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									                                             The Second Alarm
                                                      The official newsletter of the State Capitol Area Firefighter’s Association

                                         http://www.scaffa.org                                                            April 2011
                                                                           Minutes from the March 2011 meeting
Next SCAFFA Meeting:
      Wednesday                          Call to order:
                                                The March 16th, 2011 SCAFFA meeting, held at Ramada Inn, was called to or-
      May 18, 2011                              der by President Hawkins at 1900.
      Silver Lake                        Minutes:
                                               Due to SCAFFA activities there were no minutes presented.
        SCAFFA Board
   Office               Name             President’s Report:
 President          Joe Hawkins
                                                  President Hawkins stated that the SCAFFA conference was running smoothly,
                   Karl McNorton                  338 students had registered for a total of 711 registrations for all classes. Ven-
 President                                        dors night would be Friday and the hockey games would be Saturday night.
 Secretary         Chris Dibbern
                                         Vice President’s Report:
 Treasurer         Forrest Walter
Director #1       Alan McKenzie                   Vice President McNorton had nothing to report.
Director #2          Jack Collie         Treasurer’s Report:
Director #3         Jason Schone
                                                   08/18/10      Beginning balance                                                  $10,544.66
Director #4        Dave Sterbenz

 2011 Schedule                                                                                                                        2,644.22
  January              Soldier
 February           Ramada Inn
  March             Ramada Inn                     09/22/2010    Ending balance                                                     $13,188.88
   April               Dover
    May             Silver Lake
                                                  Chief Walter reported that our vendor fee’s was less than in previous years, there
                                                  are still outstanding bills and money to be collected for the SCAFFA conference
    June             Grantville                   ending balance of $13,188.88. Motion was made to approve the treasurers report
    July         Shawnee Heights                  by Chris Dibbern, Scott Price 2nd. Motion carried.
  August              Auburn             Secretary’s Report:
September               Hoyt
                                                  Secretary Dibbern had nothing new to report.
  October            Rossville
November              Mission
                                         SCAFFA Training Committee’s Report:
December              Topeka
                                                       Capt. Jason Schone reported on the latest SCAFFA training committee meet-
        What’s missing…                                ing. Discussion focused on an academy-style class for FFI, FFII, and Driver/
 Do you see anything missing? How                      Operator-Pumper. Chief Walter recommended that a representative from the
about anything you would like to see
 added? Are their any new columns                      committee come to the next Chief’s meeting to present this information.
you would like to see in future issues                 Next training committee meeting will be on April 6th 1900 hrs at SHFD Sta-
 of our newsletter? Such as comics,
  jokes, national fire news LODD re-                   tion #23.
 ports, or training issues. As the new
secretary of SCAFFA I am looking for
some ideas from our readers. Just let                                                                                       (Continued on page 2)
        me know. Thanks – C.
(Continued from page 1)

Old Business:

               Nothing to report

New Business:

               Nothing to report at this time.

Good of the Fire Service:

              Kevin Flory updated on the status of some legislative bills with are being tracked by KSFFA, SB 216
              (EMS bill) was worked, prognosis on this bill does not appear to be promising at this time. Kevin
              emphasized that the fire service needs to contact the members of the committee working this bill to
              emphasize the need for this bill to pass. The bill to abolish the Fire Marshal’s office has been given a
              “Committee Review” period and has been tabled in the Senate. There is going to be a panel estab-
              lished to evaluate the best option and they are to report back to the Senate. Anyone who is wanting
              to follow any of the bills or legislative movement that is going to affect the Kansas Fire Service,
              please check the CAP WIZ website for updates. This is the best way for KSFFA to update you, the
              service is free and you will receive e-mail updates as they occur when there is anything pressing.

              The legislative reception had a good turnout from the KS fire service, Kevin said the KSFFA staff is
              very pleased with how well it went and are looking into trying to do this annually in conjunction with
              the SCAFFA conference.

          In this picture: (April 7th, 2011) Shawnee Heights Fire District's three manned stations will be responding to emergency medical calls in
          sport utility vehicles instead of fire trucks. Photo courtesy of Topeka Capital Journal
Area Reports:                                                                    Upcoming Training:
          Auburn Fire — No one present, no report..
          Dover Fire — Nothing to report, but looking forward to
          hosting next months SCAFFA meeting.
          Hoyt Fire — No one present, no report.                          http://www.continuinged.ku.edu/fire/
          Kaw Township — No one present, no report..
          KSFFA — Updated on the legislative reception earlier in
          the evening, event went well with a good turnout from the
          fire service.
          KU — Nothing to report.

          Melvern Fire — No one present, no report.
                                                                        2010 KSFFA Regional Fire Schools (tentative)
          Mission Fire — Chief Walter reported their Rescue.
          Rossville Fire — Nothing to report.
          Shawnee County Emergency Mgmt — Nothing to report.
          Shawnee Heights Fire — New medic units to go into ser-                  http://www.ksffa.com
          vice next month (pictured on page 2).
          Silver Lake Fire — Nothing to report.                                   May 21-22       Johnson

          Soldier Fire — Nothing to report.
                                                                                  June 2-5        Parsons
          Topeka Fire — Chief Collie reported TFD has hired 10
          new recruits, they will start March 21st with FFI&FFII                   July 9-10       Attica
          testing on April 28, 29th. TFD has placed 3 new engine
          co’s and 2 truck co’s into service, additional engines are
                                                                                   Aug 6-7         Colby
          scheduled to arrive next month. Chief Ed Dewitt has been
          promoted to Deputy Chief..
                                                                                   Sept 10-11      Paola
          Chiefs Update — Chief Walter reported that the chiefs are
          making progress with Dr. Kingfisher for county wide                    Oct 22-23       Wakefield
          medical protocols, he is waiting for an updated copy of his
          recommended protocols but not received any yet. Nothing
          further to report.
      Without further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1945.
Members Present:
     J. Hawkins, K. McNorton, F. Walter, C. Dibbern, J. Collie, T.
     Miles, J. Loomis, B. Ossmann, K. Scott, S. Price, J. Schone, L.
     McPherson, M. Engholm, D. Sterbenz, S. Wilson, D. Cool

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