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									    Minutes of the Catholic Women‟s League of New Zealand National
            Conference held at Ascot Park Hotel, Invercargill.
                           14th – 17th July 2010.

National President in the Chair           Tui Pasco
National Secretary                        Mary Race
National Treasurer                        Elizabeth Maere
Dunedin Diocese                           Deirdre Jolly (President)
Christchurch                              Jenny Muschamp (President)
Wellington                                Miriam Broad (President)
Palmerston North                          Trish O‟Connor (President)
Hamilton                                  Maureen Russell (President)
Auckland                                  Djuanne Walker(President)
International Secretary                   Kay Blackburn (Wellington)
National Mission Secretary                Susan Lloyd (Wellington )

Rev Fr John Morrison (Christchurch); Rev Fr Martin Flannery (Dunedin)
Mesdames Mary Richardson, Deirdre Jolly.

Anne White, Pat McQuillan, Janet Presland, Djuanne Walker, Jan

Bishop Barry Jones, Elizabeth Maere, Fr John Morrison, Sr Mariette
Parsons, Sr Bertha Hurley, Val Langley, Jennifer Audeau, Dorothea
McKenzie, Joan Lawn, Thea Koopmans, Alison Aldridge, Judith Conner,
Sue Crone, Dorothy Faid, Karen Freer, Cath Gillespie, Velma Maunsell,
Teresa McCarthy, Zella McGirr, Shirley McNeil, Jenny Muschamp, Liz
Roche, Monica Rowe, Mary Slattery, Janice Torrance, Pearl Wood, Lorraine
Doyle, Jenny Clarke, Madeline Morgan, Val Ponsonby, Joan Wood, Maeve
Ryan, Joy O‟Connell, Margaret O‟Connell,

Tui Pasco, Mary Race, Marie Anderson, Brenda McLay, Ruth Creedy, Joan
Duncan, Fae Robertson, Fay Forde, Ethel McCoy, Daphne Christie, Rena
Calvert, Mary Cullen-Walsh, Shirley Bennie, Deirdre Jolly, Coleen
Blackmore, Stephanie Swann, Rosalie Wallis, Jenny Green, Joan Simson,
Joan McMullan, Christine Heywood, Eileen Pottinger, Kath Scott,
Jo Rabbitt, Dorothy Keen, Nancy Grant, Mary Casper, Eleri Griffin, Leonie
Booth, Shirley Curran, Marie Shand, Pat Stewart, Betty Black, Margaret
Wilson, Betty Brankin, Mary Stone, Teresa Ford, Val O‟Brien, Helen
Cronin, Bernadette Stenton, Joy McCabe, Marie Casey, P. Moynihan, Cath
Chamberlain, Joan Keene, Pat Griffin, Anne McCarthy, Rita Dowling, Anne
McLoughlin, Anne McRandle, Fr Martin Flannery, Pat Tippen, Bishop
Colin Campbell,

Val Townley, Maureen Russell, Joan Pigou, Tini Wetting, Dorothy Gannon,
Maureen Skinner, Lyn Lowe, Cathrine Jones, Rose Henderson, Judith

Patricia Minehan, Jo Brady, Ellen Oliver, Margaret Treder, Emily Rose,
Pat O‟Connor,

Kay Blackburn, Susan Lloyd, Nan Hurdle, Anne McGrath, Mary
Richardson, Anne Lumb, Leola Kelly, Judith Salmon, Anne Conroy, Anne
Joyce, Pauline Knowles, Miriam Broad, Ethne Wyndam-Smith, Carolyn
Johns, Valerie Kelly, Cecily Wheeler, Cassie Devlin,

AUSTRALIAN CWL: Joan Armstrong, Carmel Sayers, Gertie Mangan.

Opening Mass was celebrated in the Waiau Room Ascot Park Hotel, Bishop
Barry Jones (Christchurch) concelebrated the Mass with Fr John Morrison
(Christchurch) and Fr Michael McCabe. At the conclusion of the Mass
Panache the Choir from Verdon College entertained us with a couple of

Then the official welcome and speeches were held. Invited guests present
were Bishop Barry Jones, standing in for Bishop Colin Campbell who could
not be at the opening ceremonies and the first full day of proceedings. Tim
Shadbolt Mayor of Invercargill, Eric Roy and Clarie Curran M.P.‟s for the
Invercargill and Dunedin areas. Deirdre welcomed all and then handed over
to Tui Pasco National President, Tui asked each of the invited guests to
speak. Bishop Barry Jones formally opened the conference and guests and
members were invited to join us for supper.

Mass was celebrated by Fr John Morrison and Fr Michael McCabe in the
conference venue.

We opened with the National Anthem.
Deirdre Jolly of the Dunedin Diocese, welcomed all, and explained a little
house keeping. National President Tui welcomed all present especially the 3
Australian CWL visitors.
We all said the League Prayer and 3 Hail Mary‟s for the sick.

  Bishop Patrick Dunn, ArchBishop John Dew, Bishop Len Boyle
  Bishop Colin Campbell will join us Friday and Saturday, Bishop Denis
  Browne, Waiuku Branch, Terry Scott (Hamilton), Verena Butler (Past
  National President and Life Member), Bishop Cullinane, Pat O‟Neil
  (National Social Concerns Convenor) Jill Nelson (Masterton), Elaine
  Beck (Masterton), Judy Hooper,(Masterton), Madge Fahy (Australia
  CWL National President), Judith Devereux (Wellinton), Burnside
  Branch, Yvonne Allan (Christchurch), St Theresa‟s Branch Invercargill -
  Isabel Boyer, Mary O‟Neill, Patricia Harrington, Margaret Ryan, Joan
  Weatherall, Mary Gameren, Pauline Dowling, Anne France, Marion
  Maloney, Mary Dooley, Isobel Walsh, Marie Reynolds. Palmerston
  Branch, Maureen Bennett (Dunedin) Denise Mitchell (Dunedin) Eileen
  MacRae (Dunedin). Eileen Norris (Queenstown) Fr Tony Harrison
  Queenstown, Sister John Bosco (Chaplain Palmerston North Diocese),
  Margaret O‟Connell, Carline West (Wairoa), Hazel Woods, Elizabeth
  Koorey, Freda Dowd (New Plymouth), Kath de Lautour (Napier), Agnes
  Diamond (Pahiatua), Anne MacIntyre (Karori Wellington), Margaret
  Frame (Karori), Kath Sheehan (Lower Hutt), Cath Hewson (Lower Hutt),
   Noelene Casey (Heretaunga), Ellen McCarin (Upper Hutt), Maureen Kerr
   (Tawa), Fay Doyle Paraparaumu, Margaret Butterfield Paraparaumu,
   Alexandra Branch, Patricia Dodds Dunedin Lone leaguer, Sockburn
   branch, The Pan Pacific South East Asia Women of New Zealand
   Branch Assoc (P.P.S.E.A.W.A) NZ,

All apologies have now been noted, moved the apologies be accepted Jenny
Muschamp and seconded by Trish O‟Connor.
                     Auckland           5
                     Palmerston North 6
                     Hamilton           10
                     Wellington         17
                     Christchurch       33
                     Dunedin             37
                  Australian CWL         3

Time Keeper                         Nan Hurdle
Returning officer                   Margaret Treder
Scrutineers                         Teresa McCarthy
                                    Anne Joyce
                                    Ethne Wyndam-Smith
Resolutions Committee               Dorothy Faid
                                    Mary Richardson
                                    Anne Lumb
Procedure (Standing Orders)
                  Mover             3 minutes to present
                  Seconder          2 minutes to support
                  Speakers          1 Minute
                  Mover             2 minutes right of reply

                       Auckland             22
                       Palmerston North       8
                       Hamilton             22
                       Wellington           19
                       Christchurch          21
                       Dunedin              17
                       National President     1
                                  Total      110
REPORT: - International Secretary - Kay Blackburn              Appendix 1
Kay presented her report and it was seconded by Deirdre Jolly. “You will be
my witnesses”

 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: FR MICHAEL McCABE                              Appendix 2
Fr Michael was introduced by Miriam Broad and was thanked by Kay
Blackburn. He spoke as the ex director of the Nathaniel Centre. The Ethical
and moral issues surrounding life from the beginning to the end. Fr Michael
ended his address with questions from the floor.

REPORT: - Wellington ArchDiocese                             Appendix 3
President Miriam Broad presented her report. Miriam moved the adoption
of her report and it was seconded by Jenny Muschamp.

REPORT: - Palmerston North Diocese                            Appendix 4
President Trish O‟Connor presented her report. Trish moved the adoption of
her report and it was seconded by Deirdre Jolly.

REPORT: National Mission Secretary – Susan Lloyd             Appendix 5
Susan Lloyd presented her report and it was seconded by Djuanne Walker.

REMIT ONE: Christchurch
“THAT the Catholic Women's League of New Zealand request the
appropriate minister to consider changes to the relevant legislation to
allow greater flexibility in remuneration rates, annual leave entitlements
(to a maximum of 6 weeks per parent) and hours worked, for working
parents with children under 14 years of age, to assist with childcare
arrangements during the 12 weeks of public school and kindergarten
holidays.” Seconded by Wellington for 49 against 61             LOST
REMIT TWO : Christchurch Diocese
“That the Catholic Women's League of New Zealand request that the
Minister of Broadcasting and Broadcasting Standards Authority give
serious consideration to raising the standard of Television
programmes.” Seconded Dunedin

After discussion an amendment was moved by Dunedin seconded by
Wellington, that the words give serious consideration to raising, be removed,
replace raising with raise. This was voted on by a show of hands and was
The amended remits reads –
“That the Catholic Women's League of New Zealand request that the
Minister of Broadcasting and Broadcasting Standards Authority to
raise the standard of Television programmes.”
for 102         against 8                                      Carried

REMIT THREE: Wellington Archdiocese
„The Catholic Women‟s League of New Zealand calls upon the Minister
of Corrections to implement with all speed the Corrections (Mothers
with Babies) Amendment Act, passed by Parliament on 11 September
2008. This will enable young children up to 24 months old to be placed
with their mothers in prison‟.
Seconded by Christchurch.
Pat McQuillan moved a point of order and moved that the last sentence be
removed. This was seconded by Christchurch. A show of hands vote was
taken and was carried.
The amended remit reads –
“The Catholic Women‟s League of New Zealand calls upon the Minister
of Corrections to implement with all speed the Corrections (Mothers
with Babies) Amendment Act, passed by Parliament on 11 September
 Voting results: for 55 against 55 this was a tie, Tui Pasco then had a
casting vote, and the remit was lost.                               Lost

REMIT FOUR: Wellington ArchDiocese
„That the Catholic Women‟s League of New Zealand urges the Minister
of Tertiary Education to facilitate continuing education (or „life-long
learning‟) by re-instating their subsidy for the Adult Community
Education ACE classes which have been run successfully for one
hundred years and more.”
Seconded Dunedin Diocese
Pat McQuillan moved a point of order. Pat moved the removal of the words
following classes. This was seconded by Dunedin. A Show of hands
accepted this change.
The amended remit reads –
„That the Catholic Women‟s League of New Zealand urges the Minister
of Tertiary Education to facilitate continuing education (or „life-long
learning‟) by re-instating their subsidy for the Adult Community
Education ACE classes.”
Voting results 104 for 6 against                            Carried

The Dunedin Diocesan Conference recommends that Catholic Women‟s
League New Zealand establish an e-mail consultation group to address
social concerns issues which arise.
Seconded by Christchurch Voting Results 93 for against 17 Carried

AT HOME APPEAL: Grandparents raising Grandchildren Trust

Meeting was adjourned for an afternoon of sightseeing.

FRIDAY 16th JULY 2010
Mass was concelebrated by Fr Martin Flannery and Fr John Morrison in the
conference venue. Meeting opened at 9.15am.
Welcome to Bishop Colin Campbell who had been unable to attend the
previous days as he had a priests meeting in Dunedin.
Greeting were also read from Elizabeth Bang NCW and also Margaret Cook
the local NCW president.

                     Auckland              5
                     Palmerston North      6
                     Hamilton              10
                     Wellington            17
                     Christchurch          33
                     Dunedin               37
                   Australian CWL           3

REPORT: Mission Convenor Susan Lloyd                        Appendix 6
Report on trip to Fiji. Jenny Muschamp assisted with this presentation as
she had accompanied Susan on her trip. Susan moved the adoption of her
report and it was seconded by Hamilton.

Tui Pasco explained the circumstances surrounding the conference
collection from the 2008 conference. The letter was misplaced and when it
eventually surfaced the cause was no longer valid. The suggestion was
made that the money go to Archbishop Smith of the Solomon Islands to be
given to women of the Solomons. This was agreed to so $681-00 will be

Tui Introduced the sports panel Lester Rutledge representing Rugby, Wendy
Frew representing Netball, Julian Ineson representing cycling and Helen
Young representing Basketball. This panel was well received as was the
Ranfurly Shield which Lester brought with him and left for it to be dropped
back later. Mary Race thanked all the panelists for their efforts and
commitment to Southern Sport.

Tui then made a presentation to Val O‟Brien for her work for the League
over the years, this would have been done at our Diocesan Conference but
Val was not at that conference. She was presented with an Honour certificate
and a bunch of flowers.

THEME WORKSHOP:                                                 appendix 7
Deirdre Jolly introduced Stephanie Swann who spoke about TO LIVE; TO
LOVE; TO RELATE part of our Theme of Faith and Service. Conference
attendees were divided into 13 groups of about 8 people in each one. Groups
had three questions to ponder on and after reporting back these were put up
on the wall on display. Djuanne Walker thanked Stephanie for all her input
and efforts.

National Raffle: This was a great success. Thank-you to everyone who
supported this. Tickets sold netted $3809.50 when the prize money has been
taken out the profit will be $3,309.50. First Prize $300.00 was won by Ellen
Storck card from Takapuna. Second Prize $150.00 was won by Lorna
Scholton, Whakatane ticket. Third prize $50.00 was won by Patsy Hine, a
Wairoa ticket.

REPORT: - Dunedin Diocese                                      Appendix 8
Deirdre Jolly presented her report. Deirdre moved the adoption of her report
and this was seconded by Jenny Muschamp.

“That the “SONG OF JOY” be adopted by the National Board CWL
New Zealand as the official Catholic Women‟s League son& to be used
at National and Diocesan Conferences, Regional days, branch meetings,
CWL celebrations of the Eucharist and any other CWL occasions.”
Seconded by Wellington
Discussion regarding this recommendation followed. After sometime
Deirdre Jolly moved that the recommendation be put to the vote. This was
seconded by Trish O‟Connor. This was agreed to. The results of the votes:
       for 33    against 77                                      LOST

Jenny Muschamp moved that the voting papers be destroyed.


AGM was opened at 3.45pm.
Miriam Broad moved that the Minutes of the 2008 National Catholic
Women‟s League Conference held in Hamilton be taken as a true and
accurate record with a couple of amendments for spelling of names.
Seconded by Jenny Muschamp.

NATIONAL PRESIDENT ANNUAL REPORT:                            Appendix 9
Tui Pasco presented her Annual Report. Tui moved the adoption of her
Annual Report, and this was seconded by Deirdre Jolly.

NATIONAL TREASURER‟S REPORT:                                    Appendix 10
Elizabeth Maere presented the audited financial statement for the year ended
April 2010
“THAT the audited Financial Statement for year ended April 2010 be
adopted.” National Treasurer / Trish O‟Connor.

Discussion followed with regard to the financial state of the Catholic
Women‟s League. The resolutions committee were asked to put together a
recommendation to go to the board following this conference.

Recommendation: That at the National Board meeting following this
conference (Saturday) that the national capitation fee be raised by $2.00
per member to be paid in the 2011 financial year. This was moved by Jan
Mudgeway and was seconded by Deirdre Jolly.

AT HOME APPEAL; The At Home Appeal for the coming 12 months is
ECPAT. CHILD ALERT. www.childalert.org.nz or www.ecpat.org.nz
Tui vacated the chair as there was only one nomination for President,
Anne Joyce was nominated by Masterton Branch and seconded by Karori
Anne Joyce was duly elected. Tui presented Anne with her badge.
There was only one nomination for National Social Concerns Convenor.
Ethne Wyndam-Smith was nominated by Wellington Archdiocese and was
seconded Christchurch. Ethne was duly elected.
Anne announced that her secretary would be Diane Glynan and her treasurer
would be Anne Lumb. Anne asked that the conference please ratify these
appointments. All in favour.                                      Carried.

Bishop Colin Campbell lead the dedication of the national board.

Renewal of Affiliations:
WOMEN UNITED. Moved by Djuanne Walker seconded by Jenny

REPORT: Church Women United Report
Tui read this report submitted by Erin Ryan, Trish O‟Connor moved the
adoption of this report and Jenny Mucshamp seconded.

At this time a presentation was to the out going executive. Deirdre presented
National President Tui, National Secretary Mary and National Treasurer
Elizabeth Maere with gits and also presented Maureen Russell Hamilton
Diocesan President to take a gift back to Pat O‟Neill expressing our
appreciation for all the work that she has done for Catholic Women‟s
League over the last four years.

Closed the AGM at 5pm.
Meeting was asked if they wanted to work until 5.30pm or to start at 9am on
Saturday morning instead of 9.30am. Consensus was to start at 9am
Saturday. Meeting adjourned till Saturday Morning.

Meeting opened at 9.05am
A reflection and the League Prayer was recited.
Roll Call
                       Auckland             5
                      Palmerston North 6
                      Hamilton             10
                      Wellington           17
                      Christchurch         33
                      Dunedin              29
                   Australian CWL           2

REPORT: - Hamilton Diocese                             appendix 12
Maureen Russell presented her report. Maureen moved the adoption of her
report and Deirdre Jolly seconded.
 REPORT: - Auckland Diocese                            appendix 13
Djuanne Walker presented her report. Djuanne moved the adoption of her
report and seconded by Trish O‟Connor.

REPORT: - Christchurch Diocese                         appendix 14
Jenny Muschamp presented her report. Jenny moved the adoption of her
report and this was seconded by Janet Presland.

REPORT: Social Concerns                                   Appendix 15
Mary Race read Pat O‟Neill‟s report. Mary moved the adoption of Pat‟s
report this was seconded Jenny Muschamp.

Late Business:
NCW‟s difficulty with the charities commission – That a letter of support to
go to NCW from this conference. Deirdre Jolly moved and seconded by
Miriam Broad. Agreed.                             Carried

Bra Chain Collection Girl Guides want to achieve a record for collecting
bras and sending them to overseas countries who will make use of them.

Auckland‟s Grand 80th Birthday 2nd and 3rd April at Alexandra Park
Raceway. All welcome.

Jan Mudgeway re conference agenda re constitution 2 months before.
Starting times etc were in the February Board minutes as we had set those
times at that meeting.

SOAP BOX: Liz Roche had notes on writing letters about television
programmes. Get a booklet about the standards from the Broadcasting
Standards Authority, for information download a complaints /comments
form from their website. This gives lots of help how to word your complaint
etc. There is a specific timeframe etc to send form in.

Fae Robertson spoke about the book she was selling at the far end of the

Opening Mass – Thank you for the lovely opening Mass really appreciated
the images on the screen very meaningful.
Tui presented Djuanne Walker, Auckland Diocesan President with the At
Home Appeal cheque for her to present to the Grandparents raising
Grandchildren Trust at their next council meeting. Deirdre thanked St
Patrick‟s branch for the work that they did for the smooth running of the
conference. Suggested that letter of appreciation go to the Ascot Park Hotel
for their assistance in running the conference nothing was a problem.

Leaders of our group –CWL. We do a huge amount of good, made some
superb friends. We must look after ourselves. A highlight for Janet was the
talk by Fr Michael McCabe he helped to clarify the work of the Nathaniel
Centre. Hopefully in the future we will be able to have someone from the
Nathaniel centre to come to the national Conference and tell us a little about
how our donation is assisting the Nathaniel Centre. It would be good to see
the Diocesan reports earlier in the conference. We need to celebrate what we
have, and we must appreciate our husbands / men folk in our lives. We must
use technology but we can also use the phone. Interesting remits, we all have
strong opinions, we must respect each other and look after each other.
Thanks to Tui and her Board for their hard work. Many thanks for a
successful conference. Thanks to the outgoing board and welcome to the
incoming board.
This summation was greeted with applause.

Joan from Queensland spoke briefly, thanking us for inviting them to our
conference and that we would be most welcome Melbourne in a couple of
years for their next conference.

Tui Pasco declared meeting closed at 10.30am July 17th 2010

Mass for deceased members was followed by lunch.

…………………………………                                           …………………….
        President                                            Date


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