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Available Decentralized Contracts



                 6 June 2009


                        Decentralization SOPs

         • RCC Identifies Requirement/Funding
         • RCC analyzes requirement against existing TWR decentralized
         • RCC coordinates execution with TWR PCO
         • Requirement is executed by RCC
         • Contract modifications will be executed by the TWR PCO

          • See handout

      AI 1.13 Strategic Sourcing (DRAFT): JCC-I/A encourages collaboration of its
      diverse contracting offices to ensure the highest quality product or service,
      on-time and on budget. To that end, every Contracting Officer is expected to
      maximize the use of existing contract vehicles which have been strategically
      executed to accomplish our mission of driving capacity and building
      economic self sufficiency in Iraq and Afghanistan.


    Description: FOAMING                               OPR: TWR-V
    Capability:                                        Contract Type, PoP, Contractor:
    •Full Name: External Insulation of Temporary       •Contractor: Honeywell
    Structures (EITS)                                  •Est. Mod Execution Date: TBD
                                                       •Dollar amount/Ceiling: $39M/$95M
                                                       •Cost: approximately $6/sq ft

    Uses:                                              Point of Contact:
    •Contract Capability: Application of foam to       • KO: Maj Catherine Kenneally, Chief TWR-
    existing facilities to add insulation and reduce   Victory
    fuel consumption                                   •
                                                       •DSN: 318-485-2270


    Description: TWISS                                 OPR: TWR-S
    Capability:                                        Contract Type, PoP, Contractor:
    •Full Name: Theater Wide Internal Security         • KTR Type: Multiple Award IDIQ
    Services                                                 • PoP: 28 Sep 2007 – 27 Sep 2010
    •Capability: Security forces for any size          • Five (5) Contractors:
    requirement                                              •Aegis Defense Services, Ltd (AEGIS)
    •Restrictions: For defensive operations only.            •Sabre International Security, Inc.
    Does not include PSD.                                    •Triple Canopy
    •Services: FOB Security, Entry Control Points,           •EODT Technology, Inc.
    DFAC Security, and Roving Patrols                        •SOC-SMG, Inc.
                                                       •Ceiling: $450M

    Uses:                                              Point of Contact:
    •D + 0: Obtain complete packet – funding and       •Mark Brady
    completed performance work statement.                   •
    •D + 1-5: Prepare and release Task Order Request        •703-544-6199
    •D + 12: Receive Quotes
    •D + 15: Evaluations, Policy and Legal Reviews
                                                       •Maj Mike Belko
    •D + 20: Task Order Award                               •
    •D + 20-50: Mobilization (30 days required for          •703-544-1483
    mobilization to include travel, vetting, arming,
    badging, etc)
    •D + 50-65: Mission Orientation, Transition and
    Training                                           • Note: TWISS II is in source selection
    •D + 66: Full Performance


    Description: TRUCKING                            OPR: TWR-S
    Capability:                                      Contract Type, PoP, Contractor:
    •Full Name: Theater Wide Trucking                •KTR Type: Multiple award IDIQ
    •Contract Capability:                            • POP: Base Period (21 Mar 08 – 20 Mar 09)
          •Freight Shipping and Logistics            plus two 12 months option periods.
          •Each customer must arrange security       • Five (5) Contractors:
          services to escort trucking provided by          •PWC
          either USG or PSC                                •Anham
    •Restrictions: Should not interfere with Iraqi         •KGL-TC
    Trucking Network                                       •Securiforce
                                                           •Al Sahra

    Uses:                                            Point of Contact:
    • Movement of assets within Iraq                 •Ms. Robin Kinser:
    • Movement of assets to/from Jordan                   •
    • Movement of assets to/from Kuwait                   •703-544-1382
    • Movement of assets to/from Turkey              •Maj Mike Belko

                                                     •GRD/LMCC: Maj Curtis Lee


    Description: IRAQ TRUCKING NETWORK               OPR: TWR-S
    Capability:                                      Contract Type, PoP, Contractor:
    •Owner: GRD Logistics                            • KTR Type: Sole Source, IDIQ
    •Capacity:                                       • POP: 6 Months, 1 May 08 - 31 Oct 08
        •Open to all theater-wide clients.           • Ceiling: $9M
        Movement to and from the contractors         • Contractor: Al Seqir
        facility in the jointly held territory
        between Jordan and Iraq, FOB and
        distribution sites throughout the AO.
        Limitations: low priority cargo, Class IV,
        non-food items

    Uses:                                            Point of Contact:
    •Move Flat beds & container trucks               •Ms. Robin Kinser:
    •No limit on number of trucks                         •
    •No escort -Local tribal trucking Companies           •703-544-1382
    •Reduce US Convoy Security Requirements          •Maj Mike Belko
    •R&S will manage Govt side of ITN requests            •
    •Call R&S w/requirement 72hr prior to                 •703-544-1483
    Movement                                         •R&S: Capt (USN) John Zarem


    Description: T-CHU                                  OPR: TWR-V
    Capability:                                         Contract Type, PoP, Contractor:
    • Full Name: Theater-Wide Containerized             • KTR Type: Multiple Award IDIQ
    Housing Units (CHUs) Multiple Award IDIQ            • POP: Base: 8 Oct 07 - 31 Aug 08
    •Contract Capability: Expand Life Support                • OPTION 1 (1 SEP 08 - 31 AUG 09)
    Areas (LSA) CHUs in the Iraq Theater of                  • OPTION 2 (1 SEP 09 - 31 AUG 10)
    Operations (ITO). Also includes:                    • Max Order - $20M
          •Force protection (i.e., fencing, barriers)
          • Minor site preparation, gravel              •Contractors: ALMCO, Global Freight Systems
          • Furniture                                   (GFS), and Gulf Banks
          • Power generation
    • Restrictions: O&M Not Included
    Uses:                                               Point of Contact:
    •Living/Office Trailers - wet/dry (10 CHU min)      •Maj Catherine Kenneally, Chief TWR-Victory
    •T-Walls                                                  •
    •Minor Site Prep                                          •DSN: 318-485-2270
    •Gravel                                             •SSgt Wendy Deleon, Contracting Officer
    •Generators                                               •
                                                              •DSN: 318-485-2267

                                                        • Theater Wide CHU BPA – currently only one
                                                        BPA exists and TWR-C will execute new BPAs
                                                        which will include decentralization procedures


    Description: OMNIBUS                                    OPR: MSD
    Capability:                                             Contract Type, PoP, Contractor:
    • Full Name: OMNIBUS Life Support Contract              • KTR Type: Multiple Award IDIQ
    • Contract Capability:                                  • POP: Ordering Period: 19 Jul 07 -18 Jul 10
         • Life support services                            • Decentralized Ordering Procedures
         • Temporary structures, brown/grey water tanks,
                                                            • Contractors: ALMCO, Agility, SBIG, AISG,
           gravel, concrete
    • Restrictions:
         • Does not provide for any hardened or major
           construction/emplacement of structures
         • Does not allow for perimeter security needs
           such as guard towers, fencing, T-Walls, ECP’s,

    Uses:                                                   Point of Contact:
    • DFAC operations                                       • Rock Island Contracting Center (RICC), IL
    • Vehicle, Facility, & Generator                        • Ms. Barbara Voss, Contracting Officer
    • Maintenance                                                 •
    • Fuel delivery                                               • DSN: 312-793-8142
    • Shuttle service                                       • Ms. Barbara Castel, Contracting Specialist
    • Gas station services                                        •
    • Barber services, gym operations, etc                        • DSN: 318-822-1820
                                                            • Major Brian Donovan, RICC Liaison officer
                                                                  • DSN 318-239-7909


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