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					                           Maine Adult Education Professional Development Dates to Remember
                                               September 2008-June 2009

          Date                  Time                            Event                                        Location
September 15, 2008        9 am – 1:30 pm      College Transitions Peer Learning          Senator Inn, Augusta
September 19, 2008                            Corrections Conference                     Senator Inn, Augusta
September 26, 2008        9 am - 3:30 pm      Fall Directors’ Meeting                    Ramada Conference Center, Lewiston
October 16-17, 2008                           MAEA Conference                            Sunday River, Bethel
October 20, 2008          3:15 pm -4:30 pm    Professional Development Focus Group       Caribou Adult Education
October 27, 2008          Afternoon           Professional Development Task Force        TBD
October 30, 2008          3 pm – 6 pm         Linking CASAS to Instruction               Fairfield Adult Education
October 31, 2008          8:30 am-4 pm        STAR training                              Augusta
November 7, 2008          8:30 am-3:30 pm     CASAS Training                             Portland – USM Abromson Center
November 17-18, 2008                          National College Transitions Conference    Providence, RI
November 21, 2008         9 am – 12 pm        Math Pilot Teachers’ Training              Portland Adult Education, Room 5
January 16, 2009          8:30 am-4 pm        STAR training                              Augusta
January 21, 2009          9 am – 1:30 pm      College Transitions Peer Learning          Senator Inn, Augusta
Spring, 2009              9 am – 12 pm        Citizenship Training                       Portland Adult Education
Spring, 2009              8:30 am -3:30 pm    CASAS Training                             Houlton Adult Education, Houlton
April 10, 2009            9 am-3:30 pm        Spring Directors’ Meeting
April 18-22, 2009                             National COABE Conference                  Louisville, KY
May 15, 2009              9 am – 1:30 pm      College Transitions Peer Learning          Senator Inn, Augusta
June 22nd(week of)2009                        Summer Academy/MAEA Conference             Colby College, Waterville

Some events are intended for a specific audience. Please refer to the descriptions below prior to registration.

Contact Carol Wynne (carol.wynne@maine.gov) or Ann Marie Barter (annmarie.barter@maine.gov) if you have any questions.
                                 Maine Adult Education Professional Development Opportunities

DOE’s Adult Education Team is committed to providing high quality professional development opportunities to practitioners in the adult
education field in Maine. These topics and events have been identified in response to input from surveys, needs assessments, federal initiatives
and the goal of keeping adult educators up-to-date on state initiatives such as technology integration and standards-based instruction. This
handout is intended to preview the various modes of delivery as well as give you an overview of the trainings offered between September 2008
and June 2009. Practitioners, the DOE website, and this document will be updated regularly as more events are scheduled.

There is generally no charge for professional development sponsored by or contracted through DOE.

The best way to stay apprised of new offerings is to subscribe to the DOE e-list at http://mailman.informe.org/mailman/listinfo/adult_education or to
check the DOE website at http://www.maine.gov/education/aded/dev/index.htm .

You may also email or call Ann Marie Barter (annmarie.barter@maine.gov 624-6780) or Carol Wynne (carol.wynne@maine.gov 624-6728) if
you have any questions or recommendations concerning professional development.

There are many ways to get involved. If you are interested in joining the Professional Development Task Force, please read the information
below and contact Ann Marie or Carol. If you are not available to participate in this group, you will have the opportunity to give feedback
through surveys, participating in a focus group, contacting your task force representative and by other means yet to be determined through the
State Plan Work Group at the fall Directors’ Meeting.

   Professional Development Task Force

   The purpose of this group is advisory in nature. Members will be acting in a representative
   role between the field and DOE to assist in analyzing data, gathering input from the field and
   reviewing research materials. There will be regular meetings throughout the year and
   members will be expected to work between meetings in order to be prepared for the tasks as a
   group. The input from the task force is one means among many for participation in the on-
   going process of assessing Maine Adult Education’s professional development system needs.

   The group will remain small (10-12) and members will serve as liaisons for their colleagues. The membership will reflect a variety of
   roles in adult education and represent different demographics of the state. The duration of the task force will be time specific and
   completed by the end of FY 09. Meetings will be conducted face-to-face when possible, but primarily via email, webcast and conference
Events offered in face-to-face mode:

      CASAS Training
      Citizenship Training
      College Transitions Peer Learning
      Corrections Conference
      Curriculum Pilot Teachers’ Training
      Directors’ Trainings
      GED Examiners’ Training
      Linking CASAS to Instruction
      MAEA Conference
      Professional Development Focus Groups
      STAR Training

Events offered in a blended mode:

      Curriculum Development Training
      MAEMIS Training
      MARTI Training
      PD Task Force Meetings

Events and Resources offered online:

    Navigating the Waters of Maine Adult Education: a course for new instructors

    NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials (including study circles) http://www.ncsall.net/index.php?id=14

    Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook www.teachermagazine.org/tsb/index.html

    Webinars for serving Adults with Learning Disabilities through NAASLN http://www.naasln.org/

    Assessment courses for working with adult learners through ProLiteracy and World Ed. www.ProfessionalStudiesAE.org

    Free online monthly professional development modules (for learners of all ages)   http://www.teachscape.com/xl/
 Free online courses and lesson plans through Verizon Literacy Foundation http://literacynetwork.verizon.org/Free-Online-

 National Institute for Literacy

 Curriculum materials, resources, examples of lesson plans and online courses

 Free online mini-course on Evidence-Based Reading assessment and instruction http://www.nifl.gov/readingprofiles/

 Videos of adult education ESOL, literacy, reading, technology, and math classes                               http://www.mlots.org

 Free database of adult education standards-based lesson plans, teaching strategies and resources http://literacy.kent.edu/eureka

 Introduction to Online Learning Course and research about online learning http://www.nald.ca/gettingonline/

 ASCD online courses and a free assessment to determine PD needs http://www.ascd.org/portal/site/ascd/index.jsp/

 Free educational resources at Thinkfinity, a link off the Verizon site

 Resources for college transitions, National College Transitions Network http://www.collegetransition.org

 Family literacy resources, National Center for Family Literacy

 Tutorials for Microsoft Office software, email programs and web design software http://www.uwec.edu/help/index.htm

 Information and professional development for those working with English Language Learners at CAL, Center for Applied Linguistics

 Free quarterly newsletter from the Center for Adult English Language Acquisition Network (CAELA) http://www.cal.org/caela
                                           Professional Development Event Descriptors

Face-to-Face Sessions:
CASAS Training

Adult education program staff will learn to use CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) reading and math assessments
for ABE and ESOL learners. At the completion of the training, staff will be qualified to order and use the CASAS materials, administer the
CASAS in their program, and to train other staff at their site.

Citizenship Training

Designed for teachers of ESOL learners whose goal is to obtain citizenship, this training includes strategies for helping learners with the
application process, the exam, and the interview for the revised Citizenship exam, as well as legal issues involved in the process.

College Transitions Peer Learning

Programs receiving College Transitions Grants are encouraged to attend all professional development events scheduled to support the
implementation of those grants.

Corrections Conference

The Maine Adult Correctional Education Association hosts an annual conference dedicated to the mission of promoting quality education in
correctional facilities in Maine.

Curriculum Pilot Teachers’ Training

Technical assistance is provided to teachers who are piloting state curriculum in English and Math. The pilot teachers determine the dates
and mode of delivery.

Directors’ Meetings/Trainings

The State Director of Adult Education convenes program directors statewide two to three times a year. The purpose of these sessions is to
update the field, gather input on state initiatives and at times serve as a professional development event. Directors, Coordinators, Assistant
Directors and Counselors may attend.
GED Examiners’ Meeting/Training

Trainings are offered periodically to train new GED examiners. Chief examiners are required to attend meetings called by the State GED
Chief Examiner to learn of changes to the GED test and/or policies surrounding test administration and security.

Linking CASAS to Instruction

This training is designed for those who have completed the initial CASAS training and are currently using CASAS to assess their learners.
The session will focus on the connection between the CASAS pre-test results and designing classroom instruction.

The Maine Adult Education Association hosts an annual conference for all practitioners.

Professional Development Focus Groups

Focus groups will be conducted between October 2008 and spring 2009 to
gather input on re-designing the professional development delivery system for adult
education in Maine. These focus groups will be held in various regions of the state and be
comprised of all staff roles in adult education programs.

STAR Training

Continued technical assistance and maintenance training will be provided for the Student Achievement in Reading pilot site teams and the
teams trained in 06-07. STAR training focuses on diagnostic assessment and evidence-based instructional practices for adult readers at
Educational Functioning Levels 3 and 4. This training is not open to new enrollees, but pending field input, training new teams in 08-09
may be an option.

On-line Training:
Navigating the Waters of Maine Adult Education

Navigating the Waters of Maine Adult Education is an online professional development opportunity for new adult education instructors.
The Overview to Maine Adult Education consists of an Introduction to Maine Adult Education and four learning modules: Who is the
Adult Learner?, Understanding the Adult Learner, Building Quality Adult Education Classrooms, and Professional Development Planning.
Blended Trainings:
Curriculum Development Training

Professional development opportunities will be available to practitioners on both the process
and products involved with DOE’s ongoing curriculum initiative. Topics covered include
standards-based curriculum and instructional practices, unwrapping or prioritizing standards,
writing objectives, developing standards-based learning activities, formative and summative
assessment and curriculum evaluation. Dates and times will be determined based on the
results of the needs assessment.

MAEMIS Training

This six-hour workshop is designed for program personnel responsible for data entry and
report printing using Maine’s Adult Education Management Information System.

MARTI Training:

The Maine Adult Rural Technology Initiative is an 18 month contract procured by the
Department of Education in partnership with OVAE to provide increased access and use of
technology in adult education instructional practices.

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