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					Welcome to New Staff                                   School Supplies
We extend a warm welcome to some new staff             Please ensure that your child has brought all the
members who will be working with your children         required school supplies to school, labelled with
this year. Ms. Nadina van Thienen will teach           his or her name as per the instructions on the
students in grades three and four as well as French    supply list. All footwear and outdoor clothing
as a second language in our mainstream program,        should also be labeled with your child’s name.
and Ms. Leizan Knecht will be teaching our             Please note that teachers may request additional
grades four/five combined class, also in the           supplies that are specific to their classroom.
mainstream program. Ms. Danielle van den
Beuken will be teaching our Cogito kindergarten        Ongoing Communication
classes, and Ms. Hollie Heroux will be teaching        At Pollard Meadows School, we place a high
one of our Cogito grade one classes. Ms. Shelley       value on regular communication between the
Ochitwa will be teaching grade two and French as       school and the home. We use agendas in our
a second language in our Cogito program, and           mainstream program and homework books in our
Ms. Stacie Arends will teach Cogito grade three,       Cogito program on a daily basis. In addition to
including French as a second language. We also         this, we have established Wednesday as “mail
welcome Ms. Shantelle Ryan, who will be                day” each week. Please check your child’s
teaching our grade one mainstream class, and we        backpack for a mail envelope which will be sent
welcome back Ms. Tami Tuttle, who will be              home as required on Wednesdays (with the
teaching our mainstream kindergarten classes.          exception of the first mail envelope, which is
                                                       being sent home on Tuesday, the first day of
Meet the Teacher Sundae Evening                        school). This envelope will contain important
Our annual Parent Information Night has                information such as newsletters, field trip
undergone a transformation! This year, we are          information, district information forms, and so on.
inviting all families to come out and enjoy a          Please be sure to return the envelope to school
special Pollard Meadows ice cream sundae,              with your child the next day, along with any
meeting our staff and visiting with other families     forms that need to be returned.
in a relaxed social setting. This event will be held
on Thursday, September 18, from 6:30 to 7:30           School Council Meetings
p.m. We plan to be outside on the tarmac, but will     Meetings of the Pollard Meadows School Council
move into the gym in the case of inclement             will be held on the third Tuesday of each month.
weather.                                               These meetings are held in the school library and
Information about individual classroom                 begin at 7:00 p.m. This month’s meeting, the
expectations and curriculum for the year will be       Annual General Meeting, is scheduled for
sent home with each child, rather than being           Tuesday, September 16. All parents of students in
handed out at a formal evening event. We look          Pollard Meadows School, whether in the
forward to meeting all of our Pollard Meadows          mainstream or Cogito program, are welcome and
families. Please watch for further information to      encouraged to attend.
be sent home soon. We hope that you will mark
your calendar and plan to attend!                      Safety and Security
                                                       Student safety is of the utmost importance at
                                                       Pollard Meadows School. The following are
                                                       procedures that have been put into place as a
result of our ongoing efforts to ensure safety and             school early without a note or call from a
security for all who are in our building:                      parent/guardian.
     All school doors will remain locked
        throughout the day, with the exception of       Bus Zone
        the following:                                  This year, we will have seven school buses
            o The front door will remain open           arriving at Pollard Meadows at the beginning and
                 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All        end of each day, and three school buses at the
                 visitors and volunteers are asked to   beginning and end of the lunch hour each day. In
                 enter the school building through      the interest of safety for all of our students, we
                 the front door.                        request the assistance of all parents in
            o In addition to the front door, one        respecting the bus zone and not parking in
                 door on the north pod and one door     front of the school.
                 on the south pod will be opened at
                 recess and lunch so students can       Nut Allergies
                 access the building.                   Some children are extremely allergic to all nut
     Staff members have keys so they can               products, as well as snacks that contain traces of
        access the school during the day from any       nuts or have been prepared using peanut oil. For
        door.                                           the safety of these children, we ask for your
     Staff on supervision carry walkie-talkies         cooperation in not sending to school snacks or
        with them to improve communication.             lunches containing any nuts. Also, please read the
     Students who arrive late must enter the           ingredients of all snacks, such as granola bars, as
        building through the front door, and report     many contain traces of peanuts or other nuts.
        to the school office for a late slip.           Thank you very much for your assistance and
     All students will be reminded of the              concern for our students’ health.
        importance of not letting adults into the
        building.                                       Lunch Supervisor Required
     All visitors and volunteers are asked to          We currently are seeking to hire a responsible
        report to the school office upon entering       adult who is interested in working as a lunch
        and leaving the school. They will be            supervisor. Interested adults must be available to
        provided with a visitor/volunteer badge.        work between 11:20 a.m. and 12:40 p.m., Monday
        All visitors and volunteers are asked to        to Friday, and must possess the necessary
        wear this badge while they are in the           management skills to supervise a group of
        school, and to sign in and out in the office    students in a classroom setting as well as on the
        binder for this purpose.                        playground. We are also looking for lunch
                                                        supervisors to work on an occasional basis when
     Any students who are to be excused from
                                                        our regular staff members are ill. Interested
        school prior to regular dismissal time (e.g.,
                                                        individuals are asked to fill out an application in
        doctor, dentist appointments, etc.) will be
                                                        the school office.
        met by their parents/guardians in the
        school office. Parents/guardians are asked
        to use the sign-out book located in the         Instructional Focus
                                                        At Pollard Meadows School, our instructional
        office. No student will be allowed to leave
                                                        focus for the past several years has been “Reading
                                                        for Understanding”, with the goal of improving
the reading skills of all our students. This year, we   but you have a chance to change that by investing
are expanding our focus to include improving our        the time to talk to your kids. Your kids are worth
students’ skills in both reading and writing in all     your time!
areas of the curriculum.

The work that parents do at home to support this        Children in Kindergarten…
growth by reading with their children, or having        Has your 4 – 6 year old had their Pre-School
them read for 15 to 30 minutes every day, is of         Booster?
tremendous value. Parents can also promote              Capital Health is doing a research study looking at
reading by showing an interest in what their            a lower dose vaccine for the pre-school booster.
children are reading and by reading themselves.         Participants are needed for a research study to test
When children see that you are interested in            the effectiveness of a lower dose vaccine for
reading, they will be more interested in reading        diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, given as part of
themselves.                                             children’s pre-school booster. Children must be
                                                        between 4 and 6 years and have 4 doses of their
We are also excited about continuing our                routine childhood vaccines and attend two visits
involvement in the Alberta Initiative for School        one month apart. Children will be randomized to
Improvement (AISI) project, Engaging all                receive either the lower dose or regular dose
learners through differentiated instruction. The        vaccine for protection. They’ll also receive polio
goal of this work is to create learning                 vaccine, Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR),
communities that are responsive to the diverse          and a booster dose of varicella (chickenpox)
needs of who we teach, so that what we teach and        vaccine. The varicella booster is not yet part of
how we teach support the development of                 the routine Alberta schedule. For complete details
capable, connected and contributing learners,           call 780-413-7946.
resulting in improved student learning. This year,
we will be continuing our partnership with Julia        Dental Care Options for Parents
Kiniski, Satoo and Weinlos schools, and look            Some parents are looking for lower cost options
forward to adding Tipaskan School to our cohort         for dental care. Here are two resources.
group. Working with other schools in the Mill           The University of Alberta Dental Clinics may
Woods areas allows us to provide rich                   be able to help. The clinics offer fillings,
professional development and collaboration              orthodontics (braces) and teeth cleaning at a lower
opportunities for all of our teachers.                  cost.
                                                        For details call 780-492-4448 for fillings, 780-
Health Talk                                             492-3065 for orthodontics, and 780-492-4458 for
(Information Provided by Capital Health)                teeth cleaning.

Tobacco Proof Your Child                                Alberta Child Health Benefit Program
Talk to your child about smoking, talk often.           This is a health coverage program for children of
Focus on some of the negative aspects of tobacco        lower income families. Free extended health
use such as the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke.       benefits including dental care, eyeglasses and
If you are a smoker, talk about how you got             prescription drugs are offered to families that
started and why it is so hard to quit. We know that     quality for the provincial program. Eligibility is
children of smokers may be more likely to smoke
based on the parent’s income. For information or       Southwood Scouting Groups Bottle Drive
to apply, call 780-427-6848 or 1-877-469-5437.         The Southwood Scouting groups will be holding a
Nutrition Sessions at the Library                      bottle drive on October 4. If you have any
School Health Nurses and the Community                 questions, please call 780-450-2627.
Dietitians will be presenting Easy Breakfast and
Snack Ideas for a Healthy Mind. These sessions         Girl Guides of Canada Registration
are designed for parents of elementary school-         When: Tues., Sept. 9, 2008
aged children, everyone is welcome. The sessions
are free. Handouts. Recipes. Prizes. Mark these        Where: Southwood Community Hall, 1880 37 St.
dates on your calendar! Each session will start at 7
pm and will be approximately one-hour long.            Time: 6:30 PM – 8 PM
Call the library of your choice to register:
                                                       Registration is $125.00
• Londonderry Public Library
780-496-6708 September 11, 2008                        For more information, please contact Fern
                                                       Lawrence 780-461-7000
• Mill Woods Public Library
780-496-1818 September 17, 2008

• Lois Hole Public Library
780-413-7708 September 23, 2008                        Seniors Caring About Seniors
                                                       Seniors Caring About Seniors is a non-profit
• Whitemud Public Library                              organization whose mission is to be an effective
780-496-1822 September 24, 2008                        service facilitator for seniors to help them retain
                                                       their lifestyle, sense of independence and well-
• St. Albert Public Library                            being.
780-495-1682 September 25, 2008
                                                       Drivers (honorarium) and office volunteers are
                                                       needed as well as service providers (earn extra
                                                       cash) for the following: housekeeping,
T-Shirts for Sale                                      snow/yardwork, plumbing, light maintenance,
                                                       etc. For more information please call Val at 780-
ORDER YOUR POLLARD MEADOWS                             465-0311.

            T-SHIRTS NOW!!!
ONLY $ 10.00 EACH

SEPT. 4       Cogito Kindergarten Parent
              Orientation – 7:00 p.m. and
              7:30 p.m. (repeat session)
              in Room 1
SEPT. 9       Mainstream Kindergarten
              Parent Orientation – 7:00
              p.m. in Room 0
SEPT. 16      School Council Meeting at
              7:00 p.m. in the library
SEPT. 18      Meet the Teacher Sundae
              Evening – 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
SEPT. 30      Character Education
              Assembly 9:00 a.m. (Gym)

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