uncertainty by stariya


									                   Living with Uncertainty about Work
Will I report to work or not?
What will happen to people who depend on our services?
How would I cope without a paycheck?

Living in uncertainty is fairly uncomfortable for most of us. Seeking predictability, we often
scramble for information which can lead to worry, fear or paralyzing worst case scenarios.

Fear of the unknown takes extra energy even when we try to cope in positive ways.
Here are steps anyone can take to minimize the impact of uncertainty.

    1. Seek reliable information from trusted sources and ask your leadership for updates.

    2. Clarify what you do and do not have control oveer.
           a. Let go, even if temporarily, of those areas that are out of your control or
           b. Take reasonable action in those areas where you do have control or influence.

    3. Choose to stay informed but not frightened. Be ready to limit your exposure to news
       media to avoid sensationalist sound bites.

    4. Establish short-term goals to minimize the uncertainty and provide a sense of

    5. Remind yourself of all the aspects of life that feel stable.

    6. Focus on aspects of daily life and relationships that provide comfort and stability.

    7. When you imagine worst case scenarios identify who you’d turn to for assistance.

    8. Talk about what is happening. Find people willing to listen and talk about what you feel.

    9. Let yourself feel sad and/or angry about what may be at risk.

    10. Consider that everyone is probably doing the best they can with the information available
        to them.

    11. Recall previous times of uncertainty or grief and how you or others coped.

    12. Maintain self-care strategies: rest, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and relationships.

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