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                      LAKEVIEW RESIDENT MANAGER
                            JOB DESCRIPTION

A.   Position Summary

     The Resident Manager for Lakeview is responsible to the Dean of Student Affairs for the
     operation and maintenance of student housing.

B.   Organizational Reporting

     The Resident Manager coordinates with the Director of Campus Life and the Dean of
     Student Affairs.

C.   Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

     At a minimum, the essential functions of the Resident Manager are:

     1.     to supervise the student Resident Assistants;
     2.     to maintain a current listing of residents to include files for each student in
     3.     to report to the Dean of Student Affairs any disciplinary matters involving the
            filing of an incident report;
     4.     to handle minor incidents or discipline matters;
     5.     to adopt the "Open Door Policy" by becoming familiar with all residents through
            introductions and personal visits to garden apartments or suites;
     6.     to establish a working relationship with the residents and Resident Assistants
            which is built on trust, respect and confidentiality;
     7.     to coordinate maintenance requests with the College's maintenance staff;
     8.     to reside on campus in the Lakeview suite provided;
     9.     to be on duty during all periods as determined by the Dean of Student Affairs;
     10.    to prepare a rotating work schedule for the student Resident Assistants;
     11.    to become familiar with the College's Emergency Management Plan and the
            Special Policies and Procedures Manual;
     12.    to assist Resident Assistants in room checks as needed;
     13.    to interpret and maintain all lakeview policies and general college policies to
     14.    to serve as a referral source for campus and community services;
     15.    to assist in the recruitment of students for Lakeview;
     16.    to meet regularly with the Lakeview Council; and,
     17.    to eliminate any situation which might be hazardous to student, employees or

D.   Other Responsibilities

     Assuming other work related responsibilities as assigned by the Dean of Student Affairs,
     or the President or his/her designee.
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E.     Performance Evaluation

       The Resident Manager's job performance will be evaluated by the Dean of Student

F.     Qualifications

       High School diploma or equivalent and maintenance experience preferred.

G.     Essential Characteristics

              communicate orally and in writing
              read and interpret
              communicate with auditory skills
              visual ability
              manual dexterity
              exhibit emotional control and stability
              mastery of appropriate computer skills
              stress management and coping ability
              demonstrate knowledge of the English language including grammar, word usage,
               syntax, and sentence structure
              operate a motor vehicle
              ability to lift and move materials weighing up to twenty pounds
              sit or stand for extended periods of time
              capable of mobility
              bend, kneel, reach
              utilize telephone system
              possess basic mathmatical skills such as percentages, fractions, etc.
              operate standard business office machines
              possess problem solving capabilities

H.     Salary Schedule

       The compensation package includes an apartment and utilities.

NOTE: Physical characteristics indicate standard functions for essential job tasks, but are not
      intended to limit the applicant pool.

       In compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, the college welcomes and
       encourages disabled applicants who can perform required functions with reasonable

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