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                               SAFEGUARDING POLICY

The Hurst Community College (with Specialist Science Status) and Hampshire County Council
are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and
expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We will ensure that all our recruitment
and selection practices reflect this commitment.

College Commitment

The Hurst Community College is committed to Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of all of
its pupils. Each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. We recognise that some children
may be especially vulnerable to abuse. We will always take a considered and sensitive approach
in order that we can support all of our pupils. We recognise that Safeguarding is the
responsibility of all staff and needs to be central to our policy development and day to day
practice in many aspects of life; for example:-

Consequently this Safeguarding Policy needs to be complemented by a range of other policies
and procedures (listed later). The Child Protection Policy is the most central of these
complementary policies.

Purpose of Policy

This policy sets out the duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people
including those who are vulnerable and how this will be implemented by The Hurst Community

This policy develops procedures and good practice within The Hurst, to ensure that each person
and agency can demonstrate that there is an understanding of the duty to safeguard and promote
the welfare of children and young people including those who are vulnerable. It provides
evidence of how this will be implemented within The Hurst and within our partners in Extended
Services and multi-agency working arrangements. . All members of the College community
(including volunteers and governors) will at all times establish and maintain a safe and
stimulating environment where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk to adults they can
trust and are listened to.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Board

The Governing Board will ensure that:

      the College has a child protection policy and procedures in place that are in accordance
       with local authority guidance and locally agreed inter-agency procedures, and the policy
       is made available to parents on request;

      the College operates safe recruitment procedures and makes sure that all appropriate
       checks are carried out on staff and volunteers who work with children;

      the College has procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff and
       volunteers that comply with guidance from the local authority and locally agreed inter-
       agency procedures;

      a senior member of the College’s leadership team is designated to take lead responsibility
       for child protection (and deputy);

      staff undertake appropriate child protection training;

      they remedy, without delay, any deficiencies or weaknesses regarding child protection
       and wider safeguarding arrangements;

      a governor is nominated to be responsible for liaising with the Local Authority and
       partner agencies in the event of allegations of abuse being made against the head teacher

      where services or activities are provided on the College premises by another body, the
       body concerned has appropriate policies and procedures in place in regard to safeguarding
       children and child protection and liaises with the College on these matters where

      they review their policies and procedures annually and provide information to the
       Governing Board about them and about how the above duties have been discharged.(An
       exemplar Annual Report to the Governing Board, annual review pro forma and follow up
       action plan is enclosed with this Policy.)

      all governors carefully read the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and sign to
       say they have done so and also that they understand their responsibilities in respect of

 Allegations Against Staff

      We understand that a pupil may make an allegation against a member of staff.

      If such an allegation is made, the member of staff receiving the allegation will a) take the
       allegation seriously b) ensure the child is safe and supported and c) inform the Head
       Teacher/Principal as soon as possible. The member of staff should then accurately record
       what they have been informed/observed.

      The Head Teacher/Principal, on all such occasions, will discuss the content of the
       allegation with the Local Authority Designated Officer (Lead Officer for Education

      If an allegation is made against the Head Teacher/Principal then the Chair of Governors
       must be informed and they will then discuss the allegation with the Local Authority
       Designated Officer.

      The College will follow the procedures outlined in The Manual of Personnel Practice
       for Hampshire County Council which has been formally adopted by the Governing Board.

Safer Employment

The Hurst Community College recognises that it has a duty to ensure the safe employment of
staff and volunteers is robust. We will meet the requirements of the Independent Safeguarding
Authority (ISA) and CRB disclosures and thus comply with the Safeguarding Children and Safer
Recruitment in Education requirements. This means that:

      We hold a Single Central Record of Recruitment and that the Headteacher, key senior
       staff and a governor have completed Safer Recruitment Training.
      One person on each selection panel must be accredited in Safer Recruitment by the
       National College of College Leadership (NCSL)
      In line with the statutory document, Safeguarding & Safer Recruitment in Education
       DCSF 2007, a list 99 check will be undertaken for all staff prior to the employment at
       The Hurst.
      Staff employed since March 2002 have been subject to a CRB check.
      Whilst new staff may start work at our College pending the return of a CRB check, they
       will not be left unsupervised or in sole charge of children or young people

      Staff checked by the Local Authority(via written confirmation) will be attached to the
       single central register and appropriate identity checks will be carried out when they enter
       our College (ID badges examined, signed into Visitors Log and provided with a photo ID
       visitors badge for our College)
      All staff will be given an induction to safeguarding which will be appropriate to their role
       and function
      All staff will be given a copy of the code of conduct and policies that link to safeguarding
       and asked to confirm their acceptance of said policies
      All staff will be trained in safeguarding annually, to ensure that they recognise the signs
       and indicators of abuse and what to do if they have concerns about a child.
      Staff will be issued with the guidance ‘Guidance for Safe Working Practice for the
       Protection of Children and Staff in Education Settings’ via the Staff Handbook which is
       updated each year.

Policy or Procedures linked to Safeguarding

Anti Bullying
Attendance Targets
Behaviour Policy
Drugs and Substance Misuse
Educational Trips and Visits
E Safety and Acceptable Use Policy
First Aid ( including management of medical conditions, intimate
care) and Administration of Medicines
Hampshire Manual of Personnel Practice
Health & Safety
Home – College Agreement – December 2009
Safeguarding statement on College website, staff vacancies
Sex Education and Relationships Policy
Single Equality Scheme – under development (Equal Opportunities Policy, Race Equality Policy,
Gender Equality Policy, Disability Discrimination Policy)
Special Educational Needs Policy
Staff Handbook/Supply Staff Handbook (guidance on conduct and procedures) S
Use of Positive Handling and Restraint
Use of photographs/video
Visitors Log Procedures
Whistleblowing within Staff Handbook

  We will ensure that these policies and procedures are updated and reviewed on an annual
basis to reflect the changing needs of the children and young people who attend our College and
changes to national legislation and recognised good practice. Staff and governors will receive
annual updates and sign to say they have read and understand their responsibilities regarding

  We will consult with the pupils, as appropriate, to ensure their voice is heard and acted upon.

Governing Board Monitoring

 The College will provide an Annual Report on Safeguarding Children to the Governing Board at
their final meeting of each academic year. This will be compiled via the agreed Local Authority
template. Monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Safeguarding Children in
Education Act (2007) and identifying areas for further improvement is required by all Governing
Boards by the S.175 Education Act of 2002. A copy of this Report will be forwarded to the Local

                                                                 Personnel Committee / AEB
                                                              Committee approved March 2010

            FGB approved January 2011
                  Review March 2011


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