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									Friday morning‟s          Medium term Lesson Plan                            Reception & Y1
WORK (working to keep our body healthy)
Biblical Objectives:
 1. We will recap the story of creation as recorded in Genesis chapters
     1&2. The children will learn that the pinnacle of creation was
     mankind, Adam and Eve. They will learn what jobs God gave them to do
     in the Garden of Eden.
 2. The children will be taught that after „The fall‟ the work of Adam and
     Eve changed as a result of their sin. Everything changed and work
     became hard and burdensome.
 3. They will be taught what the bible teaches about work by referring to
     Philippians 2:14 “Do all things without grumbling and complaining.” Col.3:23
     “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…” 1 Cor.
     10:31 “… whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of
    4. The children will be taught that just as our physical bodies need
       looking after so too does our spiritual bodies. That a child of God has
       the Holy Spirit living in them.

Week Learning                         Teaching & Learning                    Resource
          Objectives                  Opportunities & Activities             Implications
1                 To realise that     Brain storm to see what the           Children‟s
                   God did not        children have remembered about         bibles
                   sleep on day 7     creation.                              CD of creation
                   but He rested      Focus in on the creation of Mankind.   songs
                   from the work      Use the bible to teach what jobs       Laminated Key
                   of creating        Adam and Eve were asked to do in       words on the
                  To understand      the Garden of Eden.                    work of Adam
                   that Mankind       Was their work hard?                   and Eve
                   was the pinnacle   Ask the children what jobs they do,
                   of creation        if any.                                „A is for Adam‟
                  To learn what      Using the bible find out with the      photocopies of
                   kind of work       children what work God told Adam       C is for
                   Adam and Eve       and Eve to do after „the Fall‟.        Creatures & R
                   did in the         Was it hard or easy?- Gen.3:19         is for Rough
                   Garden of Eden     Complete worksheet on „Adam and        Worksheets on
                   before and         Eve‟s work‟ – before and after they    „Adam and Eve‟s
                   after The Fall.    sinned. Colour in pictures C is for    work‟ – before
                                      Creatures & R is for Rough C from      and after they
                                      „A is for Adam‟ book                   sinned.
2       As week 1           Continue from last week.
        To learn how to    Discuss with the children what they       Topic books
          keep our bodies   can do to keep themselves healthy.
          healthy           Share the book „Wash, Scrub,              „Keeping clean‟
        To learn that it   Brush‟.                                   poster.
          is important to   Focus on how to keep our body             Painting
          keep our body     clean.                                    equipment
          clean             Make a large „Keeping clean‟ poster.      „Keeping clean‟
                            Do the „Keeping clean‟ worksheet.         worksheet.

3   As week 2               Continue from last week.                  Topic books
        To learn about     Focus on healthy eating. Share topic
         healthy eating     books with the class. Discuss what        Food magazines
        Understand         is meant by „5 a Day‟.
         about „5 A Day‟    Discuss what sort of foods make up
                            a balanced diet.
                            Cut out different food pictures
                            from magazines and sort them into
                            the five food groups.

4   As week 2               Continue from last week.                  Food magazines
                            With the food pictures create a wall      Large food
                            display of the food pyramid to show       pyramid
                            how much to eat of different foods.       Work sheet;
                            Complete work sheet on „The               „The balance of
                            balance of good health‟.                  good health‟.

5   As week 2               Continue from last week. Each child       Pieces of fresh
                            is to do an observational painting of     fruit
                            a piece of fruit. These will be made
                            into a large wall display of a „bowl of   „Different
                            fruit‟.                                   fruits‟
                            Do fruit and vegetable printings.         worksheet
                            Complete the „Different fruits‟
6   As week 2               Continue thinking about healthy           Topic books
        To learn that      eating. Complete worksheets, „My          Worksheets;
         drinking plenty    lunch‟ and „Tell us about the food        „My lunch‟ and
         of water is        you like to eat‟.                         „Tell us about
         necessary for      Inform the children about the             the food you
         keeping healthy    importance of drinking plenty of          like to eat‟.
                            water throughout the day.
Week Learning Objectives Teaching & Learning                            Resource
                         Opportunities & Activities                     Implications
7       To learn about  Recap the different aspects of                 Topic books
            keeping fit         keeping our body healthy that we
           To know that        looked at last half term. What do the
            exercise is         children remember? Can they think of
            important to        any other ways to keep their body       Painting equipment
            keep your body      healthy?                                A3 painting paper
            healthy             Focus on keeping fit. Share some
                                books with the children on the
                                importance of exercise.
                                Each child is to paint themselves
                                doing a form of exercise.
8      Same as last week        Continue from last week. Focus on the   Topic books
          To learn that        need to warm up before doing any
            „warm ups‟ should   serious exercise so that you don‟t
            be done before      strain your muscles.
            any serious         Take the children into the hall to do   The hall
            exercise.           some warm ups and then some aerobic
          To introduce the     exercise. Ask the children what
            word, aerobic       happens to their bodies after
          To learn about       exercise. See if they detect that
            aerobic exercise    their heart is pumping faster, they
                                are breathing faster, they may be
                                sweating and they will feel tired.
9          As week 8           How many different forms of             Topic books
           To understand       exercise can the children think of?
             the meaning of 1   Write them on the board.                Bible
             Tim. 4 v 7&8       Re emphasise the importance of
                                exercise then read to them 1 Timothy
                                4:7&8. Do the children understand
                                it?Explain it to them. Stress that
                                Timothy is not against physical
                                exercise. In fact he says that it is
                                good. But he wants the Christians to
                                understand that being Godly is more
                                important and it needs working at.
                                How can we exercise ourselves
                                towards godliness?
10         To learn that      Share with the children books on the     Topic books
            rest and sleep     need for rest and sleep.
            are necessary to   Discuss the children‟s bed times. How    Stop watch
            keep healthy.      many hours do they have?
           To know that       Ask the children to jump up and down     Bible
            children need a    for a minute and then to lie down on
            minimum of 10      the floor with their eyes shut for two   Paints and A3 paper
            hours sleep each   minutes. What do they notice about
            night to keep      their heart and breathing rate? How
            well               do they feel?
           To know that       Man and animals need to sleep but
            God never sleeps   God never sleeps or slumbers!
                               Paint themselves asleep in bed.
11   As previous weeks         Recap the previous weeks work. What      Topic books
                               do the children remember?
                               How many different things must we         Worksheet;
                               do to help keep our body healthy?        ‟Keeping healthy‟
                               Each child to complete the worksheet
                               ‟Keeping healthy‟
12   As previous weeks         Finish off any outstanding work.         Fruit and equipment
                               Make a fresh fruit salad                 for making a fruit

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