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									                       Community Organizations
Internal Revenue Service Partner Toolkit
        - EITC: Now it’s Easier to Spread the Word about the Earned Income Tax

       -   IRS News Releases, PSAs, Audio Files & Videos

       -   IRS Tax Tips: Earned Income Tax Credit, (Video)

       -   EITC Breathe Easier Ads, (Flyers)

       -   EITC Consumer Goods Ads, (Flyers)

National Community Tax Coalition
       - EITC Advocacy Campaign
              Invite your member of congress to your tax site launch
                         Tips for inviting your member to the site
                         Sample invitation to member
                         Sample invitation to your member
              Engage elected officials in EITC outreach
                        EITC Outreach Guide
                        Sample PSAs featuring elected officials
       - Advocacy Toolkit
              Congressional Outreach
                     Contact your congressperson

                 Engage the Media
                      Media Outreach
                      Craft your message
                      Tips for writing op-eds

                 Build Your Coalition
                 Become An Advocate

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
      - National Tax Credit Outreach Campaign Website
              Outreach
              EIC Estimator
              Questions and Answers about EITC
              Facts about Tax Credits
              Tools for Promoting Tax Credits
              Outreach Database

National League of Cities
       - An EITC Toolkit for Municipal Leaders
Corporate Voices for Working Families
      - 2009 EITC Toolkit
               EITC Stuffers, (PDF)
               EITC Poster, (PDF)
               EITC Important Dates, (PDF)
               EITC Store Value Cards, (PDF)

       - EITC

National Community Tax Coalition
       - 2009 Day of Action, (Video)

      -   EITC Legislator Outreach, (Video)

      -   Institute for Youth, Education, and Families, (PDF)


New York
      - New York EITC Campaign Outreach, (Video)
      - Cathie Mahon discusses NYC’s EITC Outreach Efforts, (Video)

       - EITC Outreach Materials for Community Partners

Michigan EITC Statewide Campaign
       - Resources and Toolkits for Organizations
              Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit – Free Tax preparation available,
              Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit – You Earned it – You Keep It,
              Michigan Statewide EITC Coalition
              Coalition Information
              Community Coalition
              A Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) to Promote the EITC
                 and VITA, (Audio)
              Statewide EITC Coalition Outreach Toolkit
                      EITC Flyer - simple
                      EITC Brochure - mailer
                      ICAN! E-File Brochure
                      ICAN! E-File Flyer
                      Flyer Discouraging RAL Use
                      Volunteer Brochure
                      Volunteer Flyer
                      Volunteer Poster with tear offs
        -   Coverage of the Budget Debate in Michigan, (Video)

New Hampshire
     - New Hampshire Statewide Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance

        -   EITC Toolkit
                EITC Flyer (PDF)
                Do You Qualify (PDF)
                EITC FAQ (PDF)
                VITA Information

The Carolinas
      - EITC
                  Taxpayers Resources
                  Community Partners
                  Policy and Press
                  Policy and Press Research

Community Action of Nebraska
     - EITC Coalition Nebraska

        -   Oregon Center for Public Policy
                OCPP is Hiring a Policy Analyst

        -   Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for American Progress
       - Mary Ruth Herbers explains Illinois' Earned Income Tax Credit, (Video)

        -   Policy Matters Ohio
        -   Franklin County EITC Coalition (Ohio)

      - EITC Legislators Outreach, (Video)
      - Southern Good Faith Funds
      - Southern Good Faith Funds in the Media
      - Asset Builders (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

      - The Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition
              Strengthen Your Financial Future

NYSUT Legislature Department
       -   New Yorkers prefer a circuit to a property tax cap, (Video)
       -   Circuit Breaker Property Tax Relief, (Audio)
       -   Tax Relief Toolkit

The Cuyahoga Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition

NEWS COVERAGE –Advocates in Action

CNN – David Gergen on EITC

Many Louisiana residents eligible for state earned income tax credit

Thousand entitles to earned Income Tax Credit payment could miss out

Center for a Better South

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