SONYA BERTOLOZZI by xumiaomaio


									                                                                             SONYA BERTOLOZZI
                                                                             MAKEUP & HAIR

Title:                                               Directors:                   Production Company:
iPhone 4                                             Sam Mendes                   RSA Films
NFL “Fandemonium”                                    Mo Husseini                  Kaleidescope Films, NYC
Nature Valley Granola Bar “Whatever The Adventure”   Drew Lightfoot               Soft Citizen
Apple “Hello I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”                    Phil Morrison                Epoch Films
Old Navy                                             Landis Smithers              Supply + Demand, LA
Kohl’s “Back to School”                              Tyran George                 Believe Media
AT+T                                                 Jason Fischer Jones          The Institute
Locator, WE TV                                       Chris Brignola               Defiant TV
Bridezillas, WE TV                                   Jay Sharfstein               Defiant TV
Tide “Talking Stain”                                 Calle Astrand                Dab Hand Media
Dunkin Donuts                                        Gary Mckendry                Form
Holiday Inn Express                                  Guy Manwarring               Therapy Films
Wynn Casino: Las Vegas                               Karin Fong                   New England Weather
Hanes                                                Neil Kraft                   Kraftworks
Mastercard                                           Guy Manwaring                Therapy Films
Hewlett Packard                                      Oliver Gondry                Partizan
Hewlett Packard                                      Antoine Bardou-Jacket        Pertizan
Reynold’s Wrap                                       Mark Celentano               Compulsive Pictures
Eckerd Pharmacy                                      Randy Akers                  Curious Pictures
MSNBC Promo’s                                        Dan Appell                   Pyburn Films
Mastercard                                           Carter & Blitz               Anonymous Content
Kentucky Fried Chicken                               Chuck Bennet                 Crossroads Films
Sears                                                Irv Blitz                    MJZ Productions
Excederin                                            Tricia Caruso                Highway 61
Child Health Plus                                    Tricia Caruso                Highway 61
Amtrack                                              Sebastian Chanterelle        Aka Films
Toys’R’us                                            Rob Cohn                     Big Chair Productions
Missing Children PSA                                 Talmadge Cooley              half baked Prods.
1-800 Flowers                                        Jeff Cooney                  Fleet Films
Lexus                                                David Cornell                Headquarters
Office Depot                                         David Cornell                Headquarters
USA Networks                                         Juan Delcan                  Spontaneous
Krylon “Spraycan”                                    Juan Delcan                  Spontaneous
Morgan Stanley                                       Laurence Dunmore             RSA
Johnny Walker Red                                    Laurence Dunmore             RSA
BMW                                                  Laurence Dunmore             RSA
Federation Of Teachers                               Conrad Fink                  This is TV
Cadillac w/ Bill Parcels                             Mark Foster                  Hungry Man
Hewlett Packard                                      Olivier Gondry               Partizan Pictures
Nair                                                 Paul Henschel                September Prods.
Prempro                                              Rachel Harms                 Artists Company
One A Day                                            Rachel Harms                 Artists Company
HBO Zone Lax Airport                                 William Heins                Contagious Pictures
Delta Airlines                                       David Horowitz               Rockfight Productions
Kmart                                                David Horowitz               Rockfight Productions
NY State Lottery                                     David Horowiitz              Rockfight Productions
Spaulding Golf Clubs                                 John Huet                    Picture Park
Sprite                                               Spike Jonze                  Satellite Films
Fuse Beachhouse                                      Jacobs & Briere              Rainbow Media
Hewlett Packard                                      Jeff Karoff                  Kaleidescope
Mercedes Benz                                        Jeff Karoff                  Kaleidescope
Panasonic                                            Tony Kaye                    Supply & Demand
Philips Lighting                                     Tony Kaye                    Supply & Demand
Animal House DVD                                     John Landis                  Herzog Productions
                                                                   SONYA BERTOLOZZI
                                                                   MAKEUP & HAIR
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Title:                                         Directors:                   Production Company:
Soapnet TV                                     Glenn Lazarro                Crossroads Films
Taco Bell                                      Rocky Morton                 MJZ Productions
Sony Mini Disc                                 Rocky Morton                 MJZ Productions
Kenmore                                        Ed Nammour                   Atherton
E-Trade                                        Ed Nammour                   Atherton
Caress “Limo”                                  Doug Nichol                  Partizan
NY State Lottery                               Jesse Peretz                 Wayward Films
NBC Olympics (Ray Charles)                     Randy Pyburn                 Pyburn Films
Mario Battali Show                             Randy Pyburn                 Pyburn Films
Food Network Promo’s                           Randy Pyburn                 Pyburn Films
Tribeca Film Fest Special                      Randy Pyburn                 Pyburn Films
Ricoh                                          Steve Ramser                 Partizan
National Geographic Ch                         Patrick Sherman              Anonymous Content
Massachusetts Lottery                          Patrick Sherman              Anonymous Content
Oxford Health Plus                             Malik Sayeed                 Atherton
Verizon Wireless                               Rudi Schwab                  Element Productions
Crest Toothpaste                               Bobby Sheehan                Celsius Films
National Geographic Ch                         Patrick Sherman              Anonymous Content
Massachusetts Lottery                          Patrick Sherman              Anonymous Content
Marriot Hotels                                 Baker Smith                  Harvest
Virgin Mobile                                  Baker Smith                  Harvest
Serius Sattelite Radio                         Baker Smith                  Harvest
NY State Lottery                               Mark Teidemann               Celsius Films
Baby Ruth                                      Mark Teidemann               Celsius Films
Tide                                           Keiran Walsh                 MJZ Productions
Lean Cuisine                                   Bruce Van Duzan              Pfeifer Van Duzen
Aquafresh                                      Kathi Prosser                Chelsea Pictures
Movado                                         Laurent Chanez               Identity
Foxoods Casino                                 Nick Piper                   Backyard Productions
McDonald’s                                     Ted Pauly                    TATE USA
Radioshack “Red Chair”                         Kirk Jones                   Tomboy Films
Fruit by the Foot                              Jan vogel                    Believe Media
McDonald’s                                     Chris Hooper                 Bob Industries


Title:                                         Directors:                   Production Company:
Haven't Met You Yet , Michael Bublé            Rich Lee                     DNA
La De Da, Ringo Starr                          Nancy Bennet                 Squeek Pictures
Bodyrock, Moby                                 Steve Carr                   Villains NY
Mercury Rev                                    Anton Corbijn                Radical Media
Kick Some Ass , Stroke 9                       Gregory Dark                 FM Rocks
Title and Regristration, Death Cab For Cutie   Patrick Daughters            Black Dog Films
As Long As It Matters , Gin Blossoms           Adolpho Doring               Satellie Films
Gomez                                          Laurence Dunmore             RSA Films
I’m Afraid of Americans , David Bowie          Dom Hawley                   Oil Factory
Mile High & Honey White , Morphine             Stephen Kirklys              Propaganda
Da Funk Daft Punk                              Spike Jonze                  Satellite Films
C'mere, Interpol                               Adam Levite                  Associates in Science
Don Phillip                                    Marcus Nispel                RSA Films
Central Reservation, Beth Orton                Sophie Muller                Oil Factory
Lucky Man , The Verve                          Jamie Thraves                Oil Factory
AC/DC                                          Andy Morahan                 Propaganda Films
You Am I                                       Jesse Peretz                 Crossroads
KT Tunstall                                    Monty Whitebloom             Red Creek
Celebrity Apprentice                                                        NBC
                                                          SONYA BERTOLOZZI
                                                          MAKEUP & HAIR
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A & E Family Plots      Hewlett Packard                            Quaker Oats
AT&T                    Iceberg                                    Quaker Oil
Always Pantiliners      J Jill                                     Radioshack
American Express        Johnny Walker Red                          Reader’s Digest Magazine
Amtrack                 Kenmore                                    Red Lobster
Aquafresh               Kentucky Fried Chicken                     Renault
Arm & Hammer            KhadejhaNYC                                Requip
Baby Ruth               Kmart                                      Reynold’s Wrap
Best Health Magazine    Lean Cuisine                               Ricoh
Bloomingdales           Lexus                                      Robitussin
Blush Magazine          M & M candy                                Roots
BMW                     Magazine Publishers Of America             Royal Carribean Cruises
Cadillac                Marriot Hotels                             Samara Jewelry
Captain Crunch Cereal   Mastercard                                 Samsung
CaressBurger King       McDonald’s                                 Sears
Chevrolet               Mercedes Benz                              Sensipar & Enteryx
Citbank                 Merck / Pneumovax                          Sirius Satellite Radio
Crayola                 Metlife                                    Sony Mini Disc
Crest Toothpaste        Miraplex/ Restless Leg Syndrome            Spaulding Golf Clubs
CW-X                    Morgan Stanley                             Sprite
Dell                    Movado                                     Taco bell
Delta Airlines          Nair                                       Tide
Dicks Sporting Goods    National Geographic Channel                Timberland
Dunkin Donuts           NBC Winter Olympics                        Toyota
E Trade                 New Balance Sneakers                       ToysRus
Exederin                Nikon Camera                               Tribeca Film Festival
Fibercon                Nokia                                      US Women in Banking
Food Network            NY State Lottery                           USA Network
Ford                    Office Depot                               Verizon Wireless
Foxwoods casino         Old Navy                                   Vioxx
Frito Lay               Pampers                                    Virgin Mobile
Fruit by the Foot       Panasonic                                  Wacovia Bank
Glaxo Smith Kline       Pepsi                                      Wendy’s
Hanes                   Philipps Lighting                          Yaris
Harrod’s of London      Prempro                                    Yaz
HBO                     Procter+Gamble                             Zoomer Magazine


AC/DC                   Funk Master Flex                           Mo Rocca
Adrien Brody            Geraldo Rivers                             Moby
Allan Houston           Gin Blossoms                               Morphine
Anna Wintour            Gomez                                      Nicole Atkins
Beth Orton              Guy Fieri                                  NY State Governor Pataki
Bill Parcels            Helen Hunt                                 NY Mayor Bloomberg
Biz Markie              Interpol                                   Paul McCartney
Bobby Flay              James Blunt                                Ray Charles
Bradley Cooper          Jason Mraz                                 Ringo Starr
Carol Alt               Joan Osborne                               Robbie Knieval
Christina Aquilera      Joan Rivers                                Robert DeNiro
Claire Danes            Jon Stewart                                Rudy Guliani
Curtis Martin           Julia Stiles                               Russell Simmons
Cynthia Rowley          Justin Long                                Sinead O’Connor
Da Funk Daft Punk       Kate Jackson                               Stroke 9
Damon Dash              Kevin Bacon                                The Darkness
Danny Boome             KT Tunstall                                The Donna’s
David Bowie             Kyra Sedgewick                             The Gin Blossoms
David Copperfield       Lee Trevino                                The Neeley's
Death Cab For Cutie     Lily Taylor                                The Verve
Dennis Leary            Lisa Loeb                                  Tiki Barber
Derek Jeter             Mario Battali                              Tom Brady
Don Phillip             Martin Scorcese                            Whoopi Goldberg
Eileen Ford             Mercury Rev                                William Wegman
Esai Morales            Mimi Turner
                                            SONYA BERTOLOZZI
                                            MAKEUP & HAIR
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Alan Kaplan            Donald Christie               Martin Schoeller
Ami Sanyal             Eydis Einarsdottir            Paul Orenstein
Augustas Butera        Francis Janisch               Ports Bishop
Barry Gnyp             Hugh Gannon                   Renat Touichev
Beau Stones            Hugh Kretschmer               Rhea Anna
Boris Breuer           Ilich Mejia                   Rob Giraldi
Brandon Schulman       Jean Claude Dhien             Rylan Perry
Camilo Him             John Wilkes                   Scott McDermott
Chad Holder            Jordan Junck                  Shannon Greer
Chris Fanning          Julie Adams                   Shannon Mendes
Christopher Lawrence   Justin Jay                    Stewart Cohen
Clay Enos              Lyndon Wade                   Susan Johan
Daniel Peebles         Malcolm Tweedy                Theresa Ortolani
David Dougan           Markus Bertschi               Walter Smith
Dean Sanderson         Mark Andrews                  Yaron Viner
Debbie O’Donnell       Mark Mann                     Zoe Bridgeman
Dimitri Daniloff

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