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									   U.S. Security
  Associates, Inc.
                                                                                               March 26, 2010
 Winner Categories:
                             I’m Chuck Schneider and I want to congratulate you for earning your place in the
Outstanding           2-6
Security Officer             Winner’s Circle. We are proud to be presenting these awards honoring the top
                             performers of 2009.
Outstanding Loss      7
Prevention                   The Winner’s Circle is a very special event:
Outstanding          8-12    - Not only for the outstanding performances recognized at
Supervisor                   the ceremony, but also because we celebrate the success of
Outstanding Staff    13-15
                             our company, which every individual has had a role in
Contribution                 creating. We built this company Security Officer-by-
                             Security Officer, Branch-by-Branch, until we now stand at
Outstanding          16-19
Territory Sales
                             approximately $700 million in revenue, the 4th largest
Manager                      uniformed security company in the country and clearly the
                             “best in the business.”
Small Branch of       20
the Year
                             - The other reason the Winner’s Circle awards are very
Outstanding Small     21     special, is because they portray the best picture of “what
Branch Sales
                             we are, and what we want to be as a company”: our
Mid-Size Branch       22     values, our goals, our heroes and the performance level we
of the Year                  aspire to.
                                                                                          Enid and Chuck
Outstanding Mid-      23
                             Through these awards, we tell the “USA Story”.                 Schneider
Size Branch Sales

Outstanding          24-25   Please enjoy this publication as we celebrate your outstanding achievements and
Regional Sales               recognize the best of the best!
                             Every individual at USA is a WINNER and I’m proud to be your ASSOCIATE.
Large Branch of       26
the Year
Outstanding Large     27
Branch Sales

Extraordinary        26-30

Outstanding           31
National Account
Best Business Unit    32
In-Territory Sales
This honoree is always ready and willing to provide his services, regardless of the
situation, and has been an outstanding performer in downtown Manhattan for the past 5
years at the Fashion Institute of Technology, a selective college of art and design, business
and technology. It is perhaps the most prominent institution of its kind, with numerous
famous alumni including, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors.

With his remarkable personality, he has been able to make a complete transformation for
the client, earning the confidence of the school staff, employees and students. On
numerous occasions he has gone above and beyond his role of a security officer and
taken on the role coordinating the activities of the security department when necessary.

He interfaces effectively with Fashion Institute of Technology personnel at all levels and
strives to improve the overall safety of the campus and community. No matter the incident
or the severity, our honoree remains focused, professional and executes protocol to the

Our client and fellow Security Officers consider him a most trusted and reliable employee.
Over the years, he has received numerous commendations, both written and verbal, from
the staff, students and visitors. This is a testament to his consistent superior performance
day in and day out. Our honoree has a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and
outstanding dedication to service. His value to the client and the company is best
illustrated by his attendance record. He has not been late or out sick in five years.

The Director of Security for Fashion Institute of Technology recently wrote the following
about our honoree “He demonstrates the highest level of diligence and professionalism
on a daily basis and tirelessly strives to improve the overall safety of the campus and
community. He is the epitome of command presence and self-discipline. Amazingly, he
displays these qualities with a gentle demeanor and a sincere smile. I cannot imagine this
campus without him or his selfless service.”

Please recognize Kelvin Moore as an Outstanding Security Officer.

*Unfortunately, Officer Moore was unable to attend the Winner’s Circle event.
This honoree has been with our company for 3 years, but has worked as a Security Officer for 20+
years in the Panama City area. We feel fortunate to have him on our team as he is an outstanding
officer, extremely hard working and dedicated to the security field. Our honoree is good natured,
dependable, and observant. He has a great attention to detail and handles daily operations and
                            special requests in an exemplary fashion. One thing is certain - he is
                            always willing to help someone out in need.

                           These noteworthy characteristics were demonstrated in a recent
                           situation. What could have been a tragic event turned into a
                           harmonious rescue with the quick thinking and reaction of our honoree.
                           After being alerted to a possible suicide attempt, our honoree was
                           one of the first individuals to respond to the scene where an
                           emotionally distraught young man was         hanging over the railing
                           attempting to jump off
     Mora Johnson, Henry   the 21st floor of a
           Brogdon         high-rise condominium.

He was an active participant in the dialogue to talk
the victim out of his attempt. The situation continued
for nearly two hours before the victim actually tried to
jump. Although the victim was initially caught by two
rescuers, the victim’s jacket was slipping off when our
honoree grabbed the victim’s belt through the railing
and held on long enough to enable the two rescuers to SEBU President Hank Hiday, Officer Henry
pull the victim back over the railing to safety. If it       Brogdon, CEO Chuck Schneider

were not for the heroic action of our honoree, the victim may have succeeded in his attempt. You
may have heard the expression “Saved by the Bell” – we like to refer to this incident as “Saved by
the Belt!”

The Property Manager and General Manager of the Laketown Wharf sent a letter of appreciation
for our honoree’s performance and said “Your officer’s quick thinking and reaction is applauded by
everyone at Laketown Wharf and we are proud to have him as part of the property team!”

Please recognize Henry Brogdon as an Outstanding Security Officer.
This honoree exemplifies consistent performance and is truly the epitome of what a professional
security officer should be. Over her 16 year tenure, this honoree has worked her way up through
the ranks learning every aspect of the security operation at Subaru in Lafayette, IN. Her
competencies allow her to transition to various positions in the security operation smoothly, which
has earned her the respect of her co-workers and clients alike for her expertise and attention to

                                          On the afternoon of May 13, 2009, our honoree was
                                          notified to respond to a major vehicle accident that had
                                          occurred within the plant. She responded with the
                                          ambulance to a chaotic scene and instantly located an
                                          associate injured in one vehicle that had crashed into
                                          several other vehicles.

                                             Witnesses reported that our honoree instantly took con-
                                             trol of the scene. She kept on-lookers away and directed
    MWBU VP and General Manager, Will        other responders to the injured victim, while checking
       Riley, Officer Nancy McDowell,       each vehicle for additional
           CEO Chuck Schneider
                                            victims. She assisted the
                                            company nurse, providing
emergency medical attention to the victim and helping to
transport the victim to the medical clinic for continued treatment.

Our honoree was awarded a commendation for her actions and
she was selected as the May Officer of the Month by the
Command Staff for her everyday contribution, but most
importantly, for her poise and action in a crisis. Over her tenure,
she has been Officer of the Month 6 times, Officer of the Year           Officer Nancy McDowell,
twice and has received numerous Perfect Attendance Awards.                   CFO Mike Geisler

Her personal philosophies are to treat people as she would like to be treated, show respect, even
if you do not like someone and keep trying! Well Nancy, we certainly feel like all that trying is
paying off!

Please congratulate Nancy MacDowell for being an Outstanding Security Officer.
For over two years, this honoree has served at Winding River Plantation, a gated residential golfing
community. This honoree has distinguished herself as a sterling example of quality service and
commitment to the task, the client and her branch. She is responsible, takes ownership and is a positive
influence with everyone she meets. It’s not easy to patrol an 800-acre location, driving over 100 miles
per shift at night and maintain a professional awareness. During the
entire calendar year of 2009 – this honoree logged over 20,000 miles
of accident free driving while patrolling on client property.

She has taken a proactive interest in every facet of the security system
at Winding River and documents any shortcomings in its operation. She
has also made several security enhancement recommendations that have
been implemented. Our honoree is always ready to take the extra step
and on her own initiative she has established and continues to maintain a
good working relationship with local police department, thus enhancing
security for the community.
                                                                              Officer Rebecca Smith
                                               The Chairman of the
                                               Security Committee for the community recently wrote
                                               “She has the respect of all the members of the Security
                                               Committee, the Property Management staff and the
                                               residents of Winding River. She knows the community
                                               and her efforts go beyond her routine patrols. She
                                               takes positive steps to ensure that she knows “who you
                                               are.” Her dedicated ownership of the community and
                                               her sense of responsibility for the      security of all
                                               residents demonstrate how seriously she attends to her
                                               tasks. Her diligence, perseverance, ability and attitude
 ESBU VP and General Manager Martin Legger,
 Officer Rebecca Smith, CEO Chuck Schneider    make her a security officer of whom you can be very

Her personal philosophy is “when you do a job, give it 100%, because the job has your name on it”.
Well Rebecca, because you do such a fabulous job, you are welcome to put your name on as many
jobs as you can!

Please join me in recognizing Rebecca Smith as an Outstanding Security Officer.
This honoree is currently the Site Supervisor at The Home Depot Distribution Center in Savannah,
Georgia. Her employment began with our company almost 4 years ago as a Security Officer and
over time she was promoted to Shift Supervisor and then to Site Supervisor. Our honoree is a prime
example of how hard work and dedication are recognized accordingly.

Our honoree personally trains each of the officers serving under her.
She continually receives complimentary comments about her performance
and her outstanding staff. If and when issues arise, she not only
addresses the problems, but also develops solutions for them. She has
been able to address these issues while keeping overtime to a minimum.
One of the true tests of professional supervision is when the client has
absolute confidence in your decision making ability, as is the case with
our honoree.

In December 2009, our honoree received The Home Depot officer of the
month award issued by US Security Associates. Our client, The Home            Shelly Hawkins
Depot, had the following to say about our honoree, “I would like to
formally advise you of the dedication she exemplified over the Christmas Holidays. She sacrificed
part of her holiday with her loved ones due to a need at the facility. She came in to complete fire
walks for several hours on Christmas morning due to a malfunction in the fire system. It was not
planned and she reacted selflessly by arranging coverage and coming in personally to cover those
                                         hours her staff was not able to. This is just one example of
                                         the dedication she shows on a daily basis. Since her
                                         promotion to Supervisor, she has evolved from a system
                                         and process master to a leader that The Home Depot
                                         management team can rely on. She is someone that solves
                                         and manages issues with our changing business. She has
                                         embodied a Home Depot principle of putting the customer
                                         first and we appreciate having such a dedicated
   ESBU VP and General Manager Martin
  Legger, Supervisor Shelly Hawkins, CEO   Her personal philosophy is “to give 110% toward any job
                                           you are given.” Well Shelly, thanks for giving so much of
yourself to the company, the client and your security officers! It is paying big dividends!

Please recognize Shelly Hawkins for being an Outstanding Supervisor.
Loss Prevention is a separate division within our company that was formed to help clients
reduce shoplifting. A nationwide government survey reveals yearly losses, due to theft in
retail stores, to be approximately $33 Billion.

Our Loss Prevention Associates wear plain clothes and operate undercover. They are
challenged every day with protecting our client’s merchandise, their customers and employees,
and making sure we make the right decision when stopping a shoplifter.

This next honoree has worked for the company for 3 ½ years
and is the Loss Prevention Regional Manager for Arizona. He
has a professional demeanor and positive attitude and has
played a significant role in helping to grow our business with
Safeway in the Phoenix market from 200 HPW to over 1,000

Our honoree has applied his knowledge and experience to
improving the appearance, performance and effectiveness of
the Loss Prevention Associates under his direct control. His
personal involvement in all phases of the selection, training,
evaluation and placement of Loss Prevention Associates has
                                                                VP, Loss Prevention Terry Faircloth
resulted in more valid intercepts, increased merchandise and Loss Prevention Regional
recovery and successful prosecutions. He has cultivated a           Manager Ken Piotraschke
dedicated workforce that strives to emulate the example set
by their leader. His meticulous review of payroll and intimate knowledge of his workforce has
insured that his employees receive correct pay and proper recognition for their efforts.

One client contact from Safeway stated “His professionalism and responsiveness to our needs
as a client has greatly solidified the relationship between our two companies. His ongoing
commitment to building new business for U.S. Security Associates, while still providing high
quality service to his clients is commendable.”

Let’s recognize Ken Piotraschke for being an Outstanding Loss Prevention Associate.

*Unfortunately, Mr. Piotraschke was unable to attend the Winner’s Circle event.
We would like to recognize this honoree for outstanding leadership during a time of crisis. We would also
like to acknowledge the courage of those incredible individuals that serve on his team.

At 11:20 AM on September 3, 2009, our client’s Emergency Services Department responded to an
explosion which triggered a tremendous fire in a chemical processing area at the plant. The explosion was
heard and felt throughout the 392 acre facility as well as in surrounding communities. Less than two minutes
later, our personnel began arriving on scene. Our honoree, the site supervisor for the facility, was the first
to arrive and immediately requested the dispatchers on duty to send out notifications calling for assistance
from off-duty personnel.

                                           Within minutes of units arriving on scene and reviewing
                                           accountability with area workers, rescue teams entered the
                                           explosion site, located the unaccounted for worker and rapidly
                                           extricated him. Throughout the incident, our honoree and a total
                                           of 53 other U.S. Security Associates employees worked diligently
                                           to perform a multitude of various tasks. The fire itself required a
                                           five hour effort to extinguish. The team evacuated dozens of
                                           area workers and prevented the
                                           fire from spreading beyond the
   NCBU VP and General Manager, Jim        original involvement, protecting
     Finello, Supervisor Jacob Bell,
         CEO Chuck Schneider
                                           key structural components of the

During this time and immediately following the incident, US Security
personnel worked together seamlessly to accomplish numerous
responsibilities. In addition to providing firefighting, EMS, and rescue
services at the incident scene, the team established scene security and
handled large volumes of media representatives and concerned family
and friends at the three entry gates. Our dispatcher center staffed with         Jacob and Erin Bell
two employees handled numerous phone calls and countless radio
transmissions, continuously monitoring their coworkers. The client at the facility said “our staff was the
bravest personnel with whom she had ever worked.”

His personal philosophy is to "live each day to its fullest and always be thankful for those who love you!"
Well Jake, we are certainly thankful for your leadership and the courageous actions of you and your team.

Let’s honor the accomplishments of Jacob Bell for being an Outstanding Supervisor and his entire team for
their many heroic acts that fateful day and the days that followed.
This honoree is the Supervisor for the South Station Bus Terminal in Boston, MA, where
approximately 15,000 people pass through daily. He is the main interface for the client and
oversees 19 full and part-time security officers. Our honoree is held in the highest regard by the
client, understands what our client expects, communicates well and
instills the discipline necessary to enable the Bus Terminal to
operate smoothly and efficiently.

His actions serve as an example to the security officers under his
command, which enable them to face stressful and emergency
conditions with confidence. He has distinguished himself by his
                                 positive attitude, great
                                 attention to detail and by
                                 being a dependable, creative
                                 problem solver. He constantly MABU President Joe LoBianco,
                                 suggests ways to better secure Supervisor Jesus Centeno,
                                 the facility, such as relocating     CEO Chuck Schneider

                                 sixty security cameras to more advantageous positions or
                                 redeploying staff to more effective posts.

                                 Our honoree has an eye for detecting criminals. He has helped
                                 on numerous occasions by providing tips that have led to the
                                  arrest of dangerous individuals. Our honoree has received 5
       Jesus and Ruth Centeno
                                  letters of commendation from clients and people that work with
him on a daily basis. This is a testament to how much he is respected and appreciated by the
community he serves. One client commented about our honoree by that “The Massachusetts Bay
Transportation Authority, Boston and Massachusetts State Police have all come to recognize his
professionalism, experience and capabilities and rely on him to do their jobs better. We all value
his judgment and expertise. He has that rare ability to be tough and forceful when necessary, but
also to be compassionate and caring to individuals perhaps less fortunate.”

His personal philosophy is to “live life one day at a time.” Well Jesus, we certainly appreciate how
you are living and working each day!

Please congratulate Jesus Centeno for being an Outstanding Supervisor.
This honoree has been with the company for 8 years and is the Site Supervisor for The
Fountains of Lake Worth, Florida. This community has three gated entrances, 1756
residential units covering 860 acres with three 18-hole championship golf courses and a
50,000 square foot sports complex. He supervises a team of 19 Security Officers and
                                     covers the property with 2 Patrol Vehicles and 1 Golf

                                         Our honoree has an incredible work ethic coupled
                                         with     outstanding customer service skills and good
                                         common sense. He is a natural leader that has a
                                         hands on, ‘can do’ approach to everything he
                                         encounters. When he takes on a task, he moves
                                         forward at full speed until the job is seen through to
                                         completion. This is an infectious attitude and one
 SEBU President Hank Hiday, Supervisor
  Thomas True, CEO Chuck Schneider
                                         seen in his supervisors and support staff alike.

                                      Our honoree recently responded to an alert that a
man was down. He arrived on the scene to find a man trying to do CPR on a resident. The
man said, “can you please take over I don’t know what I am doing.” Our honoree radioed
the captain to call 911 and immediately started CPR. Moments later the captain arrived
with the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). He had the captain continue CPR while our
honoree set up the AED. The AED unit said to “shock,” so he did. The resident’s heart
started beating, the AED unit said to keep performing CPR, so he did. Palm Beach Fire
Rescue arrived and took over thanking our team for a job well done. The resident was
taken to the local hospital and is on the road to a full recovery. The team, led by our
honoree, stayed calm during a crisis, executed an emergency plan based on their training
and saved a man’s life!

Well Tom, thank you for keeping this prestigious site as a satisfied client and for making a
difference in the lives of others.

Please congratulate Tom True for being an Outstanding Supervisor.
This honoree is our Site Supervisor at Rossmoor, a 3,200 resident, age 55 and over gated residential community in
New Jersey. Our honoree and his team processed nearly 240,000 visitors in 2009. Some residents refer to our
honoree as “the Mayor of Rossmoor,” since he is the “go to” person for any type of help. Due to his superior
performance, we have not only been able to secure a new five year contract with the client, but also win three
other of the largest and most prestigious residential communities in the state, based
upon such positive references.

Our honoree is innovative in his approach. He designed and maintains a monthly
Traffic and Safety Report. He instituted a “Green Initiative” with regard to daily
reports and communication – formatting and delivering all electronically. He
created his own electronic sign-in and payroll system that reduces errors and
speeds the process. He designed and implemented a comprehensive training
program for all security personnel. He “reinvented” the Rossmoor Post Orders,
expanding what our personnel can do to exceed anyone’s performance
                                                                                            Kim Handl
During a recent week, our honoree and his security officers responded to the
following major incidents: 1 suicide, 1 attempted suicide, 2 heart attacks, and assisted local EMS in removing a
combative, Alzheimer’s patient from their home for hospitalization. A week such as this is fairly typical. Our
honoree and his team have also responded to many other incidents to include spotting a fire and coordinating an
evacuation, assisting injured residents that had fallen and needed first aid, responding to various car accidents
and coordinating the response and preventing a resident from going into a diabetic coma.

                                           In the words of Jane Balmer, Rossmoor’s General Manager, “Rossmoor
                                           is extremely fortunate to have him as U.S. Security Associates’ Site
                                           Manager. The above-referenced incidents had a positive outcome - -
                                           mainly due to his quick response in some cases and his excellent
                                           training of his staff in the other cases. He is always available to his
                                           staff and Rossmoor staff via cell phone when it is necessary to seek his
                                           guidance after his normal work hours. He is professional at all times in
                                           his appearance and attitude that has proven to be a ‘WIN-WIN’
                                           situation for U.S. Security Associates and especially for Rossmoor.”
   NEBU VP and General Manager Joe
   Arwady, Supervisor Kim Handl, CEO       Our honoree cares about the residents and it shows. He is part of the
            Chuck Schneider                ‘fabric’ of the community. In fact, Rossmoor honored him this past year
                                           with his own day in appreciation of all he does for the residents.

Well Kim, we certainly love your technical precision and competence in how you perform your job!

Please recognize Kim Handl for being an Outstanding Supervisor.
This honoree excelled through the security officer ranks the old fashioned way, by taking pride in
her work and by putting action into motion to truly add value for her client. She leads by example
and has not missed a day of work since December of 2007. Her officers also have similar
attendance as a result of her commitment and expectation.

                                 Tenants describe our honoree as diligent, focused, and extremely
                                 proactive. Tenants also consider her a trusted part of the
                                 property management team. Our honoree takes pride in her
                                 position, company and client on a daily basis. However, her most
                                 noticeable characteristic is the sense of ownership she takes in all
                                 aspects of the property.

                                 When a large prospective tenant prospect represented by
                                 several brokers called to view a suite on very short notice, our
                                 client knew that she would not have time to alert maintenance to
    Will Riley, Shirley Pearson unlock the suite and properly prepare it for showing. Instead - our
                                client called our honoree, asking if she could assist. Our honoree
found that the suite had been recently vacated, was in disarray and badly needed cleaning. She
went into action removing the trash and cleaned the entire suite. The suite was most presentable
and the showing went very well as a result of her actions.

Our client commented “She’s never late, she is extremely
efficient, and on top of her game every day. She went the
extra mile knowing that I didn’t have time to prepare the suite.
She is forever making sure that the office park is properly
managed. She has trained her officers to perform in the same
manner. Most importantly, our tenants know her and love her.
Morale among our security officers and our property
                                                                   MWBU VP and General Manager Will
management staff is phenomenal thanks to her. We are                Riley, Supervisor Shirley Pearson,
thrilled to have her on our team. She is one of the most                   CEO Chuck Schneider
amazingly high-spirited and motivated people with whom I
have worked.”

Her personal philosophy is to “do good to others and good will come back to you.” Well Shirley,
your dedication, loyalty and performance are all music to our ears.

Please recognize Shirley Pearson for being an Outstanding Supervisor.
This honoree is one of the original members of the National Accounts staff and is a key part of the team
that set the groundwork for our incredible new sales growth. She is able to multi-task very well and can
easily operate in administrative, operational or compliance roles. She has a cheerful attitude and calm
demeanor and is always responsive and dependable. She has earned the respect of employees and
clients alike.

In addition to coordinating the transition for one of our initial large
contracts for The Home Depot, she is instrumental in the ongoing
relationship with our largest customer, Wal-Mart Stores. In that role,
she has coordinated complex assignments to include the coordination
of our services at over 600 stores during their holiday shut downs.
This is a huge task, requiring effective interaction with all of our
branches. When Wal-Mart decided to outsource its entire off-duty
police work nation-wide, our honoree was ready to respond. She
negotiated work arrangements with over 1,000 police officers in a
very short period of time. She brought together all of the billing and          Deanna Van Spyk
payroll issues to deliver the services on time for the client.

                                      Our honoree applies her deep analytical skills to the complex world
                                      of national accounts billing and the electronic payment systems that
                                      come along with new national business. When a national account has
                                      a billing problem, it can quickly become large and complicated. As
                                      a result, it has ended more than a few business relationships in our
                                      industry. Our honoree has established innovative processes to audit
                                      bills before they reach the customer, and has developed an instinct
                                      for what is out of place. This process and her intuition have reduced
                                      our National Account department’s billing errors to almost zero.
   Sr. VP, National Accounts Alton
                                      Additionally, we are discovering that each national client uses their
  Harvey, National Accounts Billing
                                      own billing platforms – each with their own technical demands. Our
     Manager Deanna Van Spyk,
        CEO Chuck Schneider           honoree has stepped up to be the subject matter expert on each of
                                      these different systems.

Her personal philosophy is “live and let live.” Well Deanna, thank you for setting the example for all of us
and always finding a way to make your co-workers feel valued!

Please congratulate Deanna Van Spyk for an Outstanding Staff Contribution.
This honoree has shown great dedication and has made significant contributions to the company. He is
a true leader and consistently exemplifies commitment to excellence, determination, loyalty, honesty
and integrity.

Having served in a wide-range of roles with the company, our honoree has always managed to make
                           an impact on both our officers and customers. Whether it is working with
                           newly hired security officers or fine-tuning the performance of our
                           seasoned veterans, he can always be counted on. Earning the respect of
                           officers, peers, and customers comes easily to our honoree. Many
                           affectionately refer to him as, “The Colonel.”. And let me tell you, when
                           The Colonel speaks, people listen! Beyond his commitment to our officers
                           and customers, our honoree has also become the backbone of branch
                           operations, especially payroll performance, compliance, and logistics.

                              It is a common saying in our area – “when in doubt, call The Colonel!”
      Jesus and Margarita      When we had a focus group of top client leaders to see what they
            Longoria           thought about the service provided by our company, every one of them
spoke very positively about our honoree and the outstanding support he provides. They all knew how
to contact him and related that when they had contacted him on many occasions, they got results. Our
client HEB, a major Texas grocery chain, recently wrote regarding our honoree “he remains calm and
cheerful even under great pressure. His help and support during
stressful times such as hurricanes, grand openings, water bans
and a myriad of other obstacles is much appreciated.”

It is through the commitment, tireless devotion & leadership of
our honoree that have allowed the Corpus Christi Branch to
achieve record low overtime performance, high customer
satisfaction and Business Unit leading revenue growth in 2009.
Without him, we would not have realized these achievements SWBU VP and General Manager Neal
last year.                                                      Mulchrone, Operations Manager Jesus
                                                                  Longoria, CEO Chuck Schneider
His personal philosophy is “those who give up, never win –
never give up!” Well Jesus, we truly appreciate you never giving up!

Please join me in congratulating one of our most loyal and dedicated Operations Managers - Jesus
Longoria for Outstanding Staff Contribution.
This honoree started 4 ½ years ago as a part time Security Officer. He showed such dedication
and a positive attitude that he was soon moved to a permanent full time site. Over the next few
years our honoree was promoted to several high profile properties to fix existing problems at
those sites.    When he assumed the position of Area Operations Manager, he immediately
identified existing scheduling issues, patrol deficiencies, training issues,
post order challenges and recruitment issues. He began addressing
each issue, one at a time, until he had a working plan for all of them.

His plan for addressing “open posts” has resulted in an astonishing ‘0’
open posts over the last two years. His plan for addressing non-billed
overtime enabled the branch to improve from a weekly range of 2.5%
to 5% to consistently under 1% and most of the time it is under .5%. He
did this through training, mentoring and working all the supervisors to
buy into a ‘no overtime’ mindset.
                                                                            Leo and Brenda Burgess
His plan for addressing company standards as it pertained to
Responsive Management also had very positive results. The branch went from 23% of required
client meetings to consistently over 175%, dramatically improving their overall service rating.
Thanks to our honoree’s efforts, the branch can now proudly say that 100% of their clients would
recommend U.S. Security Associates to other companies based on survey responses.

                                      Our honoree has brought the ‘operations’ side of this branch
                                      up to the level that it is now part of the solution, rather than
                                      part of the problem. Thanks to our honoree – site
                                      post-order books are at every site, vehicle log books are
                                      100% complete on file, training documentation is 100%
                                      complete and on file, uniform costs are at an all-time low,
                                      workers compensation claims are at a minimum and customer
 ESBU VP and General Manager Martin   service levels are unmatched in the market.
   Legger, Operations Manager Leo
   Burgess, CEO Chuck Schneider       His personal philosophy is “anything worth doing is worth
                                      doing right.” Thank you Leo for doing it right!

Please recognize Leo Burgess for Outstanding Staff Contribution.
This honoree for being an Outstanding Territory Sales Manager is the top performer for
the company in this category this year. He has the special instinct you need to deal
with both prospects and our operational team as he works with three different USA
offices. Prospective clients view him more as a true security consultant rather than a
                                  typical sales person.

                                        This honoree is detail oriented and remains engaged
                                        throughout the entire process. He roots out the best
                                        wages for the expected assignment and then takes
                                        the time to develop a pricing strategy based on all
                                        the knowledge he has gathered. This honoree also
                                        does an excellent job of ensuring we deliver our
   SEBU President Hank Hiday, Business
   Development Manager Travis Williams, absolute best proposal to the client and then
                                        determining what we need to do to close on the sale.
During the year, he sold just over just over twice his sales goal. This included sales to
ZEP and General Wholesale Company. One significant
sale our honoree made added a flagship brand to our
list of clients, which includes their world headquarters
and some other facilities. This was a high profile win and
subsequent transition that required a lot of coordination.
Our honoree did an incredible job communicating and
facilitating the needs and requirements of this client. Michelle and Travis Williams
Bringing sales such as these to closure require hard work
and dedication and a significant amount of time and effort.

His personal philosophy is to “work hard so that you can then spend time with your
family.” Thank you Travis for working so hard!

Please recognize three time Winner’s Circle award winner Travis Williams for being an
Outstanding Territory Sales Manager.
The next Outstanding Territory Sales Manager honoree hails from the Garden State, where he has been
planting the seeds of success for the past six years. During that time, our award-winner has built a strong
book of prospective clients who absolutely TRUST him. He sold some significant sales that included:
Dixon Mills, Triangle South Carolina, Grainger, Riverview Towers, Leisure Towne and Michael Foods.

Our honoree has mastered the team selling approach, working very closely with his Business Unit VP and
                                          Branch Manager. During their presentations, they use a
                                          number of trust building techniques. He is a great student, a
                                          wonderful personality, and an extremely creative seller.
                                          Examples of his creativity include delivering Irish soda bread
                                          to clients and prospects every St. Patrick’s Day, sponsoring a
                                          discarded paper Shredding Party for our residential clients or
                                          catering a breakfast or lunch when we present to residential
                                          community boards. Ideas such as these are all part of a ‘give
 VP of Field Sales Bill Carney, Business
                                          before you get’ approach to selling. Our honoree is consistent
  Development Manager Daniel Keane, and persistent in his pursuit of new sales and if by chance he is
         CEO Chuck Schneider             not successful in a particular sale today, you can be assured he
                                         will be back next time around.

In 2009, our honoree can be proud in the fact that he made his
mark with numerous individual sales and not just one large
success. This is the sign of true salesmanship and reflects
several years of very hard work. Residential communities were
one of his primary vertical segment targets this past year and
his efforts paid off, along with sales from some other industries.
Our honoree has shown improvement and steady development
each year. His operational expertise plays a factor as well as       Supervisor Kim Handl, Business
he outlines the transition plan for each of his sales and works    Development Manager Dan Keane
closely with our Operational teams to deliver on what he has
promised during the sale. He is always very visible in transition meetings, first day start-up and thus
always able to go back to his new clients and request new referrals.

His personal philosophy comes from his father – “you need to ride the highs and ride the lows.” Well
Dan, we certainly enjoy this high that you are on right now and hope it continues for the foreseeable

Please recognize Dan Keane for being an Outstanding Territory Sales Manager.
The next Outstanding Territory Sales Manager honoree clearly understands that there has to
be a strong alliance between the two Branch Managers he serves, his Inside Sales Manager
and himself. Everyone must be engaged in all phases of the
U.S. Security Associates sales process from first call, to transition
30 days before start-up, and to “after” the officers initially
report to post. Our honoree, and his team, focus on doing
whatever it takes to win the sale and are always available to
support one another. It is this well-coordinated team approach
that produced the results our honoree was able to achieve in
                                                                        VP Loss Prevention Terry
                                                                    Faircloth, Business Development
Mastering the "team" selling concept, he frequently enlists the           Manager David Sission
assistance of our "subject matter experts" and branch
management staff to help close deals. This year, this honoree had a very successful year.
He has been particularly successful in the food processing industry. He was able to generate
significant sales at many new accounts, some of which include: Koch Foods, Mission Foods
                            and Proview Foods. The sales to Koch Foods were amongst
                            many sites and required a great deal of coordination.

                                  In his sales presentations and meetings, our honoree stresses the
                                  company’s proprietary applications, such as Responsive
                                  Management and advises potential customers that follow-up
                                  from our management team is “guaranteed.” He has an
                                  extremely close working relationship with his Branch Managers,
 VP of Field Sales Bill Carney,     which lends a great deal of credibility to his sales efforts.
Business Development Manager
  David Sisson, CEO Chuck   His personal philosophy is “be positive and optimistic in every
           Schneider        aspect of your life.” Well, David, thank you for the positive
impact you have had on sales this year! We are very optimistic that you are going to have
a bright future!

Please recognize two-time Winner’s Circle award winner David Sisson for being an
Outstanding Territory Sales Manager.
The next series of awards are for outstanding sales performance and for our top producing Territory Sales
Managers in 2009. Bringing in new customers to expand the company is essential to our growth and a
growing company will provide additional opportunities for us all. Sales are truly the ‘lifeblood’ of the
company. The sales responsibilities are not only important, but are very challenging, requiring creativity to
identify a client’s “needs” and then tailor a solution that U.S. Security Associates can deliver to that customer.

Our first Outstanding Territory Sales Manager has a passion for
what he does and truly loves selling U.S. Security Associate’s solid
reputation in the marketplace. He has built up strong relationships
within his office and is willing to do whatever is necessary to help
out his fellow associates.

Our honoree is very motivated to be successful and he has the
drive to achieve his objectives. He understands the business well
and focuses specifically on client needs. He is very dedicated to the Sharon and Eddie Sneed
company and will give all of his time to complete a job the right
way. Our honoree takes pride in his work and is extremely thorough on the proposals and finished
presentations that he submits to prospects.

It is this attention to detail and “active listening” to client needs that have contributed to our honoree’s
success. His Permanent Billed Hours for 2009 came in at 135% to quota. One of his major sales this year
was for the District of Columbia Department of Real Estate, which led to a sale of the District of Columbia
                                          Public Schools. Making this sale was a very time consuming process
                                          that took a significant amount of hours to respond to questions,
                                          figure the cost of all the many components that were needed to
                                          complete this job (gun cost, ammunition, flashlights, name tags,
                                          training requirements, union contract agreement, supervision,
                                          transportation equipment and a trained back up staff) and build a
                                          relationship with the DC Government bidding office and operational
                                          staff. The solutions selling technique has worked well for our
  SCBU President Al Sarnese, Business honoree, enabling him to achieve significant sales in 2009.
 Development Manager Eddie Sneed,
                                  His personal philosophy is “don’t let what happened yesterday
       CEO Chuck Schneider
                                         prevent you from being successful today!” Well Eddie, we are truly
enjoying your success today!

Please recognize two-time Winner’s Circle award winner Eddie Sneed for being an Outstanding Territory
Sales Manager.
This branch produced 22% sales growth during the year with only 7% terminations. Its
profitability contribution was the best in the entire country among all branches. This
branch was ranked 1st out of 32 small branches and was 4th out of 109 branches
nationwide in overall financial performance, a very impressive accomplishment. In
terms of awards, this office also distinguished itself by receiving 3 Client Service
Excellence Awards.

Our honoree is very methodical and consistent in the
work he performs. He shows true doggedness in
ensuring the job gets done right every time. Never one
to complain, he is seen as a true hero, in that he does
what has to be done when no one is looking. Our
honoree is also creative in his thinking as he finds new
ways to approach some very demanding operational
problems and enhance the branch’s profitability.
Because of his hard work, dedication and excellent             Regional Manager Brian
                                                          Piotrowicz, CEO Chuck Schneider
performance record, our honoree is taking on a new
                                        challenge, having been promoted to head up
                                        the major Chicago branch.

                                           His personal philosophy is “there is nothing one
                                           cannot accomplish once they are committed to
                                           achieving it.” Well Brian, we would like to
                                           thank you for your commitment and
                                           acknowledge your incredible achievements this
      Brian Piotrowicz and Nicole Yerkes
                                           past year.

                                     Please recognize two-time Winner’s Circle
award winner Brian Piotrowicz and the Wilmington Branch for being our Small Branch
of the Year.
For Outstanding Small Branch Sales, we look for the Branch team with the most of what we
call ‘in-territory” sales, that is, sales produced within the Branch organization and not
contributed by our National Account function or other departments. As an additional
                                                qualification, we look at the client retention
                                                record of the branch to make sure we are
                                                taking care of and retaining those new

                                               This office sold 31% as a % of its beginning
                                               base and had 9% terminations – a net
                                               permanent hour growth of 22% in one year.
                                               A couple of significant sales during the year
            Michelle Luster and Ben Holt       were to Graphic Packaging Corporation
                                               and McCamly Plaza Hotel.

Our Branch Manager was indeed the former owner of the business prior to our acquisition
his company in 2007. Fortunately, he still works everyday in the same capacity, putting
“actions into motion” to build Kalamazoo and working with his managers “hand-to-hand”
to sustain profitability. He’s involved in every
aspect of the business. It is his ownership and
hands-on leadership that contributes to
Kalamazoo’s success. Successful managers are
always entrepreneurial and who those who
take ownership in their operations.

Well Jack, thank you for your leadership in
helping to take sales for this branch across the
                                                              Ben Holt, representing
goal line!                                                 Branch Manager John Shimko

Please recognize Jack Shimko and the entire Kalamazoo Branch for Outstanding Small
Branch Sales. Accepting the award on behalf of the Branch this evening is Ben Holt,
Branch Operations Manager, who played an integral role in their performance success.
Our next award is for Mid-Size Branch of the Year. They grew sales 31% during the year
and only had 4% terminations, which means they are keeping their clients very happy. This
branch ranked 1st out of 36 branches within its
size group and ranked 1st out of 109 branches
nationwide in all size categories in overall
financial performance.

This award winning Branch was also the recipient
of 1Top Gun sales award for the top selling
branch in its size category and 2 Nationwide Best
Client Service Excellence Awards.
                                                     MWBU VP and General Manager, Will Riley,
This branch is the most profitable branch in the Branch Manager Reba Grass, CEO Chuck
Business Unit. One of the primary reasons for                        Schneider

such extraordinary performance, in a word, is “ownership.” Our honoree is truly an
entrepreneur. She is extremely involved in day-to-day decisions and the impact of those
decisions on the branch and on her profitability. Our honoree happens to also operate the
largest geographical territory of any manager in the Business Unit. Her customer
satisfaction levels are very high due to her constant communication with clients. Her method
                                   is “old school,” but very effective, calling customers each
                                   week on Monday morning just to stay in touch between
                                   face-to-face visits.

                                  Her personal philosophy is “how we spend our days is, of
                                  course, how we spend our lives.” Thank you Reba for
                                  spending your days in such a productive, rewarding way!
                                  We hope you continue to do great things for years to

                                  Please join me in recognizing two-time Winner’s Circle
     Branch Manager Reba Grass    award winner Reba Grass and the Springfield Branch for
                                  being Mid-Size Branch of the Year.
This Branch did a fantastic job not only running efficiently, but also of
growing their business.
This branch produced sales of 44% as
% of their beginning base, and had less
than 4% terminations, creating a
“spread” of 40%. Some of the local
accounts sold include: Fitness Quest,
Ferro Corporation, Kyklos Bearing and
SIFCO Industries and Caraustar Rittman
Paper.                                                   Gerald and Patricia Sorensen

Much of the sales success of this branch can be attributed to the fact that
the Branch Manager is a tireless worker. He is success-oriented and always
plays to win. He began his career as a Security Officer over twenty years
ago and gradually moved up to positions of more responsibility. The
                                     reason he is able to sell is that he
                                     understands the business from the
                                     ground floor and knows what it takes
                                     to deliver.
                                              Well Gerry, your sales production is
                                              definitely flying high and it is our hope
                                              it will continue to soar in that direction!
  NCBU VP and General Manager, Jim Finello,   Please join me in recognizing Gerald
     Branch Manager Gerald Sorensen,
           CEO Chuck Schneider                Sorensen for Outstanding Mid-Size
                                              Branch Sales.
One of our top Regional Sales Managers in the company for 2009 sold some of his
larger sales to: CEVA Logistics, HEB Grocers and SVTC Technologies to name a few.

Our honoree possesses a contagious ‘can do’ attitude that effects everyone with
whom he comes in contact. His focus is always on the client and solving their specific
                                needs. He does an incredible job networking and
                                building long-term relationships, and playing an
                                active role in local industry associations. These
                                skills have served him well as shown by his
                                impressive sales performance this past year.

                                     Another reason for his success is his deep
                                     understanding of the operations of the business.
                                     Our honoree began his career with the company
    Regional VP Martin Passmore, CEO as an Operations Manager, was promoted to a
             Chuck Schneider
                                     Branch Manager and most recently has served in
the role of Vice President of Business
Development for the entire Business Unit. This
operational knowledge is extremely helpful in
earning the respect and trust of prospects and
clients as our honoree truly knows our
capabilities and can speak to them with

Welcome back to Winner’s Circle Marty – a
two time award winner who we hope will be              Regional VP Martin Passmore
joining us year after year!

Please recognize Marty Passmore for being an Outstanding Regional Sales
Our top Regional Sales Manager in the company had an outstanding achievement this past year.
Some of his significant sales this past year include two major accounts: The District of Columbia
Department of Real Estate, which led to a sale for the District of Columbia Public Schools. Our
honoree worked closely with our National Accounts team to close
Unisys and he also played a critical role in retaining our Staples

Our honoree has a “dynamic” personality. When he sells – he
emphasizes building relationships and ‘accountability’- all of the
processes our company has in place to ensure we do what we
say we are going to do. Due to his many years of experience
and gregarious personality, there are not many prospects who
do not know him.

What also makes him successful is that he is honest with himself
and perspective clients. He does not put up any false pretense in Regional VP Bobby Eddins, CEO
                                                                          Chuck Schneider
                            order to sell the business. He is
                            never scripted and always quick on
                            his feet. Our honoree is always listening for a need that we can
                            address or a problem we can solve. He is visionary in that he is able to
                            see the big picture and discover significant opportunities, as especially
                            demonstrated this past year.

                            Our clients love him because he stays involved in operations and making
                            certain we deliver. Our honoree is a true company man and always
                            willing to help out in any area that is needed, regardless of whether or
                            not it is his particular job. He can relate to people at all levels – from
                            the top of an organization to the bottom. He is often seen stopping by
                            our posts to talk to the security officers, making sure everything is
                            running okay and checking to see if they need anything. I can certainly
                              see why a prospect would want to buy their security from our honoree.
 Barbara and Bobby Eddins
                               Welcome to the Winner’s Circle Bobby! We hope you will want to
continue to join us year after year!

Please recognize Bobby Eddins for being an Outstanding Regional Sales Manager.
Large branches face a great challenge catering to a larger number of clients
and coordinating the efforts of many more Security Officers and Supervisors.
Our award winning large branch did not let size get in its way, and performed
consistently in all areas throughout the year. This branch grew their sales 22%
                                           and only had 3% terminations during
                                           the year. This branch ranked 1st out
                                           of 41 branches within its size – an
                                           unbelievable accomplishment.
                                         During the year, this branch received
                                         many awards including 2 Top Gun
                                         Sales Awards and 4 Client Service
                                         Excellence Awards.
        Branch Manager Joseph Brescia,
             CEO Chuck Schneider

Since 2006, this branch has won 2 Nationwide Best Client
Service Excellence Awards, a quarterly recognition requiring
client retention of 95% or greater for 12 months. You can
tell by these achievements that this manager is keeping his
clients very happy.
His personal philosophy is to “always strive to do your best
each day.” Well Joe, it appears that all that striving has
paid dividends this past year.
Please congratulate Joe Brescia and the entire Midtown         Branch Manager Joe
New York Branch for becoming our Large Branch of the
This next award is for the large branch with the highest level of in-territory sales.
This award is a particularly difficult one for our large branches to earn, because
they are already burdened with a great many client-related and internal
administrative tasks.

                                 Our winning branch grew sales 39% from its
                                 beginning base and only had 7% terminations. This
                                 statistic proves that not only do they know how to sell,
                                 but they also know how to service their clients as well.
                                 As part of its sales success, this branch was able to
                                 help secure several accounts that helped them grow
                                 their business in 2009. The Branch Manager worked
                                 closely with the Business Development Manager and
     District Manager Joe Marini the VP & GM of the
                                 Business Unit in a team
selling approach. His role is one of an operations
nature, where he has been effective at delivering a
message of sincere commitment in maintaining service

Our honoree spent 18 years working for the Essex
County Sheriff’s Department, where one of his roles
was to manage the off duty Police Officers. It was in
this role that our honoree would make many contacts        District Manager Joseph Marini,
                                                                CEO Chuck Schneider
and develop a strong sense of the security business.

Well Joe, you certainly know the language of sales and we are especially happy to
have you on our team!

Please join me in recognizing Joe Marini and the entire New Jersey East Branch for
Outstanding Large Branch Sales.
This honoree for Extraordinary Contribution this evening is a true leader and plays a significant role
within our Business Unit. She is someone that understands our business from every aspect and knows how
to get things done in the most efficient and expedient manner. These characteristics became quite
evident in helping our company recently secure a significant piece of business with the District of
Columbia Public Schools.

                                              Our honoree spent 6 straight weeks in Washington DC,
                                              forming three transition teams to start the largest single
                                              contract for the company in a single city. This involved all
                                              the requirements of a transition including the recruiting /
                                              hiring / vetting of officers, ordering necessary forms,
                                              training, ordering uniforms, and ordering equipment to
                                              include automobiles, computers and weapons.

                                              However, other complications arose to include our business
                                              license expiring, union involvement, attempted obstructions
       SCBU President Al Sarnese, VP BU
                                              created by the incumbent contract security provider, the
   Operations Tia Waller, CEO Chuck Schneider
                                              hiring of our key client contact by a competitor and the
requirement for 35% of the contract award to be sub-contracted to a minority supplier. To top it all
off, when the DC Government lost all faith in the incumbent security provider, they asked for an
acceleration of the two-week transition plan.

Our honoree was able to lead and organize all of our efforts in
accomplishing this mission. She demonstrated outstanding skills in
organizational development, communication and strategic planning. She
was able to envision the end result of a successful start up and motivate
her entire team and facilitate the necessary internal resources toward
that same cause. All in all – it was considered a very successful start up
due in large part to the leadership of our honoree. As a result, our
honoree was able to earn the trust of the client and be given additional
business opportunities due to her superb performance.                          Kenneth and Tia Waller

Her personal philosophy is to “always strive to do your best, whatever the occasion or challenge.” Thank
you Tia for giving us your best – it is definitely making a big impact on results!

Please recognize two-time Winner’s Circle award winner Tia Johnson-Waller for an Extraordinary
This honoree epitomizes the type of individual that is a top performer - she is hard working,
dedicated, loyal and creative in how she approaches the business. At the beginning of the year,
when the Southeast Business Unit decided to put in place a
new sales model, our honoree was promoted to lead this
initiative, hired an entire team of sales people and put in
place a program that would lay the foundation for our future
successful sales efforts.

Recently her role with the business unit was expanded when
she was again promoted to manage Operations in addition
to Sales. She played an integral role in leading our
transition efforts after acquiring a company in Miami, FL.
This was a large acquisition and it was critical that we
                                                                  SEBU President Hank Hiday,
communicate clearly and effectively with our new associates
                                                             VP Operations & Sales Deborah Kalert,
and our new clients. Our honoree did a masterful job in
managing this detailed project plan and ensuring that this acquisition was a success on all fronts.
Toward the end of the year, our honoree stepped up to the challenge once again and worked to
integrate another acquisition into our Florida operations.

                                    Our honoree also played a critical role in winning a major new
                                    high-profile piece of business in Atlanta. This was a marquis
                                    brand to add to our client list and added new business to the
                                    Atlanta Branch portfolio. Once again – our honoree was there
                                    to roll up her sleeves, attend weekly meetings and ensure that
                                    the transition went smoothly. She has a very positive 'can do'
                                    attitude that has served the company extremely well over the
                                    years, but especially in 2009. We are extremely proud to
                                    have her as a key member of our Business Unit team and
      Chuck and Deborah Kalert      company.

Her personal philosophy is “if you knew better, you would do better!” Well Deb, thank you for
taking the time to learn and for doing such a great job!

Please recognize Deborah Kalert for an Extraordinary Contribution.
This honoree has been the “go-to” person in Accounts Payable for the past 37 years, perennially
giving 150% plus effort to her job. She is U.S. Security’s longest serving ‘Associate.’ Her long
record of achievement is cataloged in her numerous performance awards with the company. She is
tireless in her efforts and lends her vast experience and training skills to making her department and
the people working for her the best that they can be. She’s always look-
ing for new and better ways to do things.

  Our honoree enjoys frequent contact with vendors at all levels. She can
be depended upon to ensure that vendors are paid timely and
accurately and to resolve any issues appropriately and with the right
amount of professionalism and diplomacy. She has been a conscientious
and highly ethical steward as hundreds of millions of dollars in
transactions have passed through her control during her tenure with the

There are also frequent, extra demands on her to produce special reports
including audit responses, compliance reports and payment analyses that        Patricia and Bobby
our honoree completes with considerable attention to the detail required
and a positive attitude.

                                               However, our honoree’s real labor of love is
                                               managing the seven full time staff who report to her.
                                               She is a mentor to these people who in turn express a
                                               deep loyalty to her and admiration of her
                                               administrative, leadership and advisory skills. Our
                                               honoree has developed dozens of employees in the
                                               time she has spent with the company.

                                             In summary, our honoree has consistently been
                                             someone special for the entire organization. Her
  CFO Mike Geisler, Accounts Payable Manager commitment has been to making a lifetime and
     Patricia Owens, CEO Chuck Schneider     significant contribution to the organization. She has

She strongly believes in being fair with all persons. Well Pat, thank you for giving all of us more
than your fair share every day for all these years!

Please recognize Pat Owens for an Extraordinary Contribution.
This honoree took on the challenge of creating a National Account function
for U.S. Security Associates in April 2003 that serves large customers who
contract centrally for the security of multiple sites of their operations. Since
that time, the National Account Team has
expanded rapidly.
During 2009, our National Accounts team did an
incredible job and sold major account sales to new
clients to include Sears, Alcoa, Unisys and Mirant
to name a few.
In addition to developing new clients, the National
Accounts group was also able to expand our Penny and Alton Harvey
business relationships with existing clients
Walgreen’s, Avis Budget Rent-A-Car and Sony during the year, which is a
tribute to both the National Account group and our field offices in
                             maintaining a high level of service once the
                             business is won.
                                         The bar has been set high and this group
                                         continues to exceed expectations year after
                                         year. This can be attributed primarily to
                                         leadership and the relationship building skills
                                         of this team leader honoree.
  Alton Harvey, Senior Vice President,
                              Please recognize our only five-time Winner’s
        National Account Sales,
         CEO Chuck Schneider  Circle award winner for Outstanding National
Account Sales; Alton Harvey, Senior Vice President of National Accounts.
The next award, for the Best In-Territory Sales by a Business Unit during 2009, is our final
award of the evening. As mentioned earlier, In-Territory Sales does not include any National
Account Sales and is the company’s highest priority. Achieving this award takes hard work,
discipline and the ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing selling environment. To be
                                successful, a Business Unit Leader must effectively orchestrate
                                and motivate a team of Branch Managers and Sales
                                Representatives to work together and accomplish the objectives
                                of the company. The leader must set the goals and hold his
                                people accountable for achieving them.

                                 When reviewing measured performance on in-territory sales
                                 production - this leader out-performed 9 other Business Units.
                                 Achieving such results is no easy task, in that they were already
    SCBU President Al Sarnese,   our second largest Business Unit starting out the year with
      CEO Chuck Schneider        offices across a geographically-spread territory.

Through focus, collaboration and weekly accountability
conference calls, this team was able to grow their overall
sales significantly.

Beyond great sales production, the Business Unit had a
retention rate of approximately 90%. In 2009, their
branches earned 6 Top Gun Awards for sales production
and 4 Client Service Excellence Awards for superior
retention.    This high-performing business unit is
represented here tonight by 4 other individual Winner’s              Al and Carol Sarnese

Circle award winners – 3 of which are in sales!

His personal philosophies are “control your own destiny” and “don’t accept mediocrity.” Well
Al, we truly appreciate you not accepting mediocrity in sales production this past year.

Please recognize the South Central Business Unit and its leader, Al Sarnese, as our Best Business
Unit for In-Territory Sales in 2009.

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