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                           Investment Climate Knowledge Management and
                                  Communications Activities in FY11

The IC BL engages in a variety of networking and capacity building activities such as conferences and
“Deep Dive” and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) learning events where WBG colleagues, clients, and external experts
come together to exchange knowledge, promote dialogue, and strengthen networks. These events are
carefully designed around the main goals of capacity building, innovation, and networking. They are
the major vehicle for the community of practice to come together and to nurture expertise in
investment climate. The IC BL also supports the production and dissemination of a variety of knowledge

KM highlights:
Knowledge sharing across WBG and with clients: In FY11, the IC BL organized and hosted over 45
events (BBLs, seminars, deep dives, client workshops) attracting more than 1,500 staff and external
participants, with an overall rating of 4.4. Events such as the “ICT enabled Investment Climate Reform
Leveraging Technology to Improve Governance in the MENA region” in Jordan, the “2nd ECA tax
practitioner conference” in Tbilisi, the “Investment Policy client workshop” in Vienna, or the Business
Regulation Deep Dive learning event, to name just a few, supported our agenda to constantly reach out
to our partners, clients, and staff to provide and facilitate cutting-edge knowledge transfer in our areas
of expertise.

ICNet community of practice: Held its Annual Meeting on April 1st, 2011, in Washington DC. It kicked
off the FPD week and brought together over 200 participants from the IFC, the World Bank, MIGA, and
some 25 external participants from the donor community as well as various other institutions.

Flagship Publications: Investing Across Borders, Healthy Partnerships: How Governments Can Engage
the Private Sector to Improve Health in Africa, Sierra Leone RABI report, FIAS Annual Review 2010, FIAS
Strategy FY12–16. IC BL staff published 3 InPractice notes, 1 ViewPoint, 5 Guidebooks, and authored or
co-authored 17 SmartLessons, with three first prize winners and two second prize winner (for details
please see below).

Collaboration: The Investment Climate collaboration space has been created, with the following
subspaces and groups: Investment Climate Africa (with other regions in the pipeline), Investment Policy,
Agribusiness and Tourism, Investment Climate Infrastructure, Business Taxation , inSolve, imPact,
Secured Transactions and Collateral Registries, and Trade Logistics, Technology Enabled Investment
Climate Reform.

Innovation: We held over 35 knowledge exchange events via Adobe Acrobat, mainstreaming this
technology for all possible BBLs and Seminars to increase participation of country office staff in KM and

Operational Learning: The series of “Compliance Cost Savings Methodology” courses that were held in
Nov-Dec 2010 in 6 regions reached over 100 staff in person, with VC connection to more. Thanks to this
successful training, 41 projects from 31 countries in all 6 regions are now measuring the “Direct
                                                World Bank Group
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Compliance Cost Savings” indicator. In FY 11, 33 Projects reported targets of $285 M in annual direct
cost savings, and 14 Projects reported results of $70 M. These projects had total expenses of $26M,
resulting in a “bang for the buck” of 2.7 dollars of impact for each dollar spent.

Onboarding: Conducted departmental onboarding for new hires including STCs. Integral part of
Advisory Services Onboarding Program for FY12.

Learning: Developed and published IC BL Learning Roadmap to assist staff's progress on mandatory
learning and serve as a guide for staff's individual learning plans.

Mentoring: Launched a mentoring program as a pilot with 17 mentees and a pool of 23 mentors from
HQ and all regions in June 2011.

Investment Climate Website:
For further details please see below.

DC, Investment Climate Department Agribusiness Product Launch and Diagnostic Tools Review staff

Business Regulation
New Zealand Registration System
Business Regulation Deep Dive
The experience of the Doing Business no 1 ranked country in starting a business - New Zealand

Business Taxation
Tax team retreat
Investment Climate (CIC) Tax Learning Week
Istanbul, Training for Global Tax Team on Transfer Pricing, and Team retreat
Nepal, South Asia Tax training for staff
"Tax Week" with colleagues across the World Bank Group and the DC Community
Tbilisi Georgia, 2nd ECA Tax practitioner conference (ECA tax officials)
Durban South Africa, 3rd AFR Tax practitioner conference on tax transparency
Jamaica, LAC training on Tax legal, together with IMF and CARICOM
Philippines, EAP Business Taxation training for staff

Competition Policy
Can innovative tools increase effectiveness and awareness of competition policy

Debt Resolution
Tools for Effective Debt Resolution on Non-Performing Loans
How to use the new imPact collaborative space
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                                                 Guarantee Agency

Workshop on gender issues

General training
Reuters media training
Fighting collusion to optimize public procurement expenditure - the OECD's experiences
DC, ICnet Annual Meeting
Global Best Practice and Lessons learnt for Africa South-South Knowledge
AS Operational Portal for Advisory Services
Training session on AS Completion Reports
Compliance Cost Saving Training in DC

Seminar on Birth, Competition, Taxes, Insolvency and Death - How to keep the Health Business Cycle
Pre-launch of the report Healthy Partnerships

Investing across Borders
Investing Across Borders indicators BBL at HQ
Investing Across Borders indicators virtual BBL across 6 LAC offices

Amman, Jordan, ICT enabled Investment Climate Reform Leveraging Technology to Improve
Governance in the MENA region client workshop
Washington DC, eGovernment PPP workshop, in collaboration in collaboration with TWICT

Can Green and Lean go together
DC, Regulations and Incentives for Renewable Energy
Brainstorming on reports produced by the Green IC Project

Investment Generation
Generating FDI in Brazil Focus on the Frontier States, Jobs, and Exports
Haiti Investment Generation:      Jobs out of the Rubble: Fast-tracking Assistance in Haiti
IC Global Investment Promotion Benchmarking (GIPB) Session
Launch of Rebuilding Business and Investment in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone (RABI report)
Vienna, Austria, Client Workshop Policies for Investment

Investment Climate Onboarding program at HQ
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Regional meetings and retreats
Investment Climate Latin America and Caribbean Regional Meeting
Investment Climate South Asia Regional Meeting
Investment Climate MENA Regional Meeting
Durban, South Africa: Investment Climate Business Line Africa Retreat

Secured Transactions and collateral registries
Secured Transactions and Collateral Registries - Practice Group meeting

DC, Tourism Practice going forward - Tools, Product and Roll-out

Investment Climate (CIC) Trade Logistics Deep Dive

FIAS 2010 Annual Review
FIAS Strategy FY12–16
Healthy Partnerships: How Governments Can Engage the Private Sector to Improve Health in Africa
Investing Across Borders report
Sierra Leone RABI report launch

Reports and Papers
Comparative Report: Investment Climate Program in Africa – Four Country Impact Assessment
(conducted by Economisti Associati)
Impact Assessment: Investment Climate Program in Burkina Faso
Impact Assessment: Investment Climate Program in Liberia
Impact Assessment: Investment Climate Program in Rwanda
Impact Assessment: Investment Climate Program in Sierra Leone
Inspections Reform: Do Models Exist?

Guides and Handbooks
How to Reform Business Inspections: Design, Implementation, Challenges (January 2011)
Surveying Businesses on Tax Compliance Costs (March 2011)
Tax Perception and Compliance Cost Surveys: A Tool for Tax Reform (March 2011)
Alternative Dispute Resolution Guidelines (June 2011)
Alternative Dispute Resolution Center Manual: A Guide for Practitioners on Establishing and Managing
ADR Centers (June 2011)
                                               World Bank Group
                                               Multilateral Investment                    THE WORLD BANK
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Special Economic Zones in Africa: Comparing Performance and Learning from Global Experiences –by
Thomas Farole (PREM); Gokhan Akinci contributed to this publication.

Viewpoint note series
“Attracting FDI into Developing and Transition Economies: How much does investment climate
matter?” by Kusisami Hornberger (June 2011)

Investment Climate InPractice note series
No. 17: “Leveraging Technology to Support Business Registration Reform: Insights from recent country
experience.” John R. Wille, Karim O. Belayachi, Numa de Magalhaes, Frederic Meunier. June, 2011.
No. 16: “Investment Regulation and Promotion: Can They Coexist in One Body?” Robert Whyte, Celia
Ortega, Carlos Griffin. March, 2011.
No. 15: “Using Strategic Communications to Engage Stakeholders in Tax Reform.” Shaela Rahman.
December, 2010.

Over the past few years, the SmartLessons program has picked up significantly in scope, scale, and
attracted a lot of interest among our colleagues. Among these SmartLessons there are three first prize
winners and two second prize winners we would like to congratulate.
·    The Do’s and Don’ts of Exiting: Experience from Tajikistan Inspections, by Christine Bowers and
Wendy Werner, 6/13/2011
·     The World Bank's Development Policy Operations: Key Lessons from Tajikistan in IFC-World Bank
Collaboration, by Wendy Werner, Christine Bowers, Sudharshan Canagarajah and Wendy S. Ayres,
·    Pilot Land Reforms in Nigeria: Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast!...but Where Do We Start? By
Nouma Dione-Mbaye and Catherine Masinde, 4/28/2011 FIRST PRIZE WINNER
·    Revamping the Investment Climate in a Fragile Economy - The Story of Tajikistan, by Andrea
Dall'Olio, Cemille Hacibeyoglu and Joanna Kata-Blackman, 4/25/2011
·    Investment Regulation and Promotion: Can They Co-Exist in One Body? by Robert Whyte, Celia
Ortega and Carlos Griffin, 4/13/2011
·    The Good, the Bad and the Difficult: Salvaging a Challenging Process - One Reform at a Time, by
Catherine Masinde, Jean Kyazze and Apollonia Mathia, 3/22/2011
.    Happy to be one of many parents: Establishing a commercial code and court in Liberia, by Kobina
Daniel and Akua Gyekye, 2/9/2011 SECOND PRIZE WINNER
·    “Why Should I Pay Taxes When I Don’t See a Benefit?”, by Farid Tadros, Riham Mustafa, Shaela
Rahman, 2/8/2011
·    How to Engage Stakeholders in Measuring Municipal Barriers in Latin America: The Case of the
Municipal Scorecard 2008 Report by Mainé Astonitas, Ada Calderón, Arsala Deane, Lorena Lopez, Javier
Patiño García, Clara Ugarte Perrin, 2/7/2011
·    Fragile—Handle With Care: Designing a Special Economic Zone Framework in a Post-Conflict
Country, by Markus Scheuermaier, Julien Galant, Kabemba Lusinde Wa Lusangi , 2/4/2011
·    Show Me the Money! Using Peer-To-Peer Learning for Accelerated Investment Climate Reforms by
Obiajulu Ihonor, Catherine Masinde, 2/2/2011 FIRST PRIZE WINNER
                                                World Bank Group
                                                Multilateral Investment                     THE WORLD BANK
                                                Guarantee Agency

·    VAT Media Campaign in Lao PDR Results in a Big Bang for the Buck, by Shaela Rahman, Ka Ying
Yang, 1/26/2011 FIRST PRIZE WINNER
·    Learning to Lead across Borders: Customized Corporate Leadership Training For Senior Staff, by
Cecile Fruman, Ayse Boybeyi, 12/22/2010
·    Jobs out of the Rubble: Fast-tracking Assistance in Haiti, by Celia Ortega, Armando Heilbron, Pedro
Andres Amo, Ji Woon Park, 11/16/2010 SECOND PRIZE WINNER
·    Adventures in Corporate Branding: Developing an Inclusive WBG Identity for Investment Climate
Advisory Services... by Shaela Rahman, 10/8/2010
·    KISSing Your Way to Success: How to Advocate Strategically for Business Reforms by Shihab Ansari
Azhar, 9/9/2010
·    Integrating the Banja Luka and Sarajevo Stock Exchanges in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Dilek
Goncalves, Tarik Sahovic, 7/6/2010

For questions please contact Ayse Boybeyi or Nathalie David

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