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					Lenawee Intermediate School District

Geek Speak
Welcome to Geek Speak. LISD’s Information Technology monthly newsletter. Our hope is
to provide our readership with helpful technology hints and tips. We also see the newslet-
ter as an opportunity to build relationships with our clientele. If you have suggestions or
questions please feel free to contact me ( or the Help Desk (just dial

                   Internet Explorer 8 Search Providers

Internet Explorer 8 provides a great function for searching for information
on different sites. Sometimes when I am looking for information I like to
vary my source (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) depending on what type of
results I receive. Internet Explorer makes it easy to find content using dif-
ferent search engines without installing a ‘toolbar’ which can sometimes                  LISD IT Help Desk
contain spyware and slow down your computer.                                              Ext. 1690
The search box is located to the right of the address bar (pictured below)                IT Staff
and can be treated like the search field on a search engine website. Click
here to see the entire article                                                            Nicholas Adams
                                                                                          Project Management &
                                                                                          Communications Administrator

                                                                                          Richard Devore
                                                                                          Level 2 Technician

                                                                                          Desiree Gaydosh
                                                                                          Level 1 Technician

                                                                                          Brian Jones
                                                                                          Technology and Staff
                                                                                          Development Coordinator

                                                                                          Brad McCullar
                                                                                          Level 1 Technician

                                                                                          Remington Meeks
                                                                                          Level 1 Technician

                                                                                          Ryan Skeels
                                                                                          Level 2 Technician

IT Employee Spotlight
                                                                                          Travis Timar
                                                                                          Systems Administrator

Meet Brian Jones; he began his career in edu-                                             Andy VanValkenburg
                                                                                          Help Desk Technician
cation at Onsted Schools as a secondary math
                                                                                          Lucas Wilson
and science teacher (11 years) then became an                                             Network Administrator
assistant principal. His next role was as curricu-
lum director (director of operations and tech di-
rector was also mixed in at different times). Cur-
rently he is the Technology and Staff Develop-
ment Coordinator at LISD. Brian supervises the
Software Applications, DataDirector, Distance
Learning, CEMaT and Information Technology departments. He enjoys
ice fishing, boating and motorcycle riding.

                                             LISD Hosts Moodle for Lenawee County

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free open-source course manage-
ment system. It gives teachers the option to add an online component to their classes. Moodle is module
                                       based and since it is open-source anyone can create new modules.
                                       Moodle allows students to submit their homework electronically,
                                       take online quizzes, view electronic media content (uploaded files),
                                       participate in online discussions through forums and access learn-
                                       ing content 24/7. The LISD began hosting Moodle for the County in
                                       2007 and its usage has increased continually. Moodle has become
                                       an inexpensive way to meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum’s re-
                                       quired Online Learning Experience. Greg Marten and Sue Summer-
                                       ford frequently offer scheduled professional development (next one
                                       is this summer) and upon request will offer training on-site in the
                                       locals. Currently there are over 1,000 teachers and students partici-
                                       pating on a weekly basis.

                                                                              Cell/Smart Phone Satisfaction

                                                  One of our loyal readers suggested last month that we survey our reader-
  TECH Trivia                                     ship on their cell/smart phone satisfaction so we have put together a quick
  Desiree Gaydosh was the correct an-             survey with our recommended phones. Please feel free to give us feedback
                                                  on the phone(s) and services you have used. We will post the results on
  swer to: Which IT staff member com-
                                                  the Information Technology website and in next months Geek Speak.
  pleted the most Tech requests in the
                                                  Hopefully this information will help in your next purchase.
  month of December?
  The winner of a $5 Tim Horton’s gift
  certificate is: Megan Herr                                                        LISD and Blackberry
  This month’s question is: Which IT staff        We often get asked why we don't offer service for Blackberry phones. To
  member will have the high score in the          support Blackberry phones and maintain the security of our network we
  Boys and Girls Club Bowl For Kids? Tie-         would need to purchase a server and software; a cost that we don't cur-
  breaker: What will their score be? The          rently have budgeted
  choices are: Nicholas Adams, Brian
                                                                           Consolidated Computer Purchase
  Jones, Travis Timar and Lucas Wilson.
                                                  It that time of year to start thinking about the summer consolidated com-
  Email Brian Jones (
                                                  puter purchase. Last year we opened the LISD consolidated purchase to all
  with the correct answer to this months
                                                  the Lenawee local districts. Three locals took advantage of the great pric-
  Tech Trivia question. A winner will be          ing. This year Monroe ISD has asked to participate as well. The more or-
  drawn from correct email                        ganizations we can get to participate the lower the pricing. The IT depart-
  responses. Prize will be                        ment will be sending LISD supervisors the list of laptops and desktops we
  Tim Horton’s gift certificate.                  recommend for replacement around March 1st.

LISD Board of Education                        LISD Administration
Howard Keller .............. President         Stephen Krusich .......... Superintendent
Victor Hogue ................ VP/Secretary     Alan Burg ..................... Assistant Superintendent,
Richard Germond ........ Treasurer                                             Instruction
John A. Lark, DDS ....... Trustee              Robert Herrera ............. Assistant Superintendent,
Claude Rowley ............. Trustee                                            Curriculum & Consultation

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