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									                        CLINIC 2008

          Joven EMPREND@


   1. Introduction and objectives

   2. Participants

   3. Locations

   4. Programme

   5. Time line

   6. Assessment and follow up


The Clinic Joven EMPREND@, is a pioneering training initiative in the European Union
for the young human capital. Amongst its main targets are to become a platform for
the exchange of entrepreneurial ideas, a revitalising element for entrepreneurial
initiatives, a joining point for the cooperation between young entrepreneurs, a
reference for the spreading and awareness of the entrepreneurial culture, and as a
school of entrepreneurial leaders in Asturias.

It is created as a real source of young human capital for their development, as
business people, leading their own business, as in-company entrepreneurs within a
company, or as social entrepreneurs.

                                              CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 1
The programme is completely free for the participants.

The objectives of Clinic are:
   - To promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the young generations.
   - To waken up and/or mature entrepreneurial vocation amongst the young
      people aged 18 to 28.
   - To push forward the three main types of entrepreneurial vocation: Business
      Entrepreneurs, In-company Entrepreneurs, and Social Entrepreneurs.
   - To provide the comprehensive development of people, business and social
      leaders, and future professionals.


The beneficiaries of the activity programme of the Campus are 30 young men and
women, selected for their entrepreneurial ideas and/or their potential as examples
of entrepreneurial culture. The selection is done by the Board of the Association
(FADE, AJE La Caixa, University of Oviedo, Gijón, Aviles and Mieres City Councils;
Gijón, Oviedo and Aviles Chambers of Commerce; Alimerka Foundation; and leading
companies, such as IKEA, ALSA, CAPSA, Friobas Basilio, etc).

The participants will be divided, for some of the technical sessions and dynamics, in
two groups:

   1. The average profile of this group will be that of a young person aged 18 to
      22, living in any of the municipalities of the region, just about to start, either
      professional training, university studies or their project, with initiative,
      previous participant in some of the actions developed for the spreading of
      the entrepreneurial culture for primary and secondary education students.

      Main objective: to increase awareness, to consolidate the business ideas or
      social projects, and to give support to in-company entrepreneur career plans.

   2. The average profile of this group will be that of a young person aged 23 to
      28, living in any of the municipalities of the region, having finished their
      professional or university studies, with a maturing project, with initiative and
      previous participant in some of the actions developed for the spreading of
      the entrepreneurial culture for primary and secondary education students.

      Main objective: to turn their project and idea in a business, to give them
      support for the action plan of their social cause and/or to develop a personal
      career plan.

                                                CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 2

The locations for the activity programme of the Clinic Joven EMPREND@ for
September 2008 are:
   - Mieres (Council Culture House; University Campus; Chamber of Commerce
      Company Breeding Center in Olloniego)
   - Aviles (La Curtidora Company Center; Tourist Information Office; Chamber
      of Commerce)
   - Gijón (Local Company Centre, Chamber of Commerce, University, Scientific
      and Technological Park)


The Summer Clinic EMPREND@ is an action promoted by the Asturias EMPREND@
Association, aimed at young people living in Asturias who have a business idea and/or
the desire to start up a potential project and/or with the proactive attitude to make
things happen in the business and professional world in Asturias.

The programme Clinic Emprend@ is divided in two sub programmes, which are
perfectly adapted to the needs and the profiles of the two target groups, which
have been divided by age:

     a) Group aged 18-22
     b) Group aged 23-28

Along the Clinic Programme there will be ‘Meetings with…’ in which the participants
will be able to share their interests with businessmen and women, with directors
and/or relevant and successful people from different economic and social sectors.
Amongst the people invited will be, in addition to Oscar Candás, Alberto González
and Pericles, other prestigious people with a strong commitment with youth,
entrepreneurship and training of the young human capital linked to the CSR in their
organisations, such as:

-   Alberto Concheso (Intermark Group)
-   Pedro Llana (Climastar)
-   Jacobo Cosmen (ALSA)
-   Luis Noe (Alimerka)
-   Beatriz Castro (Friobas Basilio)
-   Ulf y Sara Cillero (IKEA Asturias)
-   Julian Rus (Los Telares)
-   Adriano Mones Bayo (TEMPER)
-   Susana López, Student’s Vice-chancellor, University of Oviedo
-   Etc.

                                                CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 3
During the Clinic, brainstorming sessions will be held to analyse the possible
activities with a successful market niche and a sustainable development in the
hosting councils: Mieres, Gijón and Avilés. A document will be then produced to be
given to the Board of the Association and to the hosting Council.

In each location a round table will also be held. The title of which shall be ‘Starting
my business in...’ The services, infrastructures, potential and inner resources for the
development of entrepreneurial projects will be presented to the participants.
Those in charge of the respective local development agencies will take part in these
round tables, as well as councillor representatives and young business people from
the every council.

The Clinic will also have a distance learning part in which every participant will work
on-line on their project or business idea. They will be assisted by a tutor or coach
and therefore monitored and individually followed up.

In every location (Mieres, Avilés and Gijón) there will be a ‘Clinic Master’:
   - Mieres: Alberto González
   - Aviles: Pericles
   - Gijón: Oscar Candás

And, in addition to this, ‘Active Observers’ have been invited. These are relevant
members of the community with a high exemplary effect who will share a whole day
with the participants.

A team of expert instructors and consultants will conduct the daily sport activities,
group dynamics, technical training sessions and personal development experiences:
   - Jose Mª Martínez
   - Marta Fdez Amieva
   - Vanesa Alvarez Cicero
   - Sandra Rodríguez
   - Mª Luisa de Miguel Corrales
   - Mar Rguez Alvarez Buylla
   - Jesús Cisneros
Who will develop a performance report for every participant.

Enrique Riesgo leads this technical team of consultants and instructors.

Whole day sessions will start at 10 am and end at 19 pm, working lunch included.

                                                 CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 4
The programme in Avilés will consist in a “full immersion” intensive sessions which
will start with a joint breakfast at 9 am, and will finish with a session or activity
alter dinner, at about 10 pm.

Those people who take part in the programme as in-company entrepreneurs will have
access to a monitored trainee work in a company (Climastar, ALSA, Ikea, Alimerka,
CAPSA, etc) as part of their career plan proposal. Companies will receive the
individual reports of the participants to help them in the selection process.


      PART I: MIERES (5 days: 22nd to 26th September)

Monday 22:   12 am – Opening ceremony – Council House of Culture, Mieres
             Opening conference: Mr. Jacobo Cosmen. President of ALSA Grupo
             13:30 pm – check in – Introductions and handing over of documents
                     Initial meeting and division in two groups.
                     Brief introduction by Director of Clinic
             14 pm – Welcome institutional lunch in Casa Oscar
                     Participants, partners, team of instructors and consultants
             16 pm – Round table with participants CLINIC 2007
             17 pm – Group dynamics and trust games (Campus of Mieres)
             18 pm – Business abilities, leadership and teamwork
                      FIDA team of instructors and consultants: Sandra Rguez,
                      Vanesa A. Cicero, JoseMª Martínez, Mar Rguez.

Tuesday 23: 10 am – Business plan/project/career session
                     FIDA team of consultants: Chema Mtnez, Kike Riesgo
            12 am – Visit to the Olloniego Business Centre and to entrepreneurs
                   Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo Mr. Javier
                  Companies to be visited: Coaching and consulting,
      Francisco Vázquez Aira (company nr 3,000 created in the Single
      Window Office); Gestión y Desarrollo TIC, Roberto Pérez Pastor;
      Quesería Los Llanos
            14 pm – lunch- MEETINGS WITH...: Businesspeople from the
      Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo, National Commercial Development
      Programme. MERMELADAS VILLAMELBA – Beatriz Pérez Díaz.
      ENCAJA EMBALAJES DE MADERA S.L. – Jesús Álvarez López.

                                               CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 5
             16 pm –Media workshop: how to be successful in written press, radio
             and TV interviews.
             Journalist Juan Cepeda.
             18 pm – TV interviews and spots workshop with CIDISI

Wednesday 24: 10 am – Marketing, design and brand session. (Campus of Mieres)
            FIDA team of consultants: Jose Mº Martínez, Kike Riesgo
            12 am – visit to IKEA. Sara Cillero. Marketing Director
            14 pm – lunch in the staff cantina in IKEA Asturias
            Interview meeting with the Managing Director
            16 pm – visit to FADE. Business presentation: the Asturian business
     structure, trends and statistics. Sector analysis.
           18 pm – MEETINGS WITH: Alberto González, General Secretary of
     the Asturian Business Federation

Thursday 25: 10 am – Sponsorship and patronage session, CSR (Campus of Mieres)
             12 am – Visit to Alimerka
                    Antonio Blanco. Director of Alimerka Foundation
             14 pm – Lunch in Alimerka
             16 pm – MEETING WITH… Luis Noe, founder ofAlimerka
             18 pm – Session on management of teams and people
                    Jose Manuel Suárez. HH.RR. Director of ALSA

Friday 26:   10 am – ROUND TABLE: ‘Starting my business/project in Mieres’
             12 am – Brainstorming session and analysis to draw conclusions on the
             first part of Clinic.
             13 pm – Field challenge in the Natural Park Ubiña y La Mesa
             (until 19 pm in the mountains of the National Park)

      CLINIC MASTER in Mieres: Alberto González

      PART II: AVILÉS (3 days: 27th, 28th and 29th September)

Saturday 27: 10 am – Motivation and self motivation session
             12 am – Reception by the City Council of Avilés. Visit to La Curtidora
                    Welcome by the Mayor
             13 pm – ROUND TABLE: ‘Starting my business/project in Avilés’
             14 pm – Institutional welcome lunch
             16 pm – Presentation of the New Centrality of Avilés (Tourist office)
             18 pm – Guided tourist visit in Avilés
             21 pm – DINNER IN AVILÉS

                                              CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 6
             22:30 pm – Artistic creativity workshop – drama play

Sunday 28:   11 am – Trasona Reservoir: high sport performance with Manolo Busto
             (canoeing world champion) and Roberto Fernández (Director of the
             Sportive Technifying Center)
             14 pm – Working lunch
             15 pm – Artistic and musical creativity workshop: composing and
             recording of the CLINIC song. César Fernández. Musician and
             (Expected finish 17 pm)

Monday 29:     10 am – Session: Chamber of Commerce of Avilés. Carlos G. de la Torre
               General Secretary and Pablo Castañón from the Executive Board.
               12 am – Visit to the Business Park Principado de Asturias, and
               successful companies from the region (Asturfeito)
               15 pm – lunch– MEETING WITH... Mr. Julian Rus, Los telares
               17 pm – MEETING WITH… Natalio Grueso, Director of the Cultural
               Foundation Óscar Niemeyer (Tourist Office)
               18 pm – ROUND TABLE ‘Starting my business/project in Avilés’
Pericles, director of Valnalón and Mª Luisa de Miguel from ASEM

      CLINIC MASTER in Avilés: Pericles

      PART III: GIJÓN (5 days: 30th September to 4th October)

Tuesday 30: 10 am – Personal proyect coaching sessions
             12 am – Personal interviews on the development of career plan
             14 pm – Lunch – MEETING WITH… Beatriz Castro, Friobas Basilio
             16 pm – MEETING WITH… Oscar Candás, member of the executive
      board of the Chamber of Commerce of Gijón, social entrepreneur and young
            18 pm – Visit to the Chamber of Commerce of Gijón and to FIDMA.
      Meeting with Javier de la Ballina, General Director.

Wednesday 1:10 am – Session on quality of service, attracting and fidelising internal
            and external customers
            12 am – Boat trip and teamwork: Gijón from the sea on a catamaran
            14 pm – Lunch – MEETING WITH… Jesús Portilla, Presidente of AJE
            16 pm – ROUND TABLE: ‘Starting my business/project in Gijón’

                                               CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 7
             18 pm – MEETING WITH… Román Villaescusa, President of the
      Iberemprende Foundation, social and business entrepreneur in Colombia and

Thursday 2: 10 am – Sales techniques session
            12 am – visit to the Business Center of Gijón. Meeting with
            14 pm – Lunch. Cooking teamwork workshop. Making of a tasting menu in
            teams. Collaboration with the Hotelling School in Gijón.
            18 pm – MEETINGS WITH… Susana López, Student’s Vice-chancellor,
      University of Oviedo and with the Employability Director.
            21 pm – DINNER, meeting with the Mayor of Gijón

Friday 3:   10 am – Technical session on how to speak in public
            12 am – Visit to the Scientific and Technological Park: Prodintec
            14 pm – Lunch and visit to the Botanic Garden
            16 pm – Visit to CAPSA. HH.RR. organisation session Vicente Celemín
      (HH.RR. CAPSA)
            18 pm – Brainstorming session and analysis to obtain conclusions on the
            third, and last, part of the Clinic.

Saturday 4: 12 am – Closing ceremony – Gijón Town Hall.
            Closing conference: Felix Baragaño, president of ASBAN and Managing
            Director of SEM Group
            13:30 pm – Farewell cocktail

      CLINIC MASTER in Gijón: Oscar Candás


The dates for this Clinic are set to be from Monday the 22nd of September to
Saturday the 4th of October 2008, making a total of 13 days, from Monday to

Start: Monday 22nd of September
       Formal opening ceremony: 12 am

End: Saturday 4th of October
      Formal closing ceremony: 12 am

                                             CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 8
Both events will be chaired by the corresponding mayors, the representatives of the
promoting entities (FADE, Councils, AJE, University of Oviedo, La Caixa, Chambers
of Commerce, etc) and by the President of the Association Asturias Emprend@,
Oscar Candás.


In order to achieve the multidirectional assessment of the programme,
questionnaires will be designed and handed to:
   - the participants
   - the technical team of instructors, consultants and Clinic ‘Masters’
   - the guests who have taken part in the ‘Meeting with...’ sessions

To complete the quantitative assessment, interviews with the local administration
and companies representatives will also be held, as well as with the organisations
that are involved in the support to the Clinic and in the protectorate of the

With all these contributions a final assessment document and an improvement plan
for the next edition will be drawn, so the Clinic itself will have an excellent approach
to constant improvement.

In terms of the follow up of the participants once the Clinic is over, the suggested
formula is to keep in touch through email, sms and telephone, to assure them taking
part in the entrepreneur culture activities that are foreseen in the autumn-winter
calendar (Mercaplana amongst others) , and to continue their involvement in
development and leadership processes.



                                                CLINIC Joven EMPREND@ 2008 9

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