Poison Prevention Tips for Pets by xiuliliaofz


									Follow this checklist to make sure                      Emergency Actions in case your pet...
        your home is safe.
Kitchen                                                 Breathes Poison:
 • Remove products like detergent and drain             Immediately get the animal to fresh air. Avoid breath-
   cleaner from under the sink.                         ing fume. Open doors and windows wide.
 • Remove medicines from counters, tables,
   refrigerator top and window sills.                   Gets poison on the skin:
 • Put child safety latches on all drawers and          Flood the skin with water for 10 minutes. Then wash
   cabinets that contain harmful products. They         gently with soap and water and risne.
   work for pets too.
Bathroom                                                Swallows Poison:
 • Clean out your medicine cabinet often and            Medicines: Do not give pet anything until you talk with
   dispose of medications that are no longer being      the poison center or your veterinarian.
   used or have expired. Refer to the RMPDC
   Medication Safety Guide for proper disposal          Chemicals or Household Products: Unless your pet
 • Keep all medicine in original safety-top
                                                        has passed out or cannot swallow, giver water right
                                                        away.                                                     Uh oh. Poison!
 • Keep medicine, hair spray, powder, make-up,
   fingernail polish, hair-care products, mouthwash
   and other personal-care products out of reach.                                                                 Poison Prevention for Pets
Bedroom                                                 After the emergency actions, Call the Rocky
 • Don’t keep medicine in or on dresser or bedside           Mountain Poison and Drug Center.
                                                                                                                      Read this brochure for poison safety
   table.                                                                                                             tips and call the Rocky Mountain
 • Keep perfume, make-up, aftershave, and other                                                                       Poison and Drug center if you have
   products out of reach.                                                                                             a poison emergency or have any
 • Don’t store anything potentially toxic under the                                                                   questions. It’s free and you can call
   bed.                                                                                                               24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Laundry Area
 • Keep bleach, soap, fabric softener and other
   supplies out of reach.
 • Keep all products in their original containers.          1-800-222-1222
 • Keep bug spray, weed killers, gasoline, oil, paint   Veterinarian: __________________________
   and other supplies in locked area.
 • Keep all products in their original containers.
General Household
 •   Keep beer, wine and liquor out of reach.
     Keep ashtrays clean and out of reach.
     Keep plants out of reach.
 •   Keep paint in good repair.                                                                                             www.rmpdc.org
                                                             Pet Poison Safety “do’s and don'ts”                       Pets can get into things at any age!

                                                             Do:                                                       Animals age 0 to 8 weeks
                                                              1. Ask for “safety-lock” tops on all prescription         • start to explore home and yard
                                                                 drugs.                                                 • learn about their environment by putting things in
                                                              2. Keep cleaners, bug sprays, medicines and other-          their mouths
                                                                 harmful products out of your pet’s environment.        • chew on things because they’re teething

                                                              3. If possible, keep the products locked up.             Animals age 9 weeks to 2 years
                                                              4. Only feed pet food to your pet. One ounce of            • curiosity is high; most at risk of being poisoned
                                                                 Baker's chocolate can kill your dog! High fat           • may wander from home, especially if not spayed or
                                                                 foods can cause indigestion as well as damage             neutered
                                                                 to the pancreas.
                                                                   Examples of fatty foods are: peanuts, whole milk,   Animals age 25 months and up
                                                                   ground beef, bacon, ham and giblets, dark meat        • know where to find food and garbage, may stumble
                                                                   and skin from poultry.                                  across toxic items
The Rocky Mountain Poison Center
                                                                                                                         • overweight pets may eat potentially toxic items; if
                                                                   Also, there have been reports of dogs suffering
                                                                                                                           dogs overeat it can be life-threatening
If your pet has come in contact with poison, call the              from kidney failure after eating large amounts of
Rocky Mountain Poison Center. The Poison Center                    grapes or raisins.
can tell you over the phone if your animal should see a                                                                Seasonal Dangers
                                                              5. When discarding household products, rinse con-
veterinarian. If so, the Poison Center can provide you           tainers and put them in a covered trash can to        Spring & Summer dangers
with specific information to assist your veterinarian with       which your pet doesn’t have access.                     • Pesticides
your pet’s care.
                                                              6. Keep your pet out of the area when using insecti-       • Fertilizers
                                                                 cides, pesticides and mouse traps.                      • Antifreeze drained from cars and poured in the
How pets get poisoned                                                                                                      street or stored improperly
                                                              7. Keep painted surfaces in good condition.
                                                                                                                         • Charcoal lighter fluid
Teething and carrying things in their mouths make pets                                                                   • Outdoor plants and mushrooms
especially at risk for poisoning. In addition, sometimes     Don’t:                                                      • Snake, spider and insect bites and stings
parasites and other factors cause animals to eat things       1. Don’t store potentially toxic products near your        • Ticks
that are dangerous. Thousands of pets are poisoned in            pet’s food.
Colorado each year by swallowing human medicine,
insecticides, antifreeze, detergents, drain cleaners and      2. Don’t give your pet human medicine unless a           Fall & Winter dangers
other products commonly found in the home or garage.             veterinarian says it’s OK.                              • Antifreeze (tastes sweet and even a little can kill a
                                                                                                                            pet in 18 hours!)
                                                              3. Don’t leave household products and medicines
                                                                 unattended. If interrupted while using them, put        • Carbon monoxide
                                                                 them away so your pet can’t get into them.              • Black widow spider bites
                                                              4. Don’t put gasoline, bug spray, antifreeze or            • Plants and autumn berries
                                                                 cleaning supplies in soft-drink bottles, cups or        • Holly, mistletoe, glass ornaments, tinsel, ribbon and
                                                                 bowls that could attract pets.                             other holiday decorations
                                                                                                                         • Chocolate and other holiday foods

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