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                                               All books include a listening
                Books & Tapes                  cassette and an English translation

                      Nä Koko O Këia                                        Pehea ÿO Ia E Holo Ai?
                      Keiki Hawaiÿi                                         How do you get around?
                      A young boy goes on a                                 How does a fish travel?
                      journey to learn more                                 Learn how things that sur-
                      about his various ethnic                              round us get from place
                      backgrounds. Follow                                   to place. Hardcover, 24
                      this boy as he learns that                            pages, with listening cas-
                      knowledge about culture                               sette. Grades K to 1. $8.95
                      is important. Softcover, 20                           #030044
                      pages with listening cas-
                      sette. Preschool to grade 2.
                      #030061                                                  He Mälaÿai Kaÿu
                                                                                A short story about
                      Ka ÿÖÿö ÿÄÿä O Alakaÿi
                                                                                Tütü käne and his lush
                      Two cousins travel up a                                   Hawaiian garden full
                      mountain and listen to a                                  of beautiful and useful
                      bird sing. They learn that                                plants. Black and white
                      the value of patience is                                  line drawings can be col-
                      needed to complete a jour-                                ored. English, French,
                      ney. Softcover, 24 pages                                  and German translations.
                      with listening cassette.                                  Softcover, 32 pages with
                      Grades K to 2. $5.95             listening cassette. Grades K to 2. $5.95
                      #030028                          #030021

                    He Lumi Hou                                             Ka ÿÖmole Kupaianaha
                    Ko Ka Hale                                              O Ka Lua
                    Kimo’s family is expecting a                            One day two brothers find
                    new baby, so they decide to                             an interesting bottle at the
                    add an extra room onto their                            beach. The mysterious
                    house. Uncle Kälai, a carpen-                           bottle somehow brings the
                    ter, comes to help, and with                            brothers closer together.
                    Kimo by his side, shows us                              Softcover, 20 pages with
                    how it’s done! Softcover, 24                            listening cassette. Grades 1
                    pages with listening cassette.                          to 3. $5.95
                    Grades 1 to 3. $5.95                                    #030029
                         Ke Aloha O Ka Iÿa
                         Wiwo ÿOle ÿO ÿOpihi
                          Based on the song ÿÖpae        NOTE: We realize that cassette tapes are
                          Ë, written by Aunty            becoming obsolete. Due to this, a download-
                          Irmgard ÿÄluli and             able audio version of most of these books will
                          Pïlahi Päkï, this story        be available at our website,,
                          tells of how a young boy       in the very near future. MAHALO for your
                          saves his sister from the      patience!
                          puhi, with the help of
the ÿopihi. Hardcover, 28 pages, with listening
cassette. Grades 2 to 4. $8.95
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The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                  Books & Tapes • Books

                    He Leka Na Kahilina                                       Hele ÿO Käwika Läua
                    Kahilina learns a little about                            ÿO Kamuela I Ka Pule
                    Tahiti when he gets a letter                               Kamuela stays at his friend
                    from his friend who is on                                  Käwika’s house for a week.
                    vacation there. Softcover, 20                              Like many families, Käwika
                    pages with listening cassette.                             and his parents go to church
                    Grades 2 to 4. $5.95                                       on Sunday. Kamuela goes
                    #030019                                                    with them and enjoys
                                                                               Sunday school and church
                                                                               service. Softcover, 20 pages
                                                          with listening cassette. Grades 2 to 4. $5.95
                     Luka Keÿelikölani                    #030063

                     A brief biography about
                                                                               Ka ÿËkake Liÿiliÿi
                     the High Chiefess Ruth
                                                                               O Mekiko
                     Keÿelikölani. Known for her
                     generosity, she inherited the                             A donkey befriends a lost
                     vast lands of the Kamehameha                              little boy in the mountains
                     dynasty, and upon her death                               of Mexico and helps him
                     passed the lands on to Bernice                            find his parents. Softcover,
                     Pauahi Bishop. Softcover, 24                              36 pages with listening cas-
                     pages with listening cassette.                            sette. Grades 2 to 4. $5.95
                     Grades 3 to 6. $5.95                                      #030027


                           Ma Ke Kula                                               Ma Ka Pä Hale
                         1 of 3 books in the                                      1 of 3 books in the
                         Hakalama activity set.                                   Hakalama activity set.
                         This book will help                                      This book will help early
                         early readers recognize                                  readers recognize syl-
                         syllables and combine                                    lables and combine them
                         them to make words.                                      to make words. Come
                         Join us for another fun-                                 and see what we’re up
filled day at school! Hardcover, 20 pages. $5.95                                  to in our backyard!
See page 20 for Hakalama activity set. Preschool          Hardcover, 24 pages. $5.95 See page 20 for
to grade 1.                                               Hakalama activity set. Preschool to grade 1.
#011012                                                   #011013
                          Ma Uka A I Kai
                        1 of 3 books in the
                        Hakalama activity set.
                        This book will help early
                        readers recognize syl-
                        lables and combine them
                        to make words. Let’s
                        compare what lives on
                        land to what lives in the
ocean! Hardcover, 20 pages. $5.95 See page 20
for Hakalama activity set. Preschool to grade 1.
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 Books                                                                             E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

                          Ke Kanaka                                             I Mea Aha Ke Kai?
                          Mahiÿai Pömaikaÿi                                     What is the ocean for?
                           Composed in Hawaiian                                 What are fish for? See
                           to illustrate specific                               how everything in the
                           grammatical patterns,                                natural world is inter-
                           this simple counting                                 dependent. Softcover,
                           story uses ribbon-                                   28 pages. Grades K to
                           wrapped Hawaiian                                     1. $6.95
                           animals to celebrate a                               #030068
farmer’s birthday. Warm, friendly, yet authenti-
cally represented animals are either endemic,                                    Ke Nui Aÿe Au
native, or locally familiar to children. Softcover,                             Beautiful photographs
16 pages. Grades K to 1. $6.95                                                  bring to life a delight-
#030041                                                                         ful story of the choices
                                                                                a child has when he or
                            He Mau Mikilima                                     she thinks about grow-
                            Hau No Ioane                                        ing up. Traditional,
                            A Yupik story trans-                                familiar, and unique
                            lated into Hawaiian.       occupations are depicted with adults and chil-
                            Ioane brings home          dren. Hardcover, 36 pages. Grades K to 1. $8.95
                            his first spotted seal     #030042
                            and his grandmother          Ka Holo Kaÿa      Ka Holo Kaÿa Me Tütü
                            makes him a beauti-            Me Tütü
                                                                           A child experiences familiar
ful pair of seal skin mittens. Softcover, 12 pages.                        sights, sounds, and smells
Grades K to 1. $3.95                                                       while riding through town
#030023                                                                    with Tütü. English transla-
                                                                           tion included. Softcover, 36
                      ‘O Maile, Ka Puaÿa                                   pages with listening cassette.
                      The adventure of a little                            Grades K to 2. $8.95
                      girl, her family, and their                          #030034
                      unexpected new pet. Black
                      and white line drawings can
                      be colored. English, French,                                   Nä Keiki ‘Elima
                      and German translations                                        A favorite story
                      are included. Softcover, 32                                    about five children
                      pages. Grades K to 2. $5.95                                    who go spearfish-
                      #030011                                                        ing. Softcover, 16
                                                                                     pages. Grades K to
                           ÿO Kelekolio Ka                                           2. $6.95
                           Manini Liÿiliÿi
                           Composed in
                           Hawaiian, this story
                           pairs the meaning of a
                           traditional saying, or                               Aia He Käheka
                           ÿölelo noÿeau, with beau-                            Children can practice
                           tiful and humorous                                   their counting as they
                           illustrations. Authentic                             read about the differ-
and accurate depictions of ocean life as well as                                ent fish that find their
the use of several Hawaiian values such as kökua                                way into the tide pool.
(assistance), laulima (working together), and
                                                                                Softcover, 24 pages.
höÿihi (respect) make this a truly Hawaiian story.
Softcover, 36 pages. Grades K to 2. $6.95                                       Grades 1 to 3. $6.95
#030069                                                                         #030072

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The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                                      Books

                         ÿO Ka Meakanu,                                             He Mau Hana Kaÿu E
                         He Läÿau Ia!                                               Hana Ai
                         A young boy takes us                                       Follow a young boy as he
                         on a journey into his                                      describes all the things
                         yard and shares interest-                                  he has to do during the
                         ing information about                                      day. Softcover, 24 pages.
                         traditional Hawaiian                                       Grades 1 to 3. $6.95
                         plants and their uses.                                     #030073
                         Hardcover, 20 pages.
                         Grades 1 to 3. $8.95

                                                                               ÿO Wau Kekahi I Ke
                                                                               Alualu Holoholona!
                      ÿO Niÿi Ka Polewao
                                                                               An Eskimo Inuit story
                      A story about a little polli-                            translated into Hawaiian.
                      wog that grows up in captiv-                             Surusiq, a little boy, wants
                      ity and then hops home as a                              to go hunting with his father
                      full-grown frog to his family.                           and imagines all the animals
                      Softcover, 24 pages. Grades 1                            he will see. English transla-
                      to 3. $5.95                                              tion included. Softcover, 12
                      #030060                                                  pages. Grades 1 to 3.$3.95

                                                                                    E ÿAi I Kekahi, E Käpï
                      Nä Hana A Ka Läÿï                                             I Kekahi
                      A boy learns about the dif-                                   A boy goes fishing and
                      ferent uses of the ti leaf as he                              encounters some amaz-
                      talks with his grandfather.                                   ing surprises. He learns
                      Softcover, 20 pages. Grades                                   about conserving the
                      2 to 4. $5.95                                                 ocean’s resources when
                      #030049                                                       he returns home to his
                                                                                    grandfather. Softcover,
                                                                                    36 pages. Grades 2 to 4.
                      The story about the giant
                      eel Koÿona and the first
                                                                                     A true account of the
                      fishpond built in Hawaiÿi.
                                                                                     voyager Hawaiÿiloa is
                      A traditional account of
                                                                                     one of several stories
                      ÿAiÿai, son of Küÿulakai and
                                                                                     about the discovery of
                      Hinapukuiÿa. References
                                                                                     the Hawaiian Islands.
                      and an English translation
                                                                                     References are listed.
                      are included. Softcover, 36
                                                                                     Softcover, 40 pages.
pages. Grades 3 to 6 . $2.95
                                                                                     Grades 3 to 6. $6.95

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Books                                                                              E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

                     Ka Uliuli ÿAna O Ka                                      He Lähui Kanaka
                     Maka O Ka Manuÿü                                         ÿÖiwi Anei Ko Hawaiÿi
                     A humorous, traditional
                     Yupik story about how                                   A question is posed:
                     the crane got his blue                                  “What is native?” A story
                     eyes when his own                                       about different migrations
                     drifted away down the                                   of people who have come
                     river. Softcover, 32 pages.                             to Hawaiÿi from the Pacific
                     Grades 3 to 6. $3.95                                    and other places in the
                                                                             world. Learn about the
                                                                             origin of Häloa, the first
                   No Maÿikohä A Me Ka                 Hawaiian. Softcover, 24 pages. Grades 4 to 6.
                   Wauke                               $5.95
                   A tale of the origin of the         #030064
                   wauke plant in Hawaiÿi.                                  ÿAÿohe Inoa Komo ÿOle
                   This plant is a valuable                                 O Ka ÿAi
                   resource and holds many                                  Speaking Hawaiian in an
                   cultural uses for Hawaiians.                             English environment can
                   A traditional Hawaiian                                   sometimes be difficult.
                   story. Softcover, 24 pages.                              Two young girls who speak
                   Grades 4 to 6. $5.95                                     Hawaiian experience these
                   #030056                                                  difficulties; yet, they learn
                                                                            to adhere to their Hawaiian
                    Ka Ua Poko                                              values and culture.
                    Learn why the poko                 Softcover, 24 pages. Grades 4 to 6. $5.95
                    worm and the poko rain             #030004
                    are commonly associated
                                                                                 Mämaka Kaiao
                    with each other in this
                                                                                 The Hawaiian/English
                    mysterious tale. Softcover,
                                                                                 book of modern and
                    40 pages. Grades 4 to 6.
                                                                                 revised Hawaiian vocab-
                                                                                 ulary. Generally, these
                    #030030                                                      terms are not found
                                                                                 in Hawaiian dictionar-
                                                                                 ies but are needed for
                                                                                 modern conversational
                                                                                 Hawaiian. Softcover,
                                                                                 324 pages. Grade 4 to
                                                                                 adult. $4.95

                               Ka Puke Moÿolelo O Hon. Iosepa K. Näwahï
                               A revised edition of J.G.M. Sheldon’s 1908 biography of the brilliant
                               Hawaiian statesman Joseph K. Näwahï. Included in this beautifully
                               composed edition are Näwahï’s writings, numerous correspondences,
                               and over 40 photographs. Additions to the biography are footnotes
                               and an extensive glossary. Published by the Hale Kuamo‘o Hawaiian
                               Language Center. In Hawaiian only. Hardcover, 488 pages. Grade 11
                               to third year university-level language students. $24.95

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The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                 Books • Hale Kuamoÿo

                                    Ka Pela me ka                                 Moÿolelo Polenesia
                                    Hoÿopuka ÿana                                 Stories from throughout
                                    The Hawaiian                                  Polynesia are shared in
                                    Language - Its                                this book In Hawaiian
                                    Spelling and                                  only with various
                                    Pronunciation                                 vocabulary words for
                                A book and multi-                                 each Polynesia island
                                media set ideal                                   represented; glossary
                                for beginning                                     included. Softcover, 80
                                language learn-                                   pages. Grades 7 to 12 and
ers. The book includes instructions, word drills,          second year university-level language students.
songs, and exercises. Set includes a workbook,             $11.95
and a CD or cassette tape. Please specify. 43              #310005
pages. $15.95/set

                        Lehua ÿÄhihi                                              Kumu Kou
                       A book of Hawaiian folk-                                   A revised edition of
                       lore that were first pub-                                  Hawaiian folklore and
                       lished in Paradise of the                                  short stories. In Hawaiian
                       Pacific in 1904. Includes                                  only; glossary included.
                       stories of Makakëhau,                                      Softcover, 32 pages.
                       Käÿala and Kahalaopuna.                                    Grades 4 to 6 and second
                       In Hawaiian only; glos-                                    year university-level lan-
                       sary included. Softcover,                                  guage students. $6.95
                       136 pages. Grades 7 to 12                                  #310004
                       immersion and third year
university-level language students. $14.95

                                                     Originally printed in the Ka Hoku O Hawaii Hawaiian
                                                     language newspaper (1920-1924), this story is now
                                                     available in a two volume set. Kekühaupiÿo was a
                                                     highly skilled general in the art of warfare under
                                                     Kamehameha. This story not only describes conquer-
                                                     ing the archipelago but shows political strategies for
                                                     the purpose of making peace and improving living con-
                                                     ditions. In Hawaiian only; extended glossary included.
                                                     vol I • 447 pages, vol. II • 391 pages. Third year lan-
                                                     guage students, language or immersion social studies
                                                     students in grades 7 to 12, and adults. $27.50/set

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Books • Hale Kuamoÿo                                                               E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

                    Ke Kaÿao o Läÿieikawai                                    He Moÿolelo No
                     First printed in the Hawaiian                            Kamapuaÿa
                     newspaper, Ka Lama Hawaiÿi                               A book about the amazing
                     in 1834 and then published                               and mysterious deeds of
                     as a book in 1863 is this leg-                           the pig-god, Kamapuaÿa
                     end by S.N. Haleÿole about                               and the places that he
                     the famed beauty of Paliuli.                             inhabited. In Hawaiian,
                     In Hawaiian only; glossary                               glossary included.
                     included. Softcover, 195                                 Softcover, 95 pages. High
                     pages. Grades 10 to 12 and                               school level immersion
third year university-level language students.                                students and third year
$11.95                                                 university-level language students. $13.50
#310011                                                #310007

                      Ka Moÿolelo o                                            Kumuÿulu
                      Keahiakahoe                                              A book of ancient
                      A story that comes from                                  Hawaiian folklore and
                      Käneÿohe, Oÿahu, tells of                                stories. Kumuÿulu is a
                      two brothers, Kahoe and                                  compilation of six short
                      Pahu and their deeds dur-                                stories. In Hawaiian
                      ing a famine. In Hawaiian                                only; glossary included.
                      only; glossary included.                                 Softcover, 32 pages.
                      Softcover, 29 pages. Grades                              Grades 2 to 3 and sec-
                      2 to 6 and second year                                   ond year university-
                      university-level language                                level language students.
students. $6.50                                                                $7.95
#310008                                                                        #310003

                                                                             Moku Ka Pawa
                        Jonah Kühiö
                        Kalanianaÿole                                        A compilation of short
                                                                             stories regarding Hawaiian
                       Proclaimed a prince
                                                                             starlore . In Hawaiian
                       by royal proclamation,
                                                                             only; glossary included.
                       Kalanianaÿole represented
                                                                             Softcover, 49 pages.
                       the Territory of Hawaiÿi
                                                                             Grades 7 to 12 and second
                       in Congress. In Hawaiian
                                                                             year university-level lan-
                       only. Softcover, 37 pages.
                                                                             guage students. $6.95
                       Grades 7 to 12 and sec-
                       ond year university-level                             #310012
language students. $7.25

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The Hawaiian language shall live.                             Books • Kamehameha Schools Press

                       ‘O Lunalilo                                                ‘O Kamehameha V:
                                                                                  Lot Kapuäiwa
                     The first democratically
                     elected king of Hawai‘i,                                    Known as the “Last
                     Lunalilo was known for                                      Great Chief of the Olden
                     his consistent support                                      Type,” Lot returned
                     of the rights of the com-                                   power to the monarchy
                     mon people. Published                                       by issuing the constitu-
                     by Kamehameha Schools                                       tion of 1864. Published
                     Press. Softcover, 94 pages.                                 by Kamehameha Schools
Hawaiian version only. Grades 7 to 12. $7.95             Press. Softcover, 127 pages. Hawaiian version
                                                         only. Grades 7 to 12. $7.95

                        Ke Kamäli‘iwahine                                     ‘O Lili‘uokalani
                        Bernice Pauahi
                                                                              The last ruling monarch
                                                                              of the kingdom of Hawaiÿi,
                      The last survivor of the                                Liliÿuokalani was a queen
                      Kamehameha dynasty and                                  who fought unsuccess-
                      the benefactress of genera-                             fully to maintain Hawaiÿi
                      tions of Hawaiian children                              as an independent nation.
                      through the establish-                                  Published by Kamehameha
ment of Kamehameha Schools. Published by                                      Schools Press. Softcover,
Kamehameha Schools Press. Softcover, 104                 111 pages. Hawaiian version only. Grades 7 to
pages. Hawaiian version only. Grades 7 to 12.            12. $7.95

                                      Life in Early Hawai‘i:
                                      The Ahupua‘a
                                      The classic companion text/teaching manual for
                                      use with the Ahupuaÿa poster describes many of the daily
                                      activities, plants, and animals that existed during pre-
                                      contact Hawaiian life. Published by Kamehameha Schools
                                      Press. Softcover, 73 pages. In English only. Grade 4 to
                                      adult. $11.95

                                      Ahupua‘a poster
                                      The large full-color poster depicting many of the aspects of
                                      pre-contact Hawaiian life upon which the book Life in Early
                                      Hawaiÿi: The Ahupuaÿa is based. 27 x 36 inches. Published by
                                      Kamehameha Schools Press. For all ages. $12.95

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                                                                                           E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

                                         Flashcard Sets

Käleka ÿÖlelo Pökole                                        Käleka ÿÖlelo Panakö
A set of common and useful phrases. Cards                   Nearly all banks in Hawaiÿi accept checks writ-
include Hawaiian on one side and English on the             ten in Hawaiian. Included are phrases such
other. Larry Kimura reads the phrases on tape to            as, “Would you recommend this stock?” and,
help learners with pronunciation. 50 cards and              “What is my checking account balance?” Kalena
listening tape. Grades 4 to 12 and beginning                Silva reads the phrases on tape to help learners
language learners. $8.95                                    with pronunciation. 29 cards and listening tape.
#040004                                                     Preschool to beginning language learners. $5.95

                                         Jigsaw Puzzles

  Originally designed for the Pünana Leo and Kula Kaiapuni schools, these colorful 9-3/4 x 7-1/4 inch
  12-piece jigsaw puzzles come boxed with activity ideas in Hawaiian and English. These puzzles are
  the only complete collection available of photographs depicting each island’s official lei, flower, plant,
  or shell. Also includes Hawaiÿi’s state flower. For preschool to grade 2.

                   Hawaiÿi: Ka Lehua                                             Maui: Ka Loke
                   A jigsaw puzzle of the lehua                                  A jigsaw puzzle of the pink
                   blossom, the flower of the                                    rose, the flower of the island
                   island of Hawaiÿi. Includes                                   of Maui. Includes activity sug-
                   activity suggestions. $5.95                                   gestions. $5.95
                   #090012                                                       #090013

                   Länaÿi: Ke Kaunaÿoa                                           Kahoÿolawe: Ka Hinahina
                   A jigsaw puzzle of the                                        A jigsaw puzzle of the hina-
                   kaunaÿoa, the plant of the                                    hina, the plant of the island of
                   island of Länaÿi. Includes                                    Kahoÿolawe. Includes activity
                   activity suggestions. $5.95                                   suggestions. $5.95
                   #090005                                                       #090003

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The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                         Jigsaw Puzzles

                   Molokaÿi: Ke Kukui                                        Mokuÿäina ÿO Hawaiÿi:
                                                                             Ka Pua Aloalo
                   A jigsaw puzzle of the kukui,
                   the tree of the island of                                 A jigsaw puzzle of the yellow
                   Molokaÿi. Includes activity                               hibiscus, the state flower of
                   suggestions. $5.95                                        Hawaiÿi. Includes activity sug-
                                                                             gestions. $5.95

                  Kauaÿi: Ka Mokihana                                      Niÿihau: Ka Püpü
                  A jigsaw puzzle of the moki-                             A jigsaw puzzle of püpü, the
                  hana, the plant of the island of                         shells of the island of Niÿihau.
                  Kauaÿi. Includes activity sugges-                        Includes activity suggestions.
                  tions. $5.95                                             $5.95
                  #090015                                                  #090016

                  Ke Kalo                                                 Ka Mahiole
                  A jigsaw puzzle of the taro                             A jigsaw puzzle of a feathered
                  plant. Includes activity sugges-                        helmet worn by Hawaiian chiefs.
                  tions. $5.95                                            Includes activity suggestions.
                  #090008                                                 $5.95

                   Ka ÿAhu ÿUla                                         Ke Kähili
                   A jigsaw puzzle of a feather                         A jigsaw puzzle of the chiefly
                   cloak worn by Hawaiian chiefs.                       feather standards. Includes
                   Includes activity suggestions.                       activity suggestions. $5.95
                   $5.95                                                #090006

                   Ke Kiÿi Mäkia Hawaiÿi                                 Ke Kalaunu
                   A jigsaw puzzle of the royal                          A jigsaw puzzle of Kaläkaua’s
                   seal of Hawaiÿi. Includes activity                    crown. Includes activity
                   suggestions. $5.95                                    suggestions. $5.95
                   #090017                                               #090007

                                              Ke Kanaka Hula
                                              A jigsaw puzzle of a pre-contact
                                              drawing depicting a hula dancer.
                                              Includes activity suggestions.

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                                                                                     SOO      IN
                                          Videos & CDs                                    N ON G

                   ÿAuhea ÿOe E Ke Kumu                                     E ÿAi I Kekahi, E Käpï I
                  ÿAha Pünana Leo’s award-win-                              Kekahi
                  ning first video tells about the                          A video that retells the popular
                  decline of the Hawaiian lan-                              story of a boy who goes fishing
                  guage and its revival through                             and encounters some amazing
                  the Pünana Leo preschools.                                surprises. Includes animation
                  First Place winner in the 1991                            and music. Great for young
                  Hawaiÿi International Film                                children. Available with subti-
                  Festival for Best Documentary.                            tles, please specify. 11 minutes.
                  Available with subtitles, please                          Preschool to grade 2. $12.95
specify. 20 minutes. For all ages. $19.95               subtitles # 120002
subtitles #012003                                       without subtitles #120001
without subtitles #120021

                No Pümaiÿa Läua ÿO ÿAÿaliÿi                                Nä Hoaÿëkoÿa
                Who is the worthiest plant of                              An animated video in a musi-
                the valley? Is it the tall, smooth                         cal pilinaÿölelo (grammar) series
                banana plant or the modest ÿaÿaliÿi?                       featuring Kïhei Nahale-a and
                A delightful tale of the haughty                           Kainani Kahaunaele. A fun
                and the humble. Includes original                          way to practice the concept of
                music and chants. Available with                           opposites from a Hawaiian per-
                subtitles, please specify. 11 min-                         spective. In Hawaiian only. 6
                utes. Preschool to grade 4. $12.95                         minutes. Preschool to grade 4.
subtitles #012005                                                          $9.95
without subtitles #120017                                                  #120022

                   Pehea I Loaÿa Ai Ka                                    Loaÿa
                   Minoÿaka Iä Nanana                                     A fun video with animation, live
                    How did the happy face spider                         action, and original music by the
                    get his smile? A contempo-                            Kukui Serenaders. Highlights
                    rary story based on traditional                       the loaÿa sentence pattern. In
                    Hawaiian history and legend                           Hawaiian only. 9 minutes.
                    tells about the different animals                     Preschool to grade 4. $9.95
                    who came to visit baby Häloa,                         #120012
                    the first Hawaiian, and the gifts
                    they brought him. Includes                            Kalanimainuÿu
animation and original chants. Available with sub-
titles, please specify. 9 minutes. Preschool to grade                    This video is the traditional
4. $12.95                                                                story of the chief Punaÿaikoaÿe
                                                                         of Oÿahu and his encounter with
subtitles #012001
                                                                         the beautiful Kalanimainuÿu of
without subtitles #120019
                                                                         Molokaÿi. They fall in love and
                 Ke Kinoÿö A Me Ke Kinoÿä                                share a cave as a home. But,
                 Sing along and learn about the                          Kalanimainuÿu has a secret that
                 three grammatical rules for using                       Punaÿaikoaÿe will soon discover.
                 kinoÿö and kinoÿä. In Hawaiian                          Available with subtitles, please
                 only. 7 minutes. Preschool to          specify. 25 minutes. Grade 4 to adult. $12.95
                 grade 4. $9.95                         subtitles #012007
                 #120029                                without subtitles #120032

12      Call toll free (877) 365-2628 • Fax (808) 933-1145 • E-mail:
The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                           Videos & CDs

                  Ka Waÿa Kaulua                                          E Pü Paÿakai Käkou!
                Let’s visit the voyaging canoe                            How lucky we are to enjoy
                Makaliÿi with Kahuihui, the                               the different foods brought to
                animated turtle, the crew, and                            Hawaiÿi by our ancestors from all
                the children from Pünana Leo                              over the world. Let Kekolu and
                o Kawaiahaÿo. The students                                his cousins share some of their
                will learn about the parts of                             favorite ethnic dishes with you
                the canoe and meet grandmas-                              in this video. Have fun at the
                ter navigator Mau Piailug! In                             picnic! In Hawaiian only. 9 min-
Hawaiian only. 15 minutes. Preschool to grade                             utes. Preschool to grade 4. $9.95
4. $9.95                                                                  #120031
                                                                        E Hoÿopili Mai
                  Ke Aloha O Ka Iÿa Wiwo                                An animated musical video featur-
                  ÿOle ÿO ÿOpihi                                        ing ÿAnakala Näÿilima from Pünana
                  An animated video based on                            Leo o Hilo. Follow along and learn
                  the song ÿÖpae Ë by Pïlahi Päkï                       nä mähele o ke kino (parts of the
                  and Aunty Irmgard ÿÄluli. The                         body) and the appropriate use of
                  story of how a boy enlists the                        related ÿaÿano and hamani words.
                  help of a brave ÿopihi to save his                    In Hawaiian only. 7 minutes.
                  sister from a giant eel. Available                    Preschool to grade 3. $9.95
                  with subtitles, please specify.                       #120005
                  13 minutes. Preschool to grade
                  2. $12.95                                            Kuÿu Iÿa
                  subtitles #012004
                                                                       A sing-along musical video that
                  without subtitles #120010
                                                                       will help you learn the different
                                                                       parts of a fish. In Hawaiian only.
                  Kahelelani                                           4 minutes. Preschool to grade 4.
                  A child is a lei never to be                         $9.95
                  forgotten. Spend the day with                        #120024
                  young Kahelelani as she recalls
                  traditional wise sayings of her
                  küpuna that guide her through
                  her daily tasks. In Hawaiian
                  only. 7 minutes. Preschool to                         Hömaikawaÿa
                  grade 4. $9.95                                        “Hömaikawaÿa is the latest in a
                  #120030                                               series of beautifully animated
                                                                        shorts. This installment recalls
                  Ua Kü Ka Hale,                                        a legend from Kauaÿi in which
                  Ua Paÿa Ka Hale                                       a fearsome shark terrorizes a
                  For what purpose is a house                           group of menehune during a div-
                  blessed? What are the weke,                           ing competition. Quality anima-
                  the ÿamaÿama, the ÿulu, and the                       tion is universal.” –Keola Lake,
                  pua kenikeni for? Let’s go to                         Hawai‘i International Film Festival.
                  Laÿikeha and see how a house         Available with subtitles, please specify. 23 minutes.
                  is dedicated. Available with         For all ages. $12.95
                  English subtitles. 10 minutes.       subtitles #012006
                  Preschool to grade 4. $12.95         without subtitles #120023
                  subtitles #012009
                  without subtitles #120036

                             Visit us at • Puke ÿOka 2005                           13
Videos & CDs                                                                        E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

               Lei Hulu                                                   Kaÿililauokekoa
               Lei Hulu is a native speaker series                          Enjoy the first ever Hawaiian
               in which our küpuna share with us                            language feature-length film!
               their pearls of knowledge to be per-                         This is a traditional legend
               petuated for generations to come. In                         about the beautiful chiefess
               Hawaiian only. Preschool to second                           of Kauaÿi, Kaÿililauokekoa,
               year university-level language stu-                          and her infatuation with
               dents. $12.95 each                                           Kauakahialiÿi, the bird keeper
                                                                            of Pihanakalani. Unfortu-
               • Let’s go fishing with Kupuna Harry                         nately, Kaÿililauokekoa is
               Kaÿanoÿilani Fuller! 9 minutes.         betrothed to Keliÿikoa, a chief of Kapaÿa. Soon
               #120039                                 the consequences of breaking a family betrothal
                                                       are seen, as well the great enduring love of Kaua-
               • Sail the open sea with Kupuna Elia
                                                       kahialiÿi and Kaÿililauokekoa. Winner of the 2001
               Kuÿualoha “Kawika” Kapahulehua!
                                                       Kähili Award. 76 minutes. Grades 4 to 12 and
               12 minutes.
                                                       up. $19.95
               #120040                                 subtitles #012008
                                                       without subtitles #120035
               • Prepare ÿono squid with Kupuna
               Emma Emalia Hoapili Keohokälole!
               10 minutes.
                                                                         Pïÿäpä ÿÖiwi
                                                                        Do you know the Hawaiian
                                                                        alphabet? Sing along with
                                                                        ÿAnakala Näÿilima and his
                Ka Hakalama                                             students to this pïÿäpä song,
                Ha, ka, la, ma, na, pa, wa, ÿa...a                      then travel to different places
                fun, animated lesson on video. A                        with our Pünana Leo fami-
                good way to practice spelling and                       lies in Lahaina, Molokaÿi, and
                reading. Sing along and hulahula                        Koÿolauloa. 4-1/2 minutes.
                too! 3-1/2 minutes. Preschool to       Preschool to grade 1 and beginning learners.
                grade 1 and beginning language         $7.95
                learners. $7.95                        #120038

                       ÿÏnaÿi                                                      ÿÏnaÿi ÿElua
                        ÿAha Pünana Leo’s first                                    This CD is filled
                        CD features various songs                                  with songs from the
                        from ÿAPL videos. Great                                    released ÿAPL cur-
                        for adults and children.                                   riculum videos. It is
                        Surely you will not resist                                 also a follow-up to our
                        the urge to sing along!                                    CD, ÿÏnaÿi. Words to
                        Words to all songs are                                     all songs are included.
included. For all ages. $13.95                                                     For all ages. $13.95
#99001                                                                             #99004

14        Call toll free (877) 365-2628 • Fax (808) 933-1145 • E-mail:
The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                      CDs • Poster Sets

                             Nä Hïmeni                                               Nä Leo O Ke Kula
                             Hoÿomaikaÿi I Ke                                        Niÿihau O Kekaha
                             Akua                                                   Voices resound on this
                           ÿAuntë ÿAne Hiÿilani                                     brand new CD with
                           Kanahele and friends lift                                Niÿihau hymns sung by
                           their voices in song to                                  the students and teach-
                           the heavens. This spiri-                                 ers of Ke Kula Niÿihau
                           tual CD is a pleasing mix                                o Kekaha. Words to all
of prayer, Hawaiian language, and harmonious               songs are included. For all ages. $13.95
voices in the traditional Niÿihau vocal style. “He         #99003
makana këia mau mele mai ke Akua mai,” writes
Kanahele. These songs are gifts from the Lord.
Lyrics included. For all ages. $13.95

                                              Naÿu ÿOe
                                              Songs that speach of that which we treasure: love of
                                              language, love of knowledge, love of Akua, love of
                                              family, and love of the land. This Nä Hökü Award
                                              winning CD by Kainani Kahaunaele is a collection
                                              of original and traditional compositions. It features
                                              classic Hawaiian arrangements textured with jazz and
                                              contemporary flavors. Backed by some of Hawaiÿi’s
                    best vocal and musical talent, Kainani’s rich voice invites you to enjoy the
                    delight of love and adventure. For all ages. $15.00

                                            Poster Sets
          These interactive poster sets consist of one full color 20 x 30 inch poster and vocabulary cards
          to match objects shown on the posters. Each set is self-correcting according to color. Designed
          for the Pünana Leo and Kula Kaiapuni schools, these poster sets teach vocabulary terms for
          everyday items, marine animals, plants, and other subject areas. Four ocean posters also come
          with animals that can be cut out, laminated, and arranged on the posters. All sets are packaged
          in heavy-duty, resealable, plastic storage envelopes. For preschool to grade 2 and beginning
          language learners.

      Weke                                Kala                                  Käheka
      Learn the different parts           Learn the different parts             The second of four ocean
      of a weke fish. A smaller           of a kala fish. A smaller             tidal zones. Identify com-
      11 x 17 inch poster with            11 x 17 inch poster                   mon organisms found at
      12 vocabulary cards.                with 14 vocabulary                    the tide pool. 18 vocabu-
      $6.95                               cards. $6.95                          lary cards and 16 plants
      #050002                             #050010                               and animals. $9.95

                              Visit us at • Puke ÿOka 2005                              15
Poster Sets                                                                          E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

Kalaikikala                   Puhi Kuki                 Hula                       Laulau
Identify the parts of a       Identify the terms for    Six hula instruments       Identify common
tricycle and the cloth-       ingredients and cook-     include a püÿili, pahu,    items that are used
ing of the boy riding         ing items needed          ipu heke, and more.        to make laulau.
it. 13 vocabulary cards.      to bake cookies.          6 vocabulary cards.        6 vocabulary cards.
$9.95                         21 vocabulary cards.      $9.95                      $9.95
#050011                       $9.95                     #050005                    #050016

          Meaÿai                          Lole                         Kahakai
          Familiar Hawaiian               Learn the terms for          Identify items that are
          lüÿau foods include             various familiar             commonly taken to the
          poi, haupia, and laulau.        items of clothing.           beach. 16 vocabulary
          6 vocabulary cards.             12 vocabulary cards.         cards. $9.95
          $9.95                           $9.95                        #050006
          #050020                         #050018

           Kinika                         Kapu ÿAuÿau                  Hele Au I Ka Pünana Leo
           This set includes              Identify various             This set includes a large assort-
           various items typically        bath and shower items.       ment of typical classroom items,
           found in the bathroom.         12 vocabulary cards.         especially those found in a Pünana
           17 vocabulary cards.           $9.95                        Leo school. 21 vocabulary cards.
           $9.95                          #050013                      $9.95
           #050015                                                     #050004

16        Call toll free (877) 365-2628 • Fax (808) 933-1145 • E-mail:
The Hawaiian language shall live.                                                Hakalama


         The hakalama is a curriculum set designed to help students
         and beginning language learners to read Hawaiian phoneti-
         cally. Set includes: starter activities, a finished 23-1/2 x 30
         inch wooden board with 100 hooks to hold 3 sets of hakala-
         ma cards, a smaller finished 15 x 11-3/4 inch wooden board
         to practice spelling, 54 picture cards to complement the
         spelling activity and three reading books that emphasize
         the phonetic spelling of words. For preschool to grade 2.
         Full Set      #100010 $85.95

                             Visit us at • Puke ÿOka 2005        17
                                                                               E Ola Ka ÿÖlelo Hawaiÿi.

        ÿAlemanaka, Anilä,
            & Hel u Pö
     This set contains three full-color poster sets: a calendar, a weath-
     er poster, and a moon calendar. These poster sets will help you
     track the days, the weather conditions, and the Hawaiian phases
     of the moon. Set includes many picture cards of Hawaiÿi’s royalty
     along with their dates of birth. Enjoy this educational, interac-
     tive, and fun new product. Visit the website listed above to see
     how this product can be used in the classroom. All items are
     printed on heavy, laminated stock. Sold only as a complete set.
     For preschool to grade 2 and beginning language learners.
     Full Set     #100009     $85.95

                                        (24 x 30 inches)

18     Call toll free (877) 365-2628 • Fax (808) 933-1145 • E-mail:
The Hawaiian language shall live.                                      ÿAlemanaka, Anilä & Helu Pö

                                          (24 x 27 inches)


                                             (24 x 30 inches)

                                          Hel u Pö
                             Visit us at • Puke ÿOka 2005                 19
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