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									Main health risks
   in Poland-
a mini travel guide for

                     by Grzegorz Polański
Poland as a safe country

   Poland is a safe place. We do not
      have problems with serious
 diseases like cholera or yellow fever,
     with water shortage or lack of
 medicines. Of course, we do not live
 in a paradise so if you want to avoid
 some health troubles and enjoy your
      stay in Poland, be careful…
Polish mosquitoes
They are one of our
curses. They usually
attack in the period of
time between May and
September. They are
not very dangerous,
but bothersome and
annoying. Sometimes
they might spread the
HIV (Human Immuno-
deficiency Virus).
What to do to avoid close
contact with mosquitoes?
The most popular
protection is
mosquitoe sprays.
Many Polish people
burn special herbs
to discourage the
insects, but the
most effective way
to protect yourself
against being bitten
is to wear light
clothes covering the
whole body.

They can be very
harmful and
dangerous to our
health as they are
the cause of
borelioza and
meningitis. They
usually attack in
forests in May and
   How we should protect
The most important
thing is clothing.
You should wear
trousers and
sweatshirts with
long sleeves. You
ought to use special
chemicals and avoid
sitting under
bushes or directly
on grass.
  The weather conditions
In the mountains the
weather is very
changeable and you
have to be prepared
for everything: heat,
rain, thunderstorm or
even snow storm and
avalanche. You
cannot do anything.
Do not show off and
climb only with
experienced guides.
Take warm clothes, a
mobile phone and a
torch- just in case.
              Beware of bears!
   Yes, bears like this one, live in
    our forests. Sometimes they
    want some sweets from people,
    but they are not very
    aggressive unless you make
    sudden movements. Keep calm,
    give it a piece of cake (even
    your last one) and... get out of
   Sometimes you can meet a
    snake. Most of them in Poland
    are not poisonous, but
    generally it is better for your
    health to stay away of them.
    The beautiful Polish Baltyk
   At the seaside in summer,
    sunny days and people’s
    stupidity could be very
    dangerous. Sunstrokes and
    sunburns are very
   It is compulsory to have a
    suntan cream, a bottle of
    mineral water, sunglasses
    and a hat. Without them
    you can have big problems
    with your skin, eyes and
     Public healthcare in Poland

   Many Polish people know foreign languages, but
    they are usually young, so sometimes you may have
    problems with communication. We have a big
    personnel in hospitals, so you can choose a doctor.
   In case of an accident, you will get a compensation
    from your insurer and you do not have to pay for
    treatment in hospital. You do not have to take
    medicines, unless you need something special
    because of your illness.
   As you see, Poland is a safe country. If you do not
    try to be reckless, you will come back home in a
    good shape. For sure.

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