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					Some possible School of Choice questions…….

Why would I want to send my child to a school with low test scores?

      Even though we have a population of students who struggle with high stakes
       testing, we feel that we also have a population of very successful students who
       excel in academics. We offer many opportunities for a wide range of learners
       from GT to Remediation classes. We also provide an additional class period
       called Academy where students are grouped based on their test scores and are
       given small group instruction based on their specific needs.

What type of transition might you provide for a child who has experienced only
home school or Montessori education?

      A student can enter the IB program at any given year and will be integrated at that
       point. There are beginning levels of related arts classes all 3 years. As an IB
       school, we provide a global view of education teaching students how they fit into
       the world around them. Teachers emphasize individual learning styles and strive
       to make students become aware of who they are as learners and how this
       knowledge can impact their education.

What special program is offered at Saluda Trail Middle School?
     The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB-MYP) is for all
       students who attend our school. It is known world-wide for its rigor and success
       in developing students who are compassionate and lifelong learners. The
       program seeks to develop inquiring students who are knowledgeable, caring and
       respectful of the intercultural world around them.

How does the instructional program at STMS differ from traditional middle school
      The SC standards-based instructional program differs because teachers are
       trained to use the five areas of interaction to provide contexts for learning and
       make real-life connections.
      The MYP assessment is unique, challenging, internally and externally
       standardized. It seeks to promote self awareness of growth and achievement in
       all eight subject groups.
      The fundamental concepts of the program are intercultural awareness, holistic
       learning and communication.
      All students are required to take a second language all 3 years of the program.
      The program consists of eight subject groups: Language A, Language B,
       Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Physical Education, Technology and Arts.

Who may attend Saluda Trail Middle School?
     Students zoned for STMS are automatically included.
     Students who attend Rock Hill Schools are eligible. Students must complete
      application process and be accepted.
        Students who have acceptable records of attendance and discipline from their
         currently zoned schools.
        Siblings of students interested in the IB-MYP program will be given priority.

What is the application schedule? How may my child apply?
     Applications will be accepted from February 14 until March 31, 2011.
         Application packets are available at STMS or Rock Hill School District Office.
         Applications are also available at www.stms.rock-hill.k12.sc.us
         All applications must be sent to the district office and approvals will come from
         the district.

If my child enrolls, may they change schools during the year?
      Once enrolled at STMS, a student who is attending from another school zone
         must remain for the entire school year. Students may return to their zoned
         school the following year.

Does my child need to reapply each year?
      A student does not need to reapply each year once accepted into the program.
      Students not accepted may update and resubmit their application packet for the
     next year.

How can I find out more about IB-MYP?
     Head of School, Brenda Campbell, bdcampbe@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
     MYP Coordinator, Carolyn Moore, cmoore@rock-hill.k12.sc.us or visit

What makes Saluda Trail unique?
     Our IB program is only one of many ways our school is a unique choice for
       your child’s education. Historically, our faculty and staff have prided
       themselves on being a family and taking care of each other. This feeling of
       “family” extends to the student body as well.
     We offer many opportunities to provide balance to your child’s rigor and
       challenge which is present in everyday classroom instruction. Among those
       opportunities include clubs and organizations such as:
           - Keepers of the Trail, Ambassadors, Art Warriors, FCA, Academic
             Challenge, Robotics, Gamers, Run for Fun, Math Counts, Male Call,
             Divas, Step Team, etc.
     Our school is the only middle school in the district which offers Drama. Our
       ARTS Department works collaboratively to produce a student performance
       comparable to any “Children’s Little Theater” production imaginable.
     Our Language B offers a choice of Spanish or German. All students must take
       one of these languages for 3 consecutive years in the program.
     Because of our IB program, our teachers are expected to plan collaboratively
       and share a common language for instruction and assessment. This language is
       shared with students and serves to strengthen understanding and
           Our IB program provides a unique framework called the Areas of Interaction
            for teachers and students to make connections to real life contexts.
           STMS believes that all students should be well rounded. Students should have a
            balance between their academic life and extracurricular activities.
           Our Athletic Department stresses character development as well as skill in
            sports. Our past records indicate many championships have been achieved
            using this philosophy.
           Our students and teachers use Learner Profile Qualities as a basis for character
            education and citizenship.
           Always, our students have been expected to give back to our community. There
            are many planned opportunities for students to experience Community and
            Service throughout the year.
           Our students document their progress for all 3 years of the program in an MYP
            Student Notebook.
           STMS Awards and Student Recognition Program for all grade levels held at end
            of year is organized around IB Learner Profile Qualities.
            Reflection is expected from all students as a method of self awareness, growth
            and development.
           STMS organizes unique learning experiences for students including…
                  National History Day
                  Science Fair
                  Sci-Pi Night
                  Musical production
                  National Guard Fit
                  Fuel Up
                  Media Mania
                  Jump Rope for heart Leader/ownership based PE Program
                  Morning News Program with student led weather reports in Spanish
                  Wall of Fame for students
                  Art Attack Annual Art Show

          We have special education teachers who care about the individual
           progress of each student. We have general education teachers who
           collaborate with special education teachers to make sure that the
           differentiated instruction is reaching the specific needs of each child

How does your school promote internationalism or multi-cultural awareness?

           Flags from different countries around the world hang from our gallery to
            decorate our school and most importantly to remind us that we are not the only
            country in the world.
           Teachers plan units of study with global connections to bring awareness of other
            cultures’ likenesses and differences. (i.e. Whose Ur Mama? Mount Everest)
   IB Boot Camp is a concentrated unit of study to “kick-off” the year with some
    lessons centered on character analysis of various multi-cultural short stories
    emphasizing the LPQs – students are encouraged to recognize why people may
    act or dress differently. Open-mindedness is one of the LPQs to promote
    tolerance and understanding of differences in people.
    Several teachers utilize academy as an opportunity to incorporate multi-cultural
    instructional strategies.
    Skype is used as a means of bringing other cultures into the classroom
    (Homeless Bird Unit)
    At some grade levels, literature studies combine community service with
    multicultural awareness (Pennies for Peace, Three Cups of Tea)
    Our media center contains various resources and displays for students and
    faculty which promote international and cultural awareness
    Media Mania periodically focuses on multi-cultural international awareness
    through its featured guests.
    The annual Renaissance festival not only provides a historical experience but
    also places the historical information in the cultural context of Europe..

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