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									           Color Coding the Periodic Table of Elements
Complete the following steps to color coding your Periodic Table of Elements.
You must reference HS&T Ch. 3 Understanding the Periodic Table.

1. Along the top of the table write the number of valence electrons (include the ‘A’) for
      Groups 1-2 and 13-18.

2. Label the Groups (G1, G2, etc…) above each column along the top of the table.

3. Label the Periods (P1, P2, etc…) to the left of the boxes along the left side of the table.

   * This represents the number of energy levels for each Period

4. Make the dividing line (staircase-looking zig-zag) between the metals and nonmetals
     more visible by using a highlighter or colored pencil.

5. Above the dividing line draw a                                          Metals          Nonmetals
     double sided arrow and label as shown 

Using map pencils, color each group on the table as follows:

       1. Color the square for Hydrogen pink.
       2. Lightly color all metals yellow.
       3. Place black dots in the squares of all alkali metals.
       4. Draw a horizontal line across each box in the group of alkaline earth metals.
       5. Draw a diagonal line across each box of all transition metals.
       6. Color the metalloids purple.
       7. Color the nonmetals orange.
       8. Draw small brown circles in each box of the halogens.
       9. Draw checkerboard lines through all the boxes of the noble gases.
       10. Using a black color, trace the zigzag line that separates the metals from the nonmetals.
       11. Color all the lanthanides red.
       12. Color all the actinides green.

When you are finished, make a key that indicates which color identifies which group.

6. In the upper left hand corner of the page,
       make the following Key 

     Congratulations!! You have color coded the Periodic Table of Elements!

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