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					                 The Weekly Geek                                   Vol#8 issue #3 June 8, 2009
                                                         “Housecalls Are Our Business”
                                                           15 Benton Drive East Longmeadow MA 01028
                                                        TOLL FREE 866-95-GEEKS or 866-954-3357
                                                       Send letters to the editor to

    GoGeeks! Computer Rescue                                         413/525-8897              

     GoGeeks Moves into a New                                                          Housecalls Are Our Business
        Expanded Facility on                                                    We love the new facility and you can feel free to
                                                                                drop off your laptop or tower to us, but we remain a
  15 Benton Drive East Longmeadow                                               housecall business. In fact our motto is “Housecalls
                                                                                are our Business.” Housecalls are always available
                                                                                at no additional charge in our local service area.
                                                                                             Let GoGeeks Rescue You!

                                                                                        New Vaccines for Malware
                                                                                Forget everything we’ve ever told you about
                                                                                protecting your computer against malware, the
                                                                                umbrella term for the viruses and spyware that
                                                                                creep into your computers and knock them off-line
                                                                                and out of commission. We now
                                                                                offer a brand new super-powerful
                                                                                security package -- including
                                                                                anti-virus, anti-spyware, and
GoGeeks owner and president Stan Prager shown here during the set-up            firewall -- which is better than
and installation of equipment in the new larger facility at 15 Benton Drive
in East Longmeadow. The new facility contains not only an expanded              anything else currently out there
service workspace, but a separate showroom for Paths of Creation                and consumes far less system resources, which
Custom PC Design & Manufacturing. -- Let GoGeeks Rescue You!
_______________________________________________________________                 means much less of an impact on overall
                  st                                                            performance than the traditional anti-virus brands.
On April 1 , GoGeeks moved into a new larger
facility on the other side of the building from their                           So your computer will be safe and run much faster
original compact offices on 15 Benton Drive. The                                than was once possible with security software
small offices GoGeeks occupied in 2008 had grown                                installed. The new security package is only $89 and
too tiny for the operation. When a larger and better                            includes the essential update subscription for one
designed space became available on the other side                               full year. Switch to the new security package today!
of the building, owner Stan Prager leaped at the
opportunity to expand the business and the staff. In                                  Safeguard Your Kids on the Web!
addition to a much larger “shop” with ample                                     Ask us about our parental control package that
stations to accommodate more than a dozen                                       easily customizes internet accessibility for each
computers under repair at the same time time, the                               member of the family. It not only keeps your kids
new facility contains separate adjacent dedicated                               off of questionable sites, but also offers you the
spaces for custom PC manufacturing and an actual                                ability to control the days and times your children
showroom to display floor models of the Paths of                                can access the web – so study hours and your peace
Creation Custom PC lineup.                                                      of mind are always under your control, regardless of
                                                                                where the computer is located in your home.
                The Weekly Geek                                Vol#8 issue #3 June 8, 2009
                                                     “Housecalls Are Our Business”
                                                       15 Benton Drive East Longmeadow MA 01028
                                                    TOLL FREE 866-95-GEEKS or 866-954-3357
                                                   Send letters to the editor to

    GoGeeks! Computer Rescue                                    413/525-8897               

    Paths of Creation Showroom
Opens at New Benton Drive Facility

         Paths of                                                                      Never Lose Data Again!
                                                                              Automatic backup for as little as $2 a month!
         Creation                                                           What would you do if your computer crashed & you
                                                                            lost everything? GoGeeks now offers easy,
                                                                            inexpensive & secure automatic backup to a safety-
                                                                            deposit box on the web – Set it up once and never
In 2008, GoGeeks launched a whole new division focused upon computer        think about it again! We partner with Data Deposit
design & manufacture that is designed for everyone seeking a quality,       Box to automatically back-up your documents,
reliable PC -- Gaming Enthusiast, Digital Photo Editor, Business Power
User, Student or Housewife! Showroom hours by appointment only.             precious photos, email, favorites, financial records,
                                                                            music – whatever you like – for as little as $2 a
   Top Reasons to Let Paths of Creation                                     month! There is a two week free trial, no contract
   Design & Build Your New Computer:                                        to sign, and you can cancel whenever you like.
       Call East Longmeadow Not East Asia!                                  Don’t ever lose data again – go to
       On-site one year local warranty                             and click on the button for
       Windows XP or Vista – Your Choice!                                   ONLINE BACKUP to sign up on the web or you
       We include FREE delivery & installation!                             can schedule GoGeeks to install it for you.
       Free data transfer your from your old PC
       – documents, pictures & music!                                                   Directions to GoGeeks
       Top quality components! (Of Course!)                                 We’ve been told we’re not easy to find! It’s true:
       Free Security Software Package Included!                             the street numbers run haphazard on Benton Drive,
       (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall)                                 we are located on the side of a large office building
       Standard parts, not proprietary, can be                              with lots of other businesses, and our signage is still
       serviced or upgraded by any vendor!                                  incomplete. This may help you find us: Dwight
       Recycling & data scrubbing of your old                               Road in Longmeadow becomes Benton Drive after
       equipment is included at no charge.                                  you cross Williams St. Follow Benton towards
       Free consultation – in your home or                                  Denslow Rd., look for Industrial Ave on your left &
       office, or in our new showroom!                                      Coyote Storage on your right – we are the second
Call and Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION in                                    building on your right after Coyote Storage. Pull in
your Home or Office or at our showroom on Benton                            the first driveway – there’s a sign for TCS (Trans
Drive -- by Appointment Only. Everyone deserves                             Courier Systems) – and we are on the side of the
to have a quality computer they can count on with                           building, the last door on the left. Call first in case
dependable local support. Don’t you?                                        we’re all out on rescue missions: 413/525-8897

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