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MIRO GSM - Global Diagnostics Via Text Message

Control and maintain machines and installations around the world and around the clock with
your mobile phone! Now you can with MIRO GSM: Murrelektronik’s new control cabinet com-
ponent communicates with the plant operators via text message. MIRO GSM provides up-to-
date machine operating conditions with a short message. And the operator can control the
outputs via text message!
With MIRO GSM, you can monitor and control six analog or digital inputs and four relay out-
puts with C/O contacts (250 V, 10 A) with text message using the GSM cellular network (850,
900, 1800, 1900 MHz). The network provider is defined by the SIM card that’s inserted. The
settings for MIRO GSM are done at the computer with configuration software. You can confi-
gure the six inputs either as analog or digital inputs. For the analog inputs you can define
additional limits for sending a message. If a digital signal changes or an input limit is reached,
a predefined text message is sent. You can store up to 50 cell phone numbers or email ad-
dresses in the integrated phone book. For each input, you decide if a text message or email
is sent to one or several recipients. It is also possible to have active responses for the current
state of inputs and outputs with short messages.
MIRO GSM features an acknowledgement function to make sure the information is received.
If a plant operator doesn't confirm the receipt of a text message in a certain time, the mes-
sage is sent to additional recipients until the message is received. The order of the recipients
and the time frame can be manually defined.
If needed, the plant operator can change four relay outputs with a text message or a toll free
call to shut down a machine or to switch air handling units or lighting systems on/off. Addi-
tionally, the outputs are equipped with a timer function set to a predefined period. With the
configuration software, you can determine that MIRO GSM only executes orders from stored
phone numbers, to protect from unauthorized access.
If the power supply completely fails, MIRO GSM automatically sends a final message. When
power returns, MIRO GSM will automatically report back. This is an appealing feature, for
example, with cooling applications.
MIRO GSM is available in models with 12 – 48 V DC and 110 – 230 V AC for use in industrial
applications and in building services engineering.
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