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					AeroFighters Assault
1. Change the color of your plane by pressing the R-Button at the plane select screen to
    bring up an alternate color scheme.
When it says "Press Start" at the title screen, press: C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-
Left, C-Right, C-Down. You will now be able to fly a new F-15 plane, complete with a new

Automobili Lamborghini
2. Hidden Bonus Cars
To find the many bonus cars in the game, such as a Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 959,
Dodge Viper, or Bugatti EB110, you must beat the Basic or Pro Series in the Arcade
Mode. Each time you beat a series, you will receive a new set of cars. For even more
cars, beat the Championship Mode on Normal and Expert.
Reverse Tracks
Beat the Championship Mode in Novice and Expert difficulty levels to get the reverse

Blast Corps
3. Bonus Levels: Extra Planets
There are at least four extra planets (in addition to the moon) that players can reach:
Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune, and there may be more (since there are four more
planets in the solar system).
The pre-mission briefing clearly states that to continue on "perhaps even more missions,
one must attain a perfect score." To play these levels you must get a gold medal in each
of the regular stages (including all training/bonus levels, Shuttle Clear, and the Moon).
Once you have done this you get a congratulations message and Mercury will open up,
after you beat it Venus will open, and so on.
4. If you've attained gold medals in all the planets, you will get a message
asking to "Do it Faster," which means going back to all of the missile stages; medals will
then be awarded based on time. If you received a gold in all of the timed-missile stages
you will be asked to do it even faster to earn platinum medals in every stage you've played
so far! There may be even more, but the platinum medals are almost inhumanly possible.

5. Bonus Level: Moon
After saving the space shuttle you'll have completed the transition level. You'll fly to the
moon on the space shuttle and wreak havok there, having to destroy several constructs
within six minutes. Backlash is the only chooseable vehicle.
Gravity is different, much like it would be on the moon, and control of ones's vehicle is
even more of necessary than ever. As in the Earth's levels, look for ditches and hills to
launch Backlash into buildings with even more power.

6. Z-Button Trick
Get a really fast time on Oyster Harbor using a combination of tricks. First, it is not
necessary to have the boats in place or fill the holes in order to complete the level.
Second, it is possible to destroy the series of walls that one usually uses the TNT on, as
well as the final building, using the Z button trick. So by destroying the small blocks in the
beginning of the course using the Ramdozer, and using the Z button trick on the buildings.
Another hugely useful application of the Z button trick is on Beeton Tracks. Normally, one
would have to move the Ramdozer across the tracks and use the TNT to blow up the big
building. Instead, the Z button trick can blow it up. The last huge building on Diamond
Sands. Most of it is destroyed by TNT, but the remaining part of the building can be
destroyed without using the TNT on the other side of the tracks. Just use the Z button.
The only win conditions for each level is that no buildings be blocking the carrier.

Bomberman 64
7. Secret Battle Stages
Looking for more variety in your multiplayer battles? Go to the game selection screen
(where you choose between adventure mode, battle mode, etc.). If you have a controller
with a pause button press it, or just press the start button quickly and repeatedly until you
hear a chime. Now go into battle mode and the four extra battle levels (In the Gutter, Sea
Sick, Blizzard Battle, Lost at Sea) will be enabled. We have tested this code with both the
USA and Japanese version and we assure you it works.

8. Secret Battle Levels (Import Version)
If you have the import version of Hudson's Bomberman 64, you can find some cool hidden
battle levels.
You need the Hudson JoyCard 64 controller for this to work. Go to the title screen, put the
"Slow Switch" on position Hu and wait five seconds. You should now hear a sound that
confirms that the trick worked. Choose Battle Mode and you can access four new secret
9. Sound Test
Beat the game in Adventure Mode (normal difficulty) and you will be able to access a
sound test option.

Clay Fighter 63 1/3
At the character select menu, hold L and input the following:
10. Booger Man - Move the joypad Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Left
11. Dr. Kiln - B, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, A (Beat the game on psycho?)
12. Random Character Selection - Hold down the R and L buttons
13. Secret Options Menu - C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, B, A
14. Go to the option menu and you will see a new menu for Secret Options.
15. Sumo Santa - A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, B

Cruis'n USA
16. Cool Car Selection
Access a school bus, Jeep Wrangler, or police car. At the Car Selection menu, Press the
Top, Left and C-bottom buttons simultaneously, and there you have it.
Quick Boost
First you have to get a "New Hot Time" on a race. Then pick any car and at the beginning
of the race press Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake, Gas. You can do this once every
Sirens and Lights
Take First place in a race or get a "Record New Time" with either the police car or the
school bus. After entering your initials move the joystick to the bottom of the screen and
then all the way to the left (keeping the conveyor belt on the screen). Wait about 30
seconds and a head will roll by and say "Man, I love this game."
Exit the initial screen and choose a new race. When the race starts hit brake, brake and
then accelerate moderately fast. If you 've performed it correctly, the code will work.
The sirens will turn off if you let up on the gas, but you can restart the code by hitting
brake, brake, acceleration, and holding the acceleration down.
Stage Selections
17. At the Stage Select Screen Press L + C-left + C-down at the same time for
Golden Gate Bridge. L + C-Down + C-Right at the same time for San Francisco. L + C-
Right + C-Up at the same time for Indiana.

Dark Rift

Move List

Aaron Maverick

Horizontal Combos

18. LC, LC, R + LC

19. LC, LC, UC, UC, L + LC, L + LC

Vertical Combos

20. UC, DC, LC, R + LC

21. UC, DC, LC, UC, UC, DC, DC, LC, B


22. DC, DC, D + DC
23. R, R + UC
24. R, R + A
25. R, R + LC
26. D DR R + A
27. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
28. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
Demonica Gkroux
Horizontal Combos
29. LC, LC, D + UC
30. LC, D + LC, D + LC
31. LC, LC, UC, LC, D + UC, B
32. LC, LC, UC, LC, UC, D + LC, D + LC, UC
Vertical Combos
33. UC, UC, D + LC
34. UC, UC, UC, LC, D + UC, B
35. DC, DC
36. DL, LC
37. R, R + UC
38. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
39. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
40. R, R + A
41. L, L + LC
42. Eve
Horizontal Combos
43. LC, LC, D + LC
44. LC, LC, UC, LC, D + LC
45. LC, LC, UC, LC, LC, D + UC, R + UC
Vertical Combos
46. UC, UC, D + UC
47. UC, UC, LC, UC, LC, D + LC
48. UC, UC, L + LC
49. DC
50. DL + LC
51. R, R + UC
52. D DR R + A
53. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
54. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
Horizontal Combos
55. LC, LC, L + LC
56. LC, UC, UC
57. LC, LC, D + LC, LC, D + UC, UC
Vertical Combos
58. UC, UC, D + UC
59. UC, UC, LC, UC, B (Grab)
60. DC, D + LC
61. DR + UC
62. R, R + UC
63. R, R + LC
64. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
65. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
66. D DR R + A
Horizontal Combos
67. LC, LC, D + LC
68. LC, LC, LC, UC, LC
69. LC, LC, LC, UC, D + LC, D + LC, UC, B
Vertical Combos
70. UC, UC, R + UC, D + UC
71. UC, UC, LC, UC, D + LC, D + LC, D + UC
72. DC, DC
73. R, R + UC
74. DR + UC
75. DL + LC
76. D DR R + A
77. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
78. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
Horizontal Combos
79. LC, LC, D + DC
80. LC, LC, DC, L + DC, DC, R + DC
81. LC, LC, DC, L + DC, D + UC, D + UC
Vertical Combos
82. UC, UC, D + LC
83. UC, UC, DC, L + DC, DC, R + DC
84. UC, UC, DC, L + DC, D + UC, D + UC
85. DC, DC, UC
86. DC, DC, DC, L + DC, DC, R + DC
87. D DR R + A
88. R, R, + DC
89. L, L, + DC
90. DL + LC
91. L, L + LC
92. DR + UC
93. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
94. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
Scarlet Zerai
Horizontal Combos
95. LC, LC, LC, DC
96. LC, LC, D + LC, UC, B
Vertical Combos
97. UC, UC, UC
98. UC, UC, LC
99. UC, UC, D + LC, UC, UC, D + LC
100. DC, LC
101. DL + LC
102. DR + UC
103. R, R + A
104. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
105. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
106. D DR R + A
Horizontal Combos
107. LC, LC, UC, DC, DC, DC, L + DC, DC
Vertical Combos
108. UC, UC, L + LC
109. UC, UC, UC, DC, UC, B
110. DC, DC, D + DC
111. DC, DC, R + DC
112. DC, DC, R + DC, UC, DC, UC, B
113. DL + LC
114. R, R + A
115. D DR R + A
116. R, R + LC
117. R, R HOLD LC (Running Push)
118. R, R HOLD DC (Running Slide)
Sonork Nezom
119. Reach out and touch some one - f, f, C-Up
120. Heli-upper - b, b, C-Up
121. Upper cut - f, d, C-Up
122. Blender - f, f, C-Left
123. Sweeping blender - b, d, C-Left
124. Blender kick - f, d, C-Left
125. Backhand claw - b, b, C-Left
126. Machinegun kick - b, b, C-Bottom
127. Head stomp - f, f, C-Bottom
128. Super balls - down, d, f, a
129. All-u-ken - f, f, a
130. Demitron
131. Leg stab - b, d, C-Up
132. Flash - f, f, C-Up
133. Tele-upper - f, d, C-Up
134. Claw upper - b, b, C-Up
135. Two hit slam - f, f, C-Left
136. Backhand claw upper - b, b, C-Left
137. Super spin - b, d, C-Left
138. Flip slam - f, f, C-Bottom
139. Flying feet - b, b, C-Bottom
140. Claw saw - Down, d, f, a
141. Teleport - b, b, a
Character Endings
All codes must be performed at the Title Screen (the screen with "Press Start")
142. Aaron: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Left
143. Demonica: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Top
144. Demitron: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Bottom
145. Eve: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Right
146. Gore: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, C-Bottom
147. Morphix: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, B
148. Nikki: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, R, R, A
149. Scarlet: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Left
150. Sonork: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Top
151. Zenmuron: Up, C-Left, R, Right, Down, L, L, C-Right

Play as Bosses

These codes must be performed at the Title Screen ("Press Start" screem)
152. Sonork: L, R, Top C, Bottom C, Left C, Right
153. Demitron and Sonork: A, B, R, L, Bottom C, Top C

Diddy Kong Racing

154.   ARNOLD - Huge Characters

155.   BLABBERMOUTH - Change Horn Sounds

156.   BODYARMOR - All Balloons are Yellow

157. BOGUSBANANAS - Bogus Bananas
158. BOMBSAWAY - All Balloons are Red
159. BYEBYEBALLOONS - Computer Can't Use Weapons
160. DOUBLEVISION - Be the Same Character
161. Drumstick - Find all of the amulets, the WizPig and the TT amulets. Once
you've done this, squash a frog in the central area (place with the red spot).
162. FREEFORALL - Maximum Item Powerup
163. JOINTVENTURE - Two-player Adventure
164. JUKEBOX - Music Test
165. NOYELLOWSTUFF - No Bananas in Multiplayer Mode
166. OFFROAD - Keep the Speed
167. OPPOSITESATTRACT - All Balloons are Rainbows
168. ROCKETFUEL - All balloons are blue
169. TEENYWEENIES - Tiny Players
170. TIMETOLOSE - Extreme Opponents
171. TOXICOFFENDER - All Balloons are Green
172. TT - You have to beat all of the tracks in the game in Time Challenge to
get him. He will then appear as a playable on the character select screen.
173. Turbo Start - Just after the high-voiced announcer says "Get Ready" and
the words start to fade, press A. You'll get a mighty boost. The boost is more powerful and
lasts longer the later you enact it.

174.   VITAMINB - Unlimited Bananas

175. WHODIDTHIS - Credits screen
176. ZAPTHEZIPPERS - No Zippers
177. Adventure Two (Mirror Courses)
178. To access Adventure Two, you need to beat Wizpig in Future Funland and in the
Overworld, get the TT and Wizpig amulets, and get golds in all four Trophy races.
Adventure Two is the same full set of courses from Adventure One, except they're all
Code Access
179. To access all of the codes, you need to beat entire adventure (one). After beating
Wizpig (in either the first or second race), you'll open up the credits. Watch the credits cut-
scenes at the end and before it finishes, a code, like "FreeFruit" will appear. Go to Options
and enter them into the Magic Code List. Each time you beat Wizpig in either the first or
second race, you will see a new code given.
180. Free Fruit
By beating Wizpig the second time, and after watching the screen credits, at the end you'll
see the password, "FreeFruit." Enter this in to start with 10 bananas.
181. Future Funland
To access Future Funland, the fifth world, you must place first in all of the Trophy Races
and acquire the Wizpig Amulet. You don't need the TT amulet to access the fifth world, but
once you're in Future Funland, you'll need it to race Wizpig again.
182. Drive to the Trophy sign (near the Lighthouse) and park in front in of it to gain
access. You will see your character enter into the lighthouse, which then turns into a
rocketship and blasts off to space.
183. TT Amulet
To access the TT room in World 5, containing the second race with Wizpig, you need to
get all of the TT keys in each of the four worlds. The keys are in located in Ancient Lake,
Dino Domain; Snowball Valley, Snowflake Mountain; Crescent Island, Sherbet Island; and
Boulder Canyon, Dragon Forest.
184. Wizpig Amulet
To piece together the full Wizpig amulet, you must race and beat each of the four bosses
185. Zipper Trick
To get the maximum speed boost from zippers, be sure to release the A button before
driving over one - repress the accelerator as soon as rainbow colored smoke comes from
your vehicle, not before.

Doom 64

186. W93M 7H2O BCYO PSVB - This code gives you 100 health, 200 armor, all
weapons,full ammo, the backpack, levels 29-31 finished, and takes you to the last level.
Additionally, it gives you three pentagram items that make your laser three times as
powerful as the BFG9000. The three pentagram items also enable you to use the three
switches in the last level (and closes the gates that spawn the monsters).
All Level Passwords
Skill Level: Be gentle!
187. Level 02: cdp8 9bj2 68zt svk?
188. Level 03: cxm8 9bjy 681t jvk?
189. Level 04: ddk8 9bjt 683s 9vk?
190. Level 05: dxh8 9bjp 685s 1vk?
191. Level 06: fdf8 9bjk 687s svk?
192. Level 07: fxc8 9bjf 689s jvk?
193. Level 08: gd?8 9bc? 69br ?bk?
194. Level 09: gx88 9bc6 69dr 2bk?
195. Level 10: hd68 9bc2 69gr tbk?
196. Level 11: hx48 9bcy 69jr kbk?
197. Level 12: jd28 9bct 69lq ?bk?
198. Level 13: jx08 9bcp 69nq 2bk?
199. Level 14: kdy8 9bck 69qq tbk?
200. Level 15: kxw8 9bcf 69sq kbk?
201. Level 16: lft8 9bb? 69vp ?vk?
202. Level 17: lyr8 9bb6 69xp 2vk?
203. Level 18: mfp8 9bb2 69zp tvk?
204. Level 19: mym8 9bby 691p kvk?
205. Level 20: nfk8 9bbt 693n ?vk?
206. Level 21: nyh8 9bbp 695n 2vk?
207. Level 22: pff8 9bbk 697n tvk?
208. Level 23: pyc8 9bbf 699n kvk?
209. Level 24: qf?8 9bf? 6?bm ?bk?
210. Level 25: qy88 9bf6 6?dm 2bk?
211. Level 26: rf68 9bf2 6?gm tbk?
212. Level 27: ry48 9bfy 6?jm kbk?
213. Level 28: sf28 9bft 6?ll ?bk?
214. Level 29: sy08 9bfp 6?nl 2bk?
215. Level 30: tfy8 9bfk 6?ql tbk?
216. Level 31: tyw8 9bff 6?sl kbk?
217. Level 32: vbt8 9bd? 6?vk 9vk?
Skill Level: Bring it on!
218. Level 02: cjpr 9bj1 68z? qvk?
219. Level 03: c1mr 9bjx 681? gvk?
220. Level 04: djkr 9bjs 6839 7vk?
221. Level 05: d1hr 9bjn 6859 zvk?
222. Level 06: fjfr 9bjj 6879 qvk?
223. Level 07: f1cr 9bjd 6899 gvk?
224. Level 08: gj?r 9bc9 69b8 8bk?
225. Level 09: g18r 9bc5 69d8 0bk?
226. Level 10: hj6r 9bc1 69g8 rbk?
227. Level 11: h14r 9bcx 69j8 hbk?
228. Level 12: jj2r 9bcs 69l7 8bk?
229. Level 13: j10r 9bcn 69n7 0bk?
230. Level 14: kjyr 9bcj 69q7 rbk?
231. Level 15: k1wr 9bcd 69s7 hbk?
232. Level 16: lktr 9bb9 69v6 8vk?
233. Level 17: l2rr 9bb5 69x6 0vk?
234. Level 18: mkpr 9bb1 69z6 rvk?
235. Level 19: m2mr 9bbx 6916 hvk?
236. Level 20: nkkr 9bbs 6935 8vk?
237. Level 21: n2hr 9bbn 6955 0vk?
238. Level 22: pkfr 9bbj 6975 rvk?
239. Level 23: p2cr 9bbd 6995 hvk?
240. Level 24: qk?r 9bf9 6?b4 8bk?
241. Level 25: q28r 9bf5 6?d4 0bk?
242. Level 26: rk6r 9bf1 6?g4 rbk?
243. Level 27: r24r 9bfx 6?j4 hbk?
244. Level 28: sk2r 9bfs 6?l3 8bk?
245. Level 29: s20r 9bfn 6?n3 0bk?
246. Level 30: tkyr 9bfj 6?q3 rbk?
247. Level 31: t2wr 9bfd 6?s3 hbk?
248. Level 32: vgtr 9bd9 6?v2 7vk?
Skill Level: I own Doom!
249. Level 02: cnn8 9bj0 680t nvk?
250. Level 03: c5l8 9bjw 682t dvk?
251. Level 04: dnj8 9bjr 684s 5vk?
252. Level 05: d5g8 9bjm 686s xvk?
253. Level 06: fnd8 9bjh 688s nvk?
254. Level 07: f5b8 9bjc 68?s dvk?
255. Level 08: gn98 9bc8 69cr 6bk?
256. Level 09: g578 9bc4 69fr ybk?
257. Level 10: hn58 9bc0 69hr pbk?
258. Level 11: h538 9bcw 69kr fbk?
259. Level 12: jn18 9bcr 69mq 6bk?
260. Level 13: j5z8 9bcm 69pq ybk?
261. Level 14: knx8 9bch 69rq pbk?
262. Level 15: k5v8 9bcc 69tq fbk?
263. Level 16: lps8 9bb8 69wp 6vk?
264. Level 17: l6q8 9bb4 69yp yvk?
265. Level 18: mpn8 9bb0 690p pvk?
266. Level 19: m6l8 9bbw 692p fvk?
267. Level 20: npj8 9bbr 694n 6vk?
268. Level 21: n6g8 9bbm 696n yvk?
269. Level 22: ppd8 9bbh 698n pvk?
270. Level 23: p6b8 9bbc 69?n fvk?
271. Level 24: qp98 9bf8 6?cm 6bk?
272. Level 25: q678 9bf4 6?fm ybk?
273. Level 26: rp58 9bf0 6?hm pbk?
274. Level 27: r638 9bfw 6?km fbk?
275. Level 28: sp18 9bfr 6?ml 6bk?
276. Level 29: s6z8 9bfm 6?pl ybk?
277. Level 30: tpx8 9bfh 6?rl pbk?
278. Level 31: t6v8 9bfc 6?tl fbk?
279. Level 32: vls8 9bd8 6?wk 5vk?
Skill Level: Watch me die!
280. Level 02: csnr 9bjz 680? lvk?
281. Level 03: c9lr 9bjv 682? bvk?
282. Level 04: dsjr 9bjq 6849 3vk?
283. Level 05: d9gr 9bjl 6869 vvk?
284. Level 06: fsdr 9bjg 6889 lvk?
285. Level 07: f9br 9bjb 68?9 bvk?
286. Level 08: gs9r 9bc7 69c8 4bk?
287. Level 09: g97r 9bc3 69f8 wbk?
288. Level 10: hs5r 9bcz 69h8 mbk?
289. Level 11: h93r 9bcv 69k8 cbk?
290. Level 12: js1r 9bcq 69m7 4bk?
291. Level 13: j9zr 9bcl 69p7 wbk?
292. Level 14: ksxr 9bcg 69r7 mbk?
293. Level 15: k9vr 9bcb 69t7 cbk?
294. Level 16: ltsr 9bb7 69w6 4vk?
295. Level 17: l?qr 9bb3 69y6 wvk?
296. Level 18: mtnr 9bbz 6906 mvk?
297. Level 19: m?lr 9bbv 6926 cvk?
298. Level 20: ntjr 9bbq 6945 4vk?
299. Level 21: n?gr 9bbl 6965 wvk?
300. Level 22: ptdr 9bbg 6985 mvk?
301. Level 23: p?br 9bbb 69?5 cvk?
302. Level 24: qt9r 9bf7 6?c4 4bk?
303. Level 25: q?7r 9bf3 6?f4 wbk?
304. Level 26: rt5r 9bfz 6?h4 mbk?
305. Level 27: r?3r 9bfv 6?k4 cbk?
306. Level 28: st1r 9bfq 6?m3 4bk?
307. Level 29: s?zr 9bfl 6?p3 wbk?
308. Level 30: ttxr 9bfg 6?r3 mbk?
309.   Level 31: t?vr 9bfb 6?t3 cbk?
310.   Level 32: vqsr 9bd7 6?w2 3vk?

Duke Nukem 64

311. Cheat Menu

To get the Cheat menu itself, do this code on the main menu: Left, Left, L, L, Right, Right,
Left, Left

312. Invincibility

To get the invincibility code players must first enter the cheat menu code. Simply hit R
seven times in a row and then press left on the D-pad. A sound should signify that it
worked. Now go into the Cheat menu and turn invincibility on.
313. Living Dead Duke
Take a plasma cannon, and charge it up completely. Fire it at your teammate (you must
be on Cooperative). While the screen is White (not Red, or it's too late) press pause, and
turn on invincibility, and Duke should be completely black. Now, if you want to be either a
floating dead body or a "dying Duke," turn on the invicibility while the screen is Red.
314. Size Glitch
This code will work on co-op or deathmatch. To do this code in co-op you need Invincibility
and items codes. Turn on friendly fire, then use the weapons code, shoot your buddy with
the shrinker, or expander.
Small Duke: Shoot, put on invincibility then turn it off again. The player will not grow back
(the drawback: you can't have any weapons).
315. Big Duke: Get the expander, (with God mode off) and shoot the other Duke until he
starts to expand. Just before he explodes put on God mode, stop shooting, then turn off
god mode. You now have a giant duke that still can be killed. (Note, you may have to try it
a few times to get it right).
316. Switch monsters off
Go to the Cheat menu and then hit these buttons in this order: L, Left C, Left, R, Right C,
Right, Left, Left, Right. You will here a siren if you did the code correctly. Then go in the
cheat menu and now you can turn the monsters on and off.
317. Turn Items On
Turn on the Cheat menu. At the main menu input: R, Right C, Right, L, Left C, Left, Right
C, Right This will enable all items to be toggled on or off.

Be a quitter and still win
318. Enter your name as "RA50" at the name selection screen. If you now quit during a
race at any point, the game will still pretend that you finished it in whatever position you
were when you selected the quit option.
Drive the Neon bike and open all courses
Go to the Options Menu and enter the password 61GGB5. All tracks (bonus tracks
excluded) will now be open and you can ride the hottest bike in the XG universe, the
319. Extra Track
Enter 81GGD5 at the password screen to unlock all the regular tracks, both hidden bikes
(Roach and Neon), and the special hidden track. This hidden track will appear on the right
side of the selection menu.
320. Extreme Speed
For the ultimate challenge, try the "Extreme Mode." Simply enter "xtreme" as your name at
the name selection screen (Contest Mode) and XG cranks up the speed even more.
Combine with Fisheye for some insane action.
Race as the Extreme Team
Enter your name as "XGTEAM" at the name entry screen (you should hear a confirmation
noise), then go back and change it to the first name of one of the game's programmers,
such as Ash, Greg, John, Shawn, Justin (you can find more names in the credits). The
faces of the Extreme team will now appear on top of the bikes.
321. Shoot Fergus
The programmers of Extreme-G have hidden the face of Probe's director in the game.
Enter your name as "FERGUS," then go into the Shoot 'em Up Mode. The drones will now
have turned into Fergus's face. You can now shoot him - but remember that his wrath will
be tremendous.
322. Slippery Track
Enter "banana" at the name entry screen (Contest Mode). The track will now be super-
slippery and make racing a lot harder.
Unlimited Turbo Boosts
So Extreme-G is still not fast enough for you? Enter the word "nitroid" at the name
selection screen and you get unlimited turbo boosts.
323. Weapons cheat
To receive weapons whenever you want, enter your name as "arsenal" at the name
selection screen in the Contest Mode.

F1 Pole Position
324. Secret Car
Finish the game and become World champion first. Now save to a control pak and restart
the game. When the game says please wait "while loading" press and hold the A & B
buttons. Now go to the car selection screen and there should be a new secret car.
FIFA Soccer 64
325. Goal Antics
After scoring a goal, while the player is doing his victory jog and during the instant replay,
pressing the C buttons causes sound effects. Top is horns, left is the crowd yelling, bottom
is a drum, and right is a man yelling "Goal!"

Cheat Menu

326. Butcher(kills all enemies currently on-screen)Bottom C, Top C, Left C,
Left C

327. God Mode - C-Left, C-Right, C-Bottom

328. Health - C-Left, C-Top, C-Bottom, C-Bottom

329. Level Select - C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Bottom, C-Top

330. The codes listed underneath the "Collect Sub-Menu" can be inputed
anywhere, but you have to go to the Collect Sub-Menu to use them. If you input the code
correctly, you'll hear a "swooshing" sound. If the code is invalid, you'll hear a "Hmmm..."

331. Collect Sub-Menu

332. All Artifacts - C-Top, C-Right, C-Bottom, C-Top
333. All Keys - C-Bottom, C-Top, C-Left, C-Right
334. All Weapons - C-Right, C-Top, C-Bottom, C-Bottom
335. Clipping and all puzzle items
336. Get all the puzzle items C-Top, C-Left thrice, C-Right, C-Bottom twice.
Clipping (you can walk through walls) is possible by pressing C-Top (20 times), C-Bottom.
337. Codes
338. Start your game. You can pick any play mode and can have any number of
players. Once the game is started or loaded, press start to pause the game. Press: C-Top,
C-Bottom, C-Left, C-Right. If done correctly, you'll see Cheat appear at the bottom of the
menu. Go into the Cheat Menu.
339. The following code must be done rather quickly inside the Cheat Menu. If
you pause for even a second, the codes will not work.

International SuperStar 64

340. Big Head Mode

At the Title screen, enter: C-Top, C-Top, C-Bottom, C-Bottom, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-
Right, B, A, and then hold down Z and press Start. If you did this correctly, the announcer
will say "Goal!"
341. Hidden Teams
Use the code: Up, L, Up, L, Down, L, Down, L, Left, R, Right, R, Left, R, Right, R, B, A,
and then hold down Z and press start. If alls goes well, the announcer will say "What an
incredible comeback!"

J-League Perfect Striker
342. Big Heads
At the Title screen, press: C-Top, C-Top, C-Bottom, C-Bottom, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-
Right, B, A, and then hold down Z and press Start.
343. Hidden Teams
Play through and beat the League Mode, or at the Title screen, press: Up, L, Up, L, Down,
L, Down, L, Left, R, Right, R, Left, R, Right, R, B, A, and then hold down Z and press

Killer Instinct Gold
344. All Options Instantly - Z, B, A, Left Shift, A, Z.
345. View Credits - Z, left shift, A, Z, A, and Right Shift

346. Gargos
At the Character Select screen, where age, height, etc. are shown, press ZARZAB. You
will hear him laugh if the code works.
347. Glacious Infinite Combo
348. Use Glacious's liquidize and uppercut with a medium kick for the opener, and then
      press forward and fierce kick, keep repeating this and the combo will go on until the
      life bar is gone or the opponent breaks it (or unless your hands get tired). This can
      also be opened with the Cold Shoulder with a medium punch then forward and fierce
349. Multi-colored Players
350. At the Character Select screen, press ZBAZAL. This code will automatically save, and
      will enable you to play as the black, gold, and white colors without the necessary
351. Reach the Sky Level
352. When at the Character Select screen and in Two-player Mode (two joypads must be
      plugged in), hold down the analog joystick and press kick (the bottom C button)
      simultaneously. You should be able to play in the sky (just like with the arcade

Legend of the Mystical Ninja 64
326. Blade-Shield Usage
If you have the armor or shield and receive damage from an enemy when using the blade-
shield, you can move.
327. Unchangeable Hair Color
In the middle of using Goemon's touch-and-go skills, get killed by an enemy (if you have
more than one life). If you do this, you will come to life again with golden hair. However, if
you want to change the character, you can't change the hair color.

Madden Football 64
328. Secret Team
Make a created player and give him the name TIBURON, continue and save. Now start
and exhibition game and pick the secret team that should now be revealed.
329. Touchdown Dance
Press the left camera button when you enter the end zone.
330. View endings
Hold the L, R, and Z buttons when you turn on your N64 wait for the EA logo to come up.

Mario Kart 64
328. Banana Trick
When you hit a bannana peel put on your brakes immediately. This will prevent you from
skidding out. After you brake for 1 second release and give her the gas. This is really
helpful in Battle Mode because you will not lost a balloon.
329. Donkey Jungle Park
Near the beginning of the race is a self-propelling ramp which sends your racer across a
giant river. Instead of jumping straight off it, aim to the far left and you'll be ahead of the
crowd by a few seconds. Second, this course is full of sharp turns. Use the mushroom
power-ups as you pass across the jungle terrain and though you'll be hit by coconuts,
you'll still end up farther ahead than if you didn't. Third, there is one cave on this course
that disrupts many players because of its weird angles and hard-to-follow path. But look at
the ground and there is a light-colored path, which makes it far easier to follow. Fourth,
upon entering the cave, accelerate to the maximum and aim toward the steep slope. If
your racer is going fast enough then pull a hard left powerslide and you'll slide right up the
slope, thereby shaving a few seconds.
330. Drafting Trick
When driving, if you can get directly behind a racer for a short time, you'll see air come off
of both sides of your kart (like when you go off a ramp), and you'll get a short outburst of
speed, enough to pass whomever is in front of you.
Essential Short-cuts
Noku Noku Beach - The waterfall
331. Many people believe this is only accessible with a mushroom power-up, but this is
     false. Gamers can make the jump off the ramp without a power-up. Just aim straight
     into the cave, use jump (the right shoulder button) make sure not to hit the walls, and
     jump right out from under the waterfall.
Hydro Pond (the ghost house)
332. After driving through about half the course, your driver will enter the ghost house.
     Upon entering, take a right, but not as sharp as normal, and you'll pass by a wall on
     your left. Instead of aiming toward the bats, you'll aim slightly left and pass on the left
     side of the wooden pole. This might look like suicide, but jump over the edge of the
     star-shaped pool and you'll pass up that first-place player.
Ghost Riders
333. Luigi
Go to the Luigi Circuit and race the course under 1:52. If you're able to do it you can then
race against your ghost, "a recording of the course's best time." What's even better is that
the ghost is permanently saved into the game.
Mario Raceway
334. Try to beat 1'30"00 to get the ghost to appear. After you beat the above
times, immediately retry and you will see the message "Now Meet the Course Ghost."

335. Hidden Courses
These courses are those which you race in the same direction, but the courses are
flipped. You must receive the Gold Cup the 150cc class, not all 48 courses. The exception
of these courses is Toads's Turnpike, in which you race against the traffic. Once you've
done it, the title screen will change.
336. Rainbow Road Jump
337. Right at the start of the race there is a large hill from which each racer
makes a slight jump. Just as the slope begins to descend, press jump and you'll fly much
higher and farther than ever. This shaves seconds and helps you jump over those hard to
see Chomps.
Rainbow Road ShortCut
338. Go to the Rainbow Road Course, and at the start, before you get air on the big, long
     hill, take a wide turn left off the course and into midair. If you've got the correct angle
     and speed (which will take some practice), you'll fly through the air for nearly 10
     seconds, and will land on the same course below with a sizeable bounce. While
     you're in mid-air pull your hand off the accleration and hit the brakes because when
     you land your speed will cause you to bounce right off the course. If all goes well,
     you'll be so far ahead of everyone else the rest of the race should be a breeze.
Royal Raceway
339. Go to the Royal Raceway and race the course under 2:40.00. If you're able
to do it you can then race against your ghost, "a recording of the course's best time."
What's even better is that the ghost is permanently saved into the game.
340. Turbo Start
At the very end of the second light (as it dims), press the A button. If you time it right, you'll
receive a turbo boost that pushes you far far ahead of the other players.
341. Yoshi Valley
Follow the course until you hit the mazey part. Immediately go left and stay left. The first
part of the short-cut is to stay left and on the narrow part of the course. After managing to
do that, you'll hit a little checkered ledge, and you'll see a big red and white sign on the left
pointing right. This is the hard part. Accelerate as fast as possible and stay to the far right.
As soon as the rail on the left side ends pull a hard left powerslide off the road. You'll
continue the powerslide onto the upcoming road after you land, and if you do it right, you'll
have shaved off at least 10 seconds or lead the pack.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
Enter any codes at password screen.
342. 10 Urns of Vitality - NXCVSZ
343. 1000 Lives - GTTBHR
344. Mission 2 - THWMSB
345. Mission 3 - CNSZDG
346. Mission 4 - ZVRKDM
347. Mission 5 - JYPPHD
348. Mission 6 - RGTKCS
349. Mission 7 - QFTLWN
350. Mission 8 - XJKNZT
351. View Credits - CRVDTS
326. 6 Hit Combo - HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, back HK
327. Spine Rip - Foward, Down, Forward, High Punch (one step away)
Special Moves
All of these moves require a certain amount of experience points.
328. Diagonal Ice Blast - Angle Up: Down, Forward, High Kick
329. Angle Down: Down, Back, Low Kick
330. Freeze on Contact - Down, Forward, Forward, High Punch
331. Ice Blast - Down to Foward, Low Punch
332. Ice Clone - Down, Back, Low Punch
333. Polar Blast - Forward, Back, Back, High Punch
334. Slide - Block + Low Punch + Low Kick + Back
335. Super Slide - Block + High Punch + Low Punch + Back

Multi Racing Championship
326. Bonus Cars
When all of the courses have been won in Match Race, the first of the two hidden cars
appears. If the player defeats this first new racer, he or she can then race in this car
against the second and final challenger. If the player beats the second challenger, the
player can then race in that second car, and will have defeated the Match Race Mode.
327. Ghost Car
Players can race against a ghost car in the Time Trial mode once they have established
the standard in lap times.
328. Match Race
To open up Match Race Mode, you must achieve first place in all of the difficulty levels in
Championship Mode.
329. Mirror Course
After beating both secret racers in all three difficulty levels of Match Race, you'll open up
the Mirror Course.

NBA Hangtime
330. Dennis Rodman Quick Change
You can change Dennis Rodman's hair color by pressing the Pass button when you select
your team and have chosen Dennis Rodman.
Match Up Codes
At the "Tonight's Matchup" screen, use the A, C-Bottom, and C-Right buttons.
331. 025 - Baby Mode
332. 048 - No background music
333. 111 - Tournament mode
334. 120 - Quick passing
335. 273 - Stealth Turbo
336. 284 - Max speed
337. 390 - No pushing allowed
338. 461 - Unlimited turbo
339. 552 - Hyper-speed
340. 616 - Increase the blocking rating to max for both of your players
341. 709 - Max steal
342. 802 - Max Power
343. 937 - Activate legal goal-tends
344. ABA Mode - Hold Joystick Right and press shoot, turbo, pass
345. Big heads - Hold up and push Turbo and Pass simultaneously
346. No Drift - Hold Joystick Down and press shoot, then turbo
347. Rooftop Jam
To get to play on the rooftop of an apartment building, go the Match-up screen and hold
the joystick Left and push the turbo button three times quickly.
Secret Players
At the Character Select screen, punch in these passwords and PIN numbers to player
your favorite NBA athletes.
326. Ahrdwy - 0000
327. Amrich - 2020
328. Bardo - 6000
329. Carlos - 1010
330. Cliffr - 0000
331. Daniel - 0604
332. Danr - 0000
333. Davidr - 0000
334. Divita - 0201
335. Dream - 0000
336. Eddie - 6213
337. Elliot - 0000
338. Eugene - 6767
339. Ewing - 0000
340. Ghill - 0000
341. Glennr - 0000
342. Hgrant - 0000
343. Jamie - 1000
344. Japple - 6660
345. Jason - 0729
346. JC - 0000
347. Jigget - 1010
348. Jfer - 0503
349. Jonhey - 6000
350. Johnsn - 0000
351. Kemp - 0000
352. Kidd - 0000
353. Kombat - 0004
354. Malone - 0000
355. Marius - 1005
356. Marty - 1010
357. Mdoc - 2099
358. Mednik - 6000
359. Miller - 0000
360. Minife - 6000
361. Morris - 6000
362. Mortal - 0004
363. Motumb - 0000
364. Munday - 5432
365. Mursan - 0000
366. MXV - 1014
367. Nfunk - 0101
368. Nick - 7000
369. Nobud - 1010
370. North - 5050
371. Patf - 2000
372. Perry - 3500
373. Pippen - 0000
374. Quin - 0330
375. Rice - 0000
376. Rodman – 0000
377. Root - 6000

378. Shawn - 0123

379. Smits - 0000

380. Sno - 0103

381. Stackh - 0000

382. Starks - 0000

383. Turmel - 0322

384. Webb - 0000

385. Webber - 0000

NFL Quarterback Club '98


386. BBMNTBL - Tall and Skinny Mode
387. DWNDRV - Unlimited Downs
388. GLYTHMD - Goliath Mode
389. GTNHNDS - Fumble Mode
390. JPNSMWR - Small, Wide Players
391. MCHLJNSN - Extra Fast Players
392. RNLDSWZNGR - Slow Running Backs
393. SMLMDGT - Small Midget Mode
394. SPRSLYD - Slippery Play
395. STYCKYHNDS - Sticky Hands
396. WLTRPYTN - Speed up Gameplay
397. Create a Better Player
398. Put in all of the information on a player and hit A to go to the next
screen. If the randomly generated points are not as high as you would like them to be, just
hit B and go back then hit A again and the points will change. Sometimes the points
decrease. If this happens just repeat the trick again. Keep on going until your points are
over 550.
399. Extended Turbo Dash
Press hurdle a step after pressing the Turbo button and the Turbo will extend to the whole
jump. This is a really effective move for breaking away from speedy defenders.

Pilotwings 64

422. Birdman Transport

Using any of the vehicles in the first level, players will find a bridge-shaped rock formation
with a giant golden star under it. Go to it, hit it, and you will automatically transport to the
birdman level.
423. Cannonball Tips
One of the biggest thrills found in PilotWings 64 is the ability to shoot yourself halfway
across the country like a cannonball. Since the only place available for a soft landing is a
landing target, below are all the numbers you'll need to get there on your first shot.
While the following numbers are guaranteed to get you inside the bull's eye, you may
need to make some minute adjustments to ensure a rating of 25 points on each shot. Also
remember to recalibrate the cannon after every shot. Just leaving the cannon on your last
setting and firing a second time will result in an even lower score than the previous
attempt. While most of these shots are calibrated for full power, some require less.
424. Four Birdman Stars
There is one star for each level that enables your character to transform into the Birdman
suit. We've already posted how to attain the first in Beginner Class. Here we list the rest.
Each of these is best found with the Rocket Belt, because of its sharp maneuverability,
and the ability to stop in mid-air, a feature you'll definitely need to attain a couple of these
Class A
425The second star is in the center of Central Park, New York City, which ison the east
side of the "island" in the Little States.

Class B
426. On Ever-Frost Island, this star is located inside a cave from which a waterfall
appears. There are two waterfalls - take the smaller one on the right and follow the cave
until you've reached the end. Change your viewpoint to top down and you'll see an
underground cavern. Lower yourself slowly down and it'll be there.

427. Pilot Class
The fourth star is on Crescent Island and is located in a cave, along the ocean, between
the airport and the little village, and is located inside the rock face. In each case, once
you've attainted the star, the screen will turn white and you will immediately begin again as

428. Night Transport
In first rocket belt level, go toward the closest fountain spraying water in the pond. The
source of the pond leads up to a couple of waterfalls and then eventually into a cave. The
cave is blocked at the far end by a metal grating. Go deep into the cave, real deep. Right
before you touch the grating, you'll be transported to the night version of the same level.
429. Refueling Secrets
To refuel your Gyrocopter or Rocketbelt on the Little States island, you can fly along the
Northwest road from Cape Canaveral. You'll see what looks like a gas station on the left -
the sign is actually a Paradigm logo. Fly low and slow around the station until you hear a
noise like taking off from a hopping pad. You can also get fuel in the little town near the
nuclear plant. Just fly under the little station's roof and you'll have a full tank.
420. SF to NY States Transport
If you use a jetpack and fly to San Fransico city, there is a building there that you can
enter. Enter in the south side, fly through, and you'll end up in New York. Turn around and
go back in, you end up in San Fransico.
Transport Across Small States
Players can transport across the Small States by using the jetpack to fly into the hanger in
Seattle, by using the hanger by the Space Shuttle's launch pad. Fly to the ceiling and
touch your pilot's head to the ceiling. Try more than once if necessary.

Wario Face Change

420. Change Mario's face on Mt. Rushmore in the Super Cannon, Level 1. Hit
Mario directly in the nose and watch his face change Mario's.

San Francisco Rush
421. Change Viewing Distance - Hold L and press Up or Down
422. Cycle Random High Score Names - At the Fast Times or Best Laps records
screens, press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R

423. From the Setup screen, press:

424. Auto-abort Disable - C-Up, 4 times (quickly)
425. Change Gravity - hold Z, press Up, Down; now let go of Z and press Up,
Down, Up, Down

426. Disable Car Collisions - Left, Right, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, Z

427. No Game Timer - Hold Z, then press C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down

428. Resurrect in Place - Hold Z, and press C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left
429. Turn Cones into Mines - L, R, L, R, L, R (quickly)
430. Turn Off Track Textures - C-Right + L, Z, C-Right + L, Z
431. Turn Tracks Upside-down - Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left
432. From the Car Select screen, press:
433. Change Back Tire Size - C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right
434. Change Car Size - C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down (quickly)
435. Change Front Tire Size - C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left
436. Fog Color - hold Z and press C-Down thrice
437. Turn Car into Mine - C-Right, C-Right, Z, C-Down, C-Up, Z, C-Left, C-Left
(Doing this codes will make all cones show up as mines. Also, if car is a mine and runs
into another vehicle, it will blow up)

438. Drive the Cab

439. Acquiring half the keys on any course in a regular race will unlock the
cab. Keys can be saved using the memory pak. Six to eight keys are hidden in each track.
Hidden cars are exclusive to the track in which they have been unlocked.

440. Drive the Formula 1 Car

441. You have to beat all 24 races in the Circuit mode. Now go to the Track
Select screen and press the Z button 4 times. You should hear a horn. You can now
choose the car at the Car Select screen.

442. Drive the Hot Rod

443. Acquiring all the keys on any course in a regular race will unlock the hot

444. Enable Foggy Night

445. At the Options screen, during gameplay select Extreme Fog with all four C
buttons held down. This will give gamers the impression of playing through races at night.

446. Pappy Land

A secret stunt course, hidden in Track 6, is located at the bottom of one of the many
mountains in the level. To find it, follow the pathway which passes a white citadel (at top of
mountain) and then leads into the dirt path which, if taken wrong, can send cars barreling
over the edge of the cliff. Pappy Land is located directly over the mountain's cliff facing
away from the citadel. It's at the bottom of the mountain right next to the ocean.
447. Secret Tunnel
On Track 2, drive through the course as usual until you come to the freeway overpass that
can be jumped. Now, instead of jumping down to the road beneath angle the car so that it
is going from right to left. If you go off the freeway just right you'll fly across the gap to the
other side of the freeway where a secret loop and two keys await.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Make sure that the settings are Traditional. Each _ represents a space. All these codes
only work on Medium mode. Enter one of the following as your name in a New Game slot:
448. _Wampa__Stompa - Become a Wampa (To play as a Wampa, press Left + C-Right
simultaneously, then Up + C-Right)
449. _Wampa__Stompa - Fly an AT-ST (To fly it, press Left + C-Right
simultaneously. Then Up, C-Right. Try figuring out how to play) _Wampa__Stompa - To
play a Stormtrooper, press Right + C-Right simultaneuosly, then Up and C-Right
R_Testers_ROCK - Wampa Roar
Best Times
450. After you see the credits (either by beating the game of using _Credits) See if you can
     beat these times.
451. Battle of Hoth: 3:06 Escape from Echo Base: 4:15 The Asteroid Field: 3:44 Ord
     Mantell Hunkyard: 8:50 Gall Spaceport: 11:43 Mos Eisley: 3:21 Imperial Freighter
     Suprosa: 4:06 Sewers of Imperial City: 5:37 Xizor's Palace: 6:32 Skyhook Battle: 7:51

452. Challenge Point Rewards
1. Collect all the challenge points on the Easy setting and, during the game, hold down the
camera button for five seconds and you will get the Leebo Scanner.
2. Collect all the challenge points on the Medium setting and during the SkyHook Battle
stage hold down the camera button for five seconds and you can fly as an X-Wing.
3. Collect all challenge points on Hard setting and in the game you get invincibility for 30
seconds and start with all weapons.
4. Collect all challenge points on Jedi setting and the Wampas in the "Escape from Echo
Base" stage will follow you and attack your enemies.
453. Dash Can Fly
In Echo Base, go to the first elevator at the end of Stage 1. Open the door and stand in
the doorway and jump. (Dash will float!)
454. Echo Base Jump
First, beat the Echo Base AT-ST, without getting invincibility (on easy). Next, get the
Challenge point behind the four boxes. Go back and get the shields and get behind the
four boxes. Jump down the cliff and keep firing your laser at the ground. You will land
safely. Outrider Angles - At the Title screen, press Z, R, L, and Start (When you select
your name, it shows the Outrider at different angles) _Jabba - Weapon Power-up (On Jedi
difficulty level, all of your weapons will be powered up. (One shot with the laser and a
stormtrooper is dead)
455. Fly a Tie Fighter
After completing the Medium setting with all the challenge points, the code listed says that
you can fly the Skyhook battle as an X-Wing. This is true, but there's more. As the X-Wing,
hold the C-Down button for another five seconds, and you can fight as a TIE. Each
successive C-Down cycles through the Outrider-X-Wing-TIE series.
Sam and Max Challenge Point
After exiting Mos Eisley, hook a tight left-hand turn. If done correctly, you'll enter into a
little stone room and you'll see the floating silver head of Max (from "The Adventures of
Sam and Max").
456. Secret Staff Photo
First, do the ending code (_Credits). Let the credits cycle back to the beginning and press
start. This will take you back to the Title screen. Press Up-Right on the analog joystick.
You will see a picture of the SOTE crew, with a surprise guest!
457. Zany Credits
Clear off an entry in the beginning of the game, at the Name Select menu. Enter your
name as _Credits. Now go back and play any level. You'll see credits like these, and the
list of names of the people in quality control.
458. Zombie Dash
After beating the game on Hard or Jedi levels, you are offered the ability to possess full
weapons and short-lived invincibility. On "Escape from Echo Base," if you reach your ship
and take out the enemies inside with a disruptor blast, you will die. However, the game
seems to look over this fact. Leebo will still tell you to come to the cockpit and for a
moment you can move around Dash's dead body. After a couple of seconds, he will get up
and start walking around even though he has 0 health.

Super Mario 64
459. Bent Over Mario
Mario runs around kneeling forwards. It's amusing, if nothing else, as the code manages
to give Mario a dog-like appearance as he runs around on all fours. Here's the code:
8033B3BC 0050.
460. Big Fist Mario
Mario's fist into a giant mound of flesh three times the size of its previous self. Here's the
code: 8033B3BB 0010.
461. Big Penguin Race
After getting all 120 stars, Go back to Course 4: Cool, Cool Mountain, and before entering,
move the selection cursor over the stars until you reach Big Penguin Race. Enter into the
game, jump into the chimney in the house at the level's beginning, and you'll meet up with
the fattest penguin.

462. Blockmen Secret
In Course 2, Chip OffWhomp's Block (found in door 1 on the right side of the castle), there
is a cool trick Mario can pull off. Take Mario up to the mid-section of the castle, where you
can find the two giant guard blocks. See those bandaids on the blocks' backs? There's a
reason for that. The normal way to beat these angry blocks is to stand in front of one, wait
until he's about to collapse on Mario, then quickly avoid him, and perform a butt-stomp on
his back. By doing this, gamers will get three coins (also by just jumping on these guys'
backs, Mario gets one coin per jump).
Instead of avoiding the block, aim directly into the center of the block's face and jump into
it (it has to be exact). What will happen is that Mario will jump straight through the block's
face, and appear unharmed on the other side. This makes collecting coins from these
blockheads a little easier.
463. Bridge Glitch
In the beginning of Course 1, there is a wooden bridge. Go under that bridge, press A, and
hold it. You will grab on to the bottom as you would on a wire net. Climb to the lowest
point of the bridge. If you let go of button A you will automatically be pulled right through
the bridge.
464. Chomp Trick
In the first course, grab a small bomb-omb nearest Chomp (the big barking bomb). Then
throw the little bomb under Chain Chomp and if it is done correctly the chain chomp will
blast straight up and then fall back down onto the post.
465. Hat Trick
Go to Snowman's Land (Course 10), which is located on the second story, up one story,
and in the side door with the red carpet in front of it. Once your're there, get to the
snowman's head, as if you were about to cross the ice bridge with the big penguin's help.
Now, go ahead and let the snowman's breath blow you off the bridge. You're hat will fall
off. Don't go pick it up, leave it there! Lead your hatless Mario past the gray star spot, the
small, pop-up snowman, and toward two pine trees. The second tree of the two is in the
corner, and it's a teleport. Teleport through it. Now step back and teleport yet again, in
fact, do this at least three times.
Once you've teleported a few times, go back to your hat and look at it carefully. Examine it
from all sides. What you'll see is a bunch of hats stacked up on each other. Slowly
approach the hats. Pick up the one hat and Mario will put it on his head and the other hats
will stay there on the ground! Now, pick up the other hat(s), and Mario will put the hat in
his hand and carry it around with him! He can whack baddies with it, and he won't put it
back on until you either teleport with him, get a star, or leave the level.
466. Mario-beque
You must have earned all 120 stars. Use the cannon to get Mario here by shooting him
nearly straight up in the air after grabbing the flying hat on the rooftop near Yoshi. Can you
perform a perfect swan dive from the roof into the pool at the front of the castle?
467. Mario Head
Find any door in the castle and open it. Immediately turn around and try and go through,
and then stop ASAP. Occasionally, the LatikuBros. cameraman won't come through with
you, or it will come only partially through. If you do the trick right, you'll get an "x-ray" of
Mario's skull.
468. Mario's Stolen Hat
When you go into Snowman's Land (the second snow level), get your hat blown off. Then
get a star and save the game. Turn off the game and turn it back on. Get back into the
Snowman's Land, look around for snowmen who pop up out of the ground. The one
closest to the base of the big snowman will be wearing your hat.
469. Meet Yoshi!
After attaining all 120 stars, there is one cool thing you can do, and that's meet that fruity
green creature, Yoshi. Go outside the castle, and climb inside the opening that used to be
where the grating was near the beach. It's now a usable cannon. Aim yourself onto the
roof, and when you land, you'll meet Yoshi, who seems to have been walking around the
whole time waiting for Mario! He speaks with you briefly and then fills your life meter up to
100 and then leaves rather quickly.
470. Penguin Ride
In Course 10, Snowman's Land, another cool trick for Mario is his new way to cross the
ice bridge. Use the cannon to launch up to the tree, then get to the face of the giant
snowman. Before crossing the ice bridge by using the penguin's help (walking at his ide),
try jumping on his head instead.
What will happen is that Mario will end up sitting on the penguin's head, and will avoid the
strong gust of wind that normally pushes him off.
471. Rabbit Test
Go to the Basement, find a door which you can easily go in and out of. After going through
the door, quickly execute a jump kick back at the door. Usually you'll go through the door
completely without opening it. However, if you time it right, you can "merge" Mario with the
There is a situation in which you can actually do something weird with this trick. If you
manage to find the rabbit in the basement and catch him, don't collect his star. Instead,
carry him to a door and set him down just in front of it. Now go through the door and try
the jump kick trick until you get Mario "merged" with the door. Now pick the rabbit back up
and set him down on the other side of the door. Go through the door and now you can
carry the rabbit though the front room in the Basement.
472. Say What Bowser?
Once you get 120 stars, go fight the final Bowser again, and there will be a different
473. Secret Room
After attaining all 120 stars, drop into the cannon and blast onto the roof where Yoshi is.
Grab the winged hat (from the red switch box) and rush back into the cannon on the
ground. Aim toward the middle tower and then aim the cannon really high at the top of the
cloud above it, and blast toward it. Land on it and walk around to the left side, and Mario
should fall through the wall behind the front door.
Except for one thing, it's black and weird, and itseems he can't get out. Go through the
door first. He will then appear as if he's in the front lobby. Now, if Mario is facing the door,
scoot him over to his right, and he should be able to walk right through the wall beside the
474. Shifting Sand Hat Trick
Enter the level after getting the first star. Go to the vulture area. Let the vulture take your
hat. Go on top of the pillar by the pink bomb. Wait for the vulture to come. Jump up and
kick him, but don't get the hat. Go to the side of the palm tree by the water. Stand still and
you will warp. Go back and forth through the teleport about three times. Go look at your
hat. Get your hat twice, and you will be able to use it as a weapon.
475. Staircase Weirdness
Take Mario to the second story (up from the foyer in the main part of the castle). Enter the
door with the big pudgy star on it. Take about three or four steps, and face the wall on the
left. Face the wall and jump two times. The second time Mario will slip through the
underside of the staircase and appear on the stairs above.
476. Strobe Mario
Have a constant flickering on the screen very much like that of a strobe. Code is:
8133B054 0095.
477. Watch the Hands
In the Tick Tock Clock course, if you jump in the clock when the hour hand is on any hour
exactly, all of the moving parts inside will stop. If you jump in with the minute hand on the
6 every moving part will be extremly fast, and if you jump in the clock with the minute hand
on the 6 it will be random.

326. The following codes are all entered at the New Name entry screen. Press L,
C-Right, and C-Down to bring up the secret characters.


327. Type in VORTEX and press and hold the Reset button on the machine. After a
couple of seconds, an animation sequence with all the cool game robots will show them
being sucked into a vortex. This sequence will loop until the reset button is released.

Top Gear Rally

480. PlayStation Mode - B, Left, Right, Up, Left, Z, Right
481. Rainbow Mode - C-Down, Z, B, Up, Up, Right
482. Beachball Car
Finish the Fourth year (all six seasons, including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Expert and
Professional), and you will receive the Beachball Car. It's basically one big beach ball with
four smaller ones rolling on the ground.
Bonus Cars: New cars are awarded each time you beat a season.
483. LD (Lancia Delta)
484. ES (Escort Cosworth)
Second Season
485. CE (Toyota Celica)
486. IP (Isuzu P)
Third Season
487. M3 (BMW M3)
488. SP (Toyota Supra)
Fourth Season
489. NS (Nissan GTIR)
490. RS (Ford RS 200)
Fifth Season
491. PS (Porsche)
Mirror Season
492. The Milk Truck
493. The Helmet Car
Bonus Courses
494. In the Championship Mode, gamers are rewarded with new seasons and variations
of tracks. There are five courses, four seasons, day/night, and mirror tracks. The Tracks
are Coastline, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, and Strip Mine. Jungle, Mountain, and Strip Mine
open up after you beat certain courses. The Mirror courses open up after achieving the
proper point total in Championship, and beating all of the seasons. To get to the Strip
Mine, achieve first place on all of the races in the last season (Season 6).
495. Car Color Changes
You can easily change the color of your car without having to go into the Paint Shop
mode. On the Car Select screen, push the D-Pad while holding one or all three of the C
button(s). (Yes, I mean only 3, not 4) C-Left corresponds to Red Color Intensity, C-Up to
green and C-Right to blue. Up on the D-pad increases the intensity of the color(s). Down
decreases it.
496. Credits Cheat
A version of the credits is accessible any time in the options menu. But there are different
credits, with the Strip Mine shown in the background, that are a little more interesting. Go
to Options, click on the Credits icon, then press left, C-Down, Right, Down, and Z.
497. Cupra Car
Finish the Third year (All 6 seasons) and you will receive the Cupra Car. This is an ice
cube floating on top of four wheels.
498. Helmet Car
If you beat the Expert Mode on the Second season, you will get the helmet car and the
mirror of the Strip Mine.
499. Milk Truck
After beating the First season, you are rewarded with the ultimate in off-road racing. The
Milk Truck.
500. Mirror Cars
Finish the Fifth year and a new Easter Egg will allow you to change your car textures to
Mirror. Click C-Down when on the Car Select screen, and you can race as a chromed car
501. Secret Date and Time
Want to see when the programmers at Boss Game Studios finished work on Top Gear
Rally? Start the game and hold down all four C-Buttons, and the date and time will appear
on the title screen.
502. Coastline Tunnel Fork
Right before you reach the first tunnel, there is a split in the road. Take the road to the
right to beat out a car or two.
503. Beach Break
Soon after the second tunnel, the guard rail on the right ends, enabling racers to cut
across the beach. Stay in the middle and head toward the opening on the other side.
Over the Fields and through the . . .
Just after the beach break shortcut, watch for an opening on the left side. Once found,
you’ll drive across a wide grassy pasture. Keep near the left fence to reach the opening on
the other side.
504. Jungle Track Tunnel
At the very beginning of the race, make a sharp right after the initial turn. You’ll see a
tunnel which cuts through to the main course. If you make the initial turn into it (by slowing
down a touch), you’ll shave off as many as 5-10 seconds.
505. Field of Green
After an S-shaped curve, take a short cut across the fields. The embankments are on
each side lower down, which resemble ramps. Stay close the jungle, but don’t try to go
through the jungle (As far as we know, it doesn't help you). There is a similar, shorter cut
right after it but a giant rock makes this second route trickier at high speeds.
506. Desert Track Back Yard Breaker
In the beginning of the race, you will enter and then leave a city area. Just after departing,
you’ll see a house on the right. turn before it, and a foot trail will lead you back to the road.
507. Fork
Near the track’s end, the road forks in twain. Go left, or rather, stay on the main road. It’s
safer and faster than taking the right road, which is narrower, riskier and not any faster.
508. Mountain Dirt Path
After passing the lake and a few more curves, a small yellow road sign followed by a small
dirt should appear. Drive down the dirt path quickly, slowing down near the ramp at the
end, and pick up the road at the end.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
509. BLLTSRRFRND - Infinite Ammo
510. CLLTHTNMTN - Quack Mode (It looks as if the anti-aliasing is turned off,
making pixelation very clear. Also, blood from enemies appears in white blocks.)

511. CMGTSMMGGTS - All Weapons

512. FDTHMGS - Credits
513. DLKTDR - Pen and Ink Mode (Enables gamers to play in black and white, where
     every detail and outline is rendered in sketch pad looking images)
514. DNCHN - Dana Mode (Metamorphize all enemies into tinym little insect-size
     creatures; their abilities to attack you aren't lessened)
515. FRTHSTHTTRLSCK - Infinite Lives
516. GRGCHN - Gregs Mode (All weapons, unlimited ammo, big head sesh, and show
517. LLTHCLRSFTHRNB - Purdy Colors
518. NSTHMNDNT - See All Enemies (Shown by red arrows; also hows deer & boars)
519. NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK - Level Skipping and Boss Warps
520. RBNSMTH - Robin's Cheat [Unlimited weapons, ammo, show credits, big heads, and
     invincibility (not Spiritual Invincibility)]
521. SNFFRR - Disco Mode
522. THBST - Gallery Code (Enables gamers to see the entire list of semi-animated
523. enemies from beginning to end)

524. THSSLKSCL - Spirit Mode (Turok moves extremely fast, while everything else moves
     very slow, and he is invincible during the time it lasts)
525. War Gods

526. Random Select - Hold start and press up (at War God Select screen)
527. Unlimited Play - C-Left, C-Left, R, A, B, C Up, C-Right (At Title screen)

528. Cheat Menu
Press A + B + C-Right + C-Top simultaneously after having beaten an opponent and the
fatality will take place. (Each player must be a certain distance away from the opponent to
perform these correctly.) To enable the cheat press Right thrice, then B twice and A twice.
529. Exor
On the War God Select screen, press Left, Down, Down, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right,
Down, and choose any character. It works better with the analog stick than the D-pad.
Now you can play as Exor!
530. Grox
To play as Grox, press Down, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Left, and
choose any character. (It works better with the analog joystick than the D-Pad)

Wave Race 64
531. Baby Dolphins and a Whale
Go to Championship Mode, choose Easy and then choose Warm Up. You'll end up in
Dolphin Park. Follow the dolphin as it forges out two loops. Stay close to the dolphin, but
don't lose it or pass it up. You'll know whether you're on the right track if, as you reach the
pier, it'll do a flip. It's important that you do what the dolphin does, so if it does a barrel roll
as it clear the jumps, then do barrel rolls; if it does flips, then do flips, etc. The dolphin
seems to randomly make a choice as to which trick (if any) it performs each time you turn
on the machine, so if you aren't good at the tricks, keep restarting machine until he's just
clearing the jumps.
After approximately two laps (each lap consists of two times around), the dolphin will do a
back flip (if you've done it right), and a baby dolphin will follow you. Each time you do it
another baby dolphin will appear until there's three. After you've completed approximately
30 laps of this kind without falling, passing the dolphin, or messing up in any other way,
you'll attract a killer whale to join the pack!

532. Change Racers Colors
Here's a simple trick that'll bring a little difference into the way your characters look. Go to
the Character Select screen, and before choosing characters, push the analog stick or the
D-pad up and hold it there. The characters's outfits and jetski bikes will change in color.
The number on the bikes will also change.
533. Dolphin Ride
In stunt mode, go to Dolphin Park, ride through all of the rings and do the following tricks:
Backwards Spin
Stand with Backflip
Single Backflip off
Dive off Ramp
Barrell Roll off
Ramp in both directions
If you did the code correctly, you'll here squeaking when you cross the finish line.
Additionally, when you reset and go the title screen, you'll see people riding on dolphins.
In order to ride a dolphin, select Championship Race, Normal mode. Hold down on the
analog stick when selecting your racer. In Dolphin Park, you will ride a dolphin.
(The code lasts permanently and can be chosen again and again even after you're turned
off your N64)
534. Ads at Options
At any Options screen, press "Z" for an advertisement that will scroll across the bottom of
the screen.
Appearance Changes
At the Options screen, press any C button, hold it, and press the R button. This bringes up
16 zeros at the bottom of the screen. Here's what the C buttons do:
Down - Changes head size
Left - Changes body size
Up - Changes height

In Special Options, press on of the following until it changes:

535. Butterball Players - C-Up, R until the fifth numeral reads 1 Giant Players - C-Left, R
until the fourth numeral reads 1 Midget Players - C-Left, R until the third numeral reads 1
Beanpole Players - C-Up, R until the sixth numeral reads 1 Giant Heads - C-Bottom R
until the first two numerals read 01 Big Heads - C-Bottom R until the first two
numeralsread 10 Tiny Heads - C-Bottom R until the first two numerals read 11

536. Disappearing Players
During the face-off before actual gameplay, pause and go to Replay. Make a player flash
by pressing L or R, each time you press another player will be highlighted. While a player
is flashing press Z. He will disappear, and if you want you can make all of the players
Non-stop Fighting
If you just want to fight all the time, you'll love this. During a game, go to the Options menu
and highlight fighting. Then hold Left and press these C buttons in this order:
R, L, L, R, D, U, U, D, L, R, R, L, R, L (If you've entered it correctly, a string of zeroes will
appear on the bottom of the screen)

537. Super Teams
Before picking teams, go to Setup, then Options. Hold L down and push R, L, L, R, L, L,
R, L, L. Specials, followed by a string of numbers shows on screen. Now go play the game
and there will be an extra northeast division that will have the following teams:
Gretzky (his choices), Team USA, Team Canada, and Williams Entertainment.
Unfortunately, you can't play a full season with the super teams. But, you can trade all of
the super team players to a regular team and then go through a full season.

538. Trades
Upon starting the game, go to Setup, then Options. Hold L down and push D, D, U, U, D,
D, R, R, D (All on the C-pad). Next, go to the Records, and then access Team Stats. Now
press C-Up 10 times and a special Modify Teams menu appears.
Don't use analog joystick. Use the D pad to choose two teams, and then press A. By
pressing A, you can alternate the teams on the left, and by pressing B, you can alternate
the teams on the right. Once both names are highlighted, press A to trade. Press Start
when you're finished.
Like the Super Teams, you can't play a full season, but you can trade the super team
players to regular seasonal teams.
539. Two-Player Practice Mode
Make sure they are plugged into the first two ports when you switch on. At the main menu,
move the joystick to Practice mode. Now press A and hold it on both controllers,
simultaneously. If you performed the code correctly, when you choose a team, both player
selectors will appear in the left-hand column.

Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey '98
540. Debug Mode
Go to the Options screen, then press C-Down + R, C-Left + R or C-Up + R. At the bottom,
a window will pop up that lets you modify a 16-bit register. You can only change the first 6
bits. To alter the bits, use these controls:
C-Down + R - Changes head size
C-Left + R - Changes body size
C-Up + R - Changes height

541. 100000 - Stocky Players
542. 010000 - Stocky Players, Big Heads
543. 110000 - Stocky Players, Small Heads
544. 001000 - Small Players, Small Announcer
545. 000100 - Large Players, Large Announcer
546. 000010 - Crunched Players, Small Announcer
547. 000001 - Elongated Players, Large Announcer
548. 010010 - Crunched Players, Large Heads, Small Announcer
549. 010101 - Large Players, Large Heads, Large Announcer
550. 010001 - Elongated Players, Large Heads, Large Announcer
551. 110110 - Large Players, Small Heads, Large Announcer
552. Old Teams
Go to the Options screen and hold the L button while typing in the following C button
combination: Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left
The old teams are Hartford, Minnesota, Quebec, and Winnipeg.

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