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CCPT PAC Meeting rev2


									Clinton County Public Transit
Transportation Needs Assessment Project
Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting

Tom Procopio, CCTM
Project Manager

May 23, 2011
     TranSystems Office Locations - 2011

                               1,000 employees in 40 offices

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     TranSystems Market Sectors

          Freight Railroads            Airports and Air Carriers    Trucking and Automotive

      Passenger Rail and Transit       Shippers and Distributors   Energy and Communications

       States and Municipalities          Ports and Maritime          Federal Government

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     Passenger Rail and Transit

     Who we serve:
        Municipal and County Transit Divisions
        Regional Transit Authorities
        State Rail and Transit Divisions
        High Speed Rail Consortia
        Intercity Rail and Bus Operators
        Transit Research Institutions
        Campus and Tourist Transportation
        Federal Transit Administration Offices
      TranSystems is the recognized leader in innovative transit
                       planning and design.

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     Meet the Project Team

        Tom Procopio, CCTM
            Experience in paratransit operations, planning and software. Currently involved
            with the Arkansas Statewide Transit Needs Assessment Project.
        Paul Schimek, Senior Transportation Planner
            Experience in data analysis and public transit service planning. Background in
            public transit planning, bus rapid transit and transit service quality.
        Caroline Ferris, Senior Transportation Planner
            Experience in collection, analysis and presentation of data related to community
            transit and short range planning for special populations.

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     Primary Goals of the Study

        Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current transportation services

        Explore the feasibility of coordinating transportation services to minimize

        Identify gaps in services and provide solutions for improving services

        Assist in the pursuit of long term financial support

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     Study Approach

        Existing Conditions Review
            Review existing plans
            Collect and review demographic and transportation service data
            On-line survey
        Analysis of Gaps
            Analyze fixed route and paratransit service
            Perform cost analysis of transit services
        Identify Solutions

        Update Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan
            Public meeting to discuss Draft Updated Coordinated Public Transit – Human
            Services Plan

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     Inventory of Existing Transportation Services

        Identify what is currently available
        Interviews/phone calls
            Public transit
            Private transportation
            Intercity bus
            Over-the-road coach
            Human service agency providers
        Different from public needs assessment survey to be conducted later in
        Task 1
        Information obtained to be used in the estimation of need

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
     PAC Role and Input

        Committee input on transportation options in Clinton County
            What do people do now for transportation if they do not drive?

        Committee input on unmet transportation needs in Clinton County
            What is needed, with regard to transportation, that is not available now?

        Other thoughts?

    Transportation Needs Assessment Project
                                         Thank you!

     Transportation Needs Assessment Project

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