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Informafive and accessible, each book contains archival images, detailed maps, and poster-size foldout pages that, in turn, add interest and variation to the texts. Preparation for the journey, the disaster that occurred, and the men's struggle for survival, as well as the rescue of crew members, are recounted in the succinct narrative. ICingfisher/Macmillan ISBN 978-0-7534-6567-7 $12.99 (5) K-S This hodgepodge of double-page spreads features an odd assortment of generic locales: a football game, a beach, an African vifiage, a farm, a Middle Eastern market, Carnival in Brazil, an Asian city, and a Bollywood movie set. The seventh through twelfth centuries saw progress in medicine, agriculture, optics, music, machinery, etc., to which Barnard devotes twelve topically divided double-page spreads.

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