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					                              Web-Based NIE Resources
2002 NIE Conference in Hershey/Online Audio. You           Olympic Resources Online
need Real Player to listen to the recordings but that is
available free on-line. Provides most workshops.                Political Cartoon Lesson Plans: Here is a web site that
                                                           provides political cartoon lessons for elementary, middle
Calendar, book of days, monthly designations, crazy        and high schools. The lessons suggest use of their web
days to celebrate site at:                                 site but are easily adapted for use with political cartoons             found daily in your newspaper.
Calendar of events at:                                     For the political cartoons go to:

Career, Life Skill and Economic Education - The LifeNet    Read All About It! Ten Terrific Newspaper Lessons!
curriculum takes students through a real-life simulation   Education World celebrates National Newspaper Week
as adults (newspapers are used in many activities to       with ten lessons to help you integrate the newspaper
enhance realism). Students find jobs based on their        into your classroom curriculum. Included: Activities that
chosen or randomly selected education level, look for a    involve students in interviewing a local newspaper
place to live, and budget for all the expenses             reporter, creating editorial cartoons, comparing
encountered in "real-life". Through the simulation,        newspapers, and much more!
career and life skills; reading, writing, and oral
communication; mathematics; social studies; and health
are content areas that are woven into the curriculum.      Samples of promotional ads, forms and other NIE
The main web page is:                                      related materials.                        

Election Resources Online                                  Ten Great Activities: Teaching With the Newspaper              Ten terrific classroom activities that use the newspaper                              to teach all sorts of valuable skills -- including reading
                                                           and writing for meaning, map reading, media literacy,
History of NIE                                             sequencing, word meaning, and math.

Making a Geodesic Dome from Newspapers       NIE Vendor Online Instructional Resources
Messages and Meaning, a media literacy teacher guide       Kid Scoop -
using the newspaper.                                       A Newspaper Lesson Library is available from Kid    Scoop, a national Newspaper in Education organization.
c/messages.html                                            It offers a searchable database of newspaper lessons
                                                           by subject areas (and sub-categories) in Language Arts,
NewsCatcher, a fun activity that can be downloaded         Social Studies, Math, Science and Journalism, and by
from the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star NIE web page       grade level and standards-based skills. Visit the
at:                                                        Newspaper Lesson Library at:

Newspaper Art Activities                                   NIE Online -         Provides weekly lesson plans related to current news
                                                           events and a variety of other online resources.
NIE Research on the web:            News Relief -
Newspapers as a Teaching Resourse for Adult
Learners at:                                               Online Newspaper Lesson Sample Worksheets     For Each Guide
Using Newspapers in the ESL Literacy Classroom at:     Art: Identifying Perspective in Newspaper
                                                           Photographs and Illustrations
                                                                Write a letter to the editor from different viewpoints
Careers: Analyzing Careers in the Newspaper                     (on basketball or other sport) 
                                                                Current Events: Comic Strip Characters and
Language Arts                                                   Contemporary Topics
Create a one-day Diary/Journal expressing                       pssample.html
students' feelings of the day's news events             Geography: Stages of National Development
Comparing and contrasting characters and events                 lengesample.html

Locating Resources to Solve Problems in Daily Life

Searching for Themes

Sports Jargon in the Newspaper (idioms,
euphemisms and cliches)

5W's & H - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Communications: Critical Components of


Assessing Range/Constructing a Chart


Environment - Change in the Ecology of an Area

Social Studies

Analyze Balance in the News

Analyzing Rules and Regulations in Sports

Identify The Constitution/Bill of Rights in News

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