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									                           Offline Marketing:
                         Local Seminar Success

                            Tim Castleman

Tim Castleman: Hi! Tim Castleman here, here with
     my buddy HK here to talk about Offline Marketing: Local Seminar
     Success. He approached me and said hey man, I’m trying to get into
     the local market. Would like to kind of get some ideas and suggestions
     as far as how you would go about running a seminar, getting people to
     basically come to you in a venue and as a result of that hearing people
     talk on different topics maybe it’s on SEO, maybe it’s on internet
     marketing, maybe it’s something completely and totally different but
     with him, what he would like to do and I think this is really smart is
     organize an event. Have people there that are selling their products
     and services and then take a cut of what they are getting. Is that
     pretty accurate about what you’re trying to do with this?

HK: Yeah that’s what I’m thinking so far.

Tim Castleman: Yeah and I think that’s really smart I mean, again you can
     be a gatekeeper and get paid for that. If you’ve ever attended and
     Internet Marketing Seminar, you know what that’s how those things
     run basically. A guy is nice enough to put the event and have all these
     well-know speakers come. Well, he’s not just doing that for charity
     right and he only gets a percentage. And usually it is a pretty large
     percentage, 50 % plus for that. So I kind of thought about that, I
     spend most of the days thinking if I was in that situation or I wanted
     to do that for my offline business or any business, I wanted to hold a
     local seminar kind of how will I go about doing that? So that’s what
     we’re going to talk about today. I’m going to run to the presentation
     then we’re going to answer any questions that we have. We’re actually
     going to do some critiquing basically an email of that through together
     that really kind of punch it up and make it work together and basically
     just take you step by step. So follow along with us and let’s get

     So obviously the first thing that I thought about was you got to have a
     target area. And since you’re working in the local market, I stand to be
     correct; it’s going to be most likely be in your local area. When it
     comes to that, you kind of have a few things to think about. Are you
     going to go for just a town? Are you going to go for a whole city? Are
      you going to go for an entire state? Where I live in Texas, I have a
      small town that I live in about 200,000 people but we have a ton of
      businesses so maybe that’s enough for me. Obviously if I live in Los
      Angeles where you’ve got probably you know millions of people in
      town, then maybe you’re just going to do a certain part of the town.
      You’re not going to do the whole city and obviously you’ll be nuts or a
      millionaire if you do the whole state like California. So with that
      basically what you’re looking for is the number of businesses in your
      target area. Now HK doesn’t know I did this but I spend a little time
      and I found them on Twitter and I found out that he lives in
      Greensboro. So I went to my super secret top database and I found
      every business that this database has for businesses there in
      Greensboro. Take a look at this and you can see it on the screen here
      and hopefully it is big enough. Look, you’re going, you’re going, you’re
      going and you got over if I remember correctly what I mean it was
      1,000 and 2,000 and 3,000, it’s coming up here. And the great thing
      about it is, as I move that there, if you go all the way to the bottom
      and we’re talking 6,000 businesses that he’s got in his town. Now how
      big is the town that you live in?

HK: Well Greensboro, around 200,000 but the tri-area is about a million. It’s
     Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point.

Tim Castleman: Gotcha. Okay so if you look at this in his little city of
     Greensboro of 200,000 and I have 200,000 in my city and his got
     close to 7,000 businesses 6,697. If you go to the entire state of North
     Carolina which is what this list is, I mean you’re talking of hundreds of
     thousands of businesses. So this just goes to show you that in his area
     and I obviously maybe the business area that you live in maybe it’s
     smaller or it’s bigger but even in this 1 city and he said it’s only 1 of 3,
     he got over 6,000 businesses. So obviously it would be cost prohibitive
     to be honest with you as I go back to here to go and try an approach
     to all those businesses.

      So what I would do is very simply this. I would obviously check the
      local number businesses with 6,000 I think his probably got plenty to
      bring in a few dozen or even a hundred businesses in his local area.
      But what I would do with that step is I would start laser targeting
      businesses. And what do I mean by that? I mean like take internet
      marketing and offline marketing for example. If I want to deal with
      businesses, instead of trying to attract all 6,000, what I would do is I
      would focus on a set number of businesses. Now that number is going
      to be determined by your budget, by your ability to reach them, by
      your time, all those things are going to come into factor. But there's
      no way I would try to go over 6,000 and to be honest with you, I
      probably would not want to go after more than a couple of hundreds.
      So if I’m doing a service say I’m going to do to people to do their
      websites redesign, what I would do is I would laser target those
      businesses. I would laser target the ones that already have websites
      that need redesigning. How would we determine that? Well we can go
      website by website by website. We can do that or I don’t know if you
      saw that but if you didn’t, that’s okay I’m going to take you back here
      just for a second. This software actually allows you to see the business
      that already have websites and that is what the crazy thing is. If you
      go up here, and it’s not perfect software, I’ll be honest with you. I’d
      been depressed on it more times than I’ve been impressed on it when
      it comes to websites and you’ll see all these businesses, do you think
      oh man, not all of them have websites. But I know even though it’s a
      crappy software and it probably only has 40% of the websites, its
      showing me that over a thousand businesses or close to a thousand,
      963 have websites in the area. Now you do have obviously you’ve got
      some big chains and stuff like that but I guarantee you, even with
      those thousand businesses you could go through and pull out 100,
      200, 300 different businesses that have websites that are pretty

      Let’s go I could totally go and a fly and just blow up on this. But let’s
      check this out and let’s see what this website looks like. See if it needs
      help because I bet it does, mobile disc jockey. How much do you want
      to bet this thing probably yeah perfect. Man I didn’t even planned this
      but look at how perfect is this. Take a look at that crappy website. I
      mean seriously look at how, it’s black, it got red letters, it got under
      construction probably from 1997. I mean but if you look at the website
      that you could think wow I could totally redesign that website so they
      would get put on my laser targeted list for doing that. Now I know you
      do want to make a seminar in your local area. Kind of tell me what
      type of businesses or what type of services are you looking to provide
      to them?

HK: You know I was thinking to keep it general but maybe you know we
     need to target it down and do separate businesses. So you have a
     seminar for photographers, you have a seminar for restaurant owners
     and so on. What would you say the better ideas to have it made there
     at once?

Tim Castleman: Well what I would do, what I think would be the better
     idea would be finding something that you can hit them all with. So I
     would have different areas, different businesses, if that doesn’t matter,
     but they all need the same thing. So like for instance we talked about
     having all the businesses in there that need to have a website
     redesigned or any businesses that have websites and basically focused
     to that meaning all you guys have website and they need to teach you
     how to do better SEO, how to do better keyword research, how to do
     better article marketing, how to have your website redesigned. That’s
     kind of what I would do and I’ll explain to you why I think that’s a
     great idea a little bit. But I like your idea and you can definitely do that
     with photographers you can definitely niche and that would be no
     problem and you can take it anyway that you’d like to. So let’s just say
     we went to the whole list and say alright, these are going to be the
     couple hundred or the couple thousands but these are going to be the
     couple hundred businesses that we want to target.

     The next thing I definitely want to do once you had that laser targeted
     list is I would answer this question. How do you find out what people
     really want? It’s pretty really simple, you just simply ask them. Now a
     lot of people miss this step. They go from step 1 which I’ve got a
     market to step 2 or actually step 3 in this case, I’ve got a product.
     They never stop to think, hey does the market want what I offer. I
     guarantee you as being a copywriter, I guarantee you HK gets
     approach all the time with people that have this great new widget or
     product for training or something like that and they’ve never, ever,
     ever stopped to ask anybody. Hey, is this something you want, need,
     want to like to buy? I guess that happens to you pretty regularly?

HK: Yeah

Tim Castleman: I mean people do that. They think man, I want it. I like it.
     I need it. That means other people are going to do that so what I
     would tell you is to conduct a survey of your target market. So I would
     actually take those couple hundred of businesses and as best as
     possible you don’t need to do all of them but it will be good to get a
     different cross-match. So say you have 200 businesses, maybe try to
     get 5 to 10% so we’re talking 10 to 20 businesses and survey them
     and basically what you want to do is you want to find out important
     answers to the questions you want and you can do it anyway you want
     to. You can do it in person. You could do it over the phone. You could
     do it via fax,, that’s what I use. I get thousands faxes a
     month for like 13 bucks and you can even do email surveys. Survey
     Monkey, I use it all the time from my online list but I leave a central
     email for my offline people and they responded to surveys but
     basically what you want to know is what you want to ask. All you want
     to ask on those things is anything you want to know about that
business right? Hey, what would make you want to attend the local
seminar? I mean to me that is pretty important because if someone
tells me or if a market tells me there’s nothing that would make me
want to them or need to attend the local seminar then maybe that’s
not what I need to be putting my effort in. But if they tell me hey, I
need X, I need Y, I need Z well then, you know what's it going to take
or attend.

The second thing is what topic, when it comes to X, would you like to
learn more about? So again we’re going back to the offline example.
What topics when it comes to websites for small businesses would you
like to learn more about and maybe they don’t know, maybe they’ve
got a couple of ideas, maybe they know their website were crap and
they know it getting redesigned or maybe you want to do offline stuff,
business stuff like when it comes to offline mail like postcards,
newsletters, flyers, things like that, what would you like to learn more
about? But basically asking that question and then what is the best
day for you to be able to attend? Most of businesses especially in my
area, they’re running 6 maybe even 7 days a week. Most places here,
Monday to Saturday, they’re closed on Sunday. And a lot of these
mom and pop shops maybe is 1 or 2 people, maybe they have an
employee. So it’s really important that you ask them. Hey look if you
could get away and if you’re interested, what day work best for you
because there's nothing worse than setting up your appointment and
your seminar when it’s convenient for you but it’s not convenient for
anybody that you want to attract. And you can save yourself a lot of
headache I mean if you survey 20 people and they tell you Sunday 3
o’clock is the best time and then obviously you want to hold it Sunday
at 3 o’clock.

And finally what would you be willing to pay to attend? Now this is
going to ignite the whole debate. Do I make it a free seminar? Do I
make it a paid seminar? Now I tell you I run my own test online and
talking with offline people relates to that. If you make it free people
don’t bow you free. If people just don’t bow you for whatever reason,
subconsciously consciously they have nothing to risk, nothing to gain
so if you make it free, you have a chance of getting a lot more people
to sign up yes but you have a bigger chance of people not showing up.
I mean I think about online and did a webinar totally free. Had a 175
people sign up and 64 people actually show up. So what I would
recommend and what I have seen done successfully is charging a
small nominal fee. I’m talking like 20 or 30 bucks. Now again, you can
go into different pricing structure. Maybe you want to make higher end
event, maybe you want to make it $200 to make it on the door. Again,
your market, your area is going to determine that. But I will try to
persuade you against offering it for free and you can tell them look,
it’s only 20 bucks. Why $20? To make sure you have something
invested in this because I guarantee you if they have some money on
the line, they’re going to show up. In fact one guy does this and it
gives the money back when you come to the door, he just wants to
make sure that you show up.

So with that what can you offer them? Now you know you market.
Now you know what they want which is more important than what you
want, then you can figure out what can I offer them myself? Maybe
you can do services. HK is a great copywriter; I’m a horrible one so
he’d be the one that you want to do that. Maybe he’s great at web
design; I’ll outsource all that stuff. Maybe he’s got offline stuff, cards,
newsletters and things like that, that’s all services that you can
provide them.

Maybe I’m not talented right but I can get him to come to my seminar
or I can get this expert or that expert or this guy or that guy. Maybe
you’re a good contact person within your local community. You know
people that can get things done. People will pay for that stuff.

People will pay for information, they don’t know what you know and as
a result of that, they’re willing to pay you for it. And then finally as it
comes up here you can be in a “Toll Position” basically that’s exactly
what it is you are in the middle so maybe and this is what’s HK is
talking about in his seminar. He’s going to be in that Toll Position. I
kind of bring the experts to the people and as a result he’s going to be
paid on both sides. He’s going to be paid from the side of the business
person that’s attending and also the person that sell it so that’s a great
position to be in.

So now we know this. We know the target market. We know what the
market wants and then now we got to focus on giving it to them so
again it’s going to depend on what you got to offer them if you want to
target local businesses and a niche, if you want to target as a whole.
What I would recommend for anybody to do it is now you know this
stuff, I pick a date and a location and the reason is pretty simple. If
you can pick a date and a location then I know what’s going on.
Meaning I can when I’m calling for speakers instead of hey, I’m
holding this seminar. I don’t know when it’s going to be or anything. I
can say look hey, the seminar is going to be on March 30th at the
      Crown Plaza here between 5 and 6 pm, would you be able to come and
      speak on this? That way you can lock in those people. You can lock in
      speakers and you can also lock in the business people when you start
      promoting it. Again, nothing worse in getting people excited about
      something and they go oh man, I definitely wanted to attend but I
      don’t know what date is. I don’t know what time. I don’t know who’s
      going to speak or anything like that. Now I know a lot of people do
      hotels, you can get meetings that are pretty cheap. In fact I’m doing a
      seminar in Vegas and we’re getting a room for 400 bucks. Now again
      you take 400 bucks. What that means is 20 people at $20 right that
      pays for at least the hope that’s right and my math is right on that.

HK: (laughs)

Tim Castleman: Lounges -- I office at a private cigar lounge at the time,
     it’s really cool if I have a small list I could get people come in and do
     that. Third one, conference centers. This is like a YMCA or something
     like that. A lot of places just have a small building that just have
     conference centers. Public facilities, the library will rent you a room
     here for 25 bucks. Yes it’s not grandiose, it’s not this, it’s not that but
     for 25 bucks with a one and a half people it’s like a one person and a
     little person to show up and you earn the money. And the virtual
     seminar – people were training on the internet now. I mean we’re
     doing a webinar here. A lot of people, a lot of companies, a lot of
     businesses are going to that webinar-based model. The great thing
     about this is at the end you can record it and send it out so public
     facilities are a great place and again, this is also going to depend on
     you and the image you want to perceive. For instance, if you’re
     inviting top lawyers, you got a 100% lawyers and all that stuff and you
     didn’t want them to go to the public library. Maybe you’d like to find a
     nice hotel that relates to it. So sometimes you kind of think about
     when it comes to that.

      Now setting an agenda again, this is so wide and so vast I’m not going
      to cover it huge. I’m just going to tell you plan for a month away. Take
      what people wanted and say around it. So if they want to learn about
      website redesign, have a guy that. If they want to know how to get
      better internet rates or local media, have a guy from that. Whatever
      they want to learn around, then find speakers that are going to come
      around and do that so if they want to learn whatever it is then find a
      speaker that’s going to talk about it. You can contact speakers locally.
      You can contact them nationally. Heck, I’ve even seen guys contact
      them internationally so it’s just something kind of crazy with that. And
      again, start contacting businesses to attend. So once you figured out
what you’re going to have, you’re going to start having speakers then
you want to start contacting businesses to attend the event because
that’s where your money is really going to come from.

Now when this comes to getting butts in the seats, you have to be
aggressive. You absolutely have to be aggressive because if you’re not
aggressive then people aren't going to do it and you cannot rely on a
single method or attempt at contacting business owners. You just
cannot do it. If you wait for one way, one method, you’re going to
miss a lot of people. You send out 1 email and no one respond, I’m
having this seminar well,. That’s bad for you. You should really rely on
multiple methods to make this work. Now here’s 2 things that I’ve
always done online and offline that are huge for me. There must
always be fewer chairs than there are bodies. You always want to have
an inverse funnel where I’ve got a hundred people and 10 chairs. Any
business I’ve ever done, I always do that. And I know it sounds crazy.
People are thinking this guy’s nuts but it’s not because it puts a higher
value on those chairs. If I told you hey we got enough room, enough
space, doesn’t matter when you come. It doesn’t matter who comes. It
doesn’t even matter if you show up, you’re not going to care. But if I
say to you hey look, there's 10 people, there’s a hundred people and
there's 10 chairs and you got to do it well then obviously, few chairs
more bodies that’s a good thing. And then there must always be
compelling reasons for people to attend in the first place and we’ll talk
a little more about this but my favorite things are free gifts and stuff
because people just love stuff.

So when I talk about getting aggressive, being aggressive about
putting butts in the chairs, I talk about when you plan a month away,
then you must make no fewer than 3 contacts in each of the target
businesses on a weekly basis. What do I mean by that? Pick something
or everything on the right-hand side there. You got email. You have
postcard/invitation. You have letters. You got phone calls. You got
video. You got CD. You got a newsletter and you even have an in
person visit. I mean, pick 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, pick them all I don’t care
but you got to pick 3 at a minimum on how to contact them.

So let me show you kind of what this looks like on a calendar. So here,
March 27th we’ve got the seminar here. So Monday the 1st, you’re
going to start emailing businesses. Why email? Because it’s cheap and
it’s free. They don’t respond, all you have is a little bit of time. The
next week, maybe you’re doing postcards and invitations to local
businesses so you do that and the week after that maybe you letter or
fax to local businesses and then the week after that, phone call or an
in person visit to local businesses. So you could do all that and have
an RSVP date on the 26th and then the seminar on the 27th. Again,
we’re not relying on one method. One way to do that we’re relying on
multiple methods, multiple channels so maybe they don’t respond to
email because they never get a dozen spam. Now they got a postcard
in their physical hand then they got a fax and they got a letter and
then worse and the best thing is you got a phone call and you got a
phone call and they can’t deny about a phone call. They’re calling you
and I’m telling you, referencing hey look I sent you an email. What
about the postcard? What about the letters? Now guess what I’ve got
my phone call. To do something like that would be a great way to send
it up in a month. Now again, email is totally free. Postcards totally
cheap even invitations. I mean you can go to office depot, get the
invitations, get them printed up, mail them yourself, and we’re talking
pretty cheap. A letter, that’s going to be a little costly but you can also
fax to them as well. Again, check your local areas because I don’t want
you getting accused of spamming or anything like that but then a
phone call or an in person visit to local business again, that’s huge.
You can do that. That would have a maximum impact but you have to
save that ‘til the very, very end.

So keep them up with the butts in the seat. You CANNOT rely on a
single method or attempt to contacting business owners. Here is why.
Business owners are stressed out and busier than ever or worse
they’re stressed out because they’ve got no business coming in. I
mean the recession, bad economy, bad products, bad expat, why
whatever it is not to mention that businesses owners are also lazy.
They are just regular people. The last thing they want to do is have to
do something they don’t want to do. They don’t want to learn. I mean
think about kids. They don’t want to go to school. I mean they don’t
want to. I don’t want to. I don’t want to so you have to give them
compelling reasons to do that. Multiple contacts = multiple people.
Same thing with online, you send one email you get a few sales. You
send 2 emails you get a few more sales. You send 3 emails you get
even more sales. Why, because you’re hitting people at different
points. I forget the market set-up but people are in a moving parade.
Where you’re at today, you’re not going to be there tomorrow. So in
order to do that, what you need to do is you need to keep them as
they’re moving along this parade.

Keep them going with that. There must always be fewer chairs than
there are bodies. Why? Again because nobody wants what everyone
can have? If in told you it’s no big deal, show up if you want if you
don’t, no big deal more bodies than we got unlimited seating and
unlimited this and unlimited that, no one really cares. There would be
no reason for me to attend. It’s a whole scarcity thing. Another thing is
fear of loss is greater than the possibility of gaining something. Think
about how many times you bought something just because you did not
want to miss out. You wanted to be a part of it and you’re like again
maybe, maybe, maybe man I just don’t want to lose this. It’s not that
I really want it in result, I just don’t want to lose it. That is why people
limit stuff all the time, limit 2 per customer, limit 37 spots here and I
just personally sold out a coaching program where I limit it to 12
people. The guy asked me on the webinar why you limit it to 12
people. My honest answer and the answer I gave everybody is to get
you off your butt and to get you doing something ‘coz if I told you
there’s 50, there are a 100, there are thousand slots, there’s no
reason to do that. But if I tell you look, there are 10 chairs, I’m
sending this out to 354 businesses, they’re getting the same email or
letter or postcard the same time you are then that’s going to compel
them to action if they are remotely interested in it. And finally people
want other people to suffer loss – not them so one of the things and
you’ll see this on the email that I kind of had typed up. Look this is not
only going to up other businesses and a lot more that we have a room
for but it’s also going to your competition. Now I want you to think
about that. Think of someone in your world that you hate, that you
despise, that you wish bad things about. What if someone came up to
you and say hey, you want to buy this? And you go uh, I’m not really
sure and you go great, I’m going to go tell that person about it too.
You’re thinking whoa, don’t do that, I’ll take it. Not because you want
it so bad but definitely because you don’t want your competition to
have it. I mean who would want to have their competition and give
them the upper hand? So there's some kind of stealth ninja, on-crack
whatever techniques you want to talk about. Those are some of them
that really worked well for me offline and online.

And there must really be fewer chairs than there are bodies continued.
Let them know seats are limited, let them know about that. Let them
know that their competition is getting the same offer as them. That’s
huge. It’s really funny to see business owners totally changes their
thing when you tell them hello, this is going to you and your
competition and let them know only one of them can win. When I
talked about limiting chairs, tell them there’s something else they can
do. Instead of 12 people, you say there’s 12 people and I’m limiting 1
per business type meaning there's only going to be 1 plumber, 1
accountant, 1 lawyer and 1 of your business. So not only can you get
in but you can lock your competition out of this seminar so it becomes
you’re creating this race. You’re basically creating this race. Who can
get to the phone faster? So here we go now most of the time, it’s their
day off, let’s be honest most people don’t want to be there so how can
you give them a compelling reason to attend in the first place? You
want to give them tons of free gifts and stuff. People just love stuff,
they absolutely love it. I’ve been to seminars where you come home
and my wife goes, what did you get? And I go oh, look at all this stuff.
I got this notebook. I got this folder. I got this DVD. I got this CD. I
got this post it note with this guys information. I made these contacts.
Now you want to have that or do you want hey what did you get at the
seminar? Nothing, they wasted my time. So find a way to give them
free stuff. What are we talking about? Talking about door prizes, think
about prizes after every speaker. Prizes at the very end of it kind of a
survival thing, stuff to take home with them and after internet prizes.

So let me give you a couple of examples. If you have other speakers
coming to talk at your event and it’s just not you and you can do this if
it’s a party of 1 you can do that you just have to have door prizes. If
you are offering website redesign maybe you offer some gift
certificates to free website critique or maybe a partial redesign or an
SEO package or something like that. Things that have a high perceived
value to the people you’re giving them to. I remember 1 time back in
my hypnosis days, I ran 1 like this and I gave away pedometers that
cost me like 2 bucks and people are like really why, because they have
a high perceived value who you’re giving it to. The next time I did it I
had a DVD package, pedometer and it cost me 10 bucks a package but
it looked like it cost me hundreds of dollars. You want to find stuff that
has a high perceived value to the people that are checking it out. What
about this, a prize after every speaker? So after I made it to the back
of the room, made a purchase to down and here you go because
people will stick around to get prizes. We’ve got like everybody else
and there's one storm kicker that does this. Every hour on the hour
they give away free gifts and its crazy ‘coz I’ve been in there, they
give away free gifts. Some of them will win and people are sticking
around. They go hey man, can I help you? Hey sir can I help you? And
people will tell them no, I’m just waiting for the next free gift. People
will stay there not because they care about the package or the event
or the speaker, they want that free gift. I mean, I’ve seen casino’s use
it. I’ve seen real business use it. I mean people do it all the time,
prizes at the end. Again, give them and if you have a big mega
package tell them, look you’ll get it at the very end of the seminar and
you must be present to win. Again, you force people to sit there and
comply with you and say look, instead of doing this, instead of listing 1
person go, I will use this mega whatever package and you got to stay
‘til the very end. You have to be present to do that stuff to take home
with them. And again this does not have to be huge, expensive stuff.
What about worksheets? What about this? What about this little
package, that little package? I mean if you could think about all the
stuff that you can generate for free and just give them a big pile of it
to take home so just like me I can go home and go hey, look at all this
stuff I got. Check all this stuff I got. Look at all this. I mean people
just love stuff. And after event prizes, this is kind of sneaky but I like
it and that’s probably why I like it ‘coz this is kind of sneaky.

Years ago when I signed out, I was a kid about 8 or 9; it’s a great
marketing lesson. I signed up for this free taekwondo class. If I won, I
got a year of taekwondo for free and I was so excited and I signed up
and then I completely and totally forgot about it. About a month later
my dad gets a call and says hey, Mr. Castleman here’s the deal, your
son did not win the free taekwondo class and oh okay but he did win a
free month. So we can’t give him a year but we can give him a month
for free and we’ll even give you a free uniform if you signed up by this
date. Well guess what? A week later, I was on taekwondo class. Why,
because they very sneakily did it to every single person that has
signed that out. So you can do the very same thing. Hey look, I notice
you left early. I notice the mega package but how about this smaller
package in exchange for doing something for me. Hey, would like this
many package? Great, why don’t we set up a time to meet? I can drop
it off and talk to you more about my services or hey look I know you
didn’t buy this package, what about this package at a lower price with
even less stuff? Again, it’s kind of different and sneaky and tricky ways
to get people to comply with what you want which is to come to your
seminar so they got a reason to attend ‘coz they’re getting and you
know you see people do this piling on bonuses. You get $12,000 worth
of bonuses for $37 and you’re buying it not because you want it but
because man I want those $12,000 bonuses. They stick around ‘coz
they know you’re going to get prizes throughout the day. They got a
bunch of stuff so that when they leave, it’s not like they feel like they
didn’t came for a reason. They got all this stuff to show to people and
then at the very end you give a mega prize and if you don’t get that
mega prize then you can follow-up with them for the smaller prizes.

So let’s talk about like I promise alright and again this is totally on the
fly. It’s not perfect by any stress of the imagination. I kind of wrote up
a little letter, just a 1 page letter that I would possibly send out to a
prospect. So I’m going to go over it and we’ll going to go over it
together and we’ll going to get some examples, some critiques and he
could tell me where to improve it. So let me find that right there. It’s a
very easy, very simple letter, nothing too fancy and again you can
     change it however you want. I just want to make sure can you see
     that okay?

HK: Yes I can see it

Tim Castleman: So we start off like we do everything else – Dear Business
     Owner and if you want to personally address it, you can definitely do
     that. I know you’re busy so I get right to the point. I want to spend a
     few hours with you on March 30th so there's the date. And show you
     how to save up to 20% of what you’re already spending on marketing
     your business. Now this is huge. It tells them the date so if they
     replied to it they can make it and you show them the benefit. Look, it’s
     not like I just want you to come spend a few hours with me, I want
     you to come spend with me and I want you to spend up to 20% off or
     save up to 20% of what you’re already spending and that’s huge
     because business owners will tell you, hey look I want more
     customers. I want people to spend money. I want X. I want Y. I want
     Z but I don’t want to spend any money to do that. So you tell them
     look, you don’t have to spend any more money; we’ll talk about what
     you’re already spending on marketing your business.

     Again totally off the fly, who am I and why should you care? These go
     a little bit of your background. I’ll let them know hey, I’m not some
     guy who’s living in a far away slum. In fact I live right here in
     Lubbock. I make a little reference in every dollar I save and spend, get
     spend in Lubbock. I’m going to tell him look, I’m not some guy like
     this is some Nigerian scammer. I’m a guy who lives in your hometown
     and I want you to know any money I save or spend is going to stay
     right here in Lubbock. For the past 5 years, so you did a little
     credentializing. I’ve helped small businesses like yours save hundreds,
     if not thousands off their marketing cost by using the internet to get
     and keep new customers. So okay now they know what I do.

     So again, if they keep reading and they are interested. Again, what’s
     in it for you? That’s what you have to remember through all this.
     People only care about what's in it for them. They don’t care what's in
     it for me. They want to know why am I going to give up my Saturday
     or my Sunday or my night to basically what's in it for me? So I tell
     them right there hey, if you spend your time with me on March 30th,
     I’ll show you how to use what you already have meaning you don’t
     have to spend more money and get a better return in your investment
     than your Yellow Page, newspaper, radio and TV ads. So that’s a big
     benefit. I’m telling you look, you’re already spending this money, I
     want to show you how to get a better return for that money. Go ahead
HK: Tim, and you’re target market most probably people who are already
     spending the money so you’re not even worried about the people not
     already advertising, would you say that’s accurate?

Tim Castleman: Yeah I would absolutely say that and again I’m talking
     about when you go to that laser target selection, I would definitely
     only spend money with people that are advertising. If you’re already
     advertising, I can convince you to spend that money in different ways.
     But if you’re not advertising, you don’t want to advertise, you don’t
     care about advertising, I can’t convince you.

     So again for this example we’re going for people that already have
     websites. They already know the importance of having a website.
     They’ve already spent their money on it. They get their monthly
     hosting so again that’s a great tip and I’m glad you brought that up. If
     they are not already advertising, I mark them off the list completely.
     I’m going for low hanging fruit here. If you want to have hard and
     difficult, you go right ahead I just don’t want to do that. I want to talk
     to people that are already advertising, already spending money and
     already doing the things. Now we just want to shift it just a little bit
     more so I want to show you how you can save money on the Yellow
     Pages, your TV, your radio and stuff like that and then convert that to
     internet to where money is at and that’s where I come in and that’s
     where I make money so that’s something that’s huge to do that.

     And also I have this benefit in addition just for attending; I’ll give you
     a bunch of cool stuff. Now why did I say a bunch of cool stuff? Because
     I’ve got no idea what we’ll give at this point but you can take home
     with you and share with your friends and family and staff. Again, you
     need to understand it’s important. Now they know this guy is going to
     show me how to save money and like I said I’m going to get a bunch
     of cool stuff that I can take home with me and share with people
     because if you know anything about people that buy stuff or tend stuff,
     they don’t want to be the fool. It’s like going to a time share meeting;
     it’s like oh I don’t want to be the idiot that leaves with nothing. I don’t
     want to just waste my time that’s why you always get a free knife set
     or something like that and you can go oh yeah I went to this time
     share meeting and people will say you’re an idiot. And you will go oh; I
     got this free knife set out of it. So this is huge psychological stuff and
     people that way they didn’t go back and go woah. They have that
     nagging spouse or that idiot employee and what you do in that
     seminar. Look at all this cool stuff they gave me. People really do
resonate with that and I mean that’s why it worked so well because
that’s what people want.

Why you need to attend? Again I’m telling you in addition to showing
you how to save your money on your current advertising; I also lined
several guest speakers. This is where you simply put out your
speakers – who they are, why do you want to listen to them. And then
tell them hey, this is what happens if you don’t attend. Let me be
clear. I’m sending this email to you along with 342 other business
owners here in Lubbock. So again getting them to think instead of just
oh God there's unlimited seating, I tell them you’re not the only 1
getting this email. We only have room for 19 business owners to
attend this event. Why 19 because 19 seem like a good number. Now
you may have real room limitation, you may have small room that can
only fit 7 or 12 or you may just want to have that perceived scarcity
and tell them look, I got 342 people, only 19 of you are getting at. And
I tell them right here, you do the math. So they can do that math.
Wow, I got 342 people but 19 businesses are on here, that’s not good.

In addition to the 342 business owners we are also limiting the amount
of like businesses attending. Meaning there will only be 1 plumber, 1
attorney and 1 business, that’s why I always read copy out loud. And 1
business like yours so if you pass on the opportunity chances are your
competition won’t. Think about that I’m telling look, if you pass on it,
that’s fine. Your competition won’t. Not to mention that by you
attending, they can’t get in and you get the upper hand. So think
about that. Think about what we just told them. There's a limited
number of seats. In addition to being a limited number of seats, only 1
business like yours can get in. If you don’t get in, your competition will
and if you get in then they don’t then you get to lock them out. I mean
that’s a huge paragraph but it really makes people act. I mean I’m
telling you, I did nothing more than those 3 things when it came to
selling a coaching program. I once sell a cheap coaching program for
200 bucks, zero refunds and I sold out all 12 spots in like 3 days just
doing this, just doing nothing more. That should be some food for
thought but again people will really think that and I tell them this
could be the best $X and again whatever I’d charge the event there
you go. I promise to respect your time and ensure that you will leave
with the knowledge and information needed to improve your business
because of the limited spaces it is a first come, first serve basis and
remember if you’re competition beats you to the punch – you lose, not
them. So there's a little reminder what happens if they don’t take
     For only $X you get access to some of the sharpest minds in small
     business marketing. You also get a ton of free stuff to take back and
     share with your staff and family so again, benefit, benefit, benefit. To
     ensure your spot at the event, send $X (money orders or cash – no
     checks) to and then you put your information and if you want to set up
     a PayPal button you could do it. I mean,,, I mean
     in your local area you could do that and that’s the great place to get
     people get more information for doing that. Thanks for your time. I
     look forward to seeing you March 30th and then your name and stuff
     like that. So again, just a real simple down and dirty, non hype just
     telling you I want you to come hang out. This is the benefits if you do.
     Here’s the punishment if you don’t, here’s some more punishment,
     here’s some more punishment. Here's a reminder of the good stuff
     you’ll get. Here's a reminder of the bad. Here's where you’ll send your
     money. So now, this was probably written about 20 minutes so I don’t
     expect it to be world-class so I’m ready. Tell me kind of what you
     would change and you think you would do different with an email or a
     letter like this.

HK: I think you hit on some good points. The things I like is the lock-in idea
     of locking-up the competition. That kind of seems like one of the
     biggest hot buns for small business owners when you think that’s one
     of the biggest issues that tends to come up over and over again.

Tim Castleman: No that’s it

HK: When we talk to small business

Tim Castleman: That’s it I mean a 100% well I know you’re teaching me
     this but what about this? Are you going to teach my competition? I
     always tell them look, you have the option to have an exclusive
     contract. Look again like we talked about, people fear losing more than
     they do want to gain. So if you can show them intangible things that
     look you’re going to miss out. You are going to miss out. You will miss
     out. If you go to my training thing right now and it’s sold out, sorry
     you missed out because that’s what happens. So if you could tell
     people look, you’re missing out and I’m going to lock out your
     competition. Now this doesn’t mean forever either. I mean you could
     run these seminars once a month and the thing is hey you get first
     tips. So yeah I locked your competition out this month but next month
     they may get in and here's what you’re doing, you're building up on
     that. Once people understand that your serious hey, that Castleman
     guy he only lets 19 people in, 1 business type and so on and so forth.
     Then when they get that the next month says hey, you missed out and
     here's your chance to get back in. They’re going to jump at the
     alternative because they know that you’re not messing around.

     So let’s talk about this letter a little bit more. What would you add?
     What would you change? Don’t spare my feeling. If there's something
     you thought man, we could do this better, tell me what you think we
     can really improve to make people jump up?

HK: When you get more specific on what you’ll going to be covering, that’s
     something you can give a taste with bullets or whatever. Get more
     specific on the information you’re providing. What's that going to do
     for the attendee? Go ahead what are your thoughts on that?

Tim Castleman: Well no I think that’s great. I think if you really make it
     about that and you make it about them and that’s the thing, it’s not all
     about you. It’s all about them, what they stand to gain not what you
     stand to gain. Look, everyone knows you’re not doing this out of
     kindness of your heart. You don’t need mocking about that but you tell
     them look, this is what you gain. This is what you need to do. This is
     why you need to do it. And I think that’s smart. I think that’s really,
     really smart to say hey look, these are the benefits you’re going to
     get. If I knew specifically and again this is just a dummy email but if
     knew specifically what I wanted to cover there, I might even give a
     little bit free away and tell them hey look, here's one thing. Maybe talk
     about email marketing, why it’s so good. So doing something like that
     I think will be huge, it credentializes you and because something else I
     does because if you can make the people see the benefit from 1 small
     thing, then they can see it for the big thing too. So I think that’s huge
     to do that. I think that’s a great point.

HK: You know the other thing that occurs me is some type of guarantee. If
     you’re charging for the event, how can they be reassured that this is
     right for them? It might even be somewhere where you can get this is
     a good place where you can have a strong guarantee will be very
     effective. If you don’t learn something then I’ll give you double your
     money back guarantee or something of that nature.

Tim Castleman: Yeah I think that’s great. Now here's the thing, I hate
     guarantees. I don’t have one in any of my products because I don’t
     want people buying this stuff and then taking it off. In the offline
     world, I think it could work and you could do something real simple.
     Hey, if you think by lunch time on Saturday whatever, you haven’t got
     $20 worth of ideas come to me and I’ll quickly and quietly refund your
     $20 plus you got to keep all the bonuses for that day. You could do
     something like that or even love to double your money back thing. I
     know a guy that really does well online and he basically says hey look,
     if you don’t like this product, you don’t think its worth of your time, I’ll
     give you a hundred bucks for your trouble. So not only will I refund
     your money but I can give you a hundred dollars. And I think you
     bring up a great point and that is people do not want to look foolish.
     Above all, they don’t want to make mistakes. They don’t want to have
     to spend a lot of money and above all they don’t want to look foolish.
     So if you give them a chance and you guarantee it, you basically say
     hey, I guarantee you that you’re going to learn at least that and if you
     don’t, then I’ll give you your money back. That’s huge. I think that’s
     great and you’re right I don’t even think about a guarantee but that
     really, really could strengthen up your position because when they
     think there's no risk. Look if I got to get my 20 bucks back plus I got
     to keep all the stuff.

HK: And you know something else that occurs to me just is this person he
     maybe kind of or probably is scared of the internet. He’s scared of
     you’re going to be selling them something that he doesn’t need. So if
     you can address some of those concerns that this person has. What is
     it that’s going to prevent him from attending the meeting – busy,
     worried about that he doesn’t really need to be concerned about.

Tim Castleman: Yeah I think that’s great and you know you can uncover
     that stuff is in that survey ‘coz people will tell you I don’t need to go
     there. I don’t want to be sold like if everyone told you hey, one of the
     biggest things or the reason I wouldn’t attend this is because of extra
     why. Look, I wouldn’t attend because I’m afraid I’m going to be sold
     this or some guys going to rip me off or something like that. If you
     keep getting that reoccurring trend, I’m not going to attend because
     this problem X and it’s the same problem after problem after problem,
     then that’s something you're going to address in that letter. Look, I
     know you might be thinking that I’m some flip back guy with the
     cheap suit and a fancy car coming to steal your money. Nothing can be
     further than the truth in fact I’m a local guy right here in the
     community and really address those fears and I think that’s smart to
     do that and I think that’s another key point that can be added and
     strengthened in this email for sure.

HK: Exactly. I mean I really like how you introduced yourself there and I can
     see that in a really key where you say I live right here in Lubbock,
     Texas (go Tech Football) and every dollar I spend gets spent in
     Lubbock. It just lets people know a little bit that you’re a real person
      and you’re not going to be there just to tell them or offer them
      something that they don’t need or not provide value to them.

Tim Castleman: Absolutely

HK: That you’re a real person

Tim Castleman: Yeah I think that’s great and that’s a way you can do that
     because that’s what people are worried about and here's the other
     great thing about that when you position yourself like that, then you
     already are doing better than your competition. Meaning, if they go
     well this guy can build me a website for 200 bucks, where is that guy
     located. Well, he is in New York. Well guess what? If your server goes
     down and your website goes down or you’re going to get on the plane
     and go to New York and find that guy well no. Well, guess what? If you
     website goes down here you drive 2 blocks left, there's my house over,
     you knock on the door, I’m going to answer and we’ll get your problem
     taken care of. It’s really smart because you’re letting them know hey,
     I’m a local guy but also if there's a problem, guess what? I’m also local
     and I’m a phone call and 2 blocks away. I mean there's nothing better
     than that. I mean that guy maybe 10 times cheaper for me but guess
     what if there's a problem and you’re losing money because of it, who’s
     going to be able to take care of you quickly? If it’s in the middle of the
     night and you got issue, I mean this guy is not going to answer his
     phone. I live within the community. I mean this is what it comes down
     to, do you think I’m really going to screw you out of this because I’m
     in your community and I know that’s going to affect me. The guy in
     New York doesn’t care if he screws you but you going to tell the people
     in Lubbock and that where we lives because I work and I go to church
     and people in this community, that’s a big thing for me and people
     also think wow, if something goes wrong, I can slam this guy locally
     and he would really feel the pinch over some national company that
     they don’t care about.

HK: What would you say are some of the, when you talk to small business
     owners, what are some of the key things that kind of get some
     excited. You already mention the first thing was saving money out of
     their existing advertising. What are some of those other things that
     they look for?

Tim Castleman: Well I think that’s big because if you can show them how
     to save money, that’s great. The other thing is being able to contact
     their customers for cheaper than before ‘coz I talk about and here's a
     real world example. A full page Yellow Page ad here in Lubbock, Texas
      is $10,000. Now for a quarter of that and the ad is static meaning if
      they put the wrong phone number, they put the wrong information,
      the color looks crappy, they don’t get something right for a whole year
      you have to deal with that. For $2,500, we can make a website that
      you could literally change every hour on the hour at 365 days a year
      and we can change it, update it with new products, new information,
      new this. So if I show them the flexibility, that’s another huge thing
      and also look, you want me to contact all your customers, great here's
      what we do. We hit this, compose, we send an email, send to all 2, 3,
      4, 500 thousand whatever, how many customers you got on your
      email list we can talk to right now. Instead of let’s get a postcard
      together, let’s get a letter together, let’s spend a dollar a piece on
      those, let’s put them out and then within 2 weeks hopefully all those
      people would come in. So I really show them the flexibility of it, the
      ease of use meaning that you can do that and the savings not only in
      advertising but also on your explorations. I mean business owners
      don’t want to spend money. I mean that’s the bottom line is they just
      don’t want to spend money. So if you could show them hey look, this
      is how you can get more customers without spending more money and
      in some cases even going less, to me that’s a huge thing.

HK: Okay cool so that sounds like all great things that can be integrated
     more and really painting the picture what the person gets and
     addressing their concerns.

Tim Castleman: Yeah absolutely and I appreciate you kind of looking that
     ‘coz you’re a world class copywriter not me and those are issues I
     wouldn’t think about but it is I tell people offline marketing is different
     and it is but a lot of things transform from offline marketing. Give
     them a great offer because your offer is huge. If you told me I could
     spend 20 bucks, I think like of those get motivated seminars, the ones
     that have a Zig Ziglar and all that. My wife went to one recently and
     she comes home she’s got this tote and it’s not a crappy tote, it’s a
     woven tote. She’s got a program that is full-colored glossy and is
     signed by some of the speakers. She’s got like 3 or 4 CDs from Zig
     Ziglar, a one DVD from this other company and all that. So I said how
     much did that cost you? She said nothing, this is totally free. But what
     she had when she goes home. She got stuff and look at all the stuff I
     got and it only cost me 20 bucks. Now if she doesn’t think about the
     $300 seminar she signed up. Look at all this stuff that I got and it was
     only $20.

      So if you can do that again make a compelling offer. Make it no risk to
      them with the strong guarantee maybe even a double your money
      back guarantee. Show some proof that this stuff can work. If you have
      testimonials, that’s the other thing I totally forgot on this and I was
      just thinking if you have testimonials with companies that you’ve
      worked for in your local area, thrown them in this email. I mean that
      would be huge ‘coz people, the hardest thing people are going to have
      is believing you. But if you can say look, I’ve got this business and this
      business and this business that are in the same town and they profited
      this as a result of our relationship then they know you’re not blowing
      smoke. They know wow this guy is not only is he legitimate, not only
      does he knows what he’s talking about but similar and like businesses
      just like mine have profited from this businesses just like I could and
      it’s only $20 and so on and so forth.

HK: Yeah I kind of see that as big hot button. You know people know their
     competitors so when they see hey, you did something special for my
     competitor, people think you can do that for me. A lot of skepticism
     goes away when they different business owner that’s in a different
     business well I think on some level my business is different even
     though the same process is they got a result of that person might
     work for him.

Tim Castleman: Yeah I love that because I get it all time. Well, my
     business is different than a pest control company and I’m thinking no,
     it’s not. I know your business you told me all about it. You guys are
     remarkably similar, you know what I mean? So again he doesn’t want
     to know that. If he makes a result for a dentist, dentist will come to
     you because you’re the dental guy. Well, you helped my dentist buddy,
     could you help me? And that’s a great way to go with it if you want to
     niche it. If you want to niche, that’s fantastic. If you don’t that’s fine
     but you could do that. What is 1 dentist want what the other dentist
     have and especially if you can deal with that on a local level that’s
     huge and you can even go national. I mean those guys have to go to
     continuing education classes. They have to go to and it’s normally in
     some remote place like Florida or Los Angeles or Las Vegas or
     something like that. They absolutely must, must, must go and they
     have to go and you could even get pots speaking there and there's
     nothing wrong with that at all. I mean I think that’s a great thing.

      So I know that this is kind of a rush thing I wanted to make sure I got
      it all in a quick time but you said you have some questions and I want
      to answer any of them to the best of my ability, I’ll be honest if I can
      answer it, great. If I can’t, I’ll be more than happy to tell you I don’t
      know. I can’t help you.
HK: Sure that was a great presentation. I got a lot from it. I just like more
     specific. It might be when you talk about the follow-up schedule, what
     would the initial list would be? How big you think it would be if you
     follow up series?

Tim Castleman: To me here's what I tell people and here's what I found
     when I survey my list over and over and over again. They constantly
     tell me they have $200 a month to spend and about 10 hours a week
     so they’ve got more time than they have money which is perfectly
     fine. I’ve been there. What I would do in that situation is that I would
     make a list that is achievable. For instance if I told you hey, I want
     you to contact a thousand businesses a week, you’d look at me like I
     have 3 heads but if I told you hey let’s do a hundred, that’s only 20 a
     day, I can do 20 a day. So what I would tell people just to start off
     right and start off small. Again, once you guys get the process down
     then you can scale it up so maybe find a place that can only hold to 10
     businesses or 5 businesses whatever. I’m looking at the conference
     table I’m sitting at, I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 businesses total so if I do that
     well that’s going to be my first place. It’s free to me whatever. I would
     say a hundred, 200, 300 again, what your time and your budget will

      Now, the smaller the list, the more the contacts if I got a list of a
      thousand businesses sure I contact every single one meaning okay I
      get this one with the wrong address or bad fax number. No big deal.
      But if I got a hundred I’m relying on each one of those so I am really
      diligent to do that. So if you got a lot of money but no time, then I
      would say do a hundred, 200 max but you have to be diligent with
      how you contact them. I mean do it by phone. Phone costs you I
      mean, you have that anyway. Do it via email. That’s free except for
      little time. Do it via fax, you can check your local area but that might
      be a way to do that. And again, if you have a little more money, then
      do the postcards. I mean I can do postcards. I get thousands of
      amounts for 333 bucks. And again, when you’re figuring that out you
      got to figure out the dynamics. Okay look, I got in front of me. If I’m
      going to spend a thousand dollars and I don’t want to lose any money,
      that means that each one of these seats has to be how much money
      or am I going to charge a lower cost upfront and hope that they buy
      some back-end stuff. Again, those are all things that really have to
      come into the equation.

HK: Just some to note, you kind of talked about surveying your audience.
     So it seem kind to make sense that you want to group either one to
     just pick 1 type of business or you want to group similar ones at the
      conference. So maybe accountants and lawyers and the more
      professional services might go together and then something like that.
      Does that make sense?

Tim Castleman: Yeah and you can definitely do that and here's what I
     would tell you and this is a real easy way to do it. This is the way that
     I find my clients and I’ve shared this with a lot of people so it would be
     a refresher but it would still be relevant. Just go to the local Yellow
     Pages and see who’s got the most display ads. I mean if I look at
     plumbers right now, I’ve got Yellow Pages here, almost every one of
     those ads are display ads. Why? Because they need new customers,
     they need constant customers. Also think of businesses that have
     reoccurring income. Think of a gym, like businesses, a pet place like a
     Groomers, a plumber, pest control, things where they are coming out
     on a regular and frequent basis. So think about that but I think that’s
     really smart because again you hit on before, professionals like to be
     around professions.

      If you put a bunch of lawyers and accountants and doctors and with
      the plumber, I guarantee you both sides are going to be awkward.
      Why? Because they’re talking about where they went to College,
      graduate degrees and their internships and this guy is talking about
      cleaning a crapper out. I mean they just don’t have a lot to relate. Hey
      look I did this double surgery. I say really I cleaned up the sewer.
      People just can’t relate to it and as a result of that, it’s going to be a
      little uncomfortable. So maybe I think the smart thing will be like you
      say the targeted professional businesses and say look, this one’s going
      to be for lawyers, this one’s going to be for dentist. It’s going to be for
      this type of business and by doing that you got to tailor your
      presentation to that person meaning you get to say hey look, this is
      what, instead of what got all these businesses, you can say look you
      guys are all professionals – you’re doctors, you’re lawyers, you’re
      chiropractors, your dentist or whatever, this is really tailored
      specifically and totally to you. So that’s what I would tell you that’s
      what I would do.

HK: Okay I guess changing yours like more in how the seminar would run; I
     guess what do you think about the business model of being kind of the
     middleman? I’m kind of debating on what kind of services I would
     provide? I guess that something is kind of holding me or holding me
     back from providing services is I don’t want to get necessarily involved
     to offering copy writing to small businesses, we don’t really get it. It
     seems you kind of need to start with the AutoResponder series or
     something that they can relate to more.
Tim Castleman: Right

HK: Does that make any sense?

Tim Castleman: It does and again it is where you go to the side and think
     about like we met at the Warrior Forum meet-up where there are 50
     or 60 people there. Well, I’ve seen seminars that have 300 and even
     with a few thousand. Well those people are going for volume. Maybe
     you want to go that route. Maybe you want to be those get-motivated
     seminars, they have tens if not hundreds of thousands of people
     attend those a year. That’s a volume base thing. Do you want to go
     that route or do you want to go a different route and again, if you find
     out like if someone said to me hey Tim, we really want a seminar on
     website design. Well, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know website
     design. I’m learning it, but I don’t know it. I outsource it all but I
     guarantee you, I can find somebody that can do that and basically the
     deal is I mean just like with any joint venture hey look, I’ll let you talk
     about your businesses for 50% that’s what I want. And again when
     you’re talking about professional services, those people are use to
     paying a heck of a lot more than most people. So to them or maybe to
     you a thousand bucks is a lot, to them it’s a drop in a bucket. It’s a 1
     tooth full or 1 root canal or 1 this or 1 that type deal. So that’s what I
     would tell you, if you want to be the middleman, that’s fine but the
     middleman has to make sense. 50% of a $49 package is not going to
     help you but 50% of a 2,000 or a 3,000 or $4,000 package definitely
     would help you.

HK: Okay it kind of make sense if you go to that model you got to find
     people that offer those high-end products

Tim Castleman: Yeah and you can stipulate. That is your seminar or you
     can do it you can say look, here's the deal. The minimum offer that
     you can offer is X number of dollars because I’ve been to seminars and
     I’m sure you have to where they got this high pitch programs so
     2,000; 3,000; 5,000; 10,000 and they always have someone up there.
     And they’re like for $97, I’ll give you my first born child, my soul,
     every product I’ve ever created, every product I ever thought about
     creating, $15 of individual coaching and I told you what will happen is
     it kills the rope. And also it doesn’t make sense for the person
     providing it to let that happen because okay great, they sold a
     thousand packages, awesome you get 50% of that. So they say great
     you sold a thousand packages to get what you have got to equate to
     maybe someone who is selling 2 or 3 packages. So I would say look,
      you can come pitch here’s the deal it’s 50% and there's a minimum.
      The minimum service or product that you can offer is X number of
      dollars. If you’re cool with that, great welcome aboard. If you’re not
      that’s fine, I’ll find somebody else.

HK: What has been your experience with small business owners as to
     whether how many of them tend to want to learn or hands on and
     then how many of them that just want everything done for them?

Tim Castleman: I mean here's the thing. With everything and you know
     this. People want to learn enough to where they can have somebody
     do it for them and I think about copywriting right. I probably literally
     have 20 or 30 bucks offer. I got the classics, I got the old classics, I
     got everything. I got 15 different audio courses, I got 3 or 4 video
     courses I mean if I sat down and right everything, I guarantee you
     Kennedy can go punch for punch.

      But I don’t want to do that and here's the thing, these people don’t
      want to do that. In any market, if you provide that done for you
      service, that is what people want. Perfect example we talked about
      meeting at the Warrior Forum event. I offered 3 offers, a 47, a 247 I
      think it was and a 997. Well I’ll be honest with you, that 997 was
      made up 2 minutes before I went on ‘coz my buddy told me I had to
      had a super high price offer. No one is going to take it but it will make
      the other 2 seems like a bargain. Okay great fantastic and I’m done
      with it and the 997 bottle I want to done for you. I’m going to do
      everything for you. Don’t worry about it. All you have to do is pay for
      that and it was totally be as. I had no idea. I have no intention of
      doing that. When I get done, everyone is talking about my 997 offer.
      Why? Because it is done for you so that’s why people don’t want to
      build their own website. Basically you will find people that will tell you
      well, this is all you need to do and look I know you’re busy and I know
      you’re important your time is more valuable than money so let me do
      it for you and here's how I can do that for you and here's package A,
      package B, package C.

HK: Okay so basically the goal as far is you are delivering, it’s basically to
     get people educated enough so they can hire somebody what they
     should be looking for.

Tim Castleman: I mean here's what I would do. I would have a do-it-
     yourself model and a done-for-you model. If you want to do it
     yourself, fantastic and I can show you how and here’s this home-study
     course and its 497 and I wish you the best of luck. Now and good luck
      and if you have any questions feel free to call so on and so forth or if
      you want a done-for-you then it’s only 1,500 or $2,500. Now I know
      that sounds a lot if you’re a lawyer worth 450 an hour you know 10
      hours at a plus. Is it your time worth more than 10 hours? But it gives
      them the option you know what I mean? I’m not saying you have to
      take this. You say look man, if you want to do it yourself fantastic.
      Here’s a do-it-yourself package. Oh and by the way, if 3 months
      afterwards you decide that you don’t want to do it yourself anymore
      and you want to hire out, I will put that money towards the done-for-
      you package. You know what I mean? But you just give an option,
      option A and option B I don’t care. You pick. You decide. That’s how I
      sell it. If you want a do it for you, here you go. If you want a done for
      you, here you go.

HK: Okay cool so yeah that makes a lot of sense. So I guess I’m kind of
     recap and I guess my next step is kind of what we talk about and you
     can just comment on it or add anything. Does that work?

Tim Castleman: Yup great

HK: Okay well I guess the next step would be to get a feel, see if you can
     come up with the list of customers, look at the Yellow Pages, look at
     Google Maps and so on and see if you can find this high spending
     businesses. Make a list of them based on what you can afford, I can
     send a direct mail to. Then you got to put together the emails. You got
     to put together the direct mail piece. And then figure out what you
     going to say or talk to them on the phone. Then we got to book the
     room and like you said you want to keep it like there are less seats for
     people for the limited scarcity. Am I missing something or does that
     sound pretty good?

Tim Castleman: Very good that sounds like it. It’s going to depend on your
     time and your budget. If you got more money, get more businesses. If
     you got more time, get smaller businesses but do more personal
     contact. I mean don’t you think it will make an impact to you if you
     work at a business and a guy came in to see you. You know that
     makes more than a letter, an email or fax combined. If you have less
     time but more money, do all that other stuff and again do what your
     comfortable doing. Like for me cold calling, that would be difficult. But
     I would call and say hey, I send you a letter last week, did you get it?
     It’s not a cold call, I send you a letter, I’m just checking to see if you
     did. I did great; are you interested and so on and so forth. Do what
     you’re comfortable with, what your time frame works, what your
     budget works for, find those businesses.
     Again, go to the Yellow Pages, find the ones that have display ads. If
     you’re really picking a low-hanging fruit, find the ones that have
     display ads plus a website that’s horrible. We showed you that one
     website and I guarantee you if I went to that list of a thousand more
     than none, they’re going to be crappy websites just like that. Well, if
     I’m looking to again doing website redesign, those are the people that
     I would go after. And then once you do that, you survey them and you
     find out look, what do you want? So I got these hundred businesses I
     want to work with, now let’s find out what the hell do these businesses
     want? They want X, they want Y, they want Z, fantastic, great, we’ll do
     that. And then you find the speakers that can compliment that, how
     they do it and how it works and you put it together. Like you say,
     make smaller number of seats than there are people. You do the
     limited scarcity stuff and you’re good to go.

HK: So when you’re doing the survey, how would you go about doing that?

Tim Castleman: Well, I’ve done it a million ways. Honestly I had great
     success doing it via fax and you say look, I’m not selling a thing ‘coz
     you’re not, I’m just doing a survey. And what I’ve done and I’m glad
     you brought this up ‘coz it makes us smart is I offer them a reward for
     sending it back ‘coz no one is going to send it back if there is no

HK: Okay

Tim Castleman: A couple of people will but some people won’t. And here's
     how you do it that sneaky. I’m going to give you a 5 or $10 for
     returning this seminar survey to me. In order to do that, I’m need the
     person whom I’m sending the money to, the address, telephone
     number. So what have I done and now I got a list of super interested
     people that are interested enough to return the survey to me and I’ve
     got all their contact information. So when I send out that phone card,
     when I send out that letter, when I send out that invitation to those
     people that are interested. In fact, here’s what I would do. I will do
     that survey. I get those invitations made up after we have the date
     and all that and I’d send that 5 or $10 in the invitation. So you’re
     doing 2 things at once. Here's some money, oh by the way, here's the
     invitation to that local seminar that you were talking about, that’s a
     very easy and tricky and sneaky way to do that. And again, with
     MetroFax you can do that. I think I send out a thousand fax one time
     and it cost me 12 bucks. So you could do huge numbers in the fax,
     build your smaller business list only out of the ones that respond, the
      10, the 20 or the 30 however many it is and then, once you do then
      you know those are the people to go after.

HK: Okay so all this sounds really good and I think I have a better handle of
     what to do next and how to proceed. I guess that does it for all my

Tim Castleman: Awesome. Well the only thing that I would tell you, I was
     thinking about this while you’re talking and if you’re freaked out about
     fax, first I’d tell you I didn’t have any issues or concerns or complaints.
     If someone faxes you back saying take them off of your list, I happily
     do that. In fact I can put that on the survey. Hey if you don’t want to
     receive another survey and I’ll make sure they understand the surveys
     and I’m not selling anything. I just want their opinion and that’s what
     I’m paying for. If you really freaked out about that, do the Survey
     Monkey deal. Send it to them via email. I mean that would give you a
     hundred free surveys that will cost you absolutely nothing to do that.
     So that’s it.

                                *** END ***

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