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convocation aGM 2010

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 n Brian williams, president of convocation and chairperson of the Uwc counci

UWC, more than any other university,           them. This is one element of the context      there be to celebrate if the University
has established itself as the university       of UWC.                                       did not have any graduates, scientists or
that led the struggles against oppression         Universities do not exist outside of       academics?
and today it remains completely united         a context and UWC has a disturbing,              The very reason for the existence of a
to serving the aspirations of building a       dramatic and contradictory birthing. Like     university is to produce graduates. Once
new genuinely democratic society in or-        all universities in apartheid South Africa,   you graduate you become a member of
der to contribute to serving the greater       a segregated approach was used to de-         the Convocation. It follows that a univer-
family of humanity.                            cide on where students could study.           sity has no relevance if it does not have
   These were the remarks made by Brian           UWC was therefore designed by the          Convocation members. Convocation
Williams, President of Convocation and         apartheid planners to be a university         members are therefore at the nucleus
Chairperson of Council, to the AGM of          that would serve so called ‘Coloured’
Convocation – 50 years after the Univer-       persons.                                      Continue on page 2
sity opened its doors.                            The University of the Western Cape
   The following is an extract from Wil-       ‘UWC’ celebrates its 50th Anniversary
liams’ presidential report at the AGM:         this year.
   “During the apartheid period, the rac-         Convocation members are at the epi-
ist laws demanded that all universities        centre of these celebrations. What would
should be organised along so called
racial lines. Africans, Indians, ‘Coloureds’
and whites had universities set aside for
              convocation aGM 2010

              new activists must lead the
              struggle against poverty

              From page 1                                   versity (the highest decision-making         in science and research should flow to
                                                            body) to the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans     the rest of humanity as well as to the
              of a university’s life and can potentially    and all the leadership and management        very base of our society, which remains
              influence the quality of the university’s     structures of UWC, the direction of the      the most unequal in the word in terms
              future.                                       University is clearly directed at build-     of the latest gini co-efficient data.
                 This simple but remarkable fact            ing a powerful scientific and academic         UWC has the biggest Life Sciences
              should have strategic and profound            base,                                        centre, as well as the largest Dental Fac-
              significance for UWC – the role that             Under conditions of democracy, we         ulty (with all its the associated medical
              Convocation members should play               are committed to reconstructive activ-       technologies) in Africa.
              within the University and the direction       ism.                                           According to a global survey of uni-
              of where the institution should be po-           This simply means that we must ad-        versities, UWC is rated as the seventh
              sitioned, given the historical realities of   vance the highest levels of scientific in-   best university in Africa.
              our country.                                  novation, genuine academic and schol-          The World Health Organisation (WHO)
                 The original idea was that UWC would       arly excellence, the constant pursuit of     chose UWC to host three research sites
              be under the control of apartheid engi-       and the creation of new knowledge.           and the University has a number of col-
              neers, academics and institutional lead-         This form of activism requires a re-      laboration agreements with other uni-
              ers who would ensure that the gover-          building construct and the creation of       versities across the world.
              nance structures kept all the different       a new generation of thinkers and activ-        There are many areas of profound ad-
              parts of the system in place.                 ists. New champions are needed to lead       vancement of the academic project that
                 The attendance at UWC from the be-         the new struggle against poverty, des-
                                                                                                         has occurred under the inspired leader-
              ginning of its existence created dilem-       titution and to fight corruption in soci-
                                                                                                         ship of Professor Brian O’ Connell and
              mas for students. Yet within the repres-      ety: the cancer that acts as the counter
                                                                                                         his executive and academic team.
              sive walls of the academic citadel of an      revolutionary corrosive that destroys
                                                                                                           The Convocation has been actively
              apartheid design for UWC, the seeds to        and limits the social capital value that
                                                                                                         engaged in seeking to bring graduates
              destroy its strategy existed.                 the communities should receive from
                 Student rebellions, open defiance and      the government.                              and former students back to UWC so
              protest action took different forms dur-         In addition, the University must dem-     that they can also become part of the
              ing the periods of the sixties, seventies     onstrate its relevance by finding con-       new narrative and success story of the
              and eighties.                                 sistent methods to use its intellectual      University.
                 UWC was a complex war zone and             resources in a way that contributes to         The story of UWC, is the story of how
              yet under those traumatic conditions          dealing with real community based            we have, under the most oppressive
              many students still managed to obtain         problems.                                    conditions emerged to become world
              their degrees despite the psychological          The connection to the community via       leaders in science and academia.
              stresses and oppressive circumstances.        the academic development of students           Yet we remain rooted to effectively
                 Eventually the apartheid regime ap-        in terms of assignments and research         dealing with community based social
              pointed Dr Richard van der Ross in the        should extend directly to analytical and     problems.
              early seventies as the first black Rector     practical value to communities who re-         We at UWC represent the real hope
              and via his leadership and the struggles      main in disadvantaged circumstances.         for the future of our country by build-
              of students and the broader commu-               The University and the Convocation        ing excellence and matching this with
              nity, a platform was created that would       members must increase its intellectual       a contextual recognition of the need to
              allow UWC to move towards becoming            capital support to communities to the        implement substantive equality.”
              the first non racial university in South      point where that connection between
              Africa in the eighties when Professor         the University and the community is in-         • The full report by Brian Williams
              Jakes Gerwel become the Rector.               ternalised and institutionalised.                 can be found on the UWC website –
                 [Today] From the Council of the Uni-          The great strides that UWC has made  

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                2   on caMpUs issUe 5 2010
MeDical research coUncil appointMent

uwc’s dvc to serve on research
& development Board

UWC Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic),                                                             At another level, scientists are presently
Prof Ramesh Bharuthram, has been invited                                                        researching an alternate form of nuclear
to serve on the Research & Development                                                          energy, the much safer process through fu-
Board of the Medical Research Council.                                                          sion reactors in comparison to the existing
   Bharuthram has been active on several                                                        nuclear reactors (eg Koeberg).
external fronts. Recently, he chaired the                                                          The plasma is the medium required for
Academic Reference Group that oversaw                                                           successful fusion reactions.
the review process of the NRF’s peer review                                                        In his long history in academics Bharuth-
system.                                                                                         ram has worked at six universities, namely
   He is presently on the working group for                                                     the University of Durban-Westville, Dur-
the establishment of the South African Na-                                                      ban, M L Sultan Technikon, Durban, South
tional Space Agency (SANSA).                                                                    Africa, University of Natal, University of
   On an international level, Bharuthram                                                        KwaZulu-Natal, the University of Witwa-
has been recently appointed as an Associate                                                     tersrand and currently the University of the
Member of the Commission C16: Plasma                                                            Western Cape.
Physics of the International Union of Pure                                                         Among his other achievements Bharuth-
and Applied Physics (IUPAP).                                                                    ram has been a NRF B-rated researcher for
   The task of C16 is to promote the de-                                                        the past 15 years, by definition assessed by
velopment of plasma physics education on                                                        international peers as consistently produc-
a global level, especially in developing na-                                                    ing research output of high quality and im-
tions.                                            n prof ramesh Bharuthram                      pact.
   Why plasma physics? Firstly, 99 percent        the dynamics of the Earth’s magnetosphere        In 1998 he was elected as a member of
of the Universe is in a plasma state, including   is important for improving telecommunica-     the Academy of Science of South Africa and
the planetary magnetospheres. A study of          tions and understanding space weather.        in 2007 as member of the Royal Society of
                                                                                                South Africa.
                                                                                                   His credentials include:
 vice chancellor’s annUal BooK awarD                                                               • An Anglo-American and CSIR grant

 authors and editors                                                                                 to undertake post-doctoral research in
                                                                                                     Computer Simulations of Plasmas at the
                                                                                                     University of California, Los Angeles,

 are recognised
                                                                                                     USA (September 1980 – August 1981);
                                                                                                   • A CSIR (South Africa) and Alexander
                                                                                                     von Humboldt-Stiftung, West Germany,
                                                                                                     grant to undertake post-doctoral re-
  THE University of the Western Cape Vice         ulty of Arts), for her book “The Animal            search at Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum,
  Chancellor’s Annual Book Award was              Gaze”.                                             Germany, January (December 1986);
  first awarded in 2009 for the recognition         Professor Ben Cousins (PLAAS, Facul-           • An appointment as Visiting Professor
  of scholarly publications by staff in the       ty Economic Management Sciences), who
                                                                                                     in the School of Mathematics and Com-
  form of books, both as authors and as edi-      was co-editor of the book “Land, Power
                                                                                                     puter/Information Studies, University
  tors.                                           and Custom: Controversies Generated by
                                                                                                     of Hyderbad, India, (December 1988 –
     There are three categories in which a        South Africa’s Communal Land Rights
                                                                                                     January 1989);
  number of scholarly works by UWC staff          Act” received the Category 2 award –
                                                                                                   • An extended fellowship by the Alexan-
  members are selected and the overall win-       which is editor(s) of a book published by a
                                                                                                     der von Humboldt-Stiftung, Germany
  ners chosen.                                    recognised publishing house, and based
                                                                                                     to undertake further post-doctoral re-
     Category 1 is an author of a book pub-       purely on research undertaken by
                                                                                                     search at Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum,
  lished by a recognised publishing house,        the authors.
                                                                                                     Germany, (May 1991-February 1992);
  and the book is based purely on research          Category 3 is UWC Author of a general
  undertaken by the author during his/her         book, including works of fiction, and this         and
  academic career.                                award went to Professor Julia Martin (De-        • A short-term visiting fellowship to the
     This award went to Professor Wendy           partment of English, Faculty of Arts), for         University of California, San Diego,
  Woodward (Department of English, Fac-           her book “A Millimetre of Dust”. – MZ              USA, December 1996.

                                                                                                on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010                 3
              Dr trUnette Joseph

              an agent for change from a
              university engaged with change

              UWC alumnus, Dr Trunette Joseph’s criti-
              cal mind was moulded in Stellenbosch just
              14km from her workplace in Koelenhof
              where the winelands stretch like a land of
                 A still tireless fighter to build our democ-
              racy, to drive gender justice and develop-
              ment and to ensure that transformation is
              here to stay, Joseph is currently the Deputy
              Director: Curriculum Development, Re-
              search, and Quality Assurance, Chief Di-
              rectorate Human Resources Development
              (HRD), in the Department of the Premier in
              the Western Cape Provincial government.
                 One of her main jobs is to assist with plan-
              ning processes as well as to manage curricu-
              lum development and quality assurance at
              the Provincial Training Institute.
                 She has more than 10 years of experience
              in teaching at high school, a nursing col-
              lege, technikon and is firmly anchored in
              curriculum development and training at the
              Provincial Training Institute of the Provin-
              cial Government Western Cape.
                  Joseph started off with good role models
              - her parents who encouraged their children       n Dr trunette Joseph and her husband lazarus “Giempie” Joseph
              to educate themselves. Seven of her nine
                                                                to-door to raise awareness, and doing time        tion must be removed.”
              siblings became teachers, and her eldest
                                                                in advice offices like the Cape Area Housing         Whether it has been in 1994 on the Penin-
              sister, Wilhelmina, was her Grade 2 school
                                                                Action Committee (CAHAC).                         sula Technikon’s Human Resources Equity
                                                                   Today Giepie is in the business of trans-      Office driving the Gender Task Group to
                 Her mind-set was further nurtured by
                                                                ferring land to previously disadvantaged          the Gender and Language in the Provin-
              her high school English teacher, Otto van
                                                                communities and work for the Department           cial Administration of the Western Cape in
              Noie at Luckhoff High School in Idas Valley
                                                                of Rural Development and Land Reform              2000 or designing a Gender Mainstreaming
              during the school protests in 1976.
                                                                and does the monitoring and evaluation in         training package for the Gender Advocacy
                 “It was a defining moment for me,” she
                                                                the metro and west coast region.                  Programme (GAP), gender was her heart.
              said. “I was worried that the NG Send-
                                                                   Her close friend for more than 20 years           “I was greatly concerned how girls are
              ing Kerk was not ready to support their
                                                                Marcia Lyner-Cleophas, also a UWC alum-           disadvantaged in mathematics because of
              members who were involved in the protest
                                                                nus and an educational psychologist at Stel-      our patriarchal society,” she said.
              against Apartheid. But we had to fight.”
                                                                lenbosch University said that Joseph has             “Most Maths teachers were men and their
                 So to arm herself with knowledge, she
                                                                her finger on the pulse of the socio-political    bias was towards the boys in the classroom
              found the way to UWC, completed a BA
              Degree, a Secondary Teachers Diploma and          issues.                                           at the expense of the girls who would often
              a B.Ed qualification and then went on to             “Trunette always had a global sense of         drop Maths for another subject. This is one
              do an M.Ed at Harvard University, Cam-            how human rights are intricately related to       of many areas we need to address if we hope
              bridge, Massachusetts, USA.                       the issues at hand,” said Lyner-Cleophas.         to achieve gender equality.”
                 Lazarus “Giepie” Joseph – also a UWC           “She is confident and now at the point of            Joseph’s gender activism led her to com-
              alumnus - is the love of her life and father      government level to help better society.          plete a PhD at Stellenbosch University en-
              of her two children Ernesto, 25, a senior         She’s not easily intimidated and refuses to       titled Mainstreaming women in Develop-
              graphic designer and Silke, 23, a Trainee         subject herself to group think and is very        ment? A Gender Analysis of the United
              Merchandise Planner at Truworths.                 confident about stating her view points.”         Nations Development Programme in South
                 Both were language teachers at Kassels-           One of her passions is to establish gender     Africa.
              vlei High School in Bellville South in the        justice and non-racialism.                           “I believe in the notion of a holistic trans-
              ‘80s. She taught English and he Afrikaans.           “I believe in being a change agent,” said      formation that focuses on access, equity and
              Both worked in the anti-apartheid trenches        Joseph. “The discrimination against women         quality for the poor, the unskilled and job-
              at political meetings and rallies, going door-    is still all too real. That lurking discrimina-   less people,” she said. – AD.

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rpl roUte for clinton aBrahaMs

hunger for knowledge
UWC alumnus and clinical psychologist Clin-          Abrahams was now in his element.               Abrahams.

ton Abrahams did not make Grade 11.                  More help came through his maternal aunt          “My research showed that the experiences
   A combination of a fragmented family life      Charmaine and her husband who gave him a          and perceptions of parents of adolescents ad-
and low self-esteem not only put paid to his      home during his studies.                          dicted to methamphetamine in Manenberg
school days but also resulted in him leaving         In 2007 he passed his BA degree with a         showed when the influence of parents over
home and having to go it alone.                   Summa Cum Laude, obtaining an average of          their children is low then peer influence takes
   He found his way to the Proteaville Techni-    75% across all modules.                           over.”
cal College to complete the N1, N2 and N3            He then went on to a BA (Honours) in Psy-         Armed with this knowledge, Abrahams
Commerce certificates so that he could get a      chology and finally completed his Masters De-     ploughs his efforts into workshops to help par-
decent job with decent pay.                       gree in Clinical Psychology.                      ents and caregivers with parenting skills which
   Not wanting to trouble his mother who had         Currently, Abrahams is an Intern Clinical      focuses on among others, age-appropriate de-
always covered for him when things got rough      Psychologist at the Lentegeur Psychiatric Hos-    velopmental expectations for their children.
at home with his father, Abrahams stoically       pital where he is facilitating psycho-education      Work offers from other provinces came but
pushed ahead without her knowing that he was      to individuals in the adolescent ward who         Abrahams has a thing about home. “I feel at
homeless.                                         pateints recovering from psychosis due to sub-    home here in Lentegeur,” he said. “The West-
   “Sometimes I slept at bus stops, or anywhere   stance abused, especially, tik.                   ern Cape is my home. There is so much hap-
in the open or even on the stoeps of general          “I have a particular understanding and ex-    pening in our communities and I want to be
dealer shops and even on farm in Wynberg,”        perience of the debilitating implications that    involved and help as much as I can. I want to
he recalls.                                       can come out of single parent families,” said     stay at home.” – AD.
   “I was often exhausted, hungry, cold and
   Some odd jobs here and there helped to beat
the constant hunger pangs.
   But food could not ease the deeper, inner
hunger for knowledge.
   “I felt deep inside of me that God had some-
thing greater in store for me.”
   Abrahams got a job as an assistant store-
man in the warehouse at Heritage Collection
owned by Readers Digest and after nine years
a manager showed interest in his learning po-
tential and sent him to Damelin College to do
an Operations Manager’s course.
   Only too ready to give of himself he made
time to volunteer at the Annie Starcke Chil-
dren’s Home and at the Victim Support Pro-
gramme at the Athlone Police station.
   All seemed to be going well until his re-
lationship failed at the same that he was re-
   He then learned about the Recognition for
Prior Learning (RPL) programme at UWC’s
Division of Lifelong Learning that provides a
way for the University to recognise a person’s
knowledge and skills gained through experi-
ence, informal and non-formal education.
   This prior experience can count towards
admission to or for credit towards a qualifica-
    Abrahams was now given a chance to live
that experience to the full.
   “ “When I started my BA degree I fully rea-
lised what it meant for me to keep my faith in
God and how he revealed to me through my
life experiences and voluntary work what I
needed to do.”                                    n clinton abrahams

                                                                                                    on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010                   5
              Dr KaGiso Moloi

              uwc takes hold in namiBia
              NAMIBIA’S wide open space with the old-
              est desert in the world, a stable economy,

              a peaceful political situation and warm cli-
              mate for most of the year makes alumnus
              Dr Kagiso Moloi and his family flourish.
                 As much as he holds a UWC Dentistry
              qualification and runs a full-time dental
              practice in Windhoek, he is also an ardent
              amateur photographer – and inbetween
              family, work and hobbies, he has found
              time to establish a UWC Alumni Chapter
              in Windhoek.
                 “UWC was the bastion of our struggle,”
              said Moloi. “It came together for me at
              UWC where I came to know what my di-
              rection should be. I want to give back. I am
              seriously considering taking up the offer to     n Dr Kagiso Moloi and his wife, Bawinile
              come and lecture at UWC.”
                                                               my years at UWC for a degree in Dentist-            He received the Junior Chamber Inter-
                 Born in Chaterston, Ekhurhuleni in
                                                               ry,” said Moloi.                                  national Social Responsibility Award in
              1971, Moloi’s community was forceably re-
                                                                  His equally well-qualified wife, also a        2007.
              located to the dusty township of Duduza.
                                                               UWC alumnus, Bawinile, is an ex- Lieuten-           Moloi has his own show on the Namib-
                 “But there was no time to sit down and
              complain,” said Moloi. “It was adapt or          ant Colonel in the South African Air Force        ian Broadcasting Corporation National
              die. I did not want to die so I adapted.”        (SAAF).                                           Radio where he presents a jazz show call
                 He was part of the student organisation,         Apart from his special interests in Im-        Jazz Matazz that he presents every Sunday
              COSAS and was always on the run with his         plantology, Oral Surgery and Orthodon-            afternoon.
              cousin Lucky Mogodi who was murdered             tics, he is the President of the Namibian           His peers call him “KG”.
              by the apartheid forces led by “Prime            Dental Association, is active in community          KG’s show can be caught on DSTV Au-
              Evil”, Eugene de Kock.                           charity projects like feeding schemes, col-       dio Bouquet channel 183.
                 Moloi struggled to get a job as a Medical     lection of books and clothing for the needy         He is also on Facebook with a group
              Technologist and ended up in a business as       and he is a volunteer and Healthy Athletes        bearing the same name where the origins
              a taxi and salon owner in Duduza, Nigel.         coordinator with Healthy Athletes Special         of jazz, biographies of jazz artists and dif-
                 “I accumulated enough money to pay for        Olympics, Namibia.                                ferent types of jazz are posted. - AD

              n the University of the western cape’ alumni office is now officially an “international” body aimed at keeping all past students connected to
              their alma mater. earlier this year alumni staff traveled to namibia for the launch of our first chapter to be established outside south africa.
              Uwc alumni relations officer thembakazi ntungwa and Manager amanda hietala-philander with Uwc-namibian chapter working Group.

               6    on caMpUs issUe 5 2010
BooK laUnch

richard van der ross – a leader
who knows how to serve

PROF Richard van der Ross is deeply
troubled by the ways in which the struggle
through education lost its thoughtfulness
and moved to radicalism. Teachers surren-
dered their power to the young and educa-
tion in our country lost its way. Our nation
is deeply at risk.
   This Prof Brian O’Connell said in his key-
note address at the book launch of former
UWC Rector Prof Richard van der Ross’s
book entitled A Blow to the Hoop – and A
Blow to the Barrell: The Life and Times of R
E van der Ross.
   “Van Der Ross is not writing a history,”
said O’Connell. “This is a personal journey
and reflection, yet he reasons philosophically
with the understanding that philosophy de-
mands a searching of open minds, ready to
be bent by better thinking.”
   These reflections on Van Der Ross held the
attention of dignitaries such as Executive
Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Dan Plato,
his old pal, Unionist and former City Coun-
cilor, Norman Daniels, his former secretary
of dozens of years, Cathy Kenned.
   In her foreword to his autobiography,
the Mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille
acknowledges Van Der Ross’s role and con-
tribution and “one of the city’s most long-
standing leaders who understands that lead-      n former Uwc rectors professors richard van der ross and Jakes Gerwel and executive
ership means service.” – AD                      Mayor of the city of cape town, alderman Dan plato

 lectUre series
 soccer and violence prevention
                                                  SPORT has long been used as a vehicle              The General Consul of Germany,
                                                  for change. With the 2010 FIFA World            Hans – Werner Bussmann opened the
                                                  Cup drawing ever closer it is important to      lecture. The two keynote speakers were
                                                  look at how it can be used to effect positive   Prof Gunter Pilz of the University of Han-
                                                  change in South Africa.                         nover and Prof Cora Burnett of University
                                                     The German Academic Exchange Ser-            of Johannesburg.
                                                  vice (DAAD) organised a German – South
                                                                                                     The lecture highlighted the project
                                                  African research lecture series at universi-
                                                                                                  Youth Development through Football that
                                                  ties in the host cities of the World Cup.
                                                                                                  is coordinated by DAAD’s partner organi-
                                                     The lecture series looks at football and
                                                  sports from various angles but particu-         sation GTZ.
                                                  larly highlights development and cultural          The newly - founded UWC Interdis-
                                                  issues surrounding the game.                    ciplinary Centre for Sports Science and
                                                     The seven lectures taking place all over     Development also outlined curricular
                                                  the country kicked off at UWC on March          and research plans pertaining to the mat-
 n hans - werner Bussmann, consul-General         25 with the topic ‘Soccer and Violence          ter of education and violence prevention
 of Germany                                       Prevention’.                                    through sport.

                                                                                                  on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010                7
                                                      DoMestic worKers conference
           sharinG yoUr research
                                                      exploited and undervalued
           doors for

           THE new Centre for Research in HIV/
           AIDS and the School of Public Health
           hosted the second annual HIV in Con-
           text Research Symposium titled Public
                                                      n one of slp’s principal founders, prof D’arcy du toit; slp co-ordinator, andiswa Makasi;
           Health in the Age of HIV.
                                                      saDsawU General secretary, Myrtle witbooi; human rights commissioner, preggs Goven-
              The symposium offered an opportu-
                                                      der and acting labour court Judge, prof halton cheadle.
           nity to exchange ideas as educators, re-
           searchers, citizens and members of the     DESPITE the fact that South Africa is among         ising in labour and social security law.
           university and public health commu-        the few states that have enacted special legisla-      One of the aims of the research is to pro-
           nity gathered to discuss topics around     tion to protect domestic workers (DM) many          vide options for protecting domestic workers
           HIV/AIDS in research, teaching, policy     are still trapped in the informal economy and       by working towards recognition of their role
           and practice over the coming years.        unable to exercise their rights.                    in the economy and particularly empowering
              The symposium was well attended            To this end, UWC’s Social Law Project            this vulnerable sector.
           and some of the speakers included local    (SLP) held a conference on the plight of do-           “We need also to make inputs to the legisla-
           government officials, researchers from     mestic workers entitled Exploited, Underval-        tive process in South Africa and share the find-
           other universities, Andrew Mpesi from      ued – and Essential: The Plight of Domestic         ings with key role-players, especially domestic
           the Malawian National Commission of        Workers.                                            workers,” said Coordinator and Researcher
           Science and Technology; Richard Mas-          The conference attracted legal experts, do-      Social Law Project, Andiswa Makasi.
           sé, a health practitioner from Canada,     mestic workers, union members, activists, aca-         SLP is funded by the Dutch trade union
           Dr. Steven Callens from Belgium and a
                                                      demics and NGOs.                                    federation FNV with a view to contributing to
           health researcher from Zimbabwe.
                                                         Based in the Law Faculty, the Social Law         an International Labour Organisation (ILO)
              It was mentioned that staff shortages
                                                      Project is a research and training unit special-    Convention on the topic. - AD
           are an important barrier and the qual-
           ity of routinely collected data, and the
           use of information for management at
                                                      ‘hierarchical and BarBaric’
           the local level is poor.
               “Addition of new clinical interven-
           tions in under-resourced and poorly
           functioning health systems is not ef-
           fective,” said Anna Voce of Kwa-Zulu
              The underlying message from the
           speakers clearly indicates that the way
           forward involves more government            n from left acting labour law Judge prof halton cheadle, plenary chair, (name) and Uct’s
           funding. – MZ                               Dr Jonathan Grossman
                                                      DeSPITe legislation like the Sectoral Determi- profit and greed,” said Govender. “It pits poor
                                                      nation 7: Domestic Workers of 2002 aims to workers against other poor workers, poor people
           we are GolDen                              eliminate abuse in the sector, Domestic Workers against other poor people and migrants from other
                                                      still suffer injustices that prevents them from ex- countries against each other.”
                                                      ercises their rights.                                 Another speaker, Dr Jonathan Grossman from
                                                         Conference keynote speakers addressed these UCT said that there is something “deeply wrong”.
                                                      injustices that focus around the four themes of “The global system is so deeply hierarchical,”
                                                      Advancing Domestic Workers’ Rights, Organis- said Grossman. “The system is barbaric. If there
                                                      ing for empowerment, Migration and Domestic can be massive resourced state intervention why
                                                      Work and enforcing the Unenforceable.               not the same for domestic workers? What about a
                                                         Keynote speaker, Human Rights Commis- living wage rather than social minimum wages?”
                                                      sioner, Preggs Govender said that most women            Among other aims of the conference is to
                                                      are domestic workers whose work is not counted stimulate research that would explore strategies
                                                      as contributing to the GDP of our country.          for promoting legal compliance and to investigate
                                                         “The privatisation of domestic work is com- ways of effectively organising and empowering
                                                      pounded in the current context that is driven by domestic workers. -– AD

           8   on caMpUs issUe 5 2010
centre of hUManities research

systematically recording our oral
history completes the picture
ANTI-APARTHEID liberation fighter, Ahmed            prison correspondence, study materials from      not solely be placed on documents.

Kathrada said in a Public Lecture entitled          jail, documents from Kathrada’s prison years,      “It is indispensible to use the written sources
Building the Archives of the Liberation Strug-      a biography of Kathrada and a chart of family    together with oral interviews.
gle, that our children must know of the struggle    members in catalogue.                              More can be gained by systematically re-
and our job is to preserve the material as best          However, Kathrada reminded that re-         cording oral history. The importance of this is
we can.                                             searching and recording liberaton history can-   increasingly being acknowledged.” – AD
   The Public Lecture was jointly hosted by the
Robben Island Museum-Mayibuye Archives
and UWC’s Centre for Humanities Research.
   “It is indispensible for the ANC and other
former liberation organisations, and indivsu-
als to utilise all available avenues and means to
conscientise the young people about liberation
history,” said Kathrada to a packed Library
   “Persuade young people to actively partici-
pate in search for, recording and propagating
the knowledge.”
   The Mayibuye Archives is playing a mean-
ingful role towards this end.
   Independent contractor Helen Joannides
gave a detailed overview of what the Ahmed
Kathrada Collection consist of and covers the
period from 1954-2002 in 116 boxes.                 n anti-apartheid liberation fighter, ahmed Kathrada( centre) enjoying a moment with helen
   Included in the collection are 62 boxes of       Joannides, academics and post-doctoral research fellows in the history Department

DepartMent of social DevelopMent

Bid to retain essential social workers
                                                                                                     SOCIAL work is becoming a rare skill.
                                                                                                        A study conducted by Barberton in 2006
                                                                                                     showed that for every one social worker there
                                                                                                     will be 2 200 children to help.
                                                                                                        To help remedy this challenge UWC’s Depart-
                                                                                                     ment of Social Work, in collaboration with the
                                                                                                     provincial Department of Social Development
                                                                                                     and PricewaterhouseCoopers met in a seminar
                                                                                                     with their counterparts from the US and UK to
                                                                                                     discuss the Continuing Professional Develop-
                                                                                                     ment Its Relevance for Social Workers,Their
                                                                                                     employers and the Profession.
                                                                                                        The seminar was arranged around with Inter-
                                                                                                     national Social Worker’s Day on 16 March.
                                                                                                        The Continuing Professional Development
                                                                                                     (CPD) of social workers is part of the Reten-
                                                                                                     tion Strategy that was developed and approved
                                                                                                     by the national and provincial departments of
                                                                                                     Social Development (SD).
                                                                                                        One of the pillars of the Retention Strategy
                                                                                                     is to provide ongoing opportunities for CPD for
                                                                                                     social workers.
                                                                                                        The seminar decided on collaborative work,
                                                                                                     looking at a research focus on CPD training of
n Department of social work, Uwc and the provincial Department of social Development                 social workers and strengthening social practi-
met with their counterparts in the Us and UK at pricewaterhousecoopers                               tioners for social practitioners. – AD

                                                                                                     on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010                      9
           eMs DiscUssion series

           contemporary challenges discussion series
           THE University of the Western Cape launched
           a discussion series hosted by Honorary Profes-
           sor Alec Erwin in the Faculty of Economic and

           Management Science. The programme was
           entitled: “The State and Economy: Contem-
           porary Challenges”. The programme aims to
           forge working relationships with other univer-
           sities in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
              The discussion series commenced April
           22 at the School of Public Health. The title of
           the discussion was: “The Political Economy
           of Development.”
              A great deal of reflection was placed on the
           political forces that can actually achieve devel-
           opment and the relationship with democracy.
           The discussion aimed to explore questions such
           as: Is a developmental State a realisable objec-
           tive? What is its theoretical basis?
              The speakers at the discussion included Prof
           Alec Erwin, Prof Jakes Gerwel, Deputy Min-
           ister of Transport Jeremy Cronin, Joel Net-
           shitenzhe, a member for the National Planning
           Commission and former Minister of Agricul-
           ture and Land Affairs Thoko Didza. – LT             n prof alec erwin

           Uwc coMMUnity rehaBilitation proJect in Mitchell’s plain
           opportunity to help in critical community issues
           BASED in the Faculty of Community and               cise Science students presented their projects   Gerard Filies.
           Health Sciences,        the Interdisciplinary       to community members as part of the UWC             Students had different projects ranging
           Teaching and Learning Unit wants to create          Rehabilitation Project.                          from the home-based care to the teenage
           awareness around the UWC Community Re-                 “This is an opportunity to invite more        pregnancy projects in Mitchell’s Plain to the
           habilitation Project in Mitchells Plain.            departments to get involved and help bring       School of Natural Medicine and Occupa-
             The Schools of Nursing and Natural Medi-          relief to critical areas in the community,”      tional Therapy Departments going as far as
           cine and the Sports and Recreation & Exer-          said Service Learning Sites Co-ordinator,        Grabouw and Genadendal. – AD

           n Uwc’s interdisciplinary teaching and learning Unit active in Mitchell’s plain

            10    on caMpUs issUe 5 2010
Un convention

resolution finding mission
UWC hosted a seminar discussing the reso-          (CDLP) attributed change to the integra-         many) says, “The IDC spoke with one voice
lutions to the United Nations convention on        tion and transformational enactment in           and it became very authoritive hence the
the rights of persons with disabilities.           South African law.

                                                                                                    rapid progress in the country.
   The UN has established that there are              Speaking with one voice was the driving
                                                                                                      “There is need for consensus in every
650 million disabled people worldwide              force behind Germany’s struggle of dis-
making it the largest minority in the world,                                                        single country in the IDC treaty and South
                                                   abled people.
yet until recently disability was not getting         Prof Theresia Degener (Protestant Uni-        Africa would benefit greatly if it could fol-
the recognition it deserved.                       versity of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Ger-        low this,” said Degener. – MZ
   The seminar addressed the legal status
within SA law of people with disabilities.
The International Disability Caucus (IDC)
is a board for disabled people and its man-
date is to look for resolutions to overcome
the barriers in implementation.
   The South African government has been
mandated to submit a report on the rights
of people with disabilities to the UN by May
2010 but the report is still being prepared
and the government will ask for a later sub-
mission in September.
   It was mentioned that some of the prob-
lems faced by the disabled community are
financial constraints. The budget allocation
by the national government is not enough
to fully implement the much needed trans-
   Professor Tobias van Reenen of UWC’s            n helene combrinck (Uwc cDlp), theresia Degener (Bochum, Germany) and prof tobias
Centre for Disability Law and Policy               van reenen (Uwc cDlp)

  natUral sciences

  nasa teams with uwc in fieldtrip
  DR Chris McKay, NASA AMeS, Spaceward              detailed educator and learner manuals with
  Bound Program and Professor Don Cowan,            the related evaluation tools. This can be
  Director of the UWC’s Institute for Microbial     used to introduce the scientific content into
  Biotechnology and Metagenomics (IMBM)             the classroom in both South African and
  went on an exciting spaceward bound field         Namibian contexts.
  expedition to Namibia.                               Once these resources have been devel-
     A group of educators and science commu-        oped, the South African Agency for Science
  nication practitioners accompaned the South       and Technology Advancement (SAASTA)
  African and American research scientists for      will identify methods of accessing educators
  a 10-day field expedition to the Gobabeb          to assist in the classroom introduction pro-
  Desert Research Station in Namibia. The           cess.
  field expedition was undertaken under the            The following are projected development
  auspices of the NASA AMeS Spaceward               outcomes of the expedition skills and knowl-
  Bound Program in collaboration with UWC’s         edge development for South African and Na-
  IMBM and the South African Astronomical           mibian educators, establishment of research
  Observatory (SAAO).                               linkages between SA and US NASA research
     The expedition is designed with specific       scientists and development of research
  benefit for South African research scientists,    objectives, leading to discovery of new
  and South African and Namibian educators          knowledge.
  and general public.                                  As part of UWC’s 50th anniversary cel-
     The selected educators are to use their        ebration McKay conducted a public lecture
  familiarity of their respective curriculum        titled “Where next in the search for life on
  standards and education expertise to develop      Mars?” – LT                                     n Dr chris McKay

                                                                                                    on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010 11
           Better to prevent than repair

           n Bringing the community to Uwc is what it is all about. the chairperson of council, Brian williams, and the rector prof Brian o’connell
           had a lively interaction with Kensington and windermere high schools and presented a slide show to teachers, the two principals, parents and
           learners. o’connell passionately pleaded with the Grade 11 and 12s to commit themselves to high academic achievements. “accept to study
           incredibly hard for noble ends,” said the rector. “the challenges facing us as a species are threatening. we can overcome the challenges if you
           are committed to educating yourselves.”

           intern to worlD BanK
                                                               international visit

                                                               exchanging information
                                                               THE exchange of information on a global        Physical Sciences & Engineering. NUS
                                                               scale has become of vital importance in        and NTU are the two main universities in
                                                               the past few decades.                          Singapore, each having over 20 000 under-
                                                                 With this in mind Singapore’s Agen-          graduates and 9 000 graduate students.
                                                               cy for Science, Technology & Research          Both are recognised globally for their ex-
                                                               (A*STAR), the National University of           cellence in education and research.
                                                               Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Tech-             The purpose of the visit was to establish
                                                               nological University (NTU) visited UWC         links with top universities and research
                                                               on May 4.                                      organisations in South Africa, to increase
                                                                 Singapore’s Agency for Science, Tech-        awareness of research and education pro-
                                                               nology & Research A*STAR is the lead-          grammes in Singapore at A*STAR, NUS
                                                               ing research agency in Singapore with          and NTU and to introduce South African
                                                               14 research institutes and nine research       students to student exchange programmes
                                                               consortia and centres focused on research      and graduate study opportunities in Sin-
                                                               in the Biomedical Sciences as well as the      gapore. – RA

                                                                              we are GolDen
           n political studies student, Khaya Manyile
           will be jetting off to George washington
           University for a two-month internship at the
           world Bank.
           Manyile’s outstanding academic achievements
           will come into play when he has look and
           analyse trends in the market and then write
           and compile a weekly magazine. “i’m grate-
           ful to almighty God who guides me all the
           time,” said Manyile. “i shall do my best and
           hold Uwc up high in the Us.”

            12   on caMpUs issUe 5 2010
Uwc tB anD hiv/aiDs proJect
resource for schools to comBat pandemic
URGeNT action is needed to address the high         educator, Mr Klopper of elsies River Primary.     Ibuyambo HIV and AIDS Forum.
TB prevalence in the Western Cape. TB is the        “The CD Rom is something new and useful              “The material promotes for improved mor-
main killer of individuals who have contracted      and will help with the assessment of tasks and    als. even the parents can communicate with
AIDS in southern Africa.                            the load of work. even the child can use it in-   children about such a big topic like this.”

   To this end the UWC TB and HIV/AIDS              dependently.”                                        A further project goal is to implement this
Grade 8 Resource First Draft Review Work-             “The material and language is clear and         web-based educational programme nationally
shop presented a first draft resource for review    simple,” said Xoliswa Bentswane Director of       in 11 official South African languages. – AD
which aims at countering the spread of TB and
HIV through a web-based educational pro-
   The main target is the high risk group be-
tween the ages of 14 and 24; hence the target-
ing of primary and high schools.
   “We must move fast,” said SANBI head,
Prof Alan Christoffels. “The programme will
focus on educating learners regarding the
causes of HIV and TB which is the main killer
of individuals who have contracted AIDS in
Southern Africa,” said Christoffels.
   “We are also looking at prevention, risk-
factors, testing and treatment.”
   The Western Cape education Department
(WCeD) is also on board.
   “WCeD is keen to be involved,” said
WCeD’s Deputy education Specialist, Joseph
Sitzer. “This resource is for teachers to use and
it links closely with the curriculum and can
easily be incorporated into the compulsory
subject of Life Orientation.”
   The teachers were impressed. “It’s fresh,        n from left: educators and hiv/aiDs organisation with Dr edna rooth, wceD’s Deputy
creative, short, factual and to the point,” said    education specialist, Joseph sitzer, professors patricia struthers and alan christoffels (Uwc)


Building on a need to serve
IT is easy to sit back and lament the world’s          The cost of building one house is
many injustices.                                    R100 000.
   It takes a rare courage though to get up and        At the moment volunteers from various
make it your personal duty to make things bet-      churches primarily assist with the building.
ter in your own little way.                            “We need to make sure that there are about
   UWC, BAdmin student Nikki Rasool has             10 to 15 volunteers per day per house,” said
done just that.                                     Victor Kroon, project leader.
   Inspired by the words of UWC Chancel-               Said Rasool: “We are looking for anyone
lor Desmond Tutu, Rasool saw a perfect op-          who would be willing to volunteer.
portunity to help when she saw a notice on             “One does not necessarily have to belong to
her church’s bulletin board for volunteers          a particular church to join.”
for the Desmond Tutu Building on Faith                 The building of the houses will happen from
2010 project.                                       the Monday to the Friday.
   The project involves churches in the West-          Individuals can make a tax-free donation
ern Cape coming together to build houses for        and deduct the donation from their taxable in-
those less fortunate in a community identified      come.
by Habitat for Humanity. This year building            To do this they will need to submit certain
will be done in Mfuleni during the second           forms to Habitat for humanity.
week of September.                                     Donations can also be made online at www.
   The churches responsibilities are to raise
funds to cover the cost of building the houses         Those who want to donate will need to spec-
and provide volunteers to assist with building      ify that they are donating towards the Desmond
the structures.                                     Tutu Building on Faith 2010 project. – RA         n nikki rasool – volunteer

                                                                                                      on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010 13
           MeDicinal plants
           norway and uwc experts to co-author
           PROFESSOR Norum is a Medical and Sci-           on nutrition during this time.
           ence expert who has worked for more than          Recently, he became interested in medi-
           50 years in the nutritional field.              cal plant history.

               He was Dean of Medical Sciences (1985         Norum is especially interested in South
           – 1990) and a Rector (1999 – 2003) at the       African medicinal plants that were used
           University of Oslo.                             more than a hundred years ago for histori-
              Norum started medical school in 1953         cal reasons.
           and finished in 1959. He had to practice          “I recorded the plants and their termi-
           and work in military hospitals before op-       nology and gave them to my supervisor and
           erating as a fully-fledged doctor as this was   that was the development of the collaborat-
           the law in Norway back then.                    ing research with UWC’s Prof Quinton
              After finishing his training he went into    Johnson,” explained Norum.
           medical biochemistry, liquid and choles-          Norum and Johnson are writing a book
           terol studies which led to nutritional im-      about these plants which will possibly be
           balance studies – a big problem in Norway       published in 2011.The research will test if
           at the time.                                    South African people know about the me-
              He dedicated his laboratory work to help     dicinal plants they are using.
           communities and then became an instant            “The project has already gathered steam
           celebrity when he presented his education-      as 95 of those 100 plants have already been
           al nutritional shows on television.             identified. The top ten plants used by tra-
              “I had more than 75 programmes on TV         ditional healers today are in the hundred
           that spanned a couple of years advising         year record book,” said Johnson.
           people on how to eat,” said Norum.                Norum said, “The critical point of this
              He spent a brief period in the USA and       research is to find the use of each plant in      n professor Quinton Johnson (Uwc’s Bio-
           worked for the National Institute of Health.    the book. The plan is to publish a coffee –       medical sciences Dept) and professor Kaare
           He wrote books, newsletters and journals        table book for scientists.” – MZ                  r. norum from University of oslo

           hUMan ecoloGy

           photo award ceremony
           THe department of human ecology recently        Priscilla Daniels, who explained that the          even though you might have a tertiary quali-
           held its academic awards ceremony, as well      awards were not the most important issue at        fication. Schreuder encapsulated his speech
           as a prize giving for their inaugural photo     hand.                                              and life as community developer saying: “It
           competition.                                       She said: “We should be the change that,        is all about being able to make the right de-
              The competition allowed human ecology        you want to see in others.”                        cisions under difficult conditions over a long
           students to express what they felt the course      The main speaker was Claude Schreuder,          period of time.”
           encompassed and what they understood about      an alumnus who is now a prominent commu-              He attributed this as a major factor that
           their studies.                                  nity developer in Cape Town.                       helped him and his family survive through
              The department also unveiled its new wall       In his speech Schreuder gave insight            life and in his career.
           of honour.                                      about how important the correct attitude is           The top academics in human ecology were
              The ceremony was opened by Professor         to achieve financial and career success in life    dominated once again by Cecilia Thomas who
                                                                                                              has received top honours for the past three
                                                                                                              years since her first year. The other achievers
                                                                                                              were Motlhakeng Lethapa, Thuleka Taboshe
                                                                                                              and Huldah Petersen who all achieved a pass
                                                                                                              mark of above 75%.
                                                                                                                 The inaugural photo competition received
                                                                                                              a large amount of entries and the feedback
                                                                                                              through the competition was excellent.
                                                                                                                 Dr Charlene erasmus handed over a token
                                                                                                              of appreciation to all who had entered.
                                                                                                                 The eventual winner was Ramone Comali
                                                                                                              who produced an album depicting the chang-
                                                                                                              es of the townships in Cape Town and also
                                                                                                              the areas where nothing has change at all post
           n Motlhakeng lethapa , cecilia thomas , thuleka taboshe and huldah petersen                        apartheid.

            14    on caMpUs issUe 5 2010
econoMic anD ManaGeMent sciences

volunteer tutors rewarded
THe sharing of one’s knowledge is a key com-
ponent in the betterment of any society. To do
so without need of remuneration or praise is a

noble act that all should aspire to. It is for this
selfless support to first year students in the four
year BCom programme that volunteer tutors in
the eMS Student Support and Research Unit
(eSSRU), a division of the Academic Develop-
ment Department in the eMS faculty, received
awards on April 21.
   These senior students of which five are en-
rolled for the honours programme assist stu-
dents with the five quantitative modules of-
fered in this programme.
   Lucinda van Wyk, Project Administrator
said: “The eSSRU would also like to share
their gratitude towards William Gaseranye,
who was part of this amazing tutoring team for
two years.
   William is now doing his honours degree at         n elethu Delo, sandiswa Kodwa, luvo lucky ndabeni, Zonazihle Grace sityata, nolubabalo Ka-
the University of Witwatersrand”- RA                  lipa, paballo rejoice Khoanyane, abongile ndamane, siphosethu ndyebi and siyasanga Mlozana.

eMs acaDeMic awarDs
top awards for carmen                                                                                       aBout Being
“I SIMPLy strived to do my best with the time            Christians admits that the sacrifices that she     an economist
and resources I had. For me, learning some-           had to make was that she could not spend as             “I feel very great, honoured and in-
thing new is rewarding in itself so these awards      much time with her friends and family as she         spired to improve my performance, see-
are really a bonus,” said Carmen Christians.          would have liked to.                                 ing that hard work rewards,” said Robert
   Adding to her list of academic achievements,          She, however, encourages students to con-
Christians took home the following awards in          tinue their studies and she had the following to
                                                                                                              Upon attending his first Top Achievers
the eMS faculty: UWC Outstanding Academ-              say: “Make sure that you are passionate about
                                                                                                           Award Ceremony, Dzivakwi received the
ic Performance, eRSA (economic Research               the field you will be entering. The road will no
South Africa) Award for Outstanding Academic          doubt get rough and your love of the subject         Best Masters Student 2009-Economics
performance, Top Achievers Award for the fol-         will be the only thing that will motivate you to     Southern Africa (ERSA) award. Among
lowing modules: Microeconomics and Interna-           get through the difficult times.”                    his other achievements, Dizivakwi re-
tional economics.                                        In the immediate future she would like to fo-     ceived a Presidential scholarship from
   Christians said that she felt honoured, happy      cus on applying and integrating what she has         Zimbabwe.
and confident that she was on the right track.        learnt during the past year into her career.            “I feel proud,” said Dzivakwi.
   Christians’ research focused on National              Her ultimate goal is to work and specialise          Dzivakwi’s Masters thesis contrib-
Health Insurance in the South African context.        in the field of Health Economics, whether in         utes to a bigger project entitled: “Rural
   She pursued her postgraduate studies on the        the private or public sector. “At some point         Growth, Globalisation and the Rural
grounds that she believed that her academic           this will require me to do my Masters in eco-        Poor”. His research is about the deter-
background in Health Science would be per-            nomics, and eventually even my PhD,” said
                                                                                                           minants of price formation in local sheep
fectly complemented by a postgraduate degree          Christians. –ZS
                                                                                                           markets: a case study of small-scale sheep
in economics.                                                                                              farmers in Ukhahlamba and Amathole
   She is currently a qualified physiotherapist
                                                                                                           muncipalities, Eastern Cape.
and working in the pharmaceutical indus-
                                                                                                              Dzivakwi decided to do a postgraduate
try. Christians said: “By empowering myself
                                                                                                           degree because with a postgraduate de-
with a degree in economics, I would be better
equipped to eventually position myself as a key                                                            gree, one is able to get a broader perspec-
decision-maker, or a consultant to key-decision                                                            tive about the area of study.
makers in the health sector.”                                                                                 He said that the best part of doing his
   The best part of Christians’ postgraduate                                                               postgraduate degree was that he had been
degree entailed being exposed to new ideas,                                                                exposed to challenging elements which
concepts and interacting with fascinating and                                                              consisted of a mix of lecturer-based insti-
knowledgeable individuals.                            n carmen christians                                  tutions. – ZS

                                                                                                          on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010 15
              open Day

              ceres secondary explores uwc
              OVeR the past few years UWC has established          nity got an opportunity to take a tour of the         The school also sent their learners to attend
              strong ties with Ceres Secondary School.             residences for first year students. “The parents   the Afrikaans Poetry Workshop facilitated
                 During the Open Day this year a group of          found this very comforting to know that their      by Prof Antjie Krog of the Faculty of Arts at
caMoUs life

              Grade 11 and 12 learners, teachers and par-          young will be in the hands of caring and nur-      UWC.
              ents were the guests of the Student enrolment        turing adults at a home away from home,” said         Poems of Breyten Breytenbach and Adam
              Management Unit (SeMU).                              Hanson.                                            Small were performed by well-known artist,
                 The request of the school to involve parents         A large number of ex-pupils from the            Randall Wicomb.
              also to attend the Open Day was taken further        school who are now students or staff at UWC           Balie, an alumnus of UWC, said: “The mis-
              by SeMU. A programme was drawn up for the            expressed their gratitude for the initiative       sion of all South Africans should be to invest
              school community of Ceres Secondary School           of SeMU to host the school community at            in our youth.”
              to visit UWC.                                        UWC.                                                  He and members of his staff as alumni of
                 The entire group was welcomed in the Li-             Prof Julie Phillips, Head of Department for     UWC believe that this is the institution to
              brary Auditorium by Cheryl Pearce, director of       the Physiotherapy Department in particular         entrust this mammoth task with to equip the
              SeMU after which Chris Hanson did a presen-          expressed her gratitude for the University’s       youth with the knowledge, skills, values and
              tation on the admission requirements for stud-       initiative to host her alma mater.                 attitudes. – RA
              ies at UWC as well as the support structures
              on campus for students to be successful at their
                 The presentation was followed by a finger
              lunch in the Rector’s dining room for the par-
              ents and staff. At this occasion Larry Pokpas,
              Institutional Planner and executive Assistant
              to the Rector and Vice-Chancellor, welcomed
              the group on behalf of the executive of UWC.
                 Pokpas expressed his gratitude with the
              management of the school and school commu-
              nity for their continual support of UWC.
                 Then colleagues from the Residence and
              Catering Services, Gwendoline Ross and Zim-
              khita Njokwana took time out of their hectic
              schedule to ensure that the school commu-             n the ceres group

                coMMUnity & health sciences

                uwc faimer fellows do uwc proud
                    The Foundation for Advancement of              professions educators from Africa.                    They have now graduated from the pro-
                 International Medical education and Re-              Sixteen Fellows are accepted each year.         gramme having successfully completed an
                 search (FAIMeR) Institute is a two-year              Two of our colleagues were part of the          innovative education project as well as pre-
                 fellowship programme designed for inter-          first African group namely Prof J Frantz and       senting the findings in the form of a poster
                 national health professions educators who         MS Waggie from the Faculty of Community            at the 2009 South African Association of
                 have the potential to play a key role in im-      and Health Sciences.                               Health educationalist (SAAHe) conference
                 proving health profession education at their         The Dean of the CHS, Prof Ratie Mpofu,          held in Cape Town.
                 schools.                                          supported the application of these academ-            In addition, Prof Frantz has been invited
                    The programme is designed to teach             ics and has encouraged them during the             to join the international educators in Phila-
                 education methods and leadership skills,          2-year programme.                                  delphia in October 2010.
                 as well as to develop strong professional
                 bonds with other health professions educa-
                 tors around the world.
                    To date there are five Regional Institutes -
                 three in India, one in Brazil, and the South-
                 ern Africa Regional Institute, which began
                 in February 2008.
                    In 2008, the first session of the Southern
                 Africa-FAIMeR Regional Institute (SAF-
                 RI) took place in Cape Town, South Africa,
                 marking the launch of FAIMER’s first re-
                 gional initiative on the continent of Africa.
                 The program is open to interested health          n from left: Ms waggie, prof Mpofu (Dean of chs) and prof frantz (physiotherapy)

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stUDents in action

rememBering and giving
THe Remember and Give, RAG, student de-              This provided ABSA with a platform to           were hung on the sides and back of the truck.
velopmental project was started in 2005 by        promote their brand and services to students.      The 2010 FIFA float had a large soccer ball

                                                                                                                                                       caMpUs life
Prof Lullu Tshiwula.                              ABSA also provided freebies for the day in-        on the truck with flags of the 32 participating
   The goals of RAG are to provide students       cluding caps, water bottles, cooler bags and       countries strung around the top of the truck.
with a constructive collaborative development     drawstring bags, a climbing wall, sound               The recycling float, sponsored by Desleen
opportunity and to raise funds for identified     system, dancers, popcorn and slush puppy           Saffier from Operation Services was designed
community projects.                               drinks.                                            by Students in Free enterprise (SIFe).
   The identified deliverables are the RAG           Carlo Sickle of Ice-cloud sponsored instant        They built the float using recyclable ma-
magazine consisting of articles written and ed-   airtime prizes to the winners of the lucky         terials which also helped them promote their
ited by students, and the float parade.           draw.                                              “Greening the Bush” project. Saffier also pro-
   The theme for the magazine was “50 years          Three themes for the floats were identified:    vided green jumper suits for these volunteers
of Giving” coinciding with UWC’s 50th anni-       50th UWC Anniversary, FIFA 2010 World              to wear at the float parade.
versary.                                          Cup and recycling.                                    The student volunteers started assembling
   The articles focused on UWC, its students,        The first float coincided with UWC celebrat-    the floats from 1pm on April 16 at the cricket
and the joys of volunteering and giving back      ing its 50th anniversary. 50 Volunteers were al-   clubhouse.
to one’s community. The RAG magazine was          located to a specific float each of which had a       The float procession included the Pennsyl-
produced within a month.                          captain.
                                                                                                     vanian Minstrels and was accompanied by
   RAG and ABSA (Mr Ricardo Rangasamy)               A huge birthday cake was placed on the
collaborated on the launch of the magazine on                                                        two of our Campus Protection Services(CPS)
                                                  truck and large boards with the UWC- and
March 11.                                                                                            vehicles, four City of Cape Town(CCT) traf-
                                                  50th anniversary logos and a picture of UWC
                                                                                                     fic cars, the South African Police Services
                                                                                                     (SAPS), eight UWC traffic marshals, UWC
                                                                                                     paramedic team and two employees from
                                                                                                     Namqwa gardening service. The volunteers
                                                                                                     sold the RAG magazines and collected money
                                                                                                     from the public along the way.
                                                                                                        “Overall the students had much fun, a great
                                                                                                     team spirit prevailed and they are enthusiastic
                                                                                                     to join in the next RAG. The Float Parade was
                                                                                                     a success and this was echoed by several staff-
                                                                                                     ers and students who participated or merely
                                                                                                     popped in to give their moral support,” said
n 50th anniversary float                          n fifa world cup float                             Brigitte de Hart, RAG co –coordinator. - RA

exchanGe proGraMMe

academic Bite of the Big apple
AFTER being selected, Christian Manzi jet-          An outstanding part of his trip was that
ted off to New York City as an exchange stu-      he attended the inauguration of President
dent at Baard College.                            Barack Obama in Washington DC.
   The selection requirements, apart from           When thinking about the trip, he recalled
being a top academic student, entailed that       that it was enriching.
the students write three essays.                    Manzi is currently doing his Honours in
    These essays were to give information         Political Science and is also a tutor.
about themselves, why they should be select-        He intends to further his studies and one
ed and how they were going to apply what
                                                  day complete his PhD.
they have learnt when they return.
                                                    He encourages students to apply for these
   Excitement filled Manzi upon hearing
                                                  exchange programmes as it is a wonderful
that he was selected.
   Manzi was sent to continue his academic        experience for young students who have not
undergraduate studies and the credits ac-         been abroad.
quired there would be transferred to UWC            He advises undergraduates to take things
upon his return.                                  seriously from day one. Manzi said: “Do not
   His majors are Political Science and Pub-      go for consultation only when you realise
lic Administration.                               that you are failing, follow your lecturer’s
   He enjoyed the study environment and           instructions and hand things in on time.”
meeting people from all over the world.           – ZS                                         n christian Manzi

                                                                                                     on caMpUs issUe 5, 2010 17
                                        we are uduBs and no one can be
                               AS an aspiring sportsman

                                                                 it’s like this …
                               one dreams of walking onto

                               the pitch with the crowd
                                screaming in anticipation
                                 of the skill that you are
                                  about to unleash on the        by remo andrews
                                  opposing team.
                                     At UWC, however,
                                   most sportsmen and
                                    women walk onto the
                                     pitch to the sound of
                                       crickets chirping.
                                        Indeed, the deaf-
                                       ening silence cre-
                          ated by the lack of support for
                  UWC sports by its students has to be
             How? you ask. The answer lies in aggres-
          sive marketing by all the sports codes to drum
          up the much needed support.
             Look at American college sports for exam-
          ple. There is a history of support, a tradition
          that surrounds the team and supporters and
          players buy into that idea.
             It is sad that most UWC students know very
          little about what is going on with regard to var-   n fans in full voice – let’s hear it for Uwc!
          sity sports unless they actually play the said      so well with regard to support.                    man. The legendary world heavyweight boxing
          sport.                                                 The creation of heroes, drama and rivalries     match called Rumble in the Jungle pitted the
             Legendary sports journalist Howard Co-                                                              suave, smooth talking Ali against the beastly
                                                              is the key to drumming up support. It is human
          sell once said: “Sport is human life in micro-                                                         Foreman and the people loved it. Win or lose
          cosm.”                                              nature that where there’s a hero there has to be
                                                                                                                 both men were immortalised.
             When we unpack this statement we are able        an arch enemy.
                                                                                                                    UWC sportsmen and women of the year
          to see exactly why American college sports do          Think Muhammad Ali versus George Fore-          should be heralded more as shining beacons of
                                                                                                                 the University’s sporting excellence.
                                                                                                                    We have so many prolific sports stars at
                                                                                                                 UWC that have no profile on campus. Sports
                                                                                                                 stars like Francios Plaaitjies (Cobra’s fast
                                                                                                                 bowler), Gurshwin Rabie (USSA cricket na-
                                                                                                                 tional team member) and Fagan Muller (USSA
                                                                                                                 football national team member) walk around
                                                                                                                 the campus in relative anonymity.
                                                                                                                    They should, instead, be used to create the
                                                                                                                 excitement needed to drum up a good crowd.
                                                                                                                 In this age of information where social me-
                                                                                                                 dia like Facebook, twitter and youTube al-
                                                                                                                 low someone to post videos of their cat doing
                                                                                                                 tricks, surely it can be used to showcase the
                                                                                                                 blistering pace of Plaaitjies or the silky foot-
                                                                                                                 ball skills of Muller.
                                                                                                                    Things like a mascot, creation of widespread
                                                                                                                 publicity for upcoming matches, the creation
                                                                                                                 of pep squads and cheerleaders can go a long
                                                                                                                 way to making UWC sports an active and
                                                                                                                 lively part of every student’s university experi-
                                                                                                                    UWC sports must first connect with its stu-
          n ali knocks out foreman                                                                               dents before it can turn them into fans.

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futsal creates a world cup legacy
                                                THE greatest sporting showpiece in the           Maties.
                                                world is mere days away and football fever          Each university were given 4-6 teams to
                                                has hit South Africa in a big way.               enter, the idea was not to have their first
                                                   UWC sports, never far from the sporting       team football playing squads but rather the
                                                action, hosted the first futsal tournament or-   recreation/residence league teams to partici-

                                                ganised by the Cape Higher Education Con-        pate.
                                                sortium (CHEC).                                     Hayward Barends, UWC Sports Admin-
                                                   The CHEC was approached by the City
                                                                                                 istration said: “When you speak to alumni
                                                of Cape Town for various collaborations to-
                                                                                                 of any varsity campus, the lasting memo-
                                                wards the World Cup as a host city, in terms
                                                                                                 ries are those intervarsity tournaments. We
                                                of base camp support and research.
                                                                                                 should continue to build on inter-varsity
                                                   The futsal tournament forms part of the
                                                collaboration and legacy of the World Cup,       disciplines.”
                                                being the official 5-a-side game of FIFA.           The final was contested between UCT -
                                                   UWC Sports Administration sent out in-        Team America and Maties - Team England
                                                vitations to all institutions for the tourna-    with UCT coming out as the eventual win-
                                                ment held on April 23.                           ners by a 2 -1 scoreline.
                                                   16 teams registered on the day, two of           Maties ladies won the women’s section in
n player in action                              which were ladies teams from CPUT and            a tight 3 – 2 final. –RA


team uwc assists in cape epic

n Uwc sports recreation and exercise science students assisted at the fourth largest mountain bike race in the world, the cape epic. 1200 rid-
ers competed this year. riders completed a race distance of 722 kilometers and climbed 14 000 meters of mountainous terrain

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last worD

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