Exporting a Webmail Address Book to Outlook

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					            Exporting a Webmail Address Book to Outlook 2003
Exporting from Webmail
1. Log into Webmail.
2. Click on the Address Book icon on the Toolbar towards the top of the page.
              3. Select the Import/Export icon on the toolbar at the top of the Addressbook search

4. In the lower section of the page check that the format is set to comma
   separated values and the source to export from is My Addressbook.
5. Click Export.

6. A dialog box will be displayed asking if
   you want to save or open the file, select
                                                                                                   Select your C:
7. Leave the filename as turba.csv and save                                                        drive from the
   to your C: drive.                                                                               drop down list
8. If a download completed dialog box is
   displayed, click on Close.
9. Click on the Mail icon to return to your inbox and log out of Webmail.

Resaving the File
Sometimes there is a problem with the file that is produced in Webmail which can be resolved by
resaving the file in Excel:
                                                                                        Select C: drive
10. Open Microsoft Excel. (It will be an icon
    on your desktop or via Start, Programs,
    Microsoft Office)
11. Select Open from the File menu.
12. In the open dialog box make sure you are
    looking at your C: drive and change the
    Files of type to Text files as shown
    opposite.                                                                           Choose Text files from
                                                                                        the Files of type list
13. Highlight the turba.csv file and click
14. Select Save from the File menu
    The dialog box opposite will be displayed click
    on Yes to save as CSV.

15. Close Excel. When the message appears asking if you want to
    save the changes select No.

Importing into Outlook
16. Log into Outlook.
17. Select File, Import and Export.
18. In the first step of the Import and Export Wizard choose
    Import from another program or file. Click Next.
19. Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) as the file type to import from. Click Next.
                                      If the message opposite is displayed click on Yes. The
                                      translator should be automatically loaded but if you are asked
                                      for an installation CD please contact the helpdesk who have
                                      office 2003 CDs available for loan on campus.

20. Click on the Browse button and locate the turba.csv file to
    be imported.
21. Select do not import duplicate items and click on Next.

22. If you are importing into Outlook 2003 and haven’t yet moved to Exchange select Contacts in your
    Personal Folders as the destination folder. If you have moved to Exchange select Contacts under your

        If you are using Outlook 2003 but haven’t yet moved to     If you are using Outlook 2003 via Exchange select
        Exchange select Contacts under your Personal Folders       Contacts under your Mailbox

23. Click Next.
24. In the dialog box that appears click on the Map custom
    fields button.
    The dialog box opposite is displayed showing how the
    values from the turba file are going to be matched with
    the fields in the contacts list.
25. To check that the email address is going to be imported
    successfully scroll down the Field list on the right hand
    side of the dialog box until you can see Email (see below)

                                                                                                Scroll down
                                                                                                to view Email
                                                                                                fields and
                                                                                                click on the
                                                                                                plus button to
                                      Drag from the                                             the left of the
                                      value box to the                                          E-mail field

26. Click on the Plus sign to the left of the E-mail field
27. Drag the email value from the Value box to the left of the dialog box to the Email address box at the
    right of the box as shown above.
28. Click OK.
29. Click Finish and the addresses will be added to your contacts list.

Check that your contacts have been fully imported if you find any errors or omissions please get in touch
with the helpdesk on 466116 or helpdesk@hull.ac.uk