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The Geek Syndrome


Geek is the number of hi in the spare time on a computer network with people who generally believe that computers and networks of people living on is the Geek. However, use of computers and working people must be different, Geek needs to computers is also their leisure time to spend, Geek is a computer expert may or may not be computer experts, but most of them have a great preference for the computer, they may carry out his all new stuff Dunong out. Every day, they rush into their computer to the Internet to pursue their own underground culture. Geek is the new elite subculture, a group of loving something new, technology-centric, and harbor a deep resentment of the underground society of mankind. Geek are those who rely on computer technology come together in a social group, they put a lot of social time spent on computer networks, their entertainment is around every day looking for new things, such as a variety of software, books, MP3, movies and the like they express in a variety of BBS on behalf of individuals in view of the post, some senior Geek sharing software written for the pleasure places.

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