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					To Our Customers;

In compliance with State Sales Tax Laws and Use Tax Laws it is necessary that we
have from all our customers a signed re-sale certificate, with their State Sales Tax
Permit Number, to show that the merchandise has been purchased for re-sale.

The good faith of the seller will be questioned if he has knowledge of facts which
give rise to a reasonable inference that the purchaser does not intend to resell the
property as, for example, knowledge that a purchaser of particular merchandise is
not engaged in the business of selling that kind of merchandise.

Please insert your sales tax permit number, with your signature and address on the
resale certificate below, and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Please note
that until we receive a certificate of resale from your company, we will be required
to add sales tax to all your orders.

Thank you,

International Health Works Enterprises

                                     Resale Certificate
Name of Purchaser: _________________________________________________________________________
Address of Purchaser:_______________________________________________________________________
I HERBY CIRTIFY: That I hold a valid seller’s permit No. ________________________________
It is understood that all tangible personal property purchased from International
Health Works Enterprises is for resale and in the event any such property is used for
any purpose other than retention, demonstration, or display while holding it for sale
in the regular course of business mast be taxed under the Sales and Use Tax Law.
Date: __________________ 20____________ Print name: __________________________________________
Phone: (     ) __________________________ Sign name: __________________________________________
                                              Title: ___________________________________________                      (916) 698-2418

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