     Bind Only ($15.00 each)                 copies:____

12                                         GILdING               Gold                    Silver                Black                      Ungilded
13                  LINING                      14                                                  INvITATION PAGE
     Moiré (default)         Rice Paper              Single side (Invitation on side 1, first photo on side 2)                                                     Classic to Mount
                                                     Double side (Invitation on side 1, blank side 2, first photo on side 3)                                       Customer to Mount

15 ALBUM COvER                                                                                                                                                 COvERAMA
                                                                 TwO TONE LEATHER                             FRONT PANEL CANvAS
    Cover Color                                                                                                                                                BEvELEd LUCITE COvER*
                                                               Front / Back Color                                                                              TRIANGLE LUCITE COvER*
      Standard Leather              Top Grain
                                                               Spine Color                                                        (Top Grain Only)             METALLIC IMAGE COvER*
      Napa             Distressed          Deluxe                                                                                                                           *Includes Metallic Print

      INSET COvER (Default)                      RAISEd INSET COvER                                  4x4              4x5 vert.                   4x5 horiz.                        CAMEO
         Classic to Insert Photo                      Customer to Insert Photo                       5x5              4x6 vert.                   4x6 horiz.                               vertical
           Original Photo Supplied                    Canvas Photo                                   8x8              5x7 vert.                   5x7 horiz.
       (Default)                                                                                     Multiple Inset Cover (Please provide layout description & diagram)
  COvER IMPRINTING                                             MONOGRAM                                             PRINTING TYPE                                     PRINTING COLOR
  Border Design #                         No Design                                                                   Script (default)                   Italic         Gold      Silver
                                                                Center           Spine       Lower Right                                                                Black     Branded
  Title Design#                           No Title               (Default)
                                                                                                                      Old English                        Hebrew
                                                                                                                                                                                              (Italic only)

  CUSTOM CENTEREd IMPRINTING (Centered on cover)
 LOwER RIGHT IMPRINTING (**EXCEPTION: Imprinting will be centered under “Inset” unless specified)
16      STUdIO NAME IMPRINTING (Inside Front Cover)                                                  SpinE iMprinTing

17                  Plastic Book Jacket            Cloth Album Sack                  Slipcase (check one)                Single              Double                Triple

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