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Un i v e r s i t y   of
                          Summer 2010
                          sa i n t M a ry

                                            Making History
                                                   USM Installs Its First
                                            Fully-Endowed Faculty Chair
                           from the president
Dear Alumni and Friends,

     This fall, Saint Mary will take another step in securing its liberal arts tradition and moving ahead as a full-fledged
university. Sister Susan Rieke, C’68, Ph.D. and chair of the language and literature department, will be installed in the
Sister Mary Janet McGilley Endowed Chair in Liberal Studies.
     The process of establishing a chair began when Sister Mary Janet retired in 1996. At that time, $300,000 was raised
for the chair. Later, we committed ourselves to raising an additional $700,000 so that the chair in Sr. Mary Janet’s honor
would be fully endowed. As a brilliant teacher, capable president, and creative scholar, she deserved no less. She was one
of our finest.
     As Saint Mary continues to pursue its strategic focus on healthcare with our pre-professional health programs,
our marquee nursing programs, and our first doctorate—in physical therapy—in the works, the McGilley Chair in
Liberal Studies strengthens the university’s commitment to its educational foundation, the liberal arts. In a time when
institutions of higher education are being pushed to forsake liberal arts education in favor of pure career preparation,
the McGilley Chair stands as a testament to our belief that the best preparation for any career is a strong liberal arts
foundation. Make no mistake: technical skills are important, but those skills alone are not enough for students to reach
their full potential our in complex global society. To flourish and contribute to our world, students need
     To know and come to truth
     To be opened to the good and the beautiful
     To understand the past
     To confront and help shape the future
     To be called to justice
     To be more fully and completely human and Christian.
         — Constitution of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
     Students need a liberal arts foundation. Then they can pursue their nursing, business, pre-med, and teaching degrees.
The combination of a strong liberal arts background and first-rate professional education is a winning combination
that serves both our students and our world. Our strength as a university is directly related to the strength of our
undergraduate liberal arts foundation. As we move into the future, the McGilley Endowed Chair in Liberal Studies—the
first of many such chairs, I hope—reminds us to stand firm in our conviction that the humanities are essential building
blocks of peace and the Reign of God.

Peace and blessings to you,

Diane Steele, SCL, Ph.D., C’83

The University of Saint Mary educates students of diverse backgrounds to realize their God-given potential and prepares
them for value-centered lives and careers that contribute to the well being of our global society.
We value: community, respect, justice, and excellence.
Administrative Council
Sr. Diane Steele, SCL, Ph.D., C’83
Bryan Le Beau, Ph.D.                                                  2 | View from the Spire
     Vice President and Dean
     for Academic Affairs
Dale L. Culver                                                       6 | Alumni Reunion Recap
     Vice President for Finance and
     Administrative Services
Laura Davis                                                           8 | McGilley Endowed Faculty Chair
     Vice President of Marketing and
     Communications                                        8         13 | 2010 Honor Roll of Donors
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
Corporation Members
                                                                     26 | Class Notes & Memoriams
Sr. Maureen Hall, SCL, C’70
      Community Director
Sr. Nancy Bauman, SCL, C’70
                                                                     28 | SpireFest 2010
Sr. Eileen Haynes, SCL, C’77
Sr. Eileen Hurley, SCL, C’71
Sr. Jean Anne Panisko, SCL, C’69
Sr. Peg Johnson, SCL, C’71
                                                        28            For Your reFerence
Board of Trustees                                                     class codes
*Charles Berkel                                                       A - Academy
*Mary Alice Bramming, C’65
Sr. Nancy Bauman, SCL, C'70
                                                                      C - College
Giddeon Brown                                                         U - University
Joseph Contrucci, C'94                                                M - Master’s Degree
Andres Dominguez, C’82
Col. (Ret.) Stanley Evans
Thomas Gregory
Sr. Maureen Hall, SCL, C’70 (Vice Chair)
Greg Kaaz
Ken Karr
Susanna Laundy
Charles McCann
Sr. Jean Panisko, SCL, C'69
Michelle Piranio, C’81 (Sec./Treas.)
Joseph Snyder (Chair)
Sr. Diane Steele, SCL, C’83 (President)
William Trenkle
Mark Wilkinson
Dr. Peter Wong

*Trustee Emeritus

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                                           the spring, summer, fall, and winter, including the Honor Roll of Donors, by the office
                                           of Marketing, 4100 South 4th Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048, (913) 758-6165. Please
                                           send all alumni news items, such as a marriage, birth, death, new job, promotion,
                                           award, additional degree, etc., to the attention of: Stephanie Shupe at 4100 South
                                           4th Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048, (913) 758-6126 or Please
                                           remember to include your class year, address, and phone number.

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                                                                                                              Summer 2010 | 1
USM Emphasizes Student Success
     This fall, the University of Saint Mary                                          academic excellence, and in turn help them
is rolling out a program designed to ensure                                           grow into our leaders of tomorrow.”
that all incoming students achieve the                                                    The office is managed by Moore.
highest possible level of academic success.                                           Aiding her are Sister Kathleen Wood,
     The initiative, developed after a                                                recently retired chair of the USM theology
lengthy study of current best practices in                                            department, and Justin Seever, assistant
education, is designed to help all students                                           men’s and women’s soccer coach. They’ll
reach their full God-given potential.                                                 work with students to help them create
     There are two key components:                                                    personalized academic success plans.
the Student Success Office—where                                                          “We know from our experience at
students will map out their own path to                                               USM and from national reports that
success—and a set of mandatory First                                                  students are most likely to fail in their
Year Experience courses, designed to help                                             pursuit of a college degree in their first
students manage the challenges of                                                     year,” said Dr. Bryan Le Beau, USM’s
higher education.                                                  academic vice president and dean.
     “This program shows that the University of Saint Mary             “I am confident that our First Year Experience, with the
is committed to doing everything possible to help our              support of the Student Success Office, will not only result in
students succeed,” said Mandy Moore, USM's new academic            fewer failures but also in higher level of success for those who
success coach. “We don’t want students to come here and            enroll at USM.”
struggle academically. We want them to succeed, achieve

Alum Returns as University Chaplain
                                      Fr. McEvoy, recently             In his new role, Fr.        many memories of USM, and
                                 named pastor of St. Francis      McEvoy hopes to be able to       was particularly impacted
                                 de Sales in Lansing, Kan.,       reach out to students.           by theology professor Sister
                                 will minister at the regular          “Even though I am full-     Mary Jude Redl.
                                 masses offered on the Saint      time pastor at St. Francis de         “She was so kind and
                                 Mary campus, as well as at       Sales, I am hoping that the      patient and gentle with her
                                 key university events.           students know I am easily        students, especially those
                                      “This is a dream            available if they’d like to      who were struggling in their
                                 assignment,” Fr. McEvoy said.    talk. I’ll have an office in     studies,” he said. “She just
                                 “Saint Mary has a deep place     Berchmans, which will make       didn’t want them to pass a
   Father William McEvoy,        in my heart, and to come         it very convenient to meet.      test, she wanted them to grasp
C’83, is enjoying a              here and serve as chaplain is    And like everything in my        the subject and integrate it
homecoming of sorts this fall.   both humbling and exciting.      priesthood, my goal and          into their lives…
He’s taking over as campus       To be able to give back to the   mission is to connect people          “It’s been very touching
chaplain, taking over for        students, faculty, and staff     with Jesus.”                     that so many of my former
Father Mike Stubbs, who is       through ministry is a blessing        Fr. McEvoy, a classmate     professors have gone out of
embarking on a six-month         to me, because I am indebted     of USM President Sister          their way to welcome me back
study sabbatical that includes   to Saint Mary for giving me      Diane Steele’s and a fellow      home. It’s a blessing to be part
international travel.            such a strong foundation.”       theology major, says he has      of the USM family.”

2 | Aspire
Class of 2010
     Representing a student body of diverse backgrounds and bright futures,
the Saint Mary Class of 2010 became USM graduates at Commencement
May 8 in McGilley Field House.
     In sending off the graduating students, USM President Sister Diane
Steele wished them well in their future endeavors.
     “Today is a great day for all of us,” she said. “We believe that what we
have done is plant a seed that is yours now to value and cherish.”
     Among the highlights of the ceremony—that began with the traditional
procession from Saint Mary Hall, to McGilley Field House—were reflections
from students who followed both traditional and non-traditional paths to
USM and their degrees.
     Catrina Osei, of Leawood, Kan., who returned to school in 2008
to finish her degree in applied psychology, praised Saint Mary and the
education the school provided her.
     “I hope I can make the same kind of impact on people in my profession
that the faculty here have had on my life,” she said.
     The 2010 commencement ceremony recognized the USM’s graduating
class of 317—a group composed of 154 undergraduate and 163 graduate
degree recipients. More than 140 attended the day’s festivities.
     During commencement, USM also honored several students and faculty
members for their achievements in the classroom. The honorees included
                             Michaela Forge, a third-generation Saint Marian
                                   who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, was heavily
                                     involved in campus activities, and earned
                                      the 2010 Mother Mary Ancilla
                                        Award for Student Service.
                                              Michaela comes from a long line
                                              of Saint Marians, including
                                            her older siblings, mother, five
                                             aunts, and maternal and paternal
                                              grandmothers. Her great aunt,
                                                Sister Helen Forge, previously
                                                  served as chair of the Saint
                                                     Mary education department.
                                                         Michaela’s younger sister,
                                                           Kerianne, starts as a
                                                            Saint Mary freshman
                                                             in the fall, and her
                                                              cousin, Megan,
                                                               begins the USM
                                                                nursing program.

                                                                                      Summer 2010 | 3
Sister Kathleen Wood Looks Back on
Her Decades of Teaching
                                 As he announced                         “I will miss having a class of my own,” she said. “I
                             her retirement at Spring               always learn more than I teach in every class. There are so
                             Convocation, USM Academic              many ways students think, and the connections they make
                             Vice President Bryan Le                and the questions they ask can be eye-opening.”
                             Beau offered a simple—and                   Sr. Kathleen will now transition to working in spiritual
                             definitive—take on Sister              enrichment at the Marillac Center. She’ll keep her office in
                             Kathleen Wood.                         the USM theology department, and continue to serve on
                                 “If there is one among us          the USM Mission Council, and work with the new student
                             who was born to teach, it’s Sister     success team.
                             Kathleen,” Dr. Le Beau said.                Teaching was a natural calling for Sr. Kathleen.
                                 Sr. Kathleen, C’70, retired at          “My mother and my grandmother and a lot of my aunts
                             the close of the spring semester       were teachers,” she said. “It seemed like it was a fit for me.”
as chair of USM’s theology and pastoral ministry programs,               During her tenure at USM, she oversaw the creation
and, upon her retirement, the university named her a                of the university’s pastoral ministry program and won the
Professor Emerita of Theology.                                      Sullivan award for teaching excellence.
    She taught at Saint Mary for much of the past 28 years,              Her favorite part of the job: “I think the day to day
and taught at various levels of the education system since          journey with a group of students that you meet with
1959, starting out at a primary school in Los Angeles.              frequently, and get to see how they grow,” she said. “I’ll
                                                                                                           miss that.”

New Leadership for Starr GSI
                                  director's post last held by           “It will take me away
                                  Dr. George Steger, who           from the classroom,” he said.
                                  retired following the 2008-      “And that’s a shame, because
                                  2009 academic year.              it’s something I love. But
                                       He said he would            I will still be teaching two
                                  consider his tenure at           classes a semester.”
                                  the helm of the institute              In announcing the new
                                  a success if the institute       director, Academic Vice
                                  makes measurable strides         President Dr. Bryan Le
                                  in furthering its mission of     Beau said “Ken is a great
     The university has           promoting global awareness.      pick. He has been involved
selected a familiar face to            “There’s so much            in the GSI in one form or
take the reins of USM’s           potential in the GSI. Its        another since its founding,
Lawrence D. Starr Global          mission and focus are vital to   and shows a great enthusiasm
Studies Institute (GSI)—          the students of today’s global   for its future. Ken is widely
Professor Ken Mulliken,           society,” he said. “In every     respected by both students
chair of the department of        discipline, global connections   and faculty.”
history, political science, and   are increasingly important.”
global studies.                        The only downside to
     Prof. Mulliken this          the new post? A reduction in                             
summer assumed the                time spent teaching.
4 | Aspire
Take a Grand Tour of                                                                      Vatican City

Europe with Saint Mary
Alums and Students
     Your itinerary? England, France,        destinations while enjoying a top-of-
Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Greece.         the-line trip.
Your travel companions? Saint Mary                Sr. Kolich says she’s hoping to get
alums and current students.                  at least 25 to 30 participants so Saint      Paris
     Interested? Contact Sister              Mary can have its own dedicated tour
Rosemary Kolich, the driving force           group. A smaller contingent would have
behind USM’s participation in The            to join another group. She’s hoping that
Grand Tour—Education First’s premier         students will get credit for the excursion
study tour.                                  as well as develop a greater appreciation
     “I actually went as a student on        of the larger world.
one of the study tours,” Sr. Kolich said,
“and it was a wonderful experience. We           The deadline for the Tour of
started talking about the idea this year,           Europe participation is
and it quickly became a reality.”                         Oct. 1, 2010.
     The Grand Tour will take                                                             London
participants on a whirlwind month-              Participants can expect to spend
long sightseeing extravaganza in                    about $5,000 on the trip.
Europe, starting late next May. The
                                                    Contact Sr. Kolich at
trip includes three days in the Greek
isles, and tourists will learn about their
                                                (913) 758-4377 for more info.

                                                 Words from
                                                 an Inspiring             Sr. Rosemary Kolich
                                                 Teacher                  Assistant Professor of English
                                                On receiving the 2010 Sullivan Award for Teaching Excellence:

                                                "It was an honor—and very humbling—to join
                                                all of the previous years’ recipients of the Sullivan
                                                award. I felt like I was getting rewarded for
                                                something that I love doing."                                                                                            Summer 2010 | 5


                         Saint Mary A
                                      lums Celebr
                       School Days                ate Their
                                    at 2010 Reu
                                                nion Weeken


6 | Aspire      C'85
   he Saint Mary Alumni Reunion Weekend never fails to inspire some joy, rekindle a few friendships, and
   bring beloved memories back to the forefront.
   More than 120 alums gathered for the 2010 alumni reunion June 4-6, enjoying a fresh look at Saint
Mary through campus tours, a tasty ice cream social, enlightening student presentations, and a trip down
memory lane during storytelling with Sister Barbara Sellers.
   The Saturday evening of Reunion weekend was capped by the traditional awards banquet and dinner
with university President Sister Diane Steele, C’83, presenting the annual alumni awards.

  Jane Ellen Liebert, C'97, and                   Anne Miller, C'64, and                Marina Garcia O'Sullivan, C'75
   Sister Diane Steele, C'83                       Dr. Michael Heynes

     Jane Ellen Liebert, C’97, won              Anne Miller, C’64, received the          Marina Garcia O’Sullivan,
the Sister Mary Janet McGilley              Sister Mary Mark Orr Pioneer              C’75, won the Saint Vincent De
Service Award, which recognizes             Spirit Award, which honors an alum        Paul Award, which honors an alum
an alum who has helped advance the          who has achieved great success in her/    who exemplifies the Saint Mary mission
university by giving freely of their time   his professional career.                  through their contributions to society.
and talent to Saint Mary.                         At Saint Mary, Anne majored in           Marina was a strong student at
     As a professional and volunteer,       chemistry and dabbled in the fine arts.   Saint Mary. After school, she moved
Jane gives generously to both the           She was also senior class president.      on to a 20-year career in service with
university and the non-profit world.              Professionally, Anne spent her      the Federal Aviation Administration,
     Jane’s classmates remember her for     first few years following Saint Mary      where she managed the FAA’s end of
her successes in school, as she won both    teaching chemistry in California, first   the NAFTA program and conducted
the Students Appreciating Students and      at a San Francisco high school and then   cultural communications workshops.
the Mother Mary Ancilla awards.             at San Jose State University.                  She also made time for Saint Mary,
      After graduating from Saint Mary            In 1978, a connection at San        volunteering at SpireFest and the annual
College, Jane earned a master’s degree      Jose State hooked her up with the         golf tournament, among her many
in English and returned to USM to           semiconductor industry, and she’s         community volunteer activities.
work with alumni in the university’s        blazed her trail there ever since.              Marina turned personal tragedy
development office.                               Today, Anne is owner and manager    into another opportunity to give
     Her charity to her alma mater did      of Semiconductor Services—a training      generously to others. In 2007, she lost
not end when she left that post. She        organization—and founder and owner        her husband, Thomas O’Sullivan, to
remained committed to Saint Mary,           of marketing company Semiconductor        colon cancer. Marina responded by
and performed frequent volunteer            Marketing Services.                       creating the not-for-profit Thomas P.
work with SpireFest, alumni reunions,             Her career accomplishments          O’Sullivan IV and Marina O’Sullivan
golf tournaments, and many other            include designing and implementing        Family Foundation, which she leads,
university events.                          production lines, developing chemicals    and holds annual fundraising events
     Jane personifies and carries on the    for semi-conductor lithographic           for colon cancer research and early
giving spirit that Sister Mary Janet        processes, and co-authoring a book,       detection in conjunction with the
displayed years ago.                        “Demystifying Chipmaking.”                University of Kansas Cancer Center.

   USM’s next reunion weekend is tentatively scheduled for June 3-5, 2011.                                                                                              Summer 2010 | 7
                        Sister Mary Janet McGilley

                                                 his fall, as the Saint Mary community gathers to

 A Connection                                    celebrate one tradition with the heartfelt “coming
                                                 together” of convocation, they’ll bear witness to the
                                                 inception of a new one—the installing of the holder

 with                                 of the university's first fully endowed faculty chair.
                                           Earlier this year, university leadership selected Sister

                                      Susan Rieke, chair of USM’s language and literature
                                      department, to fill the Sister Mary Janet McGilley Endowed
                                      Chair in Liberal Studies.
                                           For Sr. Rieke, C’68, it’s a considerable honor. Beyond
                                      the historical significance of the moment—the post is, after
                                      all, USM’s first fully-endowed chair of $1 million—sits a
Sr. Susan Rieke                       great deal of personal resonance. The beloved former Saint
                                      Mary president wasn’t just a leader and colleague of Sr.
Takes on a                            Rieke’s. She was a friend, a co-author of a book of poetry;
Weighty Task:                         an instructor during Sr. Rieke’s own school days, and—it
                                      wouldn’t be a stretch to say—an exemplar.
Honoring the Memory of
                                           “It’s a deep honor to be in any way connected with
Sr. Mary Janet McGilley as Holder     Janet’s career,” Sr. Rieke said. “She was a great woman, and
of USM's First Endowed Chair:         I don’t use that lightly. And to be in any way given this in
                                      connection with her is something I can’t even explain how
                                      deeply humbling it is.”
                                           Saint Mary established the chair in honor of Sr.
                                      McGilley in October 2008, following a $1 million
                                      fundraising campaign. The goal was always to install a
                                      senior USM faculty member in the post, using interest

8 | Aspire
                                            Sister susan rieke

earned from the chair’s endowment funds to help the chair-              “She’d be very pleased with the choice of Susan,” said
holder promote USM’s liberal studies. The chair-holder has         Sr. Miller, a close friend of Sr. McGilley’s. “She not only
the position for three years, renewable.                           taught English also, but I think she recognized in Susie
      Besides honoring Sr. McGilley, creating the endowed          some of the gifts that Janet herself had in poetry and writing
chair is a boon for Saint Mary, said Dr. Bryan Le Beau,            and administration and learning.”
USM’s vice president and dean for academic affairs.                     The parallels, for Sr. Rieke, are a serious bonus to
      “Establishing an endowed faculty chair is really the         earning the post.
mark of maturity for a university,” Dr. Le Beau said, noting            “It just seems right—it just feels right—to be able to
that the tradition dates back to the early 16th century at         continue her legacy in some way,” she said.
Oxford (and to the 1700s in America, with Harvard’s first               “She and I and Mike Novak published a book together
endowed chair).                                                    of our poetry, and I did many readings with her,” she added.
      “It’s the hallmark of a great university, and it’s a real    “I just personally felt very fulfilled and humbled to have
milestone,” he said. “It shows we’re building momentum             some connection with that greatness.”
toward even greater accomplishments… It establishes                     Sr. Rieke’s students are similarly pleased that she’s been
a certain permanence and set ups an endowment to                   named chair.
consistently fund a particular program.”                                “Sr. Susan Rieke is the type of teacher who keeps
      Dr. Le Beau said Sr. Rieke, who holds a Ph.D. in             pushing you,” said Saint Mary senior Jenna Schwinn, “She
English from the University of Iowa, impressed university          somehow makes you realize that you are a better student,
leadership with her thoughts on the chair and its role at          writer, and all around person. When I was ready to give up,
Saint Mary.                                                        she encouraged and helped me to continue. I’m going on to
      “I’m sure that Sister Susan will do a fine job,” he said.    graduate school and I have Sr. Rieke to thank for that.”
“It’s nice that Sister Mary Janet was a poet, like Sister Susan.        Sr. Rieke said she plans—among other things—to use
But that connection certainly wasn’t intentional.”                 the chair to promote the university’s liberal studies programs
      Sister Sue Miller, C’64 and Saint Mary academic dean         by taking a more active role in the greater community.
under Sr. McGilley, said the chair’s namesake would greatly
                                                                                    (continued on page 10)
approve of the selection of Sr. Rieke.                                                                                                 Summer 2010 | 9
     Mark McGilley, a nephew of the former Saint Mary president, said he was
honored to participate in the fundraising campaign to establish the chair, and
is thrilled the entire program has come to fruition.
     “I was really excited about this,” he said. “When it first came up, I said ‘I
don’t know how we’re going to get to $1 million,’ but we did… Sr. Mary Janet
taught for years before she was president, and again after she was president.
      “It’s a first for the university, and it’s a great thing.”
     For her part, Sr. Rieke is excited by the opportunity.
     “Personally, I love writing, I love poetry, and I love Saint Mary,” Sr. Rieke
said. “If I can do something through that that makes us—and our humanities
programs—more visible and more attractive, I’d very much like that.”
     Sr. Rieke will be installed during a ceremony at a special liturgy celebration
at 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 12, in Annunciation Chapel.

                                      Sr. Mary Janet McGilley's writing desk sits outside
                                                Sr. Susan Rieke's Saint Mary Hall office.

 In Their Own Words
The Poetry of Sister McGilley and Sister Rieke

        here are several parallels between the careers of Sister Mary Janet McGilley and Sister Susan Rieke, not least of which
       is their gift for poetry and their standing as published poets. In 1996, Sr. McGilley and Sr. Rieke—along with
       longtime Saint Mary English Professor Mike Novak—published the poetry collection “From the Tower: Poems from
Saint Mary College.”
    Two poems from that collection are reprinted here.

          “Tiger Lily”                                                      “November”
          You walk an uneven brick path, avoid                              I think I understand most clearly
          Pine needles,                                                         November.
          And come to the cemetery                                          The woods are leafless then
          Open the gate, go inside.                                         and the paths clear to the end
                                                                                none of April's green distraction
          Inside the wall a century of great women lie.                         or the trackless white of December.
          You take a tiger lily to the stone of one                         There is something essential
          You knew well. She would scorn the sentiment.                         about November
          You should if you learned from her.
          But you allow small indulgences                                   —Sister Mary Janet McGilley, Saint Mary, 1964
          Such as the tiger lily.

          Walk and wonder where your stone will be.
          The iron gate whines as you leave.

          —Sister Susan Rieke

10 | Aspire
‘A Renaissance
About the Remarkable Woman
Behind the McGilley Chair

       ister Mary Janet McGilley was a constant presence
       at Saint Mary, a beloved leader, a caring and dedicated
       instructor, and a woman as much at home outdoors as
she was behind the imposing desk of the school president.
      In fact, her impressive resume aside, one of Sr.
McGilley’s most lasting impressions was as that of the
learned sister and Saint Mary College president who most
embraced retirement as an opportunity to wear jeans and
cowboy boots.                                                         She became president of Saint Mary in 1964.
      “She was probably the most wonderful person who I               “She was our president for 25 years, and she shaped
ever knew and worked for,” said her close friend, Sister Sue     Saint Mary,” said Sister Susan Rieke. “And she shaped it
Miller, until recently the community director for the Sisters    in a wonderful way. She was a great and recognized leader,
of Charity of Leavenworth.                                       and she led with her kindness. She knew everyone on this
      “She loved young people and she saw potential in them.     campus, and everyone knew they could come to her.”
Her general attitude toward everyone was welcoming, but               Former students remember Sr. McGilley as always there
she wanted their best out of everyone: students, faculty, and    for them, a welcoming presence who aimed to know every
other administrators," Sr. Miller said. "I think her natural     student by name.
bent was to do everything she could to lift people toward             And, her friends said, she possessed something of a
their highest potential.”                                        “renaissance personality.”
      Above all else, the much-honored namesake of USM’s              “She was bigger than life to some people, partly because
first fully endowed chair (and of its fully modern athletic      she had a wonderful gift for speaking and poetry and the
field house), Sr. Mary Janet was a champion for Saint Mary.      arts,” Sr. Miller said. “Her presence is still very much alive.”
      She was a Kansas City native who lost her mother at the         Sr. McGilley died in 2003. She was 78. In November
tender age of 12.                                                2007, she was posthumously inducted into the Mid-
      She graduated from SMC in 1945 with dual degrees           America Regional Education Hall of Fame, with presenters
in English and drama. She went on to make her vows with          describing her as “a quiet, caring, dynamo of achievement
the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1948, earned her        and purpose… as its president for a quarter century, she
master’s in English from Boston College in 1951, and her         transformed Saint Mary into a dynamo of education and
Ph.D. in English from Fordham University in 1956.                culture in Mid-America."                                                                                               Summer 2010 | 11
                                                                        Sisters of Charity
                                                                        Pick Saint Mary Alum
                                                                        Sr. Maureen Hall as New
                                                                        Community Director

                                                                                ister Maureen Hall, a Billings, Mont., native,
                                                                                previously served in a leadership role as a councilor
                                                                                of the religious community from 1992 to 1998 and
                                                                        2004 to 2010.
                                                                             She entered the SCLs in 1961, and her early ministry
                                                                        included elementary education at Catholic schools in
                                                                        California, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming.
                                                                              Sr. Maureen earned her bachelor’s in education from
                                                                        Saint Mary, her master’s in religious studies from Gonzaga
                                                                        University, and has done continuing education work in
                                                                        theology at the Chicago Theological Union with a practicum
                                                                        at Holy Family Catholic Worker House in Kansas City, Mo.
                                                                             Sr. Maureen currently serves on boards of directors
                                                                        of the Charity Federation, the Sisters of Charity of

                                                                        Leavenworth Health System, and USM Board of Trustees.
                                                                        She is a past member of the boards of St. Mary’s Hospital
                                                                        & Regional Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colo.;
                                                                        St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, Mont.; and St. Francis

                                                                        Health Center in Topeka, Kan.

     The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth gathered this June for the 2010
Chapter—a weeklong opportunity to consider their ministry, re-assess and
re-affirm their mission, and select new leaders. In picking their new leadership,
the sisters elected Saint Mary alum and Board of Trustees member Sister
Maureen Hall, C’70, as the new SCL community director.
     Sr. Maureen said the Sisters of Charity naturally would remain the greatest
friend and supporter of the University of Saint Mary.
     “I am very committed to the University of Saint Mary, first because I am an
alum, and second, because it is rooted in our Vincentian Charism,” Sr. Maureen
said. “As one of our sponsored works, the university reflects who we are as Sisters
of Charity.”
     In re-assessing and re-affirming their mission at Chapter, the sisters built off
the planks established at the 2004 Chapter, opting to renew and fine tune their
focus on creating and cultivating right relationships. The target relationships
cover everything from those with their fellow sisters to their relationship with the
Earth, with the church, and with the global community.
     “In all things charitable, there is the call to right relationships,” said Sister Peg
Johnson, SCL community secretary and former USM Board of Trustees member.
                                                                                             Back row, l-r, First Councilor Nancy Bauman and
     Sr. Maureen said the sisters will convene in Atchison, Kan., in late August to          Councilor Sr. Eileen Haynes.
continue planning and focus on team building and strategic planning.                         Middle row, l-r, Treasurer St. Jean Anne Panisko and
     “These times call for bold and courageous action,” Sr. Maureen said. “My                Councilor Sr. Eileen Hurley.
hope is we listen well enough to one another and to the needs that are presented             Front, l-r, Community Director Sr. Maureen Hall and
                                                                                             Community Secretary Sr. Peg Johnson.
to us, and that we respond with the gifts that have been given us.”
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University of Saint Mary

    Honor Roll of Donors
                                                                     from the president
        Dear Alumni and Friends

            As we prepare to install one of our esteemed faculty members, Sister Susan Rieke, as the Sister Mary
        Janet McGilley Chair for Liberal Studies—a chair endowed through the generosity of our supporters
        and our first fully endowed faculty chair—we pause to recognize the mighty and greatly-appreciated
        support of our most generous alumni and friends.
            It is through your support that we are able to fulfill our mission, that our students receive the
        financial opportunity to earn a quality Catholic education.
            Your continued support of the Saint Mary educational mission is an inspiration. With it, we are
        able to continue to walk the path forged by our pioneer Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, serving the
        educational needs of our students who come to us from diverse backgrounds.
            Our Sisters of Charity heritage demands that we always adapt so that we can meet the changing
        needs of our neighbors. Today’s students have different needs than those of a generation or two ago, and
        society’s educational needs have shifted. In order to serve our students and meet societal needs, Saint
        Mary is focusing on building health science programs while strengthening its liberal arts foundation.
            Thanks to your investment in the University of Saint Mary, we are able to honor our heritage while
        helping our students realize their God-given potential, professionally and personally.


        Diane Steele, SCL, Ph.D., C’83

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                                                     Honor Roll of Donors
               We offer tremendous gratitude to the many benefactors and friends of the University of Saint Mary
                                      who make our work each year possible. Thank you!
Mother Xavier Society - $250.000+          Thomas & Mary Jo Gregory                   Dr. Maureen Roos C'75
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth          Dr. Paul & Doris Hund                      Isabel Ryan C'57
                                           Kathryn E. Klug C'84                       Kathleen Schloeder
$50,000+                                   Dr. William Krusemark                      Michele Stauffer
Charles Berkel                             Robert E. & Carol Miller                   Helen Steele
Margaret Donohue C'47*                     Betty Milroy C’65                          Ernest Straub III & Susan Straub
                                           Kristie M. C'92 & John D. C'92 Ossello     Dr. Alice M. Vargas C'76
Heritage Society - $25,000+                Carolyn A. C' 84 & David Parmer            Mary Ann Westhoff C'56
Robert E. Doran III & Sharon Doran         Charla Reilly C'67                         Margaret Meyer White A'43
Michelle Marie Piranio C'81                The Manning Family Trust
Mary T. Rau C'49 *                         Marlene C'62 & William Trenkle
Martha C’52* & Charles A. Roult            Visitation Church                          Front Circle - $500+
R. Michael & Mary Shanahan                 Dr. Judith K. Vogelsang C'74               David & Nancy Alzheimer
                                                                                      Andrew & Gwynn Atterbury
Founder’s Society - $10,000+               President’s Circle - $1,000+               David Atterbury
Ed & Linda Barker                          Armed Forces Insurance Exchange            Jennifer Atterbury
Michael & Macia DeFreece                   Denis & Kathy Baumstark                    George Margaret Basler
DST Systems, Inc.                          Lisa C'84 & Richard Bowers                 Eileen (Cox) Begle C'84
ExxonMobil Education Foundation            Ruth Boyd C'42                             Harry J. Briscoe
Frank Farnsworth                           Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation              Clara Marie Brogan C'45
Fox Family Foundation                         (Willard B. Snyder)                     Mary Chenovick C'64
John A. & Marilyn Gordon                   Kitty G. A'50, C'67 & Len Bronec           Bob & Karen Donaldson
Latino Kansas City                         Citizens Saving & Loan Association         Bill Elvin C'04 & Rachel Elvin C'93
Frances Kelly C'46 & Robert Mannix         Dolores Cox C'49                           Lawrence & Frances Engel
Sally and Ramon Murguia                    Dale & Mary Culver                         Stan & Saundra Evans
Bill & Doreen Murray                       Decision Insight, Inc.                     Julie A. Fallon C'70
SCL Health System, Inc.                    Sally C'67 & Joseph Dorsten                Eileen C. Greene C'45
W. K. Kellogg Foundation                   Dysart Taylor Lay Cotter & McMonigle       Lynda & Michael Grimm
                                           Geiger Ready-Mix (Bill & Cindy Geiger)     Hazel R. (Maes) Grose C'70
Trustee’s Society - $7,500+                Minette C'38 & Robert Goldsmith            Mary Jo Guinan C'62
Joseph L. C'94 & Rami C'96 Contrucci       Lorraine Gordon C'69 &                     Mary Anne C'49 & John Henke
Brotherhood Bank & Trust                      Thompson Nelson                         Joan Hess C'59
                                           Joan Hauserman A'45                        Kathy Hirsch
Spire Society - $5,000+                    Marlene J. C'64 & Ronald Hoch              Dr. Con Hogan
Sharon C'65 & Tony Albers                  Greg & Connie Kaaz                         Holy Angels Parish
Michelle T. Friend-Coon C’94               Kaaz-Lexeco Management, Inc.               Roberta Ann Horning C'60
Charlotte Hill                             Steve & Vicky C'88 Kaaz                    Rebecca C'74 & Daniel Huber
The International Brotherhood of           Susanna Laundy C'78                        Theresa M. Jaksetic C'72
    Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders,      Pat A. Lester C'58                         Morgan Johann U'07
    Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers         Mary Levenson C'70                         Louise C'60 & John Julius
J.E. Dunn Construction                     Jane Ellen Liebert C'97                    Kansas City Alumni Council
Kansas Independent College Fund            Linda Loeffler C'74                        Kimberly Kelley C'75
Michael & Nina Rowe                        Lozenski Custom Homes, Inc.                Eloise Elizabeth C'49 & Tom Kipp
Joseph Snyder & Marilyn C'72 Page          Christine M. C'69 & Jim Mansour            Knights of Columbus Council No 9349
Elaine (Pat Solomon) C'57 & Hubert B.      Matthew & Janet Matson                     Bryan & Chris LeBeau
Willman                                    Mark & Kathy McGilley                      Mimi C. C'63 & Thomas Lowrey
Bill & Kathy Yarrow                        Dr. Teresa Mehring C'74                    Michael C'00 & Hannah Lu
                                           Karl H. C'73 & Shirley Meisel              Mike P. C'98 & Mollie E. C'99 McNally
                                           Rita & Bob Mika                            Medtronic Foundation
Saint Mary’s Society - $2,500+             Jim Murphy                                 Bea Marie Mejia-Mayer C'80 &
Mary Catherine Bosanatz C'44               Irma Napoli                                    Stephen C. Mayer
Mary Alice Bramming C'65                   Petrus Development, LLC                    Eugene & Barbara Mika
Anita Chestnut                             Patricia A. Pixley C'47                    Don & Susan Murphy
Francis Family Foundation                  Providence Medical Center                  Rosemary & C.H. Nichols
Loral & Kirk Frohme                        Reilly & Sons                              Marina O'Sullivan C'75                                                                                               Summer 2010 | 15
Sharon Owens                            Thomas J. Brown                         Joan C'56 & Eldon Deardorf
Rosemary W. Peterson C'66               Terry M. Brungardt & Karen Baker C’87   Deborah Smith and Mark Myron
Mary Beth Rogers                        David & Glendyn Buckley                 Thomas DeCoursey
Laura Sandoval-Adams C'81               Teresa C'85 & Larry Buessing            James Delozier C'92
Valerie Schroer C'77                    Sally & John Bukaty                     Joanne Devore C'52
Larry & Renee Stafford                  Mary Bushbaum C'78                      Anne E. Doerr C'75
Dalvin Tobin                            Terri L. Mauton C'79                    Dominion Foundation
Dr. Judith L. Turgeon                   Mary Cain C'47                          S. Ellen Dore SCL
UMB Bank, N.A.                          Marilyn A. Cameron A'51, C'65           Mary Dorr C'78
Toni K. Walters C'58                    Marita Campbell C'00                    Mike & Susan Dorsey
                                        Margie Cannon C'79                      Joan Dowdall C'52 *
Tower Club - $100+                      Ralene Canty C'61                       Jeannie Downs C'70
3M Foundation                           Virginia Carosone C'56                  Nora Drbal C'68
Catherine C'55 & Truman Abram           Patricia Carr C'46                      Rob D. & Jeannette Drury
Deborah C'82 & Steven Aitken            Ann M. Carroll C'50                     Kathleen C'90 & Bill Ducey
Robert Adkins                           John & Marilyn Carroll                  Dan & Judy Duffin
Catherine Akright C'47                  Frank E. Carroll III                    Betty Ann Duffy A'44
Elizabeth Alex                          Mary Carol Carter C'57                  Marilyn Arend Duncan C'70
Janet Alex                              Casey's General Stores, Inc.            Joyce C'64 & Keith Eagar
Maggie Alex-Moran                       Sal & Doris Castaneda                   Katie J. Edgington C' 68
David Alexander                         Jesse G. Castro III                     Barbara Emert C'63
Martha Allen                            Laura C'69 & John Caulfield             Gail A. Erickson C'85
Patricia L. Amberg C'63                 CBA Enterprises, LLC                    Katherine & Ross Fapp
Diane M. Anderson C'71                  Rose Marie C'62 & Donald Champeau       Frances Feasel C'50
Marjorie Armstrong C'69                 Alice S. Childers C'59                  Leo Fecht C'61
Agnes Elizabeth Arnold C'58             Fran Chupalio C'71                      Margaret Mary Feely C'69
Ramona Arroyo C'79                      Church of the Annunciation              JoAnn Felts C'54
LTG (Ret.) Robert & Lois Arter          Jane L. Cindric C'77                    Laura C'51 & Lucian Ferguson
Evelyn C'66 & Larry Frelow              Mary Clark A'41, C'45                   Michael J. Fisher
Richard Aylward                         Charles E. & Virginia Clark             Maggie Fitzgerald C'99, M'01
Letty Lynch Baker C'62                  Brenda J. Clary C'79                    Marak Folkner C'53
Sr. Therese Bangert C'73                Catherine Cochrane C'67                 James Foster
Alison Banikowski C'75                  Colgate-Palmolive Company               Jean Frainey C'56
Catherine Barmann C'65                  Kathy C'74 & David Compton              Amy Christine Freeman C' 84
Sr. Nancy Bauman C'70                   Maryellen Connor C' 51                  Kathy Frey C' 70
Barbara A. Beatty C'63                  Conoco Phillips                         Tammy C'91 & Timothy Fulmer
Helen Beausoleil C'69                   Carolyn Conrath C'73                    Kevin & Machele Gantt
Lisa Beckenbaugh                        William Cook                            Cookie Garbs C'78
Nancy Beha C'54                         Margaret A'50 & Richard J. Cook         Sandra C'94 & Mario Garcia
John V. Bell                            Corner Pharmacy                         Shirley Garrah C'58
Mary (Brady) Bennett C'66               Corpus Christi Community                Marie (Duffin) Garrison A'38
Alleta M. & Don E. Biggs                Marilyn G. Costigan C'60                Agnes C' 46 & Don L. Giese
John Bird                               June M. Cotter C'41                     Patricia Hogan Gilbertson C'75
Louise Birt                             Louwane & Mark Courtney                 Dorothy C'58 & Robert Gillan
Mary Jo Black C'79                      Daisy C'63 & Charles Coxon              Kathy Goldak C' 71
Steve Blair                             Anne Crisp C'69                         Good Shepherd Catholic Church
Michele M. Blank C'80                   Barbara Crouse C'74                     Jeffrey Goodwin
Judith C'58 & David Bledsoe             Patricia A. Cuddinton C'64              Jace K. Grabouski U'04
Mary Kaye Blickenderfer C'60            Catherine Cuddy C'60                    Ruth M. Graefing C'45
Thomas Boeding                          Cushing Memorial Hospital               Kathleen L. Graham C'52
Jean Bomstad C'51                       Beth C'77 & William E. Cutburth         Frances M. C'58 & James E. Granahan
Eileen Mary Boos C'56                   Mary Dalpes C'66                        Virginia M Gravatt C'56
Lisa Claire Bosch C'80                  Anna Mae Danner C'64                    David Greenamyre
Jenean Bowen C' 68                      Danny Zeck Ford (Danny & Dinah Zeck)    Nicky Gribilos
Elizabeth C'83 & Thomas Bowes           Gisela C'85 & Steven Davis              Carlene Grieshaber C'49
Mary Ruth Bradford C'71 & Paul Kleene   Lu Ann Davis C'84                       Dr. Jill M. & Shawn Hackett
Mark Brandmeyer                         Patricia Davis C'47                     Melvin & Joann Hagan
Joyce Brennan C'51                      Dorothy M. Davis C'47                   Marilyn Lucille Hail C'56
Sr. Marie Brinkman, SCL C'48            Sugar Davis C'73                        Patrice C'74 & Kevin Halbach
John & Donna Brookhart                  Mary Davis C'68                         Sr. Maureen Hall C'70

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Chris C'93 & Michael Hamm            Kathy Ann Kerr C'70                      Joanne Mayfield C'88
Phylis A. Hancock C'81               Gary Kessler                             Julie Ann McBride C'88
Randi Hanly C’81                     Nancy C. King C'65                       Chuck McCann
June Hanna C’75                      Joyce C'99 & Howard Kirk                 Ellen Kearns McCarthy C'51
Margaret Hardy                       Patricia A (Meyer) Kirlin C'58           Skip L. McCarthy C'47
Joseph Harrington                    Robert Kirwin C'92                       Ann McCarthy C'75
Evelyn Harris                        Fernand Klein C'49                       Melanie McClure
Marihelen Hatcher C'77               Thelma Eckelkamp Kline C'54              Toni McEnroe C'49
Marian Hatcher C'53                  Kay C'58 & James R. Kline                Rosalee McEntyre C'59
Loretto Hayes C'64                   Joan C'71 & Ron Kloppenberg              Shirley McGeary C'57
Molly Greene Haywood C'68            Sue Knott C'82                           Shirley McGlinn C'66
Joanne Heise C'59                    Carole A. Kobets C'77                    Darlene McMahan
Patricia Ann Hennessey C'46          Michele Kobus C' 81                      John & Pam McNally
Michele C'88 & Scott Henry           Joan Koenig-Martz A'49, C'51             Lou McNamara C'54
Mary Ann & John Hense                Sylvia Koepke C'57                       Donna J. McVeigh C'76
Betty Jean C'60 & Dennis Herrick     Libby Kolaz C'76                         Karen Rae Mead C'70
Sandy Hick                           Pat A. Komer C'65                        Doris C'59 & Raymond Meier
Jean Hiesberger C' 63                Kathleen Konda                           Barbara Meitner A'34, C'38
Patricia C'56 & Gene Higgins         Eileen Kottenstette C'75                 Joan Mendenhall C'65
Dr. Carol L. Hinds C'64              Rita & Jim Kowalewski                    Devri C'75 & David Merello
Carla M. Hoagland C'63               Joy Kozak C'53                           Julia Meyer C'72
Sr. Margaret Hogan C'59              Janice Marie C'60 & Larry Kramer         Elaine Michaels C'47
Sally C'69 & Ted Holy                Rosa Abbott Krissek C'44                 Jo Mihailovich C' 76
Lucille Hoppe C’55                   Lorraine T. Kroetch C'62                 Robert & Rita Mika
James & Suzanne Horner               Colleen R. LaPorte C'50                  Mike's Repair LLC
Joseph & Anna Hotujac                Jason C. C'97 & Daynen J.C'98 Lalicker   Margaret Ellen Milano C'63
Sarah Hotzel                         Paul Lamborn C'97                        Anne Miller C'64
Ginger Hernandez Howard C'95         R. Wayne Lampson                         Joan S. Miller
Mary C'67 & Robert Huber             Emmy M.Landolt                           JoeAnn F. Miller
Verlyn & Mary L. Huenink             Judith Landwehr                          Joan F. Mills C'52
Leslie & Jeannie Hunnel              Lang Insurance Service                   Chris Peschka Milyard C'68
Danny R. Hupp                        Lario Oil and Gas Company                Mary Jeanne Minhondo C'59
Mary Helen Hurley C'76               Rita Krueger Larkin C'62                 Ministry Leadership Center
Ellen C'70 & Keith Hustings          Mary Larson C'82                         Marjorie & Darwin Minnis
Carole Ingroum                       Joseph A. Lastelic                       Mary Ann Mitchell C'70
J.J.C.T.M. Foundation                Maizie Margaret Lee C'56                 Colleen W. Mockler C'59
Margo Jackisch C'59                  Margaret Lenahan C'49                    Rose Mary C'57 & Bernard Mohr
Linda Jackson                        Betty Ann Leonard C'50                   Ella L. Moore A'50
Shawn Jacobs                         Thomas Lester                            Nancy S. Moran C'50
Cheryl & Russell Jacobson            Margaret C'46 & Al Liebeno               Laura Morehead C'73
Sandra James                         Dorothy Linz C'55                        Mary C. Morin C'64
Virginia S. Jennings C'48            Jeff Loeb                                Geneviere Morris C'60
Beverly Johansen C'61                Dr. Ron L. & Barbara Logan               Mt. Olivet Stone Company
Marguerite C'73 & Allen Johnson      Wanda C'59 & Donald Logsdon              Ginny Muehlbach C'62
Brandon Johnson M'09                 Lily Loh C'63                            Dan Muehlberger
Joyce M. Jordan C'73                 Penelope Lonergan C'70                   Alice J. Mumford C'67
Timothy & Joan Joyce                 Dr. Richard & Linda Lopes                Dr. Gayle Murphy C'69
Dr. Martha Jundson C'69              Betty J. Ludwig C'74                     Mary Alice C'52 & Kevin Murphy
Doris Jean Juhl C'49                 Shannon Macioroski C'60                  Pat C'49 & Dr. Mansour Naime
Jeanne Juliet C'68                   Mary Mackin C'56                         Ann Nance C'56
J. David Kaaz                        Karen Maclean                            Bonnie & Myrl Nardinger
Carmen Kaaz C'68                     Elizabeth Mary Madeo M'02                Margaret Neff C’89
Joetta Kaaz                          Sr. Lilian Maguire C’56                  Cathy Newton C'70
Zita Kaiser C'38                     Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant            Rosalie Nichols C'71
Mary Kallman C'79, M'97              Alice M. Marcum C'67                     Mary Alice Nicholson C'61
Kansas City Life Insurance Company   Carol Marinovich C'72 &                  John & Carole Noble
Margery Lesnik Karp C'64                 Ernest L. Johnson                    Carlotta Noonan C'70
Mary Ellen C'60 & Henry Kenaga       Thomas G. Matyok C' 95                   Gloria Nussman C'92
Mary Murnane C'66                    Jean Marie C'70 & John Matzeder          Kay O'Connell C'65
Patt C'63 & James Kerr               Jean R. Maupin A'42                      Thomas & Lorrie O'Donovan                                                                                    Summer 2010 | 17
Sr. Roberta O'Leary C'65                Scott & Associates                        Lisa Tostevin
Janet Osborne C'73                      Dolores R. Seerey C'52                    Pat Townsend C’66
Jill M. Otto C'04                       Seigfreid Bingham Levy Selzer & Gee       Karen Tyler C'74
Jeanette Marie Peck C'62                Sr. Barbara Sellers                       Betty A. Tyrrell C'45
Kaye Townsend Pedziwater C'64           Sheffield Agency Inc                      Michael & Marilyn Unrein
Kathy Schawang Perkins C'79             Judy Shields C' 64                        Carl Unrein
John Peterson                           Karen Shippey                             Lucy Urlacher C'78
Betsy Phelan A'34, C'38                 Clara Faye Siefken C'64                   Mary Ann Vance C'88
Agnes Phelps C'60                       Sr. Mary Siefken C'57                     Kelly Vance C'92
Joanne C'62 & Steven Pojman             Joan Siegert Warton A’49, C'53            Aimee Vaught A'44
Joan Porter C'57                        Dolores Sillimon C'70                     Mary Vermillion C'86
Anne T. Potter C'71                     Rick Silvey                               Joan I. Vidmar C'64
Margaret Presley C'44                   Mary E. Siman C'52                        Ellen Viens C'59
Marsha Puleo C'70                       Marilyn Sinclair C' 78                    Theresa Vitt C'84
Leta Pyle                               Kathy T. Sinclair C'84                    Collin Vorbeck C'02
Eugene Quinn                            Barbara Sindo C'63                        David & Michelle Vuncannon
Jean Ann Quinn                          E. Crichton & Martha Singleton            Mary Walker-Baptiste C'67
Cheryl A. Rader C'91                    Regina Sinsky                             Rick & Sara Wallace
Stevan & Pat Ramirez                    Nikki Ray Sisson C'69                     Louise Warakomski A'40
Dr. Pamela Ramsey                       SKF USA, Inc.                             Joan Ward C'59
Septimia Rapking C'45                   Mary Ann Slattery C'65                    Keith & Sandi Warman
Mary Ann Rastorfer C'61                 Sally C. Smart C'76                       Beverly Warzecha C'59
Marie Raths C'45                        Ursula I. C'54, M'58 & William E. Smith   Virginia B. Wasson A'40, C'44
Molly Reardon C'79                      Sr. Mary Lex Smith C'71                   Pat C'69 & Doug Waters
Marie Reece C'75                        Sr. Sharon Smith                          Debra & James E. Watson
Skip Reed C'78                          Sara E. Sochran C'63                      Mary Alice C'59 & Clyde Waylan
Phyllis Reed C'92                       Joyce Ann Solomon C'56                    Sherry A. Wells
Pat Regan C'74                          Betty Sosna C'48                          Brenden Wells
J.R. Reilly                             Marianna Spain C'58                       Charles Welsh
Beth Reust C'70                         Speedway Chrysler Dodge Jeep              Mary Elizabeth Wempe C'48
Sr. Susan Rieke, SCL C'66               David Spehar C'77                         William B. Wente
Mary Riordan A'40, C'44                 Sprint Foundation                         Linda Whelan
Robert F. Guyette, MD., DMD             St. Francis de Sales                      Frank & Teresa White
Palmeda Fay Robinson C'73               Margie St. Germain C’78                   Kenny Wilk
Carolyn M. C'68 & Raymond J. Roettger   Noel Stanton C'65                         Annabel J. Willcott A'46, C'50
Judy Lawrence Rogers C'70               Kathleen Stark C'56, M'65                 Carolyn C'58 & Paul Willingham
Marilyn L. Ronnebaum C'61               Sr. Diane Steele, SCL, C'83               Rosemary & John J. Wilson
Kathleen C'67 & Davis T. Rowe           Cindy Stergar C'78                        Nancy Wilson C'50
Susan P. Rowland                        Kathleen Stevens C'67                     Kay Windsor
Mary Rueb C'62                          Gary Stone                                Mary Sue Winneke C’65
Mary Lynn Rulle C'77                    Storage Box, Inc.                         Jennifer Wright C'01
Patricia Rumer '74                      Joanne F. Stout C’62                      Sarah Jane Brown Wyrick C'68
Bob C'95 & Marian Russell               Marguerite B. Strange                     Ramona Youngblood C’75
Joann Ruybal C'83                       Myra Straub C'61                          Linda C'54 & Gabriel Zablatnik
Mary C'85 & Harold C'80 Ryan            Ann Strecker C'65                         Mary Inez Ziller C'61
Mary Ryan C'85                          Doreen Strizic C'50
Stephen Salinger                        Stan Strizic
Barbara M. Sample C'67                  Fr. Michael Stubbs
Yvonne Samson C'82                      Rosalie A. Stull C'60
Ann Sanders C'67                        Marigene C'45 & John Suellentrop
Phillip Sanders C'04                    Brian & Diane Sullivan
Phyllis Germaine Sandy C'60             Barbara Sullivan C'53
Helen Santos C' 55                      Darlene Summerour C’73
Ellen Scalet C'53                       Cookie Sutter C'65
Marie Therese Schaefer C'61, C'63       Sharon D. Takacs C'58
Dr. Daniel & Miriam Scharf              David & Lucy Terry
Jeffrey L. Scheurich C' 99              Dolores Marie Free Theis A'51
Annette Marie Schlaf C'76               Larry Tice
Sheila Schmeits C’70                    Lucy Tobben C'75

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                             Saint Mary Legacy Society
June Ambauen C'40 *                   Sandy Hick                                   Dolores R. Seerey C'52
Adele Anderson C'71                   Ann C. Hogan C'75                            Mary E. Siman C'52
Charles Berkel                        Mary Kay C'75 & Roger Hoppe                  Marigene C'45 & John Suellentrop
Steve Blair                           Jeanne Juliet C'68                           Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Tompkins
Mary Catherine Bosanatz C'44          Kathryn E. Klug C'84                         Virginia B. Wasson A'40, C'44
Mary Alice Bramming C'65              Mary Louise C'44 & Charles* Knoblauch        Pat C'69 & Doug Waters
Harry J. Briscoe                      Sue Knott C'82                               Mary Ann Westhoff C'56
Clara Mae Brogan C'45                 Ann Kresse C'83                              Sarah Jane Brown Wyrick C'68
Kitty G. A'50, C'67 & Len Bronec      Rosa Abbott Krissek C'44                     Carolyn C'63 & Jon Zimmerman
Theresa L. Mauton C'79                Mary Margaret Lynch C'43 *                   Mary Kathleen Bushbaum C'78
Bertina Byers C'60 *                  Dorothy Lynch C'54                           Rebecca C'74 & Daniel Huber
Frank E. Carroll, III                 Mary Margaret C'45 & Robert Malley           Patricia A. Lester C'58
Mary Eileen Chenovick C'64            Frances Kelly C'46 & Robert Mannix           Rita & Bob Mika
Orsoline Chiappetta A'32, C'36        Jean R. Maupin A'42                          Cathy Newton C'70
Carolyn Conrath C'73                  Karen L. McIver Wilson C'87 & Walter         Joyce Ann Solomon C'56
Helen Marie Corcoran C'46             Wilson                                       Elizabeth W. Bishop C'44
Deanna C'61 & Julian Cowley           Barbara Meitner A'34, C'38                   Lisa C'84 & Richard Bowers
Mercedes (Foster) A'50, C'69 & John   Nancy M. C'75 & Ken Mellard                  Jane Feuerborn C'59
Craughwell                            Jeannine A. Mock C'51                        Loral & Kirk Frohme
Jim Dhooghe *                         Dr. Rosalie Nichols C'71                     Dr. Teresa Mehring C'74
Richard H. Dierks                     Carolyn A. C' 84 & David Parmer              Anne Kathleen Miller C'64
Joan Dobel C'45                       Mary T. Rau C'49 *                           Paula C'85 & David Poirier
Joan Dowdall C'52 *                   Patricia A. Regan C'74                       Michele Stauffer
Sharon Garbs C'78                     Mary Riordan A'40, C'44                      Sharon D. Takacs C'58
Minette C'38 & Robert Goldsmith       Carolyn M. C'68 & Raymond J. Roettger        Edna Wood C'48
Gloria Lescault Grenier C'75          Martha* C'52 & Charles Roult
Kathie Gribble C'66                   Annette Marie Schlaf C'76
Marilyn Lucille Hail C'56             Geraldine Schultz C'39 *

                                 Matching Gift Companies
Medtronic Foundation                  Sprint Foundation                            Andrews McMeel Universal Fund
DST Systems, Inc.                     3M Foundation                                Abbott Fund Matching Grant Program
Procter & Gamble Matching Gift        Colgate-Palmolive Company                    State Farm Companies Foundation
Pfizer Foundation                     ConocoPhillips                               ExxonMobil Education Foundation
Dow Corning Corporation               Dominion Foundation                          Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation
SKF USA, Inc.                         Microsoft Matching Gifts Program             IBM Corp. Matching Grants Program

                                                                     In-Kind Donors
John Bell                             Mama Mia's Italian Resteraunt                Bob Donaldson
Dale & Mary Culver                    Mr. Goodcents - Subs & Pastas - Dave Gover   Mike's Repair LLC
Dr. Con Hogan                         Pepsi-Cola Genl. Bot., Inc.                  Western Robidoux
Cheryl & Russell Jacobson             Ryan Lawn & Tree
Rita Kowalewski                       Karen Shippey
Dr. William Krusemark                 Tampico Authentic Mexican Restaurant                                                                                          Summer 2010 | 19
Endowed Name Scholarships
Platinum - ($100,000 or more)              Bowman Family (Eleanor & Pat)              Mulligan Scholarship
                                               Scholarship                            Rose Inza Kim Surh Scholarship
$1,000,000+                                Kushan/Stempski International Memorial     Virginia Sheahan Gateley Scholarship
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth              Scholarship                            Marie Laurvick Scholarship
    Jubilee Scholarship                    John & Lillian O'Shaughnessy Scholarship   Marie A. Gaiser Scholarship
Lawrence D. Starr Scholarship              Nona B. and Chas A. Frankenhoff            Archbishop James Keleher Scholarship
                                           Dr. Agnes Sirridge Scholarship             Constance Welling Jones Scholarship
$250,000+                                  Mary Alice Passman Murphy Scholarship      Ernestine M Sheehan Pinkham Scholarship
Joseph Jon Delaney Scholarship             Mary Agnes DeCoursey Scholarship           Terry Brungardt Scholarship
                                           Mathew Howard Doran Scholarship            Father Stephen Lee Scholarship
Jean Gerweck Scholarship
                                           Eileen Horner Scholarship
Goppert Scholarship                                                                   Ruth Biggerstaff Scholarship
                                           Celia Saunders Murphy Scholarship
Sr. Mary Janet McGilley Scholarship                                                   Rosemary Rieke Scholarship
                                           Sr. Dorothy Harvat Scholarship
Alvara Ramm Scholarship                    Kitty Goeters Bronec Scholarship           Henry J. & Marilyn Miller Meiners
Gilbert & Geraldine Schultz Scholarship    Audrey & Clarence Malone Scholarship           Scholarship
                                           Lee Farnsworth Scholarship                 Patricia Connor Naime Scholarship
$100,000+                                  Don & Marie Maahs Scholarship              William B. DeCoursey Scholarship
Hearst Scholarship t Scholarship           Ralph & Jeanette Van Goethem Family        Richard Besel Greenamyre Scholarship
Elpha Meyer Carney Scholarship                 Scholarship                            John & Ruth Kehoe Scholarship
General Scholarship                        Florence & Edward Maronick Scholarship     Bette Lee Warta Scholarship
Genevieve Degan & Owen Horner              Rose Marie McWilliam Scholarship           Sr. Mary Paul Fitzgerald Scholarship
   Scholarship                                                                        Emil Babinger Scholarship
Agnes, Harriet & Alfred Kramer             Bronze Level - ($10,000 - $24,999)         Sr. Mary Carlo Scholarship
                                           Emilie Gordon Scholarship                  Colwell-Calvin Endowed Scholarship
                                           Masterson, Maryhelen                       Carlo & Felicia Colibraro Scholarship
                                           Marlene & Ronald Hoch Scholarship          Rev. Daniel Colibraro Scholarship
Diamond Level - ($75,000 - $99,000)        Col. & Mrs. Leo Conner Scholarship         Rev. Pietro Philip Colibraro Scholarship
Frances Kelly Mannix Endowed Scholarship   Katie Mika - History Scholarship           Mother Mary Peter Dwyre Scholarship
                                           Kalhorn-Guinta Scholarship                 Barbara Feth Scholarship
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health
                                           Mary Ann Julich Scholarship                Fink Family Scholarship
           Services Scholarship
                                           J. & Mary Morrell Winter #2 Scholarship    Margaret Freese Scholarship
Gold Level - ($50,000 - $74,999)           Mary Tierney Miller Scholarship            Greenamyre Family Scholarship
Loretta Schad McGovern Scholarship         Doris Turgeon Scholarship                  V.B. Greenamyre Scholarship
                                           Ray Miller Scholarship                     Carol Thorson Hartegan Scholarship
Sr. Rose Tomlin Scholarship
                                           Agnes Finn Kocour Scholarship              Edward & Shirley Maronick Scholarship
Leo & Mae Brinkman Scholarship
                                           Max & Lillian Pollner Scholarship          Bernadette and Richard Miller Scholarship
Lewis & Marguerite Humphreys
                                           Class of 1958 Endowed Scholarship          Harley C. & Rena Fogarty Russell
    Scholarship                                                                           Scholarship
                                           DeLaSalle Christian Brothers Scholarship
Sterling-Hail Scholarship                  Sr. Marie Owen Scholarship                 Olive Ann Beech Scholarship
Archdiocese of KC Scholarship              Mary Jo Springe Scholarship                Margaret Burke Scholarship
Genevieve Francis Fox Hug Scholarship      Heather Coult Scholarship                  Cora Spence Scholarship
Philip T. Lawlor Scholarship               Lear-Siegler Foundation Scholarship        Ralph & Joan Young Scholarship
                                           Danette Quinn Scholarship
                                           James & Isabelle Hollow Scholarship
Silver Level - ($25,000 - $49,999)         Class of 1952 Scholarship                  University of Saint Mary has made every effort to
Mary L. Robbins Scholarship                Oliver Steele Memorial Endowed             ensure the completeness and accuracy of the Honor
Wyman/Ashen Scholarship
Sr. Mary Julie Casey Scholarship
                                               Scholarship                            Roll of Donors. Despite our best efforts, errors may have
                                           Edith & Harry Darby Scholarship            occurred. If you wish to contact us about this report,
Union Pacific Scholarship
Katie Mika - Fine Arts Scholarship         George L. & Frances R. Kelly Scholarship   please do so by email, mail, or phone.
Regina Anne & Matthew Flynn Scholarship    Muriel M. Burzle Endowed Scholarship
Jane Claudia Keegan Scholarship            Bray Murphy Endowed Scholarship                           University of Saint Mary
Art Schouten Scholarship                   The Ryan Scholarship                                     Development Department
John & Sylvesta Welling Scholarship        Carroll Scholarship                                        4100 South 4th Street
Martha Miller Roult Scholarship            David and Michael Greenamyre Scholarship                  Leavenworth, KS 66048
J/M O'Donnell Scholarship                  Mary Goetz Ryan Scholarship                                   (913) 758-6126
Sr. Mary Edwin DeCoursey Scholarship       Marcella Reilly Cooke Scholarship                
Marjorie Markey Blair Scholarship          H.Schafly- Weimer and Elizabeth Weimer
Helen & Austin Johnson Scholarship         Bishop Scholarship                         The list of donor names are strictly for the purpose of
Marjorie Besel Greenamyre Scholarship      Eleanor M.Higgins & Mary Catherine         acknowledgement by the University of Saint Mary.
Sheila McGovern Scholarship                    Higgins Schloeder Scholarship          Any other use is prohibited.
20 | Aspire
USM Fall Sports Sch edule
Date                     Team                Location          Time     Date                 Team              Home/Away          Time
Sept. 4     Southern Nazarene               Bethany, Okla.    6 p.m.    Aug. 28     Alumni (Exhibition)           Home        3 p.m.
Sept. 11    Bethany                            Home        2:30 p.m.    Sept. 2     Grace                         Away        4 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 4-5   Spire Classic
Sept. 18    Kansas Wesleyan                  Salina, Kan.      6 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 4     York                          Home          TBA
Sept. 25    Southwestern                       Home         1:30 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 5     William Woods                 Home          TBA
Oct. 2      OPEN                            OPEN           OPEN         Sept. 10    Avila                         Home        4 p.m.
Oct. 9      McPherson                   McPherson, Kan. 1:30 p.m.       Sept. 14    William Penn                  Home        4 p.m.
Oct. 16     Bethel*                            Home         1:30 p.m.   Sept. 17    Central Methodist             Away        7 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 21    Central Christian             Away        5 p.m.
Oct. 23     Ottawa                          Ottawa, Kan.       6 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 25    MO Valley                     Away        3 p.m.
Oct. 30     Friends                            Home         1:30 p.m.   Oct. 2      McPherson                     Home        3 p.m.
Nov. 6      Sterling**                         Home         1:30 p.m.   Oct. 6      Friends                       Home        4 p.m.
Nov. 13     Tabor                      Hillsboro, Kan. 1:30 p.m.        Oct. 9      Tabor                         Away          TBA
Nov. 20     NAIA Playoffs 1st Round                                     Oct. 11     Oklahoma Wesleyan             Home        4 p.m.
Nov. 27     NAIA Playoffs 2nd Round                                     Oct. 13     Bethany                       Home        4 p.m.
Dec. 4      NAIA Playoffs Semifinals                                    Oct. 16     Kansas Wesleyan               Away          TBA
                                                                        Oct. 20     Bethel                        Away        7 p.m.
Dec. 18     NAIA Playoffs Championship
                                                                        Oct. 23     Ottawa                        Away          TBA
 * Homecoming                                                           Oct. 27     Sterling                      Home        4 p.m.
** Armed Forces Day                                                     Oct. 30     Southwestern                  Home        3 p.m.
                                                                        Nov. 2-13   KCAC Tournament                TBA          TBA
                                                                        Nov. 16-
                                                                        Dec. 1      NAIA National Tournament       TBA             TBA

   Date                   Team               Home/Away Time             Date                 Team              Home/Away          Time
Sept. 8      Sterling                            Away         7 p.m.    Aug. 28     Alumni (Exhibition)           Home        1 p.m.
Sept. 14     Southwestern                        Home         7 p.m.    Sept. 4-5   Spire Classic
Sept. 16     McPherson                           Home         7 p.m.    Sept. 4     York                          Home          TBA
Sept. 20     Bethany                             Home         7 p.m.    Sept. 5     William Woods                 Home          TBA
Sept. 22     Kansas                              Away         7 p.m.    Sept. 10    Avila                         Home        2 p.m.
Sept. 28     Tabor                               Away         7 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 14    William Penn                  Home        2 p.m.
Sept. 30     Bethany                             Away         7 p.m.
                                                                        Sept. 17    Central Methodist             Away        5 p.m.
Oct. 2       Bethel                              Away          Noon
                                                                        Sept. 21    Central Christian             Away        3 p.m.
Oct. 5       Ottawa                              Home         7 p.m.
Oct. 7       Friends                             Away         7 p.m.    Sept. 25    Missouri Valley               Away        1 p.m.
Oct. 11      Sterling                            Home         7 p.m.    Oct. 2      McPherson                     Home        1 p.m.
Oct. 13      Southwestern                        Away         7 p.m.    Oct. 6      Friends                       Home        2 p.m.
Oct. 19      McPherson                           Away         7 p.m.    Oct. 9      Tabor                         Away          TBA
Oct. 22      Kansas Wesleyan                     Home         7 p.m.    Oct. 11     Oklahoma Wesleyan             Home        2 p.m.
Oct. 29      Bethel                              Home         7 p.m.    Oct. 13     Bethany                       Home        2 p.m.
Nov. 1       Ottawa                              Away         7 p.m.    Oct. 16     Kansas Wesleyan               Away          TBA
Nov. 3       Friends                             Home         7 p.m.    Oct. 20     Bethel                        Away        5 p.m.
Nov. 6-13    KCAC Tournament                      TBA           TBA     Oct. 23     Ottawa                        Away          TBA
Dec. 1-4     NAIA Div II Nat'l Tournament         TBA           TBA     Oct. 27     Sterling                      Home        2 p.m.
                                                                        Oct. 30     Southwestern                  Home        1 p.m.
*The above schedule includes only conference games.                     Nov. 2-13   KCAC Tournament                TBA          TBA
                                                                        Nov. 16-
                                                                        Dec. 1      NAIA National Tournament       TBA             TBA

                                                                                                               Summer 2010 | 21
class notes
’40s                                           ’70s                                          Francine Orr, C’88, Los Angeles, was
                       Patricia (Leahy)        Candace Ann (Grotzinger)                      named a co-finalist this spring for a
                       Carr, Sun Lakes,        Arrington, C’70, Tucson, Ariz., is the        Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding
                       Ariz.; Mary             proud grandmother of 10 beautiful             Investigative Reporting along with two
                       (Manning)               grandchildren, ranging in ages from six       Los Angeles Times colleagues. Francine’s
                       Maher, Scottsdale,      months to 18 years. She currently serves      nominated work focused on the plight
                       Ariz.; Margaret         as manager for the contract to cash           of civilian contract workers hurt while
                       (Cassidy)               department at a large defense industry        assisting the U.S. Army.
Piacentine, Phoenix; and Dr. Suzanne           company in Tucson.
Carroll, Kansas City, Mo.; all C’46,                                                                               Susan Loyacono-
gathered in Phoenix in November 2009.          Darlene (Frederick) Summerour, C’73,                                Honeywell, C’88,
                                               Shawnee, Kan., recently retired after                               Mission, Kan., and
Carlene (Leeds) Grieshaber, C’49,              teaching junior high choral music for 35                            husband Chuck
Metairie, La., celebrated her 62nd             years. Many of Darlene’s students were                              successfully adopted
wedding anniversary last September.            selected as members of district, state, and                         a baby boy this
She and her husband have six children,         national-level youth choirs, including                              spring. Jack Charles
nine grandchildren, and five great-            performing at Carnegie Hall. Darlene has      Honeywell was born May 26, 2010,
grandchildren. They still try to visit their   been honored in “Who’s Who Among              weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz., and measuring 20
oldest daughter twice a year in Maryville,     American Teachers,” and was selected          inches long.
Kan., where they own a house.                  as Olathe School District Teacher of the
                                               Year in 1995. She is currently pursuing a     ’00s
’50s                                           career teaching master teacher classes at     Ward Mitchell, C’00, Newton, Kan.,
                       Catherine Abram,        metro-area colleges.                          is working as a programmer/analyst
                       C’55, and husband                                                     at AgVantis in Wichita, Kan., doing
                       Truman Abram,           Karen (Kremers) Tyler, C’74, Fort             programming on GL Ledger for bank
                       Prairie Village,        Smith, Ark., and over 20 other members        accounting firms.
                       Kan., celebrated        of the class of 1974 met in Kansas City
                       their 53rd wedding      for a weekend long reunion this spring.       Elizabeth Madeo, C’02, Kearney,
anniversary this past February.                                                              Mo., recently completed her master’s in
                                                                    Alison Banikowski,       theology from the University of Notre
’60s                                                                C’75, Olathe, Kan.,      Dame. She will begin her ninth year as
Jean Marie Hiesberger, C’63, Kansas                                 is the associate         director of youth ministries in Kearney,
City, Mo., had her latest book this spring.                         superintendent           and is still enjoying what she describes as
“52 Saints to Pray With” was published by                           for teaching and         the best job in the world.
Paulist Press.                                                      learning for the
                                                                    Olathe School            Jennifer Kolb, teaching licensure
Anne K. Miller, C’64, San Francisco,                                District.                students ’05, Lansing, Kan., was
has owned and managed a leading                                                              named Lansing Primary School Teacher
technical training organization that offers    ’80s                                          of the Year by the Lansing Educational
learning products for integrated circuit       Janet (Umbarger) Grinage, C’81,               Foundation this spring. Jennifer is the
manufacturers and their suppliers since        Farmington, N.M., is happily married to       daughter of Kay Kolb, director of USM’s
1988. Prior to this, she held positions in     husband, Rob Grinage. They have twin          Academic Resource Center.
research and development, engineering,         12-year-old daughters. Janet retired from
manufacturing, and technical marketing         public school teaching in 2008, and felt                           Mary Bohnert, U’08
within the semiconductor industry.             called to teach at a small Catholic school                         and Andrew Hood,
                                               in Farmington.                                                     U’08, Leavenworth,
Susan (Erickson) Walsh, C’65,                                                                                     Kan., were married
Staunton, Va., has taught second and           Nancy Kay (Sims) Hayden, C’81,                                     on June 12, 2010, at
third graders for 22 years in both             Belmullet in County Mayo, Ireland,                                 Saint John LaLande
Catholic and public schools. Susan             spent three years in the U.S. Air Force                            Catholic Church in
continues to substitute teach, teach CCD       after graduation, then practiced as a                              Blue Springs, Mo.
to parish first graders, remains active with   neonatal and pediatric intensive care
Meals on Wheels, and enjoys spending           nurse until 1999 when she moved to
time with her grandchildren.                   Ireland. Nancy has three children and is
                                               a full-time mother and homemaker since
                                               making the move.

22 | Aspire
                                                                         13 USM Alums Celebrate Golden Jubilee
                                                                         The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth recently honored the
                                                                         13 sisters who are celebrating their Golden Jubilee—the
                                                                         50th anniversary of their vows—this year. All 13 are Saint
                                                                         Mary alums.
                                                                         Left to right, seated: Sisters Bonnie Bachle, C'65, Eileen
                                                                         Hurley, C'71, Charlotte White, C'67, Ruth Ann Hehn,
                                                                         C'72, Ann Victoria Garcia, C'71, and Nancy Bauman,
                                                                         C'71, USM board of trustees.

Left to right, standing: Sisters Virginia Jakobe, C'73, Sue Retherford, C'69, Frances Juiliano, C'72, USM education dept. chair,
Irene Skeehan, C'62, Mary Jo McDonald, C'70, Jane Jackson, C'72, and Mary Lex Smith, C'71.

in memoriam
’20s                                                                 ’80s
Irene (Coughlin) Young, A’25, Wichita, Kan., March 27, 2010.         Joseph L. Piranio, 79, father of USM Board of Trustee Member
                                                                     Michelle Piranio, C'81, Kansas City, Mo., July 9, 2010.
Sister Catherine Louise (Frederic Marie) Lebhart, C’41,              Friends
Leavenworth, Kan., June 13, 2010.                                    Ellen McCarthy, Saint Mary College director of recruitment
                                                                     1966-1977, Topeka, Kan., May 27, 2010.
June (Mullen) Brosnahan, C’44, Kansas City, Mo.,
March 31, 2010.                                                      Patricia Dennehy Neaves, a Saint Mary attendee in the 1940s,
                                                                     Oklahoma City, May 23, 1923.
Charles Knoblauch, husband of Mary Louise (Welling)
Knoblauch, C’44, La Quinta, Calif., April 30, 2010.                  Nancy Jones, voice teacher at Saint Mary College in the 1970s,
                                                                     Columbia, Mo., May 22, 2010.
Richard Tucholski, husband of Helen (Galvin) Tucholski, C’47,
Toledo, Ohio, June 13, 2010.
                                                                                           Sister Mary Kathleen Stefani, C’51,
Edith (Warzel) Gorman, C’42, Mound City, Kan., May 12, 2010.                               Leavenworth, Kan., May 1, 2010.

Sister Lorraine Leist, C’47, Leavenworth, Kan., May 27, 2010.                              The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
During her lengthy career in education, Sr. Lorraine served as                             this spring mourned the loss of a leader
director of student teachers for USM’s off-campus program.                                 and friend, Sister Mary Kathleen Stefani.
                                                                                           Sister Mary Kathleen died May 1 at KU
Elizabeth Marie “Betty” (Hardy) Regan, C’47, Kansas City,                                  Medical Center. She was 84.
Kan., April 9, 2010.
                                                                                            Sister Mary Kathleen made her
’50s                                                                                        profession of vows in 1947, and was
Sister Michael Mary Whelan, C’51, Leavenworth, Kan.,                                        elected community director of the
June 12, 2010.                                                        Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1986. She held that
                                                                      post for two terms through 1998. Most recently, she served
Martha Miller Roult, C’52, Overland Park, Kan., Feb. 20, 2010.        as assistant to the Mother House administrator beginning in
                                                                      2002 and also volunteered part-time at Saint Vincent Clinic
Lewis Edward Mingledorff, husband of Mary Lou (Draher)                in Leavenworth.
Mingledorff, C’53, Athens, Ga., March 19, 2010.
                                                                      Sister Mary Kathleen was a 1951 graduate of Saint Mary
Sister Mary Trinity Jackson, C’57, St. Louis, Mo., April 28, 2010.    College, receiving her bachelor’s degree in chemistry. She
                                                                      later earned a master’s in secondary education-physics from
’60s                                                                  USM and a master’s in chemistry from Notre Dame.
A.J. Quastler, husband of Nancy Quastler, C’68, Prairie Village,
Kan., Feb. 24, 2010.                                                  She taught and worked as a school administrator in Denver,
                                                                      Billings, Mont., and locally at Bishop Ward and Hayden
’70s                                                                  high schools.
Brad Alvadj, son of Mary Lou Alvadj, C’73, Pensacola, Fla.,
April 8, 2010.                                                        “Sister spent her life educating young people and leading our
                                                                      community,” said Sister Diane Steele.
Ruth Cuevas-Martiznez, C’78, Chesapeake, Va., Feb. 16, 2010.                                                                                                     Summer 2010 | 23
              Jillian Warman                     Falcon Punch                     Larkin Reilly                     Hrvatski Obicaj

       Ryan Harris-Hernandez                       Tom Jacobs                   Savannah Miller                       Bill Robinson

SpireFest Success
Talent Contest Brings in Thousands for Student Scholarships
    Buttressed by a generous outpouring of support from              • Kansas City, Mo., baton-twirling champ
Saint Mary alums, friends, and supporters, USM raised                  Savannah Miller
tens of thousands of dollars toward student scholarships at          • Ryan Harris-Hernandez, a gifted tenor and
the university’s SpireFest fundraising gala this spring.               USM grad from Kansas City, Kan.
    This year’s event, dubbed “Saint Mary Has Talent,”               Several Sisters of Charity also lent their talents
represented several changes for SpireFest.                      to the event—including Sister Anita Sullivan, Sister
    The gala is traditionally presented in a charity            Anne Callahan, Sister Peg Johnson, and Sister Gloria
auction format. For 2010, USM put together an on-               Solomon—as did the USM Concert Chorale, which sang
stage showdown between some of the area’s best and              twice during the evening.
brightest performers. The 2010 edition—held at USM’s                 Area news anchors Elizabeth Alex of NBC Action
McGilley Field House—also marked SpireFest’s return to          News KSHB-TV and WDAF-TV Fox 4’s Kathy Quinn
Leavenworth after being held at the Hyatt Regency Crown         composed the competition’s all-star panel of judges. The
Center in Kansas City for several years.                        honorary chairs for the evening’s event were Lt. Gen.
    When the evening’s ballots were tallied, Leavenworth        (Ret.) Robert Arter and his wife, Lois Arter.
native and Xavier Elementary School fifth grader Larkin              USM President Sister Diane Steele expressed gratitude
Reilly won the night with her singing and dancing.              to the donors who gave so generously at the event as well
    Other local acts that put in a strong performance at        as to the talent that made the contest possible.
the 2010 SpireFest included:                                         “This truly was one of the university’s most
    • Leavenworth’s own Motown singing sensation                memorable SpireFests,” she said. “The generosity of
       Bill Robinson                                            donors was on the same level as previous years, and we’re
    • Falcon Punch, a pop/rock quintet of                       very happy we did so well even with transitioning the
       Lansing, Kan. high schoolers                             event to a new format.”
    • Leavenworth native and USM sophomore
       Jillian Warman on the violin and vocals
24 | Aspire   Summer 2010 | 25
                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                         LEAVENWORTH, KS
                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 31

 4100 South 4th Street
 Leavenworth, KS 66048


     17 USM Faculty Art Show opening reception, 3-5 p.m., Goppert Gallery. Show
        runs 10 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays through Oct. 8
     26 USM Faculty Recital, 7 p.m., Walnut Room of Mead Hall

     15 USM presents the Art of Beth Kleene, opening reception 3-5 p.m., Goppert
        Gallery. Show runs 10 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays through Nov. 19
     26 USM Halloween Concert, 7:30 p.m., Xavier Theatre 28-31 USM presents
        “Dracula,” 7:30 p.m., Xavier Theatre

     7	 Founders’	Day	Concert,	7	p.m.,	Annunciation	Chapel

     2-5 USM presents “The Nutcracker,” 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
         Xavier Theatre
     7 USM Band Christmas Concert, 7:30 p.m., Saint Joseph Dining Hall
     10 USM Student Art Show opening reception, 3-5 p.m. Show runs
         10 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays through Dec. 15
     12 Christmas Choral Vespers, 7 p.m., Annunciation Chapel

      Tickets for USM Theatre productions cost $10 for adults, $5 for children, or $25
 for season passes. Call (913) 758-6152 or visit online for
 more information or for tickets.
      USM music and art events are free and open to the public. Call (913) 758-6320
 for more information on music presentations. Call (913) 758-6151 for information on
 art events.
      Visit and click on Calendar of Events for a full listing of USM
 events and athletic events.

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