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									User guide to CEP website
    Daria Janssen, CEP Communication Officer
                    May 2011

w w w. c e p - p r o b a t i o n . o r g
What can you find on the CEP

  w w w. c e p - p r o b a t i o n . o r g
                                  Contents of this
Slide 4 - Knowledge base           Slide 12 - Banner

Slide 5 - Probation in Europe      Slide 13 - Foreign National Prisoners

Slide 6 - CEP related documents    Slide 14 - Register of Experts

Slide 7 - Google Search            Slide 15 - CEP organization

Slide 8 - Members Section          Slide 16 - French and English

Slide 9 - News                     Slide 17 - Newsletter

Slide 10 - Twitter feeds           Slide 18 - Plans for the future

Slide 11 - EuroVista
Knowledge base

   • The CEP Knowledge base is a
     resource for information on
     probation in Europe
   • Arranged per topic, e.g.
       – Council Framework Decision
         on probation
       – Council Recommendations
         on Probation
       – Desistance
       – Directors-General Conference
         Dublin 2011
       – Prevention of Radicalization
   • Conference & project materials
   • Download the documents
Probation in Europe (2008)

        • The book Probation in Europe is
          published on the CEP website in
          the Knowledge base
        • Find summaries of each country
        • Find each country report from
          the 2008 edition
        • Chapter 1 is a comparative
          overview of probation in Europe
        • Probation in Europe will be
          updated in 2011/2012
CEP related documents

      • Documents on CEP and its values
        are in the Knowledge base, e.g.
          – Statement on Probation Values and
          – Annual Report
          – List of Link Board Members
          – Statutes
          – 10 Reasons to become a CEP
            member, also for universities
Google Search

  • Find all news items and
    documents through Google Site
  • Enter search on the home page
  • Great way to find what you need
Members Section

    • Forum for discussion and
    • The Members Section is
      accessible to CEP members
    • Permanent link upper right
• News
• Publications from the field
• Subscribe to CEP Newsletter

            • Events: CEP and other
            • Funding programs
Twitter feeds
         Follow CEP on

  • Two twitter feeds feature
    permanently on the home page
  • @CEP_prob with interesting
    tweets on CEP, probation and
    related topics
  • @CEP_comm with tweets about
    updates on the CEP website
  • Create a Twitter account to follow
    CEP’s news yourself
EuroVista: Probation and Community
Justice, the journal on probation Europe
which provides accessible, scholarly and
relevant source of information on
probation research and practice
development for both academics and

• Partnership between CEP and
  the University of Birmingham
• Banner on Home page, links
  on News pages
• Go to:
• Also find the European Journal
  of Probation:

• Custom banner on Home page
• Highlighting CEP events and
• Updated regularly
Foreign National Prisoners

       • CEP Special Interest Group on
         Foreign Nationals (SIG)
       • Download the SIG Business Case
       • Information on SIG members
       • Information issues relating to the
         imprisonment of European
         citizens in foreign prisons
       • Good Practice Guide
Register of Experts

    • The Register of Experts is
      available to all CEP members
    • Offering the services of experts
      and training consultants in
      specific fields
    • Application form for experts
    • Application form for organizations
CEP organization

   • Information on Board and Staff
   • List of Member organizations
   • Types of CEP membership and
     application procedure
   • Application form for universities
French and English

    • Switch between the English and
      the French version of the CEP
    • Two permanent buttons in the
      upper right corner, link
      on Home page
CEP Newsletter

  • Stay updated about the latest
    news concerning probation in
  • CEP issues the newsletter 6
    times a year
  • Subscribe in English, French
    or both
  • Find the subscription form or
    email communication@cep-
                         Plans for the future

The CEP website is in constant development
• New files in the Knowledge base
• Discussion on the Forum
• More news on probation topics
• Changes in structure of the website to enhance usability

   & more

Send your suggestions or feedback to the CEP Communication
         Officer at
Yo u r a c c e s s t o t h e l a r g e s t n e t w o r k o f
               probation in Europe!

           w w w. c e p - p r o b a t i o n . o r g

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