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More Memorabilia

Thanks again to Stu Ralls for sending me a selection of old car stickers (which Dad tells me
was all the rage back in the early 70's!). Take a look by visiting my photo's page.

Keep your eyes pealed

Once again we are making the trip down under to New Zealand and we will be visiting lots of
race meetings so keep checking back here for all the info. Our first meeting is Boxing Day at
Rotorua, I hope you all enjoy the news, photos and results.

Birmingham 20th November 2010

A good end to the 2010 BriSCA F1 and BriSCA F2 season with some super action and close
racing that, on occasions, went down to the wire.

The winner of the Final was 1, Andy Smith which was his 99th Final win.

The Grand National Championship went the way of Matt Newson, 16. Well done to him.

Congratulations to Nigel Green, 445 who took the win in the BriSCA 50 Series Final.

A big thank you to Incarace for letting me do the starting for a BriSCA F1 race and the trophy
presentations. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Incarace team in 2010 and look
forward to 2011.

Overall a great meeting.

Stock Car Posters

Stu Ralls has been in touch and has sent me a number of great old stock car posters from the
late 60's and early 70's from tracks sadly no longer running stock car racing (other than
Brafield or NIR as I know it). Take a look by visiting my photos page.

A message from Dudley

Dudley has asked me to pass on a big thank you to his many great friends who are calling or
visiting him . The love and friendship he has received is fantastic and he is truly honoured by
the donations received in memory of Pat. A total of £578.00 has been raised. He hopes to
catch up with all his friends in the near future.

Coventry 13th November 2010

A good end to the 2010 shale season with some good racing and action from all three

The Final was won by Ian Brickley, 246 who took his first Final win, well done Ian.

Congratulation to Andy Smith, 1 who took the World of Shale in fine style, with Dan
Johnson, 4 and Frankie Wainman, 515 taking second and third places.
It was good to see Dudley at the racing chatting to some of his friends.

Overall a good meeting.

Coventry 6th November 2010

Firstly I would like to start by congratulating Andy Smith,1 for taking the silver roof after 10
hard fought Shootout rounds.

A disappointing result for Frankie Wainman, 515 regarding the Shootout points, he came
home in 4th place.

Well done to Craig Finnikin, 55 for finishing second and Paul Hines, 259 in third.

The Final was won by Ryan Harrison, 197. Well done Ryan.

The firework display was outstanding with plenty ooos and aahhs.

Overall a good meeting.

Kings Lynn 30th October 2010

A busy nights racing was had at the Norfolk Arena with some great action and entertainment
all night long.

A big well done to John Lawn, 441 who came home to victory in the Consolation and his first
Final win of the season.

It is still very tight at the top of the Shootout with only 17 points between Andy Smith, 1 and
Frankie Wainman Jnr, 515.

It was great to see lots of people putting some wonderful effort into the Halloween parade.

Overall a good meeting.

Congratulations Ian

Ian Raisbeck, formely from the UK but now living near Christchurch in New Zealand, picked
up his first race win on Sunday 24th October 2010 at the Oxford Speedway on the South
Island in New Zealand. Ian races a B Grade Production Saloon. See a picture of his race win
on my photos page.

Northampton 24th October 2010

Another brilliant afternoons racing from all four formulas.

Once again the Final was won by Lee Fairhurst, 217. Well done Lee. Again Andy and
Frankie failed to finish the final, in fact the top 3 in the Shootout failed to finish. Andy also
failed to come out for the Grand National as he had a problem with his engine.

A big thank you to Incarace for letting me do some starting as well as the trophy
presentations. It was great fun doing the Heritage, I really enjoyed it.
With the Shootout reaching the latter stages it could not be much closer for the race for the
silver roof, only 10 points separate Frankie and Andy. Paul Hines is only 16 points behind
the leader so it is all to play for.

Birmingham 23rd October 2010

A great night at Birmingham Wheels with close action and some rather unpredictable racing.

Before the meeting the heavens opened but by the time the meeting started it had stopped
raining, but it left a rather greasy track for the drivers to race on. As the meeting progressed
the track dried out nicely.

Lee Fairhurst, 217 was on great form picking up a Heat and Final double. Well done Lee.
Neither Andy nor Frankie finished the final.

A big thank you to Incarace for letting me help out.

Coventry 16th October 2010

A brilliant nights racing was had at Coventry from all three formulas.

Firstly I would like to congratulate Frankie Wainman, 515 on getting his 250th meeting Final
win. What an achievement.

In heat two Ivan Pritchard had a roll over in the early stages of the race.

Congratulations to Sharon Harris for taking the win in the Ladies F1 race.

Well done to Andrew Palmer, 606 for taking the English Championship in the BriSCA F2's.

Overall a good nights racing.

Bradley Harrison

Following a successful appeal, Bradley Harrison has been declared the 2010 BriSCA
Minitoxs National Champion and is now able to display the gold roof on his car for the next
12 months.

Skegness 9th October 2010

What a meeting! Action aplenty all around the raceway in every race.

To decide the grid for the Birtish Final the drivers contested in 3 out of 5 heats. There was not
one heat where you could predict the result, even going into the last bend there were last bend
lunges for the minor places.

The driver who came out on top in the final was Paul Hines, 259. Congratulations to the new
British Champion.

There were some very hairy moments, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Unfortunatly
Tom Harris, 84 will be out of action next week due to an injury sustained at Skegness.

A great nights racing also from the Ministox and BriSCA F2's.
Overall an awesome nights racing.

Aldershot 3rd October 2010

This was our first visit to Aldershot and what a great track it is.

The Unlimited Bangers had some good crashes, but also some good racing to go with it.

Both the Superstox and the Historic Saloons provided some super racing.

At the beginning of the meeting the rain looked set in for the day, but after race 2 the rain
seized and we enjoyed a brilliant meeting.

Coventry 2nd October 2010

The one word to sum up Saturdays meeting is WET, after about the second race the heavens
opened and we got drenched.

The track was also affected by the rain and the Grand National was unsuprisingly cancelled.

The person who came out on top in the soggy Final was Tom Harris, 84.

A big well done to all drivers for racing in the treacherous conditions.

Andy Smith, 1 is now ahead in the Shootout by just 6 points, can this all change at the British
Final at Skegness next week?

On a final note it was good to see Rich Masterson, 103, watching the racing. Many of you
will have seen him collecting for Cancer Research at the World Final prior to an operation for
cancer in his leg. Rich has now had his operation and most of the cancer has been removed,
what remains is being treated with chemotherapy. He has another scan in 3 weeks to see
if the treatment is working. Rich raised £1000.00 for cancer research at the World Final.

It's a GIRL

Tyler has asked me to announce the safe arrival of his baby sister, Mia-Jane, today (27th
September). I am sure many of you will have seen Tyler flagging with me at many tracks,
more recently in his black and white check trousers.

Congratulations to Martin and Sarah, Tyler and Ella.

Venray World Cup on TV

Coverage from this year's World Cup meeting has been shown on Dutch TV. You can see the
programme on line by clicking here. The racing starts13 minutes and 48 seconds in. Can you
spot me in the stand near the begining?

Kings Lynn 25th September 2010

I was unable to go to Kings Lynn but I am told Paul Harrison won the final, his last final win
was at Skegness in 2007.
This was the third Shoot Out round and the top 3 after Kings Lynn are Frankie Wainman on
159 points followed by Andy Smith on 147 points and Paul Hines on 137 points.

The next round is at Coventry on Saturday, 2nd October.

Skegness 18th/19th September 2010

With no BirSCA F1 meetings this weekend we took the opportunity to go to the BriSCA F2
World Final.

It was a good weekends racing with plenty of action, especially on Sunday.

The World Final race itself was one of the best races in a long time with the lead changing
constantly and hits on every corner. The driver who came through to take the win was John
Fortune, 964. Congratulations to him.

Also a special well done to Helen Kaleta (Madam Starter) for flagging her first ever F2 World
Final, which made history. Helen is the only female starter to do both the F1 and the F2
World Finals.

In the National Ministox World Final on Sunday Bradley Harrison, 22 took the flag but failed
post race scrutineering so it was Jack Aldrige, 211 who took the win.

Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr took a hard knock as he hit the pit gate head on. Initially he said he
was ok but then complained of neck pains. He was taken to hospital to be checked out. Get
well soon Frankie.

Overall a good weekend.

Auntie Pat

Today (14th September 2010) was Auntie Pat's funeral. It was a very sad day but I am glad I
went to celebrate Pat's life with her family and lots of her friends. We spent the afternoon
with Dud and he had lots of great stories to tell of their time together.

Dud has asked me to thank everyone who has spoken to him over the last week offering their
support and to also thank friends from all over the World for all the cards he has received and
finally for everyone who came to todays funeral service to say goodbye. Dud is genuinely
overcome with everyone's kindness at this very sad time.

Scunthorpe 11th September 2010

Sadly the weather was not on our side with some big rain showers. After some grading the
track was soon back in tip top condition.

A big well done to James Morris, 463 who came home to take the Final.

The National Ministox once again provided some good action.

Overall an average meeting, probably influenced by the rain

Northampton 5th September 2010
World Champion Andy Smith, 1 was not at this meeting but this did not affect the racing,
there was still lots of action with some hard hits.

In Heat 1 there was a big roll over for Luke Davidson, 464, he was unhurt.

Congratulations to Paul Hines, 259 for taking Heat and Final wins. The Final was the World

I would like to thank Incarace for letting me present trophies and do the starting for a Rebels
race. I really enjoyed it.

Another great days racing.

Coventry 3rd & 4th September 2010

On Friday night even though it was just the overseas drivers racing they were was lots
of bumper work.

Scott Joblin, NZ58, took his first win in Heat 1 followed by another in Heat 2.

Well done to H447 who took the Final win.

Moving on to Saturday night in front of the capacity crowd the action continued.

The first race was the Consolation which saw lots of action, the people who benifited from
that was Nigel Whalley, 198 and Mark Gilbank, 21.

The World Final was a very eventful race wiht the first bend producing a big pile up. Dan
Johnson, 4 rolled onto his side but as it was a complete restart the team worked hard to get
him back on track. John Lund was also a victim of the first bend but again people, including
Rob Cowley, worked hard to get him back on track. I think John got the biggest cheer of the

The person who took the 2010 World Final was Andy Smith, 1. Andy is only the third person
to win 3 times in a row. The other 2 are his dad Stuart Smith Snr and Dave Chisholm.

The full results were: 1, 515, 55, H217, 16, 4, H25, 48, 22 and H414.

The meeting Final was taken by Dan Johnson, 4.

Overall a good meeting.

Belle Vue 30th August 2010

An absolutely massive crowd turned out to see a cracking Bank Holiday meeting in the
sunshine. Even though the Shootout round was moved to the October meeting a good field of
cars were racing.

The Final was won by Andy Smith, 1. This brings his grand total of meeting Finals to 98.
A special mention to Richard Brian, 238 who was mixing it with the star names and giving
them a run for their money. The action looked superb to new racing fans who turned out to
see the real 'Gears and Tears'.

Overall a great meeting.

Junior Junior 515

In September 2005, 5 year old Frankie and me aged 8 had a photograph taken at Northampton
the day after the World Final when we pretended Frankie had just won a race . At the time
Richard Kaleta questioned how long it would be until the same event would be staged for
real. Well it all came true when I started a BriSCA Mini race at Birmingham on 28th August
2010 and Frankie Wainman Junior Junior aged 10 won his first race and I presented his
trophy. Just like we both dreamed 5 years earlier.

You can see both pictures on my photos page.

Birmingham 28th August 2010

I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to both Incarace and Dave Leonard. Dave
approached Incarace to ask if I could do the starting for the Under 25's race and Incarace were
happy to let me. The whole Incarace team were very friendly, helpful and supportive. The
evening was even better as I was able to do some of the Ministox races. I really enjoyed it.

Also thanks to Incarace for letting me present the trophies during the evening.

Congratulations to Tom Harris, 84 who came home with the win in the Under 25's.

It was the first round of the Shootout and as it stands Frankie Wainamn Jnr, 515 is leading the
points but there is still a long way to go.

The Final was taken by Lee Robinson, 107. Well done Lee.

Ministox driver Frankie Wainman, 515, won his first race. It was a great moment for me to
drop the chequered flag as he crossed the finish line. Well done Frankie.

Luckily the weather held off for most of the meeting which produced some great racing.

There were a few hairy moments when two Mini's had a massive roll over and in the F1 Final
a tyre went into the catch fencing.

Overall a super meeting.

On a final note I would like to wish Rich Masterson, 103, all the very best while he has
treatment for cancer. I am sure I am speaking for everyone when I say get well soon Rich.

Barford 22nd August 2010

The BriSCA F2 Semi Finals produced some good racing with plenty of action.
The results of the Semi Finals are:

Semi Final 1: 7, 38, 101, 823, 176, 339, 522, 538, 154, and 990.

Semi Final 2: 702, 964, 871, 765, 218, 677, 886, 189, 494 and 326.

Lots of action meant a lot of the top drivers did not finish: 606, 676, 445, 259, 401, 761,
798, 324, 186, 854, 647, 254 and the defending World Champion 968.

There was a big shot on 886, Chris Bradbury from 218, Rob Speak on the restart.

Gordon Moodie, 7 won the meeting Final which gave him the pole position in the World

Thank you to the starter Graham for letting me do the starting for the Ministox Heat 3, I really
enjoyed it.

Overall a good meeting.

Northampton 21st August 2010

During this meeting I was in the commentary box being the DJ as the Dave Goddard was
unable to attend. Thank you to Incarace for asking me to do this as well as the presentations.

Congratulations to Andy Smith, 1 for taking the Final win.

It was also the first meeting on tarmac for Scott Joblin and he did very well considering the
wet conditions.

Some drivers were very consistent with their positions:

Luke Davidson, 464 got 2 heat wins. Andy Smith, got 2 wins, 1 heat and the final. Lee
Robinson, 107 got 3 second place finishes and Tom Harris, 84 got 3 third place finishes.

Scott Joblin NZ52

The Clive Lintern F1 Stock Car built in New Zealand and shipped to the UK made its debut at
Belle Vue on Tuesday 17th August 2010. The car will be driven in this years World Final by
current 240's Champion Scott Joblin from New Zealand. See pictures on my photos page.

Venray 15th August 2010

Today was the World Cup for F1 stock cars run over 30 laps of the large Venray circuit. The
race was run in the dry but soon after the rain started and did not stop for the rest of the
afternoon. The winner of the big race was Gary Castell with Louw Wobbes second and
Frankie Wainman third.

Frankie won heat 2 of the meeting proper and came home in 7th in the meeting final run in
monsoon conditions. Louw Wobbs won the final.
Well done to everyone concerned for a great 2 days racing, the only down side being Gordon
Moodie's exclusion from yesterdays F2 world cup results after post race scruitineering for
using an "illegal" wheel??

Venray 14th August 2010

A great meeting today at Venray in the hot sunshine. There were 7 UK F1 drivers in
attendance, they were 515, 212, 3, 434, 84, 460, 105.

The final was won by adopted Dutch man Garry van der Castell and the F2 World Cup was
won by H30 Toon Schut. Gordon Moodie came home second. The F1 World Cup is race 8
tomorrow with Frankie Wainman and Tom Harris on the third row.

See my photos page for photos from the meeting.

Sint Maarten 8th August 2010

When we got to the track it was obvious they had had a lot of rain as the pits were like a mud
bath. It was raining heavily when we arrived and got even worse just before the start of the
meeting. They decided to start the meeting early but the cars could not get onto the track very

Over 80 Formula 1's raced over 9 Heats and a Final to compete for the Dutch Open, with H
35, Fred Hink becoming champion. Well done Fred.

Two English drivers were at the meeting, Geoff Nickolls (215) and Adam Slater (214).

A big well done to the track staff for making sure the track surface was raceable once the rain
stopped, it was even dusty by the end of the meeting. Also well done to the drivers and their
teams for getting their cars on track for each race.

Posterholt 7th August 2010

As we were in Holland we decided to visit the track at Posterholt. This track is where you
can get up close and personal with the cars on track and be in the thick of the action. Nine
formula competed, each racing twice. It was good to see Chris Roots, 677 there.

Skegness 4th/5th August 2010

We had a busy time in the town over both days, a lot of interest was shown and a lot of people
had watched Gears & Tears and were impressed.

A good crowd turned up at the track to see some great racing, you don't always need a lot of
cars to have lots of action. Well done to Paul Hines for winning a Heat and Final.

Buxton - World Semi Final 2 - 1st August 2010

A super meeting which turned into a bit of a crash fest but the racing was still red hot.

The Second of the Semi Final races was run and it produced some surprising results. On one
of the restarts Tom Harris, 84 was right behind Andy Smith, 1. As the green flag dropped he
went to change gear and the gear handle came off in his hand which held everyone up and
caused a bit of a pile up.

Only 10 cars finished the race and they were as follows: 1, 259, 53, 11, 172, 217, 107, 429, 48
and 35.

During the race there were 4 yellow flags, 3 of them were before half way.

The meeting Final was won by James Lund, 153 who drove to his first Final victory of the
season. Well done James.

I would just like to add a get well soon message to Matt Smith, 81. In the V8 World Final he
was involved in a crash and, as the meeting went on he got worse so the air ambulance was
needed. So a big get well soon to him.

In the Grand National Dan Johnson, 4 was pushed up the wall and onto his side but he was

Overall a good but hectic

Gears and Tears Trailer

Can't wait until Monday? - See what's in store by viewing the official BBC1 trailer for
Episode 1 by clicking here.

Sheffield - World Semi Final 1 - 25th July 2010

The first of two Semi Finals has now been run and 10 cars are through to the World Final in
September at Coventry. The other 14 hopefulls will have a second chance in the Consolation
Semi Final.

A big well done to Frankie Wainman, 515 for coming home with the win. He goes through to
the World Final along with 2, 4, 16, 212, 321, 55, 22, 322 and 13. A big well done and good
luck to these drivers for the big race. Stuart Smith, 390 did not finish the race.

Some good racing from the F1's all day along with the National Ministox and the Heritage.

The meeting Final winner was Danny Wainaman, 212 who took his first ever Final win. Well
done Danny.

A big well done to Nathan Harrison, 99 in the National Ministox for completing 2 races, I am
glad your luck has changed. Well done Nathan.

Thank you to Startrax Kids Club for letting me be a mascot in the Semi Final.

Overall a good meeting had by all.

Gears & Tears

After what has seemed like an eternity the BBC1 six part series on BriSCA F1 stock car
racing called Gears and Tears gets its first airing on Monday 2nd August at 10.35pm.
14th & 15th Venray World Cup August

The great news coming from Holland is the World Cup will be run over the weekend of 14th
& 15th August as originally planned.

Northampton 17th/18th July 2010

An action packed weekend with some great racing left right and centre.

To start off I would like to congratulate Dylan Williams Maynard, 51 on taking his first race
win and his first Final win in one meeting. It was only his 4th meeting in a Formula 1.

Also congratulations to Luke Davidson, 464 who is the new F1 European Champion. Dave
Polly, 38 is the F2's European Champion and Steve Shaw, 361 took the title in the Rebels.
Well done to all of you.

On Saturday Andy Smith, 1 took the Final and on Sunday Dylan Williams Maynard, 51 was
first across the line. Congratulations to them both.

There was a big roll over involving Robert Broome, 41 but he came out ok.

Once again thank you to Incarace for letting me present the trophies all weekend.

Overall a great weekends racing.

Skegness 10th/11th July 2010

Yellow flags Mr Starter was a much repeated phrase with some red hot action. In the Saloon
Ray Gunn Memorial Trophy 40 National Saloons came on to track which resulted in 2 restarts
and 3 yellow flags.

Over the weekend there was some good racing from all three fromulas (F1's, F2's and

On Saturday Tom Harris, 84 came home with the Final win and on the Sunday Paul Hines,
259 took the win. Paul was tyre testing Hoosier tyres.

Dave Polley, 38 won the UK Open for the F2's and Stuart Shevil Jnr, 318 won it in the

You could not have asked for any better weather as the sun shone all weekend.

A get well soon to the lady in the crowd hit by a bit of metal which flew off a car. Thankfully
she put her arm up to protect her head or her injuries could have been much worse. However,
she lost 4 pints of blood and had to have 35 stitches before being released from hospital.

Overall a good weekends racing.

Leeds Road Playing Fields, Huddersfield, 4th July 2010

A very big well done to my Mum and all the other women who took part in this event to raise
money to fight cancer.
My Mum finished the 5km course in 26 minutes exactly.

All together she raised £490 which is going to be doubled by her employer to give her a grand
total of £980. A very big thank you to everyone who sponsered her or anyone else doing this
race because together we CAN beat cancer.

Coventry 3rd July 2010

Another meeting at Coventry with some good, fast racing being produced all night.

The first race was the Golden Helmet, sadly the defending champion Stuart Smith, 390 did
not turn up for this meeting. The person who benefited from that was Tom Harris, 84 who
came home first to take the massive trophy.

In the Whites and Yellows race there was a big crash where Paul Redfern, 252 went straight
on into the fence on turn 1 very hard, this resulted in the roof being cut off his car as he was
complaining of neck injuries. After a full assessment from the medical crew at the track he
was given the all clear, and they announced over the tanoy that he was walking around the
pits which was great news.

Moving onto the Final, the person who came home first was James Neachell, 322 but was
later docked 2 places for jumping the start. That meant the second person became first which
was Dan Johnson, 4, with Dave Muckian, 416 in second place. Third place was supposed to
be James Neachell, 322 but he failed to turn up for weighing so he was taken out of the
result meaning John Lund, 53 received third place (very confusing). It was Dan Johnsons
second Final win of the season and both of them have been at Coventry.

The Rebels as usual put on a great show to conclude a great nights racing.

Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday to our Dutch correspondent Toon Kerkhof for 29th June.

Belle Vue 27th June 2010

A lovely afternoon to go with great racing. All formulas turned out in good numbers to race.

The BriSCA F1's were in great form but unfortunately Frankie Wainman Jnr, 515 could not
race due to engine problems hanging over from the night before. Danny Wainman, 212 raced
in his tarmac car after sustaining damage following a roll over the night before at Kings Lynn.

The winner of the Final was Joe Booth, 446 coming home with his first Final win of 2010.

All of the other formulas did very well taking the very hot weather into account. Sadly
Ministox driver Nathan Harrison, 99, was unable to race due to engine problems. Hopefully
it will all be sorted for the Sheffield meeting in 4 weeks time.

Overall a good meeting.

Kings Lynn 26th June 2010
Unfortunatly I did not attend this meeting so I can not give a detailed report, from what I
gather this is what happened.

Sadly only around 20 cars turned up to race.

A Lady Banger driver had to be taken to hospital in the ambulance after a crash.

Danny Wainman, 212 had a roll over which damaged his car along with Tom Harris's, 84.

Ryan Harrison,197 won the Final.

Northampton 20th June 2010

The sun was beating down on us all day and the racing was just as good as the dry weather.

The National Ministox were full on with action and some hard knocks in and amongst the
rough and tumble.

Tom Harris, 84 took the Final in fine style. Well done Tom.

There was a big roll over from Josh Smith,191 by the pit gate, for a moment I thought it was
going into the crowd.

Once again a big thank you to Incarace for letting me do the presenting all afternoon.

It was a good afternoons racing altogether.

Ipswich 19th June 2010

Luck was not on our side with the weather as the rain kept coming back to visit us along
with a sharp wind, but the racing goes on whatever the weather.

Both the F1's and the National Hot Rods put on a great show in the wet conditions.

The National Hot Rods had a few breath stopping moments with their well timed over taking.

Lee Robinson, 107 came home with the Final win.

All together a great meeting.

Bolton 13th June 2010

The sport is always looking for new supporters and that was our intention this weekend. I was
only there on the Sunday and there was a lot of interest.

There were two different parts to the event with me placed in the main area and all around
there was a lot of interest.

It was great to see a variety of different formulas, on the Saturday there was a V8 and small
replica version. Over the weekend there was a Stoxkart, F2's, F1's and Buxtons own Formula
Also around and about there were other types of road cars including Audi and Mercedes so it
was more like a exhibiton which gave it a bit more umph.

To say it was its first year the interest was incredible.

Thank you to Steve Rees for letting me assist on the Sunday, I really enjoyed it and it was
great experience for me.

Pictures of me in action can be viewed on the photos page.

Final winners

An up to date table can be downloaded via my Race Winners page with the facts and figures
of the 21 meetings already heald as we aproach the half way point of the season.

Coventry 5th June 2010

A good field of cars turned out for what was a great nights racing.

It was very nice to see Dave Nickolls, 242 out presenting the Trust Fund tropy to Ed
Neachell, 321 after he has been in hospital for a long time, a result of a crash at Coventry in

Robert Broome, 41 rolled over in his heat leaving him upside down on turn four.

Richard Kaleta was on the microphone doing the commentry and he made a very good job of

Matt Newson, 16 took the Final win, his second Final win of the season and both of them on
Shale I may add. Matt took the win in his new car, first time out, and that has to be an
achievment. Pictures of his new car are on the photos page.

We were very lucky with the rain as most of the night the track was nice and slick but the
clouds built and the lightening flashed, the result of this was a heavy rain shower during the

Overall a good nights racing.

Nathan Harrison 99 Debut Meeting 31 May 2010

Nathan finally took to the tracks on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon up at the High Edge
Raceway, Buxton.

It was not the best start with trailer problems on the way to the track which meant he missed
official practice. Luckily the National Ministox club ensured he got a few laps of track time in
before he entered his first race proper. Unfortunately Nathan got spun after a few laps of his
first race which ended his racing for the day.

He was naturally disappointed but a proud Dad reports that despite a few knocks and bruises
is keen to get back for another go a Skegness in a few weeks time. Pictures of Nathan's debut
can be seen on my photos page.
Belle Vue 31st May 2010

Another action packed meeting with hard hitting action from the F1 & F2's.

The Final win in the F1's went to Craig Finikin who won his 3rd Final win of the season.

All of the formulas put a great show on in front on a big crowd in lovely sunny weather.

Overall a great meeting to round off the bank holiday weekend.

Kings Lynn 29th May 2010

Well a very lucky start to the meeting with the weather but during the night the rain kept
arriving and soaking the track. When this happened it only took a race to create a dry racing

Some good racing from both the BriSCA F1's and the BriSCA F2's considering the

John Lund took his first Final win of 2010 in fine style. Well done John.

Overall a good meeting considering the weather.

Scunthorpe 23rd May 2010

A good start to the season at Scunthorpe.

The BriSCA F1's as always took to the track very well on the slick shale raceway. The track
crew did very well to keep the dust to a minimum.

Andy Smith,1 won the Final to bring his meeting Final wins total to 95.

Lee Smith, 76 spent part of the Final with a marker tyre hanging on the top of his roof,
pictures can be seen on the photos page. When he re"tyred" to the infield he looked very
"deflated". There was a suggestion that he was tyre testing. Sorry couldn't resist.

Overall a good meeting.

Birmingham 22nd May 2010

Yet again a good fast and furious meeting.

The F1's were on top form, there was some fast racing as well as some big hits.

The Final win went to 390, Stuart Smith who took his first Final win of 2010.

Thank you to Incarce for letting me present trophies once again.

Buxton 16th May 2010

Another meeting and a half, with some fast racing and some massive hits.
In the Final Andrew Smith, 1, got into a bit of rough and tumble with a few cars and ended up
going into the fence on turn 1 and 2. When he got going again he ended up facing the home
straight fence head on, luckily everyone missed him.

Once again Paul Hines, 259 had a very good meeting winning both of his heats (2/3rds
format) and then second in the Final. Well done Paul.

Interesting fact: In heat 1 and 2 the top three were the same in the same order 259, 107 and
515. Then in the Final, but in a different order, 107, 259 and 515. Well done for the Final win
Lee Robinson.

Overall another ace meeting.

Northampton 15th May 2010

Saturday nights meeting saw some fast and furious action. There were some seriously big
hits and some close racing to go with it.

Frankie Wainman, 515 went flying into the fence as his throttle stuck open.

Paul Hines, 259 had a great night coming home second in his first heat, winning his second
heat (2/3rds format) and winning the Final. Well done Paul.

Thank you to the Incarace team for letting me present trophies once again.

Overall a good nights racing with cars on track to start racing at 6.30pm and a 9.30pm finish.

Skegness Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th May 2010

I think there are two words that sum up this weekend, action packed!

There were a few hairy incidents, including Dave from the National Ministox getting knocked
over during the race as a car hit the tyres and went flying in the air. Luckily he was ok.

Lee Fairhurst, 217 was knocked out in the Uk Open Championship, thankfully he walked
away from that.

Dave Plumbly, 393 had a big crash which resulted in the ambulance being called. Both Dave
and Lee went into the fence in the same place on turn four.

I hope all of the above feel ok today.

On Saturday night there were a number of roll overs from all formulas, including a Ministox
driver who ended up doing lots of spins while on his roof. This was the same driver, William
Knight (202) who went through the fence at Belle Vue.

Saturday nights Final was won by 462 Scott Davids. Well done Scott.

Steve Thompson, 385 made an appearance from National Hot Rods and did extremely well
winning both of his qualifying heats on Sunday and then the UK Open Championship. Well
done Steve.
Overall a good weekends racing.

Finally thanks to "Chuffin" Mick for the hat.

Belle Vue Monday 3rd May 2010

Action aplenty!!!!!

All afternoon there was action all around the track. In the National Ministox Final William
Knight, 202 went in very hard on turn one. Part of the car went through the fence, luckily
only the body of the car was damaged.

Richard Wilson, 502, went into the fence backwords in the same place as William, damaging
his roll cage. Hope it doesn't take too long to get it straightened out.

FWJ, 515 very nearly took his 250th Final win but on the second to last corner was put in the
fence with second place man Dan Johnson, 4, courtesy of Andy Smith, 1. Andy came home
with the Final win.

A very good afternoons action from all formulas.

Nathan Harrison 99, National Ministox

Nathan has had to postpone his Ministox debut for a few weeks as he is having car problems.
His first meeting will hopefull be at Buxton on the 31st May 2010.

Coventry Saturday 1st May 2010

How lucky were we!!! The forecast said thunderstorms, the black clouds built up but we only
had a few spots of rain for a few minutes all night.

With the track thankfully dry, although dusty at times, we saw some great slick racing from
both the F1's and the Unlimited Bangers, however there was not much contact in the bangers.

The winner of the Final was 121, Kevin Shinn who took his first ever BriSCA F1 Final win.
Well done Kevin.

Ian Noden, 306 came home with the win in Ht 1 which was just for the Whites and Yellows
but was taken out of the results as he did not go for weighing. Ian came home with the Ht 2
win with the Blues, Reds and Super Stars.

Chris Bonner, 105 had a roll over in the Grand National, thankfully he is a-ok.

Overall a good meeting.

Kings Lynn 24th April 2010

What an action packed meeting. John Lawn, 441 and Kevin Shinn, 121 performed a double
roll over on turn 2. Paul Hines, 259 was taken from the track by ambulance after a coming
together on turn 3/4, hope you are ok Paul.
Andy Smith, 1 crossed the line in first place in Heat 1 but was removed from the results as
there was no transponder fitted to his car. He obviously had one later in the meeting as he
was in later results.

Craig Finnikin, 55 is the first person to win 2 Finals this season and both of them at Kings
Lynn. Well done Craig.

The Grand National was the best race of the night and was won by Mark Woodhull,
335. Mark also won Heat 1 after Andy Smith was removed from the results.

There was also plenty action from Saloons.

Hednesford 18th April 2010

Another good meeting as the F1's moved on to Hednesford for their only meeting in 2010.
They were supported by Classic Hot Rods and the Lightning Rods. There was a lot of action
on track with cars hitting the wall quite hard but most of them seemed to bounce off and carry

A big well done to 464, Luke Davidson who just lost out on the Final the night before at
Birmingham, but at Hedneford he managed to keep the lead and go on to take the Final. Well
done Luke.

The Classic Hot Rods and the Lightning Rods put on a good show as well.

Once again Incarace had all the cars out and ready to go before the start time.

Thank you again to Adam Leslie, Rich Sleeman and the Incarace team for letting me present
trophies. I always enjoy being part of your team.

Birmingham 17th April 2010

A great start to the 2010 season at Birmingham with some fast and furious action from
both BriSCA F1's and BriSCA F2's competing in their WCQR.

The F1 Final was won by 1 (391) Andrew Smith who took the lead on the very last bend with
a lunge on 464, Luke Davidson.

The BriSCA F2's were very lively with some big hits coming from all grades.

A big well done to Incarace who had all the cars on track 10 minutes before the meeting so all
the cars were ready to go at the start time of 6.45pm.

Thank you to Adam Leslie, Rich Sleeman and the Incarace team for letting me present
trophies. I really enjoyed it.

Overall a good, well run meeting.

Samantha Mouat - Ministock 66m

I've just learned of some very sad news from New Zealand where 15 year old Samantha
Mouat, ministocks driver 66m tragically died following a racing incident at Kaikohe
Speedway over the Easter weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Samantha's family
and friends at this very sad time.

Details of the tragic accident are reported in the New Zealand Herald

Sheffield 12th April 2010

Another good meeting to start the season for the F1's at Sheffield.

Congratulations to 84, Tom Harris for taking his first Final win of 2010.

A good crowd gathered to say it was a Monday night, and it was a good night of racing with
26 BriSCA F1's taking part in this World Championship Qualifying Round.

There was a roll over which went the way of Mal Brown, 34, who then continued in the
following races without his aerofoil.

All three formulas put on a great show (F1's, F2's and the National Ministox).

Overall another good nights racing.

Sheffield 11th April 2010 (DOMESTIC)

Well, what a meeting to start off the season at Sheffield with some awesome racing from the
Startrax Bangers racing in their BATTLE OF BRITAIN. With around 35 cars racing all in it
was action all the way.

The National Saloons were fantastic around the tight stadium, full speed and bouncing off the
wires. There was a lot interest in the Saloons so hopefully they will be back.

The V8 Hot Stox put on a good show as ever with some fast and frantic action.

Finally the UK Modifides put on some good racing as the car numbers have increased from
2009 with 8 cars now racing.

Overall a super meeting.

Northampton 10th April 2010

A great start to the season at Northampton with some fast and furious racing.

The person who took the Final win was 191, Joshua Smith. Well done to him for taking his
first Final win in F1's, he will be up to yellow at his next meeting.

The BriSCA F2's were good as usual with some close, fast and yet hard action.

Thank you to Adam Leslie and Incarace for letting me present trophies once again (on the
new Incarace pace car) the pictures can be seen on the Matthew Mr Starter area on the photos

Belle Vue 5th April 2010
Well, well, well what a meeting! This has to be the best meeting of 2010 so far regarding the
BriSCA F1's, there was some absolutely top class racing. From the Heats to the Grand
National there was no way in telling who was going to come out on top as something
unexpected cropped up every time.

Well done to 191, Joshua Smith who took his first ever BriSCA F1 race win in Heat 1.

The Final went to 463, James Morris who nearlly lost the lead in the last few laps as     4,
Dan Johnson was catching quickly. Well done James.

Both 515, Frankie Wainman Jnr and 1, Andy Smith failed to finish the Final.

Dan Johnson, 4, is going very well at the moment, he could be the one to watch this year as he
took the Final at Coventry and then came close to it at Belle Vue. He also won the Grand
National at Belle Vue.

502 Richard Wilson did extremely well taking the win in Heat 3 and coming second in the
Grand National. I don't think he will be a white top for much longer.

We also saw the first roll over of the season from 351, John Frost, taking out a fence post on
the home straight.

Overall an absolutely awesome meeting from all formulas not just the F1's. Well done to all

Coventry 3rd April 2010

Wet, wet, wet is the best way to describe the conditions but a very well done to the drivers as
they tried to put the best show on the could, which wasn't that easy.

Due to the weather conditions the Grand Nationals had to be cancelled but I think that this
was best for health and saftey.

A very well done to 4, Dan Johnson who took the Final win.

The BriSCA F2's also tried as best they could along with the track staff grading the track after
evey race, but they were fighting a loosing battle as the rain came on harder as the night

Thank you to the VSCA for letting me present one of the trophies on behalf aof them.

Overall considering the weather there was some good racing from both formulas.

Skegness 2nd April 2010

I was not at Skegness but I have a brief review of this meeting.

Well done to 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr for taking the Final win which boosts him up to his
249th Final. Well done Frankie.

459 Lee Dimick won the first race of the season at Skegness.

Overall the feeling of the meeting was a good meeting considering the car numbers.

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing away of Kiwi on 27th March 2010. She
travelled everywhere with the Wainman Team and would be seen around the race transporter
at most meeting. It is estimated that Kiwi attended over 1,000 meetings during her 15 years
and she will be sadly missed by the Team and all stock car drivers, officials and fans.

Kings Lynn 27th March 2010

Another enjoyable meeting with plenty of action from all three formulas; BriSCA F1, BriSCA
F2 and the National Ministox.

212 Danny Wainman was out in a stunning new shale car. Another car with the number 212
was Phoebe Wainman's Ministox which also looked the part.

55 Craig Finikin came home to take the Final. Well done Craig.

Craig was not the only driver going well. 4, Dan Johnson came close to winning the Final but
had to settle for 2nd, he went 1 better in the Grand National taking the win. Craig had a good
evening with a Heat and Final double.

Unlucky for 91 Tony Smith who came so close to winning the Final, I think he would have
won it if there was not a yellow flag with 3 laps to go.

Another star in the making was 191 Joshua Smith who was going so well all meeting and was
unlucky not to get a win. If he drives like this at every meeting it won't be long before he
takes his first race win.

It was great to see so many good races from all three formulas and it all came together to
make a super night of Stock Car action.

Odsal Stadium Bradford

My Dad was working at Odsal Stadium today so took the opportunity to take a few photos
which can be seen on my Photos page. You can clearly see the tarmac track used for stock car
racing some time ago now and the closeness of the hospitality building to the outside of the
old turns 3 and 4 where the pits used to be.

Ballymena Raceway, Northern Ireland

Following hot on the heals of the Western Springs petition, another track closer to home now
needs your support. Help keep racing at Ballymena by signing the online petition by clicking

Further details of the problems facing the raceway can be found on the Ballymena Raceway
web site.

Belle Vue 21st March 2010

What a start to the season with last bend lunges and close action.

A special well done to white top 502, Richard Wilson, who drove like he was a red top,
driving to victory in the first heat of the season.
Well done to 16, Matt Newson for taking the first Final win of the season.

The support formulas also put on a great show. The BriSCA F2's had some hard hitting
classic racing. Well done to 559, Bert Finnikin, who won the Final.

The Bangers turned out in force with all drivers in all races there was plenty of action on the
bends. Well done Rob Speak 218 took the King Of The North in the Bangers, this gives him
automatic qualification to the Banger World Final in October.

The Rebels took to the track like they have raced there for ever.

Western Springs Speedway. Auckland, New Zealand

Western Springs Speedway track in New Zealand is threatened with closure by the local
council. There was a similar threat in 2004 when the track was saved in no small part due to a
petition which contained 56,000 signatures in support of the Speedway.

They now need your help again by signing the online petition - it will only take a minute and
can be accessed by clicking here.

Warton 7th March 2010

Firstly I would like to thank Paul Naylor (Mr Starter) for letting me do the starting on the
rostrum for three Ministox races. I really enjoyed it!

The Unlimited Banger drivers turned out in some interesting cars to battle it out for Metal
Mania 2010. Big hits and action galore, but the man who came out on top to win Metal Mania
2010 was 141 Dan Steel. Well done Dan.

The formulas racing were the Warton Stock Cars, Ministox, Junior Bombers and the
Unlimited Bangers.

Overall what a super meeting! Can't wait for the Formula 1's to hit the track on 21st March.

NZ Champs - Kihikihi 27/28 February 2010

The rain delayed NZ Championships finally got underway this weekend with qualifying on
Saturday night and the finals run over 3 heats on Sunday night. There were no British drivers
in attendance and adoptd Kiwi Kev Smih also failed to appear due to engine damaged.

Congratulations go to Brendan Higgins, last years 3NZ picking up 1NZ for the coming
year and keeping the title on the South Island for the second year running. Second was Bevan
Humphrey 54P and third was Murray Long 96B.

A full meeting report can be found on the McDonald Kihikihi web site by clicking here

Palmerston North Speedway Channel

Pete from New Zealand has been in touch to tell me about his YouTube site showing NZ
Stock Car Racing. There is some great racing footage from the recent Teams meeting at
Palmerston North and last weekends NZ Stock Car Championships held at Wanganui which
was won by Peter Rees. Take a look by clicking here.
NZ Teams TV Documentary

Click here to see a recent TV3 Documentary aired in NZ covering the NZ Teams
Championships at Palmerston North.

Wimbeldon 14th February 2010

I was in London with Mum & Dad for a weekend break last week so decided to give
Wimbledon a go.

Even though it was only a domestic meeting featuring Bangers - London Championship,
Rookie Rods and 1300cc Saloons it was really good.

The Rookie Rods were a good formula to watch as there was plenty of passing and close
racing. The Bangers as usual were manic, cars were all over the place. It was meant to be non
contact for the first 3 laps but there was more contact in the first three laps than the other 12.
Lastly the 1300cc saloons were quit interesting as there was some really good spin outs on the
damp track.

There was a good crowd at the meeting, we sat inside and the atmosphere was imence as there
were plenty of ooos and rrrrrrrs when the the bangers raced and lots of shouting for your
favorite driver in the other two formulas.

Its not long now until the start on the BriSCA F1 season and after last weekends action I can't
wait to get going once again.

NZ Superstocks Teams Finals Night 6th February 2010

Congratulations to the Nelson Tigers for winning the NZ Superstock Team Championships at
Palmerston North and bringing to an end 4 consecutive wins by the Palmerston North

The British Lions had a fantastic night beating the Waikato Wanderers in the semi to go into
the final with Nelson Tigers. The Tigers were favourites to win and in the final were just too
strong for the Lions.

To come second is a fantastic achievement in only the second year of entering the competition
and is one step higher than their finish in 2009. Who knows what might be in 2011?

The final positions are as follows:

1st Nelson Tigers

2nd British Lions

3rd Manawatu Mustangs

4th Waikato Wanderers

5th Palmerston North Panthers

6th Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes
Congratulations to Tom Harris of the British Lions for winning the Entertainer of the
Year Trophy and to for fantastic coverage of both nights racing.

A full report of Friday's qualifying can be found here

and a report of the finals night on Saturday can be found here

NZ Superstocks Teams Qualifying 5 February 2010

The British Lions roared to two convincing wins against Auckland and the Mustangs to come
out the second highest points scorers (315 points) on the night behind the Nelson Tigers (345
points) at Palmerston North International Speedway, New Zealand on Friday night (Friday
morning UK time).

This takes them onto tomorrow's semi final against the Waikato Wanderers. The other semi is
Nelson Tigers versus Palmerston Panthers who have been the team champs for the last 4

                    Come on you Poms - bring the title back to the UK

NZ Superstocks Teams Championship 5th & 6th February 2010

The draw for ENZED Superstock Team Championships have just taken place live on Radio
Live Sport and are as follows:

Team 4 Stratford Scrappers vs Team 5 Rotorua Rebels
Team 6 Christchurch Glen Eagles vs Team 2 Nelson Tigers
Team 7 Kings vs Team 8 Mustangs
Team 3 The British Lions vs Team 9 Auckland Allstars
Team 10 Waikato vs Team 1 Palmerston Panthers
Team 11 Hawkeyes vs Team 4 Stratford Scrappers
Team 2 Nelson Tigers vs Team 5 Rebels
Team 6 Chch Eagles vs Team 7 Kihikihi Kings
Team 8 Mustangs vs Team 3 The British Lions
Team 1 Palmerston Panthers vs Team 9 Auckland Allstars
Team 10 Waikato vs Team 11 Hawkeyes

NZ Superstock Championship - 31st January 2010

Due to heavy rain the finald have been postponed until 27th February 2010 at 5.00pm NZ

NZ Superstock Championships - 30th January 2010

One of the few championships not to have been won by Frankie Wainman will elude him for
another year following his failure to qualify for tomorrow's NZ Champs at Kihikihi on the
North Island of New Zealand.

Using a borrowed Dale Ewers car following engine damage the week before at Palmerston
North, FWJ failed to finish his first qualifying race due to gearbox problems. Worst luck was
to follow in heat 2 when he was put out into the wall on the back straight finishing his racing
for the night and any chance of making the 26 car gris for tomorrow's 3 races to decide who
takes the coveted NZ1, 2 & 3
The 2 other UK drivers in attendance, Stuart Smith and Dan Johnson did not fair much better
and both joined Frankie as spectators as far as the championship is concerned.

For the record Stuart got a 12th in his first race, did not finish the second and did not race the
third whilst Dan got a 13th in heat 1, a DNF for heat 2 and 10th in heat 3.

Adopted Kiwi Kev Smith had a good night until the last few laps of heat 3 when his engine
expired in a cloud of smoke. The race is now on for him to find a replacement so that he can
take his place on Sunday's grid.

A full list of qualifiers for the NZ Championships can be found here

248's Global Challenge

Another rain delayed meeting, this time at Palmerston North but another big meeting win for
Scott Joblin (52p). Congratulations to Craig Finnikin for coming home a creditable second.
Unfortunately the other British drivers did not fair too well with reports that Frankie
Wainman and Tom Harris had engine problems and Stuart Smith failed to start the meeting.

Vets Dinner and Dance

I would like to start off by congratulating Paul and Joan Jenkins on planning and producing a
super night.

To start with the food was lovely. After the food we watched the BBC trailers and outtakes. It
looked amazing, I can't wait for it to come on the t.v.

Then it was the raffle and we won the first prize, 4 tickets to the BriSCA F1 World Final at

It was then time for the dancing which was great fun. I was there until the last dance.

Finally thanks to Joan and Paul, not forgetting the rest of the committee and people who
helped organise the night. It was awesome!!!!!!!!

World 240's Meeting Report

Thanks to Lyn and Ian Raisbeck from Christchurch NZ for the following meeting report and
for the great photos I've uploaded to my photos page.

Friday night was practice night for the Brits except Dan Johnson who was racing to try and
qualify for the 240s. Quite a few of the top drivers did not qualify and had to go in the
Reprocharge, including Scotty Miers. Kev Smith and Dan Johnson had a coming together and
Dan went right over Kevs bonnet and broke Kev's power steering mount. That was Kev's
weekend over. Ngatai's clutch went so he also didn't qualify and couldn't do anything to win
his run-off.

Saturday night the heavens opened and down came the rain so racing was cancelled for the
night. Phoebe was racing in the mini-stox and did extremely well, we were very impressed,
she definitely has the Wainman blood. Ngatai came back on the Sunday and won the Repro-
charge. The Brits placings for the 3 heats were as follows:-

55R Frankie Wainman - 2 15 24
559 Finnikin - 4 17 20

212 Daniel Wainman - 24 11 5

8 Mick Harris - 11 24 6

84 Tom Harris - 1 14 26

390 Stu Smith - 12 25 4

Sunday afternoon saw Frankie Wainman Snr driving the tractor around the track, busy
preparing the track for the racing.

So first heat we had 3 Brits on the front of the grid. Race started and poor Craig got a
hammering and rolled. Wainman didn't have much luck either and after being hit he broke his
gear stick and was using his finger to change gears. He came 13th place. The star of the first
heat was Tom Harris who was going like a rocket and ended up on top points after 2 heats.
With Stan Hickey 1 point behind him. The Master Blaster was not going to let Hickey get
anywhere in the 3rd heat. Also Sean Penn 72P and 58P Peter Bengston went all out to stop
Tom Harris getting anywhere in the last heat. 85H Jarrod Wade was attacking all drivers
especially Penn & Wainman and got excluded from the 3rd heat.

Heat 1 Results 135R, 58P, 4B, 72P, 84GB, 85H, 515R, 1NZ, 390GB, 23H Wainman 13th

Heat 2 Results 52P, 591P, 2NZ, 10P, 889R, 515R, 84GB, 55R, 4B, 559GB

Heat 3 Results 52P, 23H, 55R, 96R, 135R, 89R, 2NZ, 390GB, 16R, 52R Tom Harris 16th

Winner of 240s was Scott Jopling 52P. After run-off for 2nd and 3rd places - 4B Joe Farham,
89R Dale Robertson. 55R Wainman came a close 4th, just 1 point behind, an excellent

Autosport Show 2010

I would like to start by saying thank you to Dave Carter and Steve Rees for arranging
for me to help on the BriSCA F1 stand at the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Also a big
thank you to the people who looked after me whilst I was working. I really enjoyed handing
out the bags and fixture lists.

I also enjoyed the Live Action Arena it was great to see some racing again and some faces
that I have not seen since last season. After this weekend I am raring to get back into it.

You can see the pictures from this weekend on my photos page.

The footage of the upcoming "Gears and Tears" programme looks fantastic, I can't wait for
the full series.

World 240's - Rotorua NZ - 17 January 2010

A rain delayed day 2 of the World Invitation Superstock Championship finally got underway
on Sunday 17th January 2010. Three heats contested by 6 UK and 20 NZ drivers would
decide the champion with New Zealand's Scott Joblin racing out of Palmerston North picking
up the win with a 19th place in heat 1 and 2 wins in heats 2 & 3. Comimg home second after a
race off was Joe Faram and third was Dale Roberstson.

Defending Champion Frankie Wainman Junior came a credibale 4th scoring only 3 points less
than champion Joblin. FWJ finished13th in his first race (from grid position 2) followed by an
8th in heat 2 despite some attention from his old sparring partner Jared Wade (85H) and 3rd
in heat 3 from the back of the grid.

Wade's tactics in heat 2 saw him excluded from the reminder of the meeting for racing off the

The star of the Show from the UK was Tom Harris who went into heat 3 in second position
but this made him a marked man so congratulations for still picking up a fantastic
6th position.

Other UK drivers did not fair as well with Stuart Smith finishing 13th, Craig Finnikin 15th
(despite rolling in heat 1), Mick Harris 22nd and Daniel Wainman failing to finish any of his

A full report of the meeting and points scored can be found by visiting the Rotorua Stock Car
Club web site.

Next port of call is Palmerston North next weekend for the Global Challenge.

BriSCA F1 Fixtures Released

BriSCA's Formula 1 fixture list was launched at the NEC on Thursday 14th January. A copy
can be found on the fixtures page. A press release to accompany the launch giving details of
championship qualification including the race for the silver roof can be found here.

New Zealand 2010

The New Zealand Superstock season gets into top gear over the next few weeks and first off
is the 240 World Invitation Superstock Championships at Rotorua's Paradise Valley
Speedway on 15th & 16th January.

Around 70 drivers are scheduled to race including 6 drivers from the UK. Heading the Pom
entry is current 240's Champion Frankie Wainman Junior bidding for his 4th title down under.
Joining FWJ is Stuart Smith, Tom & Mick Harris, Daniel Wainman and Craig Fininikin.

The UK entries and last year's second tier winner, Peter Rees are seeded into the 26 car grid
leaving the remainder to fight over the last 19 positions. Qualifying is on Friday night with
the 3 World races scheduled for Saturday night or early Saturday morning in the UK.

For those not lucky enough to attend, the races can be viewed via a live streaming on starting at 5.45am on Saturday 16th January UK time.

For further information on the build up to the event visit the Rotorua Stock Car Club web site
by clicking here

NEC 2010
Oval racing features once more at Autosport International at the NEC in Birmingham on 16th
and 17th January 2010. There is an oval racing show featuring F1 Stock Cars on both days
with static displays in the exhibition halls.

I will be working on the BriSCA F1 Stock Car stand so pop by, pick up your fixture lists and
say hello.

Further information including the latest press release issued by the BriSCA F1 Management
Board can be viewed here

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