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									                                           With the compliments of:

                                                                                                                         Photos: Foto Grafik Schärli, Hölstein
                                                                                                                                                                               Cantex Ergo / Plano 45 S2
                                                                                                                                                                               The flush milling machines
                                                                                                                                                                               of the highest quality standard

                                                                                                                                                                               Flush milling of wooden or synthetic edges,
                                                                                                                                                                               edge banding or face frames

Cantex Ergo:                               Plano 45 S2:                                                                                                          Cantex Ergo
Rating:         1000 W                     Rating:         1000 W
Design types:   120 / 230 V                Design types:   120 / 230 V
RPM:            10’000 rev /min            RPM:            10’000 rev /min
Cutter:         Cutter head with           Cutter:         Cutter head with
                3 HW-Reversing knives                      3 HW-Reversing knives
                45 12 1.5 mm                               45 12 1.5 mm
Weight:         4.3 kg                     Weight:         4.1 kg
Art. No.        111857                     Art. No.        111851

                                           Scope of supply:                        Optional accessories:
                                           Machine, complete                       Suction set 30, inside = 30 mm
                                           Set of tools                            (3 m hose + adapter piece)
                                                                                   Art. No. 121815
                                           Operating instructions
                                                                                   Reducer 54 / 58 mm
                                           Solid wooden case
                                                                                   Art. No. 331805
                                                                                   Parallel guide stop for Cantex Ergo
                                                                                   Art. No. 121290
                                                                                   HW-Reversing knives;
                                                                                   45 12 1.5 mm (Set of 3)
                                                                                   Art. No. 131822

                                           Product guarantee:                      Guarantee of parts availability:
                                           1 year in case of malfunction due       10 years for spare parts and
                                           to improper manufacture or defective    accessories from last date of
                                           materials                               manufacture
                                                                                                                         BF 07/05-GB4 Art.-No. 9811140GB

                Lamello AG
                Hauptstrasse 149
                CH-4416 Bubendorf
                Tel. +41 (0)61 935 36 36
                Fax +41 (0)61 935 36 06
Cantex Ergo                      Special helical milling geometry                     Parallel guide stop
                                                                                  (Optional accessories)
                                 facilitates “pulling” cut (shearing cut)
                                                                             For flush milling edge bands on
                                 Guaranteed tear-free work
                                                                               materials with synthetic resin
                                                                              surface (i.e. melamine or HPL)
                                 Low cutting pressure                         without damaging the surface
                                 No chipping at the end of the edge
                                                                                       With a quick set stop
                                 Perfect cut even                                   and a micro adjustment

                                 on crossgrained wood

                                                                                  Special coating of the
                                 Cutter head with 3 Carbide
                                                                            supporting plate (Standard)
                                 insert knives (reversible                     Provides an optimized sliding
                                 for two sided use)                            surface and prevents maring
                                 Easy and accurate knife                            of the substrate surface

                                 changes without a setting
Equipped with the
successful Step Memory           Cost-effective tool usage
System (rep. pat.)               thanks to long life
Milling height easily and
quickly adjusted in steps
                                 Detachable Nylon
of 0.035 mm (.0014" =
                                                                                           Plano 45 S2
1.4/1000" per click)
                                 Removal design allows                                     Flush Mill projecting parts of wood,
Ergonomically improved           easy cutting entry into                                   resin-gall patches, patching rods,
and repositioned                                                                           knots and crossbar patches
                                 edge bands
switches and grips
For a safe and ergonomic         Flush milling through corners                             Adjustable handgrip
way of work                                                                                Designed for safe and accurate
                                 With Nylon Platen-Gib for
                                                                                           machine control during operation
                                 flush milling of projecting
                                 parts in the middle of a surface                          Milling width 45 mm
Swivel vaccum stub
                                                                                           Designed to our specifications set
For a flexible dust ejection
                                                                                           in the Lamello Minispot System
and easy handling

Suitable vaccum equipment
available as accessories

Elevated machine support
To protect the work surface
and milling machine when it is
running down or not in use

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