; Twin Cities Foot _ Ankle Conference
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Twin Cities Foot _ Ankle Conference


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									                             Twin Cities Foot & Ankle Conference

                                      Friday, November 12th, 2010

8:00-10:00           Roundtable discussion                     Troy Boffeli
                     Moderator: Scott Jorgensen                Ryan Pfannenstein
                                                               Fernando Pena
                                                               James Mazzuca
                                                               Andrew Lundquist
                                                               Steve Mariash

10-10:30             Break

10:30-11:10     Flatfoot surgery: Osteotomy vs Fusion          Fernando Pena
11:10-11:30          MRI of the 2nd MPJ                        CDI Radiologist/TBA
11:30-11:50          Lis Franc Injuries                        James Mazzuca
11:50-12:00          Panel

12:00-1:30                    Lunch

1:30-1:50      Cuboid Syndrome                                 Terry Vanderheiden
1:50-2:10      Pediatric Flat foot/Accessory navicular         Terry Vanderheiden
2:10-2:30      Coalitions in the Pediatric Patient             Matthew Sorenson
2:30-2:50      High Gastroc Release                            Troy Boffeli
2:50-3:10       Spring Ligament Repair                         Troy Boffeli
3:10-3:30      Panel

3:30-4:00            Break

4:00-4:30    Spinal Implants for Treatment of Neuropathy       TBA
4:30-4:40    Q&A
4:40-5:00    Tarsal Tunnel                                      Ben Clair
5:00-5:20    Recurrent Neuroma                                  Trent Steenblock
5:20-5:30    Panel
                             Twin Cities Foot & Ankle Conference
                                  Saturday, November 13, 2010

7:30-7:50    Calcaneal Fractures: Limited Open Technique         Fernando Pena
7:50-8:30    ORIF of the Adult Ankle                             Loring Stead
8:30-8:50    Pediatric Ankle Injuries                            Steve Mariash
8:50-9:10    Intra-Articular Fractures                           Matthew Sorenson
9:10-9:30    Metatarsal Fractures                                Andrew Lundquist
9:30-9:50    Panel

9:50-10:20           Break

10:20-10:40          Scarf: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly      Steve Mariash
10:40-11:00          1st MPJ Arthrodesis for Bunion Correction   Steve Powless
11:00-11:20          FDL Transfer in Hammertoe Correction        Scott Jorgensen
11:20-11:40          Tailors Bunion Correction                   Andrew Lundquist
11:40-12:00          Panel

12:00-1:30           Lunch

1:30-3:30 My most challenging cases                              Steve Mariash
                                                                 David Neese
                                                                 Steve Powless
                                                                 James Mazzuca
                                                                 Loring Stead
                                                                 Ryan Pfannenstein

3:30-4:00 Break

4:00-4:20    Soft Tissue Surgery In Neuromuscular Contracture    Troy Boffeli
4:20-4:40    FHL Transfer for Chronic Achilles Conditions        David Neese
4:40-5:00    Peroneal Tendon Dysfunction                         Scott Jorgensen
5:00-5:20    Acute Achilles Tendon Repair                        Loring Stead
5:20-5:30             Panel

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