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You will have to match two things on the list:

A sudden seizure of government.              military dictator of England
commander of colonial army                   Oliver Cromwell
Cornwallis                                   George Washington
Tories                                       Articles of Confederation
Declaration of the Rights of Man             Cavaliers
Danton                                       Code Napoleon
Voltaire                                     coup d'e´tat
writs of assistance                          Robert Walpole
Treaty of Paris (1763)                       Bastille Day
famous French writer                         personal freedoms for the French
first American constitution                  search warrants
first British prime minister                 supporters of Charles I
French Independence Day                      surrendered at Yorktown
French laws organized by Napoleon            wanted strong English king under
gave England control of Canada               Charles II
leader of the Jacobin Club

   1. The two branches of the British Parliament include the
       ______________and the ________________.
   2. The three branches of the government of the United States are?
   3. France's estates included which groups or classes of people? (NOTE:
       Answering "everyone else" will be graded wrong.)
   4. Government by one ruler is called a _______.
   5. The English Revolution put which group/department in charge of British
   6. The Church of England was established under which royal English family?
   7. When Charles I sent troops into the House of Commons it led to the
       outbreak of what?
   8. Parliament had very limited power under the group?
   9. The branch of the English Parliament composed of the clergy and
       selected nobles is the House of __________.
   10. The president of the United States is elected by what?
   11. The French leader ___________conquered Russia but was forced to
   12. General Gage was the British commander at which battle(s)?
   13. Amendments and the balance of _________are both strong points of the
       United States Constitution.
   14. What things inspired the French to move toward their own revolution?
15. The invasion of which countries brought the start of defeat to Napoleon?
16. [ True / False ]   The Habeas Corpus Act assured a person of a trial
    within one year.
17. [ True / False ]   The leader of the English Parliament is called the Lord
18. [ True / False ]   British naval power soared in respect after the defeat of
    the Spanish Armada.
19. [ True / False ]   The final battle of the French and Indian War was the
    Battle of Quebec.
20. [ True / False ]   The Separatists and the Puritans were two different
    groups of Protestants.
21. [ True / False ]   The Consulate brought weak, unorganized leadership to
22. [ True / False ]   During the French Revolution Napoleon rose in power
    by working with the National Convention.
23. [ True / False ]   Napoleon's contributions to French law are embodied in
    the Code Napoleon.
24. [ True / False ]   The revolutions in England, the United States, and
    France gave people more voice in their government.
25. [ True / False ]   The Boston Tea Party was a revolt against the
    importation of spoiled and inferior goods into the colonies by the English.

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