Community Integration Questionnaire II by liamei12345


									                        Community Integration Questionnaire II (CIQ-II)


Johnston, M. V., Y. Goverover, et al. (2005). "Community activities and individuals' satisfaction with
them: quality of life in the first year after traumatic brain injury." Archives of physical medicine and
rehabilitation 86(4): 735-745.

Functional/instrumental activities (24 items):

Attend school/college (full time)

Care for sick people (all/virtually all)

Care/supervision of children

Gardening (all/virtually all)

Prepare family meals (all/virtually all)

Do heavy housework (all/virtually all)

Weeks worked (whole period)

Current work situation (full time)

Plan family social activities

Car care (all/virtually all)

Taking regular classes (not special ed)

Do home repairs (all/virtually all)

Work site (regular job, not home or unemployed)

Shop for groceries/necessities‡

Prepare own meals (all/virtually all)

Take care of household finances

Everyday housework (all/virtually all)

Responsibility for running household)
Less checking/watching over (no one checks)

Leave the house (5d/wk)

Get to places beyond walking distance (independently)

Self-care: independence (no assistance)

Self-care: reminding (no reminding)

Mobility/up and about (beyond block)

Social/recreational items (24 items):

Attend other classes (vs not)

Do volunteer work (1x/wk)

Be a club member (very active)

Go on overnight trips

Go out to movies (1x/mo)

Give emotional support (often)

Go out (each week)

Use Internet (in past month)

Play cards (2x/mo)

Rely on others for emotional support (often)

Do sports or exercise (2x/wk)

Shopping for fun (1x/wk)

Attend religious services (1x/wk)

Have best friend to confide in

Phone relatives (1x/wk)

Be involved in a relationship

Visit friends (1x/wk)
Phone friends (1x/wk)

Visit relatives (1x/wk)

Entertain others (1x/wk)

Have friends with disability (at least 3)

Live with someone (vs alone)

Leisure activities (with others vs alone)

Residence type (private vs institution)

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