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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Few actors have worked with as many other Famous actors as Kevin Bacon. One game that people play (i.e. people with too much time on their hands) is “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” In this game, players try to link actors and actresses to Kevin Bacon by the films they have costarred in with other actors and actresses. In the example below, you can see the link between actors Jackie Chan and Kevin Bacon. According to, they have not been in the same movie together, but they have both appeared in a movie with Luke Wilson. Your task is to create a new graph similar to the example above. You will try to find alternate routes from Jackie Chan to

Kevin Bacon. You must place each actor in a node and label each edge with a movie title and year of release as seen in the example above. You can search any way you'd like, but all answers must be verifiable with Your graph must contain at least 3 paths to Kevin Bacon to receive a 10/10 for this portion of the assignment. A path is defined as an entire chain of actors and roles that connects Jackie Chan and Kevin Bacon. The example above shows a single path. If Any additional paths after three will receive +1 bonus point, with maximum grade of 15/10 (8 paths). You may not use the example above as a submitted path. However you may use the path above and paths you've derived in the construction of new paths. Unlike the rest of this search lab assignment, you may write directly on the paper to submit your answer.

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