SAC Minutes November 25th by stariya


									                     Eric Graves Memorial Junior High School
                             S.A.C. Meeting Minutes
                          Wednesday November 25th, 5pm

Mary Lou Stewart, Ann Leahy, Janine Stirling, Wendy Forrest, Paula Fairbairn, Mitchell
Thompson, Lynne Gomes, Karen Dale

Taryn Hines, Ralph Mackenzie, Maddie Hamilton, Jessie Mitchell

Business from previous minutes:

New Business:

       1) Agenda approved

       2) Approval of Minutes from October 7, 2009 meeting

       3) Karen Dale distributed to all S.A.C. members their own S.A.C. folders to be
          kept either at the school or taken home with them

       4) Letter of Agreement which establishes the conditions of the agreement
          between the Halifax Regional School Board, Eric Graves School Advisory
          Council and the Department of Education to operate an advisory council at the
          school level were included in all S.A.C. members folders

       5) Eric Graves School Plan for Communicating Student Learning was provided
          to all S.A.C. members and reviewed

       6) Mary Lou Stewart and Karen Dale reported on the $4500.00 Grant which
          Mary Lou graciously accepted on behalf on the S.A.C. on November 18.
          The funds will be used to establish a basketball court on the school grounds.
          Construction of the court will likely begin in April 2010.

       7) Principals Report
              - Lunch Hour 2010-2011: There will be 20 minutes less time for lunch
                 for the students. There are 100 students and 2 lunch monitors. If the
                 number of students who stay for lunch fall below 100, there will only
                 be 1 lunch monitor. Students will be dismissed from school at 2:50
                 commencing September 2010 which will allow for consistency
                 amongst all junior high schools in HRM.
              - Outsiders Event: Lynne Gomes advised that this event was held to
                 promote and foster reading amongst students and their families. There
          was a kick-off event with the motorbike and the play which was a
          huge success. There will also be a movie event, dance and dress up
      -   Spring Break 2010-2011: There will be a 2 week Spring Break
          instead of the usual March Break in 2010-2011 and will take place
          February 14-25th inclusive. Students will start school September 1 and
          finish June 30th. The reason for the change is due to the Winter
          Canada Games. Anyone over the age of 14 may apply to volunteer for
          the Canada Games by applying on-line after January 2010.
      -   Grade 9 Trip-Notification to S.A.C./Fundraising Events: There will
          be a grade 9 trip in May 2010 to Toronto (Karen Dale will advise of
          exact dates at a later time) The students have been selling chocolate
          bars, pie’s, EGMJH clothing and hot lunches in an effort to raise
          sufficient funds for this school trip. There will also be a bottle drive
          Saturday January 2nd as an additional fundraiser.
      -   Wine Tasting: Premier Wine and Spirits will be at our school on
          January 22nd 7-9:30 at a cost of $25.00/person. $10.00 from each
          ticket sold will be donated directly to our school to supplement school
          funds for such things as school trips, bus costs for trips and technology
          in the school. There will also be a silent auction and the band Celtic
          Grant will be playing.
      -   Neptune Trip: 90 students will be attending the Play “A Christmas
          Carol” November 26th
      -   ESIS event: Mitchell Thompson spoke about Junior Achievement
          working with the grade 9 students on November 25th, and how
          beneficial their visit was. The students learned that staying in school
          equals greater earning potential. The students participated in an
          exercise which taught them what the costs of shelter, food and
          entertainment may be and how they may afford these expenses
          depending upon what career they choose.
      -   Christmas Concert is December 17th
      -   Canadian Parents for French Play: Paula Fairbairn spoke of how the
          play which took place at the school displayed the benefits on staying in
          French in school. Paula wishes to encourage more French in Eric
          Graves. Eric Graves is part of the Dartmouth Chapter of the Canadian
          Parents for French
      -   Report Cards December 9: The list of students on the Honor, High
          Honor and Principals List will be distributed before Christmas Break
      -   Accreditation: Lynne Gomes advised that Eric Graves has surpassed
          its student improvement plan goals which were set 5 years ago,
          therefore receiving accreditation from Department of Education.

8) Motion to adjourn: Mary Lou. Meeting adjourned at 5:35pm.

                         Minutes taken by Ann Leahy

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