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									                              Name: Vijay Pasupulati

                              Title: CEO
                              Company: Winzest

Vijay Pasupulati Vijay comes with a global experience in various managerial positions in the
Banking and Financial Services industry. He has wide experience in different roles including
building out a regional office, building relations with businesses and external agencies,
developing & managing project budgets, coordinating global initiatives and building global
teams. As Vice President in Goldman Sachs he worked in the New York, Bangalore and Mumbai
offices. Being part of the core group building out the Goldman Bangalore office he was
responsible for building out teams, leading Campus hiring drives across the country, managing
new hire induction, leading internal training programs and managing relations with global
offices. Being part of the initial group building out Goldman's first office in Mumbai, Vijay was
responsible for technology including representing Goldman with external agencies like NSE and
SEBI, overseeing the rollout of proprietary trading technologies, building and overseeing vendor
relations, representing Mumbai office in internal and external audits and building a strong team
in Mumbai. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Vijay was with Credit Suisse in New York as a Vice
President in Technology. While in Credit Suisse he was responsible for integrating various
trading strategies to meet cost efficient and quick-to-market business targets. Over the last 12
years Vijay has worked in New York, London, Los Angeles, Singapore and India with an
exposure to several global cultures. Vijay has an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from
the Stern School of Business at New York University and a Computer Science Engineering
degree from the National Institute of Technology at Warangal.

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