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					                              MEETING OF THE
                          EAST FREMANTLE FARM Inc
                            INTERIM COMMITTEE

                              7:30pm 12 October 2010

Del Weston (Chair)
Sophie Moller
Sheelagh Loss
Imma Farre
Chris Eoannidis
Beck James
Nancy Tucker


   1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Chris nominated the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record and Beck
seconded them.

Eleanor is happy to be on the committee but is more likely to attend meetings if they
are held during the day or on weekends. Del has attempted to contact Jo, but has not
heard back so will not follow up further.

Actions carried forward from previous meetings:

Action Actions                                                            Completed
    1. Sophie to set up to-do list software to project manage the tasks   No
       that arise from the minutes and other related tasks for the
    2. Beck, Sophie, Chris, Sheelagh and Imma to work on a business       Ongoing
       plan using the templates to be provided by Dave. Del will
       continue work on the budget.
    3. Del and Imma to work on a draft policy for ethical investment      Ongoing
       in the group
    4. Beck will get a common seal made so that the group can             Yes
       formally seal documents as required by the incorporation
    5. Sophie to investigate whether Richmond Primary school, East        No
       Fremantle primary and John Curtin college would be able to
       send out the newsletter electronically with their school’s

Actions carried forward
   6.    Sophie to incorporate last changes to minutes and forward to Yes
         Beck for posting on the website
   7.    Sophie to set up to-do list software to project manage the tasks No
         that arise from the minutes and other related tasks for the

Actions from the current meeting

   8.  Beck to bring a laptop to the next meeting                            Yes
   9.  Sheelagh to talk to Sabrina Hahn/Ben Mitchell re. speaking at         Yes
       the AGM
   10. Imma to purchase raffle booklets for the prize draw                Yes
   11. Beck to provide Little Design Farm with table on advertising       Has been
       rates for printing in the next issue and to print off copies of thedeveloped,
       table to distribute with Farm Fodder at farmers market etc         but not yet
                                                                          sent     to
   12.   Imma to provide the wording for the flyer                        No
   13.   Beck to ask Little Design Farm if they can produce the poster Yes
         for the AGM and a brief flyer
   14.   Beck, Chris, Sheelagh and Sophie to attend the Palmyra market Yes
         on Sunday 10th October from 8am – 10am to hand out
         membership applications.
   15.   Beck to obtain a quote for stickers from Little Design Farm.     Yes     and
                                                                          100 have
   16.   Sophie and Imma to contact East Fremantle Primary, Ad                   was
         Richmond Primary School and John Curtin High School to see placed in
         if they will include an ad for the East Fremantle Community East Frem
         Garden in their newsletters                                      Primary
   17.   Sophie to look into costs for design and production of signs for No.
         East Freo Farm members

   2. Attendance at the Palmyra Farmer’s market

Nancy, Del, Sophie, Gavin, Chris, Beck and family all attended the Sunday Farmer’s
market. Good interest was shown by members of the public and the following money
was raised:

Memberships - $115.00
Donations - $20.00
Fundraising (apple spirals) - $15.80

Action: Del to e-mail Beck photos of the event to put up on the website.
Signs and stickers

Sophie advised that the approximate cost of an aluminium screen printed two colour
120mm square sign would be $10-$15 per sign for 100 signs.

The meeting discussed whether it would be possible to use recycled materials, either
collected from a recycling yard or a recycled product. The meeting determined to
revisit this later.

Beck has ordered the stickers, which will be given out to members when they join and
at community events etc.

4. Order of events - AGM

The meeting discussed the order of events:

6pm – People arrive, Loss Trios! playing

6.15pm – AGM starts
      Del to provide update on what the history of the group, the formation of the
      interim committee, acknowledgment of special guests and accomplishments.

6.30pm – Presentation of the financial report – interim committee treasurer

6.35pm – Nominations for committee members and voting. Gavin to explain
      proceedings, rules of the organisation and nominations process. Gavin to go
      through the nominations and the positions available. Gavin to ask nominees to
      provide a brief explanation of who they are.

7pm – Guest speaker – Ben Mitchell

7.20pm – thanks and brief musical interlude

7.25pm – drawing of the raffle – Ben Mitchell

7.30pm – supper

9pm – Club closes

5. Food for the meeting

Each of the interim committee members will bring a plate of cold finger food –
preferably things that are not particularly messy.

6. Prizes for the raffle

Safety in the Garden Pack from Fremantle Ports
Books from DEC
4 x Find Thirty back packs
1 x $20 voucher from Nineseeds cafe
6 bags of sheep manure
2 tickets to the Oxfam concert for Pakistan

Action: Beck will ask Stammers Hardware for donations

Action: Del to ask Shelley Cocks for donation of compost bins from East Freo

Action: Nancy to ask George Street bistro for donation

Action: Sheelagh to follow up Spice magazine for the donation of a 12 month

The meeting discussed the proposed price for the lottery tickets, given that there is a
large number of prizes. The meeting discussed whether the tickets would be:
5 for $1;
$1 each and 3 for $2; or
$2 each and 3 for $5.

The meeting voted and decided that the tickets would cost $2 each or 3 for $5.

Ben Mitchell will be asked to draw the raffle.

6. Posters for the AGM

Beck still has posters available to put up. Committee members will continue to look
for places to put these up.

Action: Del will take the flyers to the East Fremantle Council tomorrow to make
sure that all the councillors receive one.

7. Next Film night

The next film night is planned for 22 October. Del asked if anyone was able to take
over the organisation of the night. Unfortunately the last film night was not well
attended. It was agreed that the film nights would be cancelled and a decision on their
future made by the next committee members.

Action: Beck to put a note on the website about the cancellation of the film
nights until further notice.

8. Other items

Imma advised that she spoke to Cliff Collinson and that while he liked the idea of a
community garden, he had concerns over the site that has been chosen. His concern is
that if the site is redeveloped as planned, the garden will have to move.

9. Next council meeting
The next council meeting is 19 October. The meeting discussed whether the officer’s
report will be presented to council at this meeting. It would be ideal to present the
Business Plan and the projected budget to council at the same time as the officer’s
report. The meeting discussed talking to the Mayor about getting his support and that
of the other councillors prior to the meeting. If the report will go to the meeting on 19
October, then the committee members should attend the council meeting.

Action: Del to ask Shelley Cocks whether the officer’s report will be presented
to council at the next meeting. Del will let committee members know the results
and arrange to talk to the councillors and Mayor prior to the council meeting.

Action: Beck modify the Business Plan to record that if the proposed renovation
of the existing shed is too expensive, then request that access to Sumpton Green
be provided instead.

9. Bank account

The meeting decided that the next committee would arrange the bank account.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm

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