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									        DRAFT 10/3/06

Operational Memorandum                                                       North Lake College
                                                 Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD)
No:     CF-701                                                           Effective Date 09/01/2006
Authority:       DCCCD Business Procedures Manual, Section 38.0.0, Rev. 08/12/04
                 BTPAPM – CF (Legal and Local)


The DCCCD has established cellular phone stipends for individuals requiring cellular phones to
conduct business associated with his/her job. Guidelines for cellular phone stipends are in the
DCCCD Business Procedures Manual under Section 38.

Cellular phone stipends are provided to North Lake College employees whose job requires them
to be accessible after normal business hours and/or the nature of their job requires them to be
accessible via cellular phone during normal business hours.

Request for cellular phone stipends must be submitted by the reporting supervisor and approved
by the President. The supervisor must provide a statement of justification for the cellular phone.
If approved, the employee’s cellular phone stipend allowance will be $50 monthly. Stipends are
included in an employee’s monthly payroll check.

After the President approves a stipend request, the supervisor is responsible for working with
their employee to get the appropriate paperwork to the College Director of Human Resources.
Employee’s entitled to receive a cellular phone stipend must provide a copy of their service plan
or a recent invoice (in their name) reflecting active participation in a plan. The Human Resources
Office is not responsible for ensuring that cellular phone documentation is submitted for cellular
phone stipends; this is the responsibility of the supervisor and the employee. The stipend will be
effective the first day of the following month once all paperwork has been completed.

Employees of the DCCCD are not allowed to establish cellular phone contracts that are payable
by the DCCCD or its entities. Under limited conditions, the North Lake College President might
authorize the purchase of a prepaid cellular phone if it is deemed necessary to meet the needs of a
unique work group. Supervisors requesting prepaid cellular phone service must receive the
approval of their Vice President prior to initiating paperwork for the President’s approval.
Authorization for prepaid cellular phone service will be considered on an as needed basis.

Employees receiving a monthly cellular phone stipend are responsible for notifying the North
Lake College Human Resources Office if their cellular service is terminated or canceled. If a
supervisor becomes aware that an employee’s service has been canceled, he/she is responsible for
notifying the Human Resources Office.

An employee’s stipend will terminate for extended absence, termination of employment, lack of
business need, or termination of service contract. An employee may be asked to show proof of
service via an active contract or current invoice at least once annually.

The DCCCD and its entities are not responsible for financial obligations related to an employee’s
cellular phone contractual obligation.

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