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									                                             PULSE Goal Statement


        I am driven professionally in several areas. I enjoy learning new skills and information, especially in
areas that will help me in my job or career. I love helping others and problem-solving. I am also task-oriented
and enjoy getting things accomplished.

        My best job-related experience was working at MCC’s Gift and Thrift, Inc. in my hometown
(Harrisonburg, VA). I really loved the combination that this job allowed, including working with volunteers,
helping customers, completing challenging tasks, problem-solving, managing and helping volunteers as
needed, organizing, brainstorming new ideas, and interacting with the community. I really enjoyed being able
to do a variety of activities, on a personal level with volunteers, staff, and customers, on a community level
with other organizations or groups, and on an administrative level in helping volunteers, opening and closing
the store, and helping the manager as she needed my assistance.

        In my placement I hope to become more familiar with the non-profit world. I want to apply my
knowledge and skills as a new social worker in a service agency, perhaps getting a better feel for what field of
Social Work I feel most called to and passionate about. Wherever placed, I hope to be able to make a positive
difference in the lives of others, learn from the people I serve and serve with, and gain skills that will be
valuable in future work.

      In five years I see myself possibly working at a non-profit agency (with immigrants or youth), getting
my Masters in Social Work, or serving in missions overseas in a Spanish-speaking country.


        The most intentional community experience I’ve had has probably been sharing an apartment with
three other roommates while at EMU. Besides that, I’ve been on mission and service trips where we lived
communally for week-long trips. I have also traveled on cross-cultural with EMU to Central America, and to
Europe with my high-school Touring Choir, and both times traveled for extended periods of time in large and
small groups, where we lived together.

        Community is a powerful concept for me. Community has come to mean a lot and become very
important for my personal well-being and growth. I greatly value relationships, sharing with others, discussing
and asking questions, and having accountability with people I trust and respect. Community to me is a group
of people with which you share mutual care, support, respect, love, and accountability. Sometimes
community supports what you do and believe, other times it challenges or questions it. The thing that makes
community beautiful is diversity, in all shapes and forms.

        In developing community, challenges naturally exist because every person is different. If everyone
were homogeneous, community wouldn’t be as complex, but neither would it be as growth-giving. We must
learn to respect and appreciate differences as a point of growth rather than a personal threat. Developing
community can also be challenging if people make assumptions and cling to what is comfortable rather than
take a risk to do something new or get to know a stranger. In developing community, people must be willing
to compromise, be flexible, and sacrifice some self-comfort for the sake of others. When there is no flexibility
in community, there is a lack of acknowledging that there is another perspective.

         I greatly anticipate and welcome the exploration and development of my faith, especially during my
PULSE experience. I appreciate that PULSE places a central focus on faith development and nurture, especially
in the service environment. Faith is crucially important to me, and while at times it feels more solid than
others, it is a constant in my daily living. I look forward to seeking and discovering Jesus Christ in a new setting
and with new people.


          In the upcoming year, I look forward to learning more about myself and what it means to have my
identity in Christ. I look forward to discovering how I can serve in the community around me, how I can use my
knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics in a God-serving role or vocation. I’m excited to learn about
living in a larger city, interacting with a different population, and living with other Christian peers walking a
similar life journey.

        My strengths would include being friendly, outgoing, fun-loving, helping, driven, analytical, and hard-
working. I enjoy collaborating, discussing, organizing events, and problem-solving. I enjoy diversity and
learning about and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy spontaneity.

        Areas of growth would include learning to articulate and talk about my faith while also being sensitive
to other beliefs and perspectives. I also feel I need growth in being confident of myself and what I have to
offer, without doubting my skills, abilities, decision-making, or gifts. I also feel I need growth in being
comfortable with situations in which I feel little or no control. I feel that I need growth in trusting God to
provide what is best rather than trying to manipulate that myself.

In General

        I would like to develop skills in assertiveness, in communicating effectively, in servant leadership, and
in working with diverse populations in general.

        Issues I am probably most passionate about include immigration and youth-related issues. I have a
heart for people and helping others.

        Hobbies and recreational activities I enjoy include spending time with friends, biking, singing/ playing
music (guitar, drum, piano)/listening to music, cooking/baking, sports (volleyball, soccer, frisbee, exercise),
photography, playing board and card games, gardening, watching movies, and being out in nature.

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