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                       (A GOVT. OF INDIA ENTERPRISE)


            TENDER NOTICE NO. 1 / 2011– 2012 / PUR

Sealed tenders are invited for supply of active ingredients excipients,
Packing materials for manufacturing of drug formulations,Chemials,
toiletries in August 2011 – July 2012 ( subject to review after 3/6 months)
preferably from manufacturers or authorized distributors/agents. For list of
Items Tenderers are requested to visit our Website as above.

Prescribed Tender Form with item specification can be had from Purchase
Depts of Kolkata 168 Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata 700 054(Contact No.
2334 4155), Panihati. B.T.Road 24 Parganas (North) (Contact no.2553
1924/4541) Mumbai 502, S V Savarkar Marg Mumbai 400 025(Contact No.
2437 0428) & Kanpur Factory Area Fazal Gunj, Kanpur 208 012 (Contact No.
2216292) on any working day starting from 01-08-2011 till 11.00 a.m on
24.08.2011 on payment of Rs. 500/-(non-refundable) for each item by Cash
payable at Kolkata/ Mumbai / Kanpur. Tender documents can also be
downloaded from our website and if used so, payment of Rs.500/- by
Demand Draft in favour of us must accompany the offer otherwise it is to be
treated as invalid. Sealed envelopes superscribing the Tender & item Sl.No.
due date on the envelope along with the earnest money must reach
Purchase Dept. at 168 Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata 700 054 latest by
11.15 a.m on 24-08-2011.Tender over fax or e-mail will not be accepted.
Tenderer may adjust Earnest Money if already lying with us on request. The
Tenders will be opened on the same day at 11.30 AM (on 24.08.2011) at
Purchase Dept, Maniktala Office as the address given above in presence of
the Tenderers. The Company however, reserves the right to reject all
Tenders or accept any tender in whole or in part without assigning any
reason    thereof.   For   further  details    please   visit our   Website Our company will not take any responsibility if
Tenders in proper manner are not received at receiving address in time. Any
delay by post, courier, and person will not be entertained.

                                 Deputy General Manager Production

Sl. No.                        Name of the Item                            Quantity
01.       Amoxicillin Trihydrate IP/BP(Plain/Compacted)                   11.25 MT
02        Ciprofloxacin IP                                                 3 .00 MT
03        Sulphamethhoxazole IP/BP                                        14.00 MT
04        Trimethoprim IP/BP                                                2.80 MT
05        Ibuprofen IP                                                      6.00 MT
06        Paracetamol IP/BP                                               20.00 MT
07        Norfloxacin IP                                                    2.80 MT
08        Cephalexin IP                                                     2.00 MT
09        Chloroquine Phosphate IP                                          1.75 MT
10        Cefadroxil IP                                                     4.00 MT
11        Ranitidine IP                                                     2.00 MT
12        Metronidazole IP                                                  1.00 MT
13        Azythromycin IP                                                   1.25 MT
14        Groundnut Oil ISI (Solvent extract)                             82.00 MT
15        Mineral Oil for Cosmetic Industries (Light Liquid              560.00 KL
          Paraffin IP)
16        Whole gram                                                       65.00 MT
17        White soft Paraffin (Petroleum Jelly) IP                        750.00 MT
18        Povidone Iodine powder IP                                         2.60 MT
19        Lanolin Anhydrous IP                                              5.00 MT
20        Silver Sulphadiazine Powder IP                                    1.70 MT
21        Eucaliptus Oil (double distilled)                                 1.80 KL
22        Menthol crystal IP                                                1.10 MT
23        Printed Aluminum Collapsible Tube                        12.00 LAC PCS
24        Pet Bottles 100/200/400 ml.                            16.00 / 1.90 / 10.75
                                                                           LAC PCS
25        R O P P Cap 25 MM                                        50.00 LAC PCS
26        Naphthalene Powder I S I Grade                                 250. 00 MT
27        Light Creosote Oil as per our Specification                   1500.00 KL
28        Mono Chloro Phenol as per our Specification                     350.00 MT
29        Castor Oil “Nizam” Grade                                        300.00 MT
30        Sulphuric Acid 98 % Commercial                                2000.00 MT
31        Alumina Hydrate                                               1000.00 MT
32        Rosin M / N Grade                                              150.00 MT
33        20 Litre capacity M.S. Drum I S I                           10000.00 PCS
34        5 Ply C.B. Boxes for 450 ml. Pheneol                       2.50 LAC PCS
35        5 Litre Cap. HDPE Jeri can for Phenol /Liquid              2.50 LAC PCS
          Soap/Lysol/White Tiger
36        485 ml. Tincture Amber Bottle (Automatic ) 25 mm nec     50.00 LAC PCS
37        485 ml. Tincture Amber Bottle (Semi-Automatic ) 25       50.00 LAC PCS
          mm nec

38      P E T Bottles 510 ml. with inner & outer Cap           750.00 LAC PCS
39      Stable Bleaching Powder ( Chlorine Content 34 % min.         300.00 MT
40      HDPE Containers with inner &outer Cap 510 gms.(for       5.50 LAC PCS
        Bleaching Powder)
41      Concentrated Liquid Cleanser cum Deodorant                    60.00 MT
42      Caustic Soda (Flakes) as per IS – 252 : 1973                  60.00 MT
43      Tricliosan                                                    14.00 MT

Deputy General Manager (Production)                        Date: 01-08-2011


                     168, MANIKTALA MAIN ROAD
                           KOLKATA – 700 054
              PH. NO. : 033-2334 4155, FAX: 033-2320 2322
           E-mail: /

TENDER NOTICE NO. 1/2011-2012 / PUR, Dated: 01-08-2011

            DATED: 24-08-2011 UPTO 11:15 HRS.

         DATED: 24-08-2011 AT 11:30 HRS ON WARDS

                                                          RS: 500.00 /-

To                                                         REGD. with A/D

1. Quotations are invited in SINGLE Bid system for the supply of materials as
indicated in the attached schedule to be submitted in your letter head neatly
printed / typed duly signed by authorized persons with company‟s Seal of the
tenderer. If firm‟s letter heads are not sufficient to accommodate technical and
pricing details, preferably bigger papers may be used. Such sheet should bear the
name and address of the company.

(2)DUEDATE: The tender is due for submission up to 11.00AM.on 24.08.2011
and tender will be opened at 11.30 AM on the same date. Offer received after closing
time and date will not be accepted.

3. All envelopes containing the tenders shall be properly sealed. Envelopes Stapled
shall not be accepted. All envelopes must be super scribed with Tender Number and
due date of tender opening. The name and address of the tenderer must also be
indicated on each envelope. All the pages of quotations including all enclosures
submitted therein must be duly signed with sealed, failing which the offer shall be
liable for rejection.

4. Please submit your lowest rate in “PROPER SEALED ENVELOPE” for tender item(s)
as per technical specification enclosed to the following address.

               Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited
                       (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
                   Office of the Purchase Department
                        168, Maniktala Main Road
                             Kolkata-700 054

5. Tenders may be deposited
a.) In person by the tenderer in the Tender Box kept at Purchase Department, Bengal
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited, 168, Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata-700 054. The
Offer should be put in proper & correct tender box meant for this purpose kept in
Purchase Department, In case the offer is not going inside the tender box due to
heavy Volume, in such case the offer has to be deposited with Staff Officer of
Purchase Department.
b.) Sent by post / Courier to the above address.

6. (I). RATE:-The rate shall be quoted on strictly FOR Destination basis. The
quotation should indicate rate per unit, discount if any, and total price. However, no
Conditional discount will be considered for the purpose of evaluation of the offer.
The Prices quoted should be Firm. In case of placement of order, prices shall remain
unchanged till execution of order, subject to price fall conditions. (II) Incase of EX-
Work Offer & if the firm does not specify the Packing & Forwarding Charges, 2% of
the Ex-Work price will be loaded to arrive at the FOR Dispatching station price.

7. VALIDITY:-The price quoted must be firm & the offers made must remain open for
acceptance for 180 days from the date of opening of tender.

8. (I). TAXES & DUTIES:-The Taxes & Duties should be indicated separately under
two different headlines with their amount and percentages. In case any other
charges are to be paid EXTRA, the same should also be stated clearly under
separate head (II). Tenderer should furnish their Sales tax registration number
(Center/State) and date along-with Xeroxed copies of the Registration in the
quotation. (III). In no case offer should be vague on the element of excise duty
chargeable. Vague offer regarding excise duty will be loaded with maximum excise
duty applicable for the items. ( IV ). Review of excise duty payable shall be done
only in cases where a tenderer has clearly indicated percentage E.D. applicable at
the time of quoting & a specific notification is issued by the Govt. increasing the E.D.
& a copy of which is made available at the time of raising of claims. This review will
be limited to within the contractual delivery period only. (V).In case the excise
duty‟s inclusive the excise duty is not payable has to be indicated. In case this is not
indicated it would be concluded that the excise duty is not payable by them and even
if at later date, it becomes payable due to any reason what so ever the same will be
borne by them & it will not be claimed from the purchaser. No claim on this account
would be entertained by W.C.L. Majri Area,.

9. Quotations ERASED AND OVER WRITTEN will be summarily rejected unless
corrections are authenticated with the tenderer‟s signature. HAND WRITTEN
quotations will be summarily rejected.

10. DELIVERY:-Firm delivery period should be specified. In exceptional cases early
delivery period may be preferred.

11. PAYMENT:-11.(a)BCPL prefers to procure the materials on credit terms of 180
days L/C ,systems-90 days interest to manufacturers & 90 days to BCPL from the
date of presentation of bills supported by signed challans.11.b) Alternatively BCPL
may open L/C (for selective items ) with clear sight facility 60 days or more as
required. Cost of L/C shall be borne by the supplier.c)any other terms as agreed
between Buyer & Seller.d) In case payment by P.O / D.D to be borne by payee.

12. Submission of price(s):- To be submitted as per the format given in “ANNEXURE-

1. Item Sl. No., Description and unit of measurement should be as per the schedule
of requirement

The prices must be quoted on FOR destination. The quotation should indicate rate
per unit, discount, if any, freight and insurance charges should be indicated
separately for each item. Taxes, Duties and other charges etc. in percentage should
be clearly specified (not in
absolute value) The charges such as octroi, Turn over tax, Entry Taxes etc., if
applicable, should be spelt out separately giving the applicable rate in percentage.
Sales tax under column „h‟ should indicate central or state, specifying exempted /
NIL / Not applicable. If applicable, the full rate as well as concessional rate against

Concessional form to be indicated.        Compliance to value Added tax (VAT), if
applicable. Nothing extra will be payable over and above the percentage to Excise
Duty , Sales Tax, other levies quoted except on government notification during the
contractual period.      (B)Submission of technical parameters;-You have to submit
your detailed specification neatly typed along with technical literature, pamphlets &
drawing, if any. Test Certificate, ISI Certificate, Guarantee Certificate as needed for
quoted items must clearly be indicated. 13. Liquidated Damages:- In the event of
failure to execute the contract within the stipulated period mentioned in the order
and in the event of breach of any of the terms and conditions in the order BCPL has
the right :-
A. To recover from successful tenderer, as agreed liquidated damages, a sum not
less than 0. 5% of the contract value for delay in execution of the contract beyond
the delivery schedule (for this purpose part of a unit supplied will not be considered)
as aforesaid for each week or part of a week during which the Execution maybe in
arrears limited to 10%. Where felt necessary the limit of 10% can be increased to
15% at the discretion of buyer. 14. Testing:-Materials are to be supplied duly tested
with your own testing facility or through any other national testing house with
certificate if required as per supply order. BCPL. However reserves the right to get
the materials tested before or after the supply by their inspection wing or by any
other testing establishment. 15. Inspection:-Inspection by consignee at site will be
final. 16. Guarantee:-The materials supplied will be guaranteed for their satisfactory
Performance for a period of 18 months from the date of dispatch or 12 months from
the date of Commissioning which ever is earlier. 17. The rates offered should be
given both in words & figures 18.Serial No. of terms & conditions shall be
maintained while submitting the offer. 19. IMPORTED MATERIALS:-When actual
Users import License is required you shall clearly indicate the FOR value and marine
freight & insurance charges separately for each item & the country of origin. 20
SAMPLE:- for items where ever necessary sample should be submitted free of cost
along-with the quotation for inspection to this office .Samples must be labeled
with the tenderer‟s name, address and this office enquiry No. and due date of
opening of the tender. 21. The packing of all materials quoted shall confirm to the
requirement of the Carrier, 22. SUPPLY ORDER: - If placed will be subject to terms
and conditions given separately.        23. Risk Purchase Clause:-Deputy General
Manager, BCPL also reserves the right to cancel any order at the party‟s risk & cost
in case of default or to purchase the materials ordered on risk purchase basis from
any other supplier. In the event of failure to deliver or dispatch the stores within the
stipulated date/period in accordance with the sample and or specification mentioned
in the supply order and in the event of breach of any of the terms & conditions
mentioned in supply order. BCPL. Have the right: - I. To purchase from elsewhere
after due notice to the successful tender on the account and the risk of defaulting
supplier, the stores not supplied. II. To cancel the supply order or a portion thereof
& if we desire to purchase the stores at the risk of the defaulting supplier and also.
damages referred above.

III. To extend the period of delivery with or without the penalty as may be
considered fit & proper. The Penalty imposed shall not be more than the liquidated
IV. To forfeit the security deposit in full or in part. V. Wherever under this contract
a sum of money is recoverable from & payable by the supplier BCPL shall be entitled
to recover such sum by appropriating, in part on in whole by
deducting any sum or which at any time there after may becomes due to the
successful tenderer in this or on any other contract . Should this sum be not
sufficient to cover the full amount recoverable, the successful tenderer shall pay
BCPL.On demand remaining balance amount 24. Printed terms & condition of the
vendors shall not be considered25. Fall Clause:- I. The price being offered for the
stores under this contract by the contractor shall in no event exceed the lowest price
at which the contractor sells identical Stores to any other organization during the

period of this contract. II. If at any time during the said period, the contractor
reduces the sale prices of such store or sell such stores to any other organization at
price lower than the price chargable under this contract, he shall immediately notify
such reduction or sale to the concerned consignee under intimation to the Deputy
General Manager BCPL The price payable under the contract for the store supplied
after the      date of coming into force of such reduction or Sale shall stand
correspondingly reduced. 26. EXECUTION OF ORDER:-If the order is placed on the
assurance of earlier delivery offered in preference to the lowest acceptable offer, in
case of failure, you will be liable to refund the difference Amount.                27.
Specification:-The tenderers shall quote to the specification given in the
Enquiry 28. Tender sent through Telegram, Telex, FAX or E-mail will not be
considered. 29. Postal delay:-BCPL does not take any responsibility for postal delay
in receipt of tender. 30.The representative who wants to ATTEND THE tender
opening must bring the authorization letter from the Firm which submit Tender.
31. BCPL reserves the right to reject or accept or withdraw the tender in full or Part
as the case may be without assigning reason thereof. No dispute of any kind can be
raised against this right of buyer in any court of Law or else where. BCPLhave
reserves the right to increase or decrease the tender quantity by up to 20% 32.
Security Money clause: - The successful tenderers will be required to deposit as
Security money 10% of the value of the order in form of DD/bank guarantee of any
scheduled bank within 15 Days from the date of order. In case the fails to deposit
the security money, the order shall be cancelled and the case shall be processed to
order elsewhere and firm‟s performance is to be kept recorded for future dealings
with them. The State /Central Govt. Organization / PSU, ancillary Unit of PSU &
valid DGS&D / NSIC registered for the tendered items against               documentary
evidence issued by Govt. authorities are exempted from submission of            EMD /
Security Deposit. For successful tenderer, Security money will be refunded to the
firm within 30 days of satisfactory execution of the supply order. for unsatisfactory
performance / contractual failure the security money shall be forfeited.
33.Tendered quantity of any item may be decreased or increased at the time of
placement of order. B.C.P.L. reserves the right to do so. 34. Offers with early
delivery period will be preferred. 35.Under unforeseen circumstances and if the due
date falls on holiday, the tender will be received and opened on the next full working
day at the same time. Wednesday is weekly holiday. 36..The offers submitted by
down loading from BCPL Website shall be considered valid only when accompanied
by a Demand Draft towards the cost of tender documents. In case of non submission
of the tender fee as detailed above the tender shall be treated as non-responsive.
37. Normally no price negotiations will be conducted. If lowest price received
against tender is un reasonable, the case may be re-tendered. Therefore, the
tenderers must quote their lowest and least prices and submit the price justification
alongwith supporting documents for reasonableness of quoted Price in the Price
Bid. 38.. Purchase Preference : - Purchase Preference, if applicable, may be allowed
to central public sector undertaking / govt. deptt., in line with extent govt. of India
/ Central Vigilance Commission guidelines / procedures / BCPL guidelines for
Ancillary Industries as applicable. 39. Force Majeure condition:- If the execution of
the contract/ supply order is delayed beyond the period stipulated in the contract
supply order a result of outbreak of hostilities, declaration of an embargo or
blockade or fire, flood, acts of nature or any other contingency beyond the supplier‟s
control due to act of god then BCPL may allow such additional time by extending the
delivery period, as it considers to be justified by the circumstances of the case and
its decision shall be final. 40. NSIC registered DGS&D registration, DGMS approval
BIS Certification and other statutory documents required as per tender to be
submitted with offer should be dully attested by public NOTARY. 41. Tenderer should
give following details in part of the offer

a. State Sales tax / VAT registration no.
b. Central Sales tax registration no.
D. Brand name & model
42.. Non acceptance of any terms & conditions may lead to rejection of offer or the
offer may be treated as non- responsive. 43. All disputes shall be subject to the
Jurisdiction of KOLKATA Court only.


Sl.No                       Description                              Qty.
          List of Items given below                        As mentioned in the list

Note: - 1. All envelopes containing the tenders shall be properly sealed. Envelopes
stapled will not be accepted.
2. Earnest money @Rs 30000.00(Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) for each quoted
item is to be deposited in the form of D. D. infavour of Bengal Chemicals and
Pharmaceuticals Limited along with tender, Payable at KOLKATA. For unsuccessful
tenderer, EMD shall be refunded immediately after finalisation of the tender. EMD
shall be forfeited if any tenderer. Withdraw their offer before finalisation of tender.
 3. a. Valid DGS&D / NSIC registered (for tendered items) firms on producing
documentary evidence i.e. self attested and NOTARISED complete photocopy
 of valid DGS&D/NSIC registration certificate are exempted from submission of
EMD/ Security deposite, however, NSIC registered firms shall be exempted from
security deposit only upto their monetary limit, if any, indicated in the registration
certificate. In case value of order placed is above such monetary limit indicated in
the registration certificate the successful tenderer shall have to furnish the security
deposit in the form of Bank Draft/ monetary limit, DGS&D registered firm shall be
exempted from submission of EMD / Security Deposit on the basis of guidelines of
DGS &D provided in DGS&D website in this respect.
3. b. State / Central Govt. organisation / PSUs are exempted from submission of
EMD / Security Deposit.
3. c. BCPL ancillaries (for the tenderer items) are exempted from payment of EMD
/ Security Deposit.
4. Latest Sales Tax clearance certificate or proof of tax paid such as tax paid challan
etc. of 09-10 or later should be submitted along with offer. NOTE:-REGARDING
PAYMENT THROUGH EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) BCPL has started making
payment to its VENDORS/Contractors as per the credit terms by way of electronic
Fund Transfer (EFT).The existing system of issuing a L/C & cheque will also be
dispensed. You are therefore, requested to furnish the following details pertaining
to your Bank account where the proceeds w ill be transferred electronically through
our Banker.
01. Name of Bank and Branch with location
02. Account Number
03. Nature of Account (Cash credit, Current, Saving)
04. Style of the Account.
05. MICR Code of the Branch.
06. Branch Code No.
 In case the bank is not having core banking/EFT (electronic Fund Transfer) facility
you are requested to open account to other bank where EFT would be possible.


The tenderer shall fill in the given format the price quote by legible
hand writing with ball pen only, both by figure and words failing
which the tender may be rejected without notice in this regard
TENDER No. 1/ 2011-2012 / PUR, Dated: 01-08-2011
01     Description



04     BASIC PRICE (Price in Rs.)





09     CST/VAT AS %

10     FREIGHT



13     LANDED COST(04 TO 11)

14     TOTAL VALUE (03- 12)

Stamped & Signed by Tenderer with date & Tender No.


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