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      Personal Development Plan

                                Alice Kirkwood

                           Career and Internship Office

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        Personal Development

•   Life Long endeavour
•   An active learning process
•   Life is Work-In-Progress
•   You are the one responsible!
    – Self-motivating
    – Self-directing

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         Personal Development

• Easy to fall into Vicious cycle!
  – Behviour reinforces attitude and belief
  – Reluctant to change behaviour patterns

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                 Behavior Pattern

  Continued behaviour
  reinforces current                                               Life experiences
  attitudes of self-image                                          create personal
                                                                   attitudes of self-

                         Attitudes support current behaviour

                Adapted from PDP, SHL Group plc., 1999   Career and Internship Office   4


                  Action Learning
                            Focus on critical issues
  Document learning/
  share with others                                    Assess competencies required
  Obtain feedback
                                                 Identify what needs to be learned
 Implement plan

                  Develop learning Strategies

              Learning resources: Mentors, Coaches,
              Development Activities

              Adapted from PDP, SHL Group plc., 1999       Career and Internship Office   5

           Where are you now?

• Understand Yourself
• Define your Career Objectives
• Think about your own learning style and
  other factors that affect your learning
• Create Your Personal Development Plan

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          Understand Yourself

• Personal SWOT
   – Personal attributes,
   – Business knowledge and skills, and
   – Technical / professional skills.

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          Understand Yourself
• Online Quiz – your personal interest and
  usual style

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              Career objective
• Your Interest, Value, Ability
• Your Career Options
• Your Career goal
  – Any identified prospect?
• Your Academic goal

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              Career objective
• Goal Setting
     •   Specific
     •   Measurable
     •   Achievable
     •   Relevant
     •   Time-bound

                                  Career and Internship Office   10


                      Skill Assessment
• What is the skills/competencies required to attain the goal?
• What is your skill gap on identified competencies?
• See it from the employer’s view
• Rank your current ability
***Don’t forget to develop and capitalise on your STRENGTH

Refer to the Skill audit session of
 Personal Development Plan worksheet

Key Questions
Any gaps identified?
- education or qualification
- any particular skills/competencies needed? – e.g. Language, license, Presentation
   Skill, etc

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        Your Competencies

                                                            Career and Internship Office   12


    Sets of (observable) behaviors that are critical to job success




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                    The Big 8 Factors
   Psychological Factor             Dimension                  Competency

Cognitive Ability           Reasoning                  Analyzing & Reporting

Motivation                  Excellence                 Delivering & Performing

                            Power                      Leading & Deciding

Big Five Personality        Extraversion               Interacting & Presenting
                            Agreeableness              Supporting & Cooperating

                            Openness to Change         Creating & Innovating

                            Conscientiousness          Organizing & Implementing

                            Emotional Stability        Coping & Adjusting

                                                                      Source :FOCUS 8
                                                        Career and Internship Office 14


                        Employer’s View

                                    Career and Internship Office   15

       EMB Survey on Opinions of Employers on
                  Major Aspects of
          Performance of Local Graduates

•   Chinese Language Proficiency
•   English Language Proficiency
•   Numerical Competency
•   Information Technology Literacy
•   Analytical & Problem Solving Abilities
•   Work Attitude
•   Inter-personal Skills
•   Management Skills
•   Technical Skills Required for the Job
                                    Career and Internship Office   16


                 Hiring Consideration
                  - CityU, 2007 conducted by TNS
• Attitude – most important
• Creativity
     – to give new ideas or methods, important for problem solving

• Confidence
     – demonstrating courage to face daily challenges and interact with
       others, but not arrogance.
     – Confident to their knowledge and skills by completing the tasks
       assigned independently, but not too confident to think “know-it-
       alls”, over-estimate ability, and showing reluctance to learn or
       seek help from others

                                                            Career and Internship Office   17

                 Hiring Consideration
                  - CityU, 2007 conducted by TNS
•   Multi-cultural Awareness
     – Flexibility in adapting to the working and communication style of
       different cultures that helps facilitate daily operations
     – The attitude e.g. openness on accepting and learning new things

•   Competitive Advantage
     – How active towards “willing to learn”; “can do” attitude; proactive and
       initiative in working on new tasks
         • This will help graduates to adapt to the working environment and familiar
           with their job duties more quickly, hence their job performance and be more

•   Language Skill
     – Fluency in English and Mandarin (spoken and written)

•   Presentation Skill

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                                                     Employer’s Expectations

                                                                       Career and Internship Office   19

          SAMPLE Recruitment AD
   Unleash your potential with Dah Sing - the Financial Services Provider of Choice
Graduate Trainee
   Join us as a Graduate Trainee
   We are now inviting fresh graduates to join us as Graduate Trainees in the following business
   functions: - Commercial Banking - Information Technology - Operations - Retail Banking -
   Successful candidates will go through a comprehensive 2 years’ training program and be offered a
   competitive compensation package including: - Competitive salary - Discretionary bonuses -
   Medical, life and personal accident insurance - Staff concessions, including preferential interest
   rate for staff housing loan - Education sponsorship and award for attainment of professional
   qualifications If you want to join an organization with growth and challenges while you possess the
Qualifications and attributes:
-  A university degree in relevant disciplines
-  Confident and with a "Can-do" attitude
-  Good communication and interpersonal skills
-  Able to learn fast and work under pressure
-  Energetic and flexible

We look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                       Career and Internship Office   20


         SAMPLE Recruitment AD
Information Technology Audit Trainee Program (One-year Contract)

   PCCW Group Internal Audit (GIA) has embarked on an audit strategy that is intended to add
   greater value to its many stakeholders with the dominant focus being to improve the performance
   of the business and risk management processes. To fulfill these needs, we are inviting
   undergraduate to join a one-year trainee program which aims to:
   - Enable trainee to apply information technology and auditing concepts in the real world
   - Develop technical knowledge and skills to begin a successful auditing career
   - Develop communication and interpersonal skills
   - Cultivate a professional orientation of continuous learning and improvement

   Upon successful completion of the program, we will consider whether to extend the contract or
   place the candidate to other suitable positions within the firm.
   The successful candidate will have:
   - Degree holder in information technology, engineering or a related discipline.
   - Self-motivated, inquisitive, a strong sense of responsibility and desire to learn.
   - Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese.
   - Good familiarity with Microsoft Office applications.
   Please send in your CV and a brief hand written essay on your career goals and

                                                                       Career and Internship Office   21

                                Action Plan
• Planning period – next 6 -12 months

Refer to Action Plan of Personal Development Plan
• Put down the development goal as identified in
  the skill gap
• List specific actions to accomplish the goal
     – E.g. join a training course to upgrade programming
       skill, etc.
• Set target date

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    Personal Development Commandments

•   Be decisive
•   Prioritise and stay focused
•   Welcome failure
•   Plan ahead
•   Involve others that can help
•   Take action
•   Reward yourself
•   Continuous self-reflection and evaluation
•   Commitment

                                                             Career and Internship Office

• Personal Development Plan Workbook -                          Mind Tools Limited 2007.
• The Ultimate Career Success Workbook       –                       Rob Yeung, Kogan Page

•    Taking Charge of your Career Direction –                      Robert D. Lock, Brooks/Cole

• Competencies Dictionary

• Transferrable Skills

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