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					                   The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template
Note: Already filled information should not be changed

  Name of the
   1.              Income Tax Returns Processing made easy

                   This solution/application will make processing of income tax returns forms faster and easier.
                   See advantages for more details.

                   A. Government employees of various departments involved in income tax data collection.
  Users of the
   3.              B. Income tax player (person filling the tax form)
                   C. Administrator to monitor application and database availability

                         A stand alone application or XForm application to collect data and store locally.

                         The above client application can be ported to any other machine and should run fine.
                          (ex XFORMS)

                         The stored data should be platform independent (XML) to be sent to a central

                         When connected to network, the client app should authenticate into a central
                          repository using a web service and submit all collected information.

                         The webservice should expose the methods to do the below

                         The central repository should verify the user and the information header before
                          uploading the data to the database.
   4.                    The central repository should be independent so it is able to collect application data
  Eight)                  from various application similar to yours in a platform independent way.

                         The information of each data upload like the user, the time of upload etc should be

                         The central repository should be able to handle multiple such requests from different

                         The central repository should be independent of any type application; ie it should only
                          collect information in a platform independent format and stores it in the appropriate
                          location in the database.

                         The data stored in the database later should be able to be shared to different other
                          sources in a platform independent way. The information shared should also be
                          customized according to the receiver.
                        The data stored should be in a format which is can be easily queried upon and can be
                         used for reporting as well.

                        The application should produce atleast 4 different kind of reports from the data
                         collected in the database.

                        These 4 reports should have different level of target audience within the organization.
                         For e.g.

                             1. Chief Information Officer

                             2. Audit Specialist

                             3. Report Specialist

                             4. General Audience

                        The data stored can be encrypted locally to protect from any local copy or theft of device
                         (laptop/handheld device).
functional              Validating the platform independent format before inserting it into the centralized repository
requirements             (database).
(At least
Four)                   If possible create another sample application which uses the same system but works
                         independent of this application

 6.              A method to automatically connect to webservice if network is found.

                     A. Professional look and feel
User interface
 7.                  B. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data to admin
                     C. Reports exportable in .XLS, .PDF or any other desirable platform independent format

                 Reports customizing the stored data in a platform independent format and displaying it using style

                 A. The architecture should be highly scalable and the web
Other            site should be tuned for better performance at the peak
important        time.
issues           B. Website should be highly customizable and flexible
                 enough to easily deploy.
Team Size
 10.             2 – 4 members
 11.                    UML, J2EE, XML, e-Forms, XForms/Java/C,C++, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA
to be used
                   Lotus Form Designer/Eclipse/RAD

                   WebSphere Portal/ WAS, Webservices/SOA
Tools to be
Used               DB2 Express C

                 Linux OS(preferred)

               A. Online or offline help to above said users, Application deployment executive and developer
Final          B. Application archive ( .war/.ear ) with source code
must include   C. Database backup and DDL Script
               D. Complete Source code

                   Income Tax Returns for individuals (SARAL forms).
 14.               Income Tax Returns for public/private sector organizations.

                   Income tax rules change and so do the return forms. Every year the forms need to
                    accommodate new change and still be able to process them effectively. This is where the XML
                    design will make it flexible and the developer will be easily able to handle this change in design
                    with minimum impact on the application. The database design does not change.

                   Because of the use of XForms which generate XML data as input, its easy to consume (gather)
                    all user information in a single XML document and store it as a single entity without breaking it
                    up into pieces as done is case of relational database.
DB2 pureXML
 15.               Since the data will be stored in a single XML document, its easy to fetch it using a simple
                    XQuery without any complex joins.

                   Since the data is stored as XML, it is vey easy to construct SOAP messages from this XML
                    content as no relational to XML transformation is required.

                   Use of XSLT to report data in multiple format is now possible because of the XML data model.

        Diagrammatic representation

Client application in the laptop or
        handheld devices

Platform Independent data format.                   HTML              XForm          JSP
Data sent when network available.                   Report            Report        Report

           Webservice-- Methods to validate,            Webservice method to fetch data in platform
           insert to database                           independent format

                                      Central repository for income
                                             tax returns data

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